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Adam Lambert’s Singular Videos

June 19, 2012

By Thea Washington

               So far we’ve seen two videos from “Trespassing,” Adam’s second album– “BTIKM” and “NCOE.”  We saw three from his first album, the first the title track for the album “FYE.” Then we saw “WWFM?,” the song earning Adam his first Grammy nomination. And finally there was “IIHY,” the party anthem.

                All five of these videos have something in common. They’re Adam as the über “Singular Man.”

                Everyone has to admit, the videos are all stunning. Isn’t it a shame, though, that with such rich material to work with, the (current) “powers that be” are denying this amazing human being the opportunity to celebrate his totality onscreen? Their cowardliness is the real obscenity. And I do think it’s all their fault. Even if it isn’t.

                There are those who contend that the depiction of a healthy gay man in a happy, fulfilling relationship will lead to the downfall of civilization. Huh? Like the rampant greed and off-shore accounts of the super-rich, unfair tax burden carried by a disappearing middle-class, deportation of manufacturing and technology jobs to other countries and illogical legislation being used to justify the buying of local and national elections have nothing to do with the downfall of civilization?

                 Oh, but we see two men kissing and supposedly we’re all screwed.

                What’s wrong with this picture, literally? Glad you asked.

                Adam says he likes to take a lyric and turn it on its head, so that the video has a “twist,” a completely different subject matter than the song suggests. OK. Just about every one we’ve seen does that. But WHY? That’s the unanswered question. Unanswered not because we can’t but because we don’t. Let’s look at what we’ve seen:

                FYE. The video appears to be about Singular Man arriving on a scene of a 1930’s type, rather unusual social event. He appears to have arrived to entertain the party-goers. Even I have a different take on this one. Try seeing it as Singular Man arriving to be the one entertained. Ah ha! But really too sexual.

                WWFM. Again we see Singular Man, this time yearning for the relationship of his dreams and wanting but unable to deliver what his (invisible) partner needs, the point of my rant. Also too sexual.

                IIHY. Now we have a party hosted by Singular Man, who goes home that way even though night parties in the woods are the perfect place to meet a prospective partner—for some variable length of …  time. (Don’t you just love innuendos?)  Plus see above.

                Next we come to the album “Trespassing,” (btw, it’s a great song for foreplay).

                BTIKM. I’d hoped that this would be the one. You know, the one where Singular Man would actually be shown with a loving partner who has the insight to see inside him and accept all he sees? But, no. Singular Man is struggling to know himself. Uh, oh, implied sexual here.

                NCOE. Singular Man as Hero, leading a revolution against the drab dysfunction of a police state to revive the people into the colorful individuals they truly are. Another btw, love that glimpse of Mr. Spencer reaching out towards Singular Man. At least SOMEBODY is connecting with him. OMG, now it’s a group!

                I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m tired of Singular Man. I want to see Couple Man, Partner Man, Hugging-and-Kissing Man. I want Happy Man, Sexual Man, In-Love Man. I want Adam as the not-obscene but  über Complete Man, not just some safe, alone socialite/activist. I want the (current) “powers that be” to stop being afraid of tiny, rabid groups that claim to speak for most of America.

                Think we’ll ever get that? I mean, there are lots of potential videos from “Trespassing.”  It will take some time, I know. Meanwhile we can keep calling out those who supposedly are “protecting” us from ourselves.  

And we’ll also keep Hoping, Man.

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  1. Illena Welter-known as chineseglitter on Twitter permalink
    June 19, 2012 10:37 pm

    I thought I was the only one who really hoped that Adam could make a video that showed him and Sauli being just a regular couple in love.(.not sexual,because the world isn’t ready) I really think all his fans would really love it. Who cares what the rest say,they put him down anyway. His fans buy his music and go to his concerts. We would stand with him and maybe just maybe he could change the world a little more. He is the only gay person to go to the top of the billboard with a new cd. I think it is time to stand this world on its ear and Adam is the man to do it!

  2. vicki permalink
    June 19, 2012 11:11 pm

    He is having a hard enough time getting on radio. The “establishment ” is NOT ready for it, even if some of us are. He’s doing what is best for his career at this point and I fully support his choices. And the videos are stunning! No complaints from me!

  3. glamity58 permalink
    June 19, 2012 11:16 pm

    I agree with vicki….he needs to get more notice, more airplay before he takes that plunge. I think I’m pretty open and yet I don’t even want to think of him being sexual or intimate with a man in the video. He hasn’t achieved enough to have that possibility. He appears to be snubbed so much, and I just want to hear his songs on the radio even once. I hate America at times. They should take the lead and they just won’t give Adam any love.

  4. adamfan permalink
    June 19, 2012 11:22 pm

    Be careful what you wish for. IF Adam did include a ‘love interest’ in his videos it most likely wouldn’t be his ‘real’ ‘significant other’ but instead an actor. Most straight artists who have love interests in their music videos DO NOT include their real life significant other. They keep their personal relationships private (even if they are very public – example Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez – Justin’s ‘love interest’ in his Boyfriend video is just ‘some girl’, not Selena). I personally like the ‘third eye’ view that Adam is giving us with his creative videos and I don’t really need to see him ‘getting cozy’ with an actor and he obviously doesn’t care to share with us his ‘getting cozy’ with his real life SO…otherwise we’d have a hugging/kissing pic by now. Plus – BOTTOM LINE – America is not ready for a music video featuring a male homosexual relationship and Adam is trying appeal to the mainstream….I trust his instincts and he will show us what he wants to show us.

  5. Jo Jo permalink
    June 20, 2012 8:17 am

    Thea, I loved what you have written here!….and SO true! Is the world ready for what you ask, yes, internationally in many countries? It surely is, but as for the US I fear they will always have a problem with their homphobic outrage. So darn heartfelt!

  6. Wendy Jackson permalink
    June 20, 2012 10:35 pm

    Adam should not have to be the gay flag bearer. Let him make his music the object to judge him by. That’s what he wants. He does not need to be paired up with anybody. He should be the focus. Why does it matter so much what people do in the privacy of their bedrooms.

    • glamity58 permalink
      June 20, 2012 11:12 pm

      I agree Wendy. Besides, the gay community doesn’t really support him. They seem to support the divas like Britney, Gaga and Madonna.

  7. Shannon permalink
    June 21, 2012 11:59 am

    I think that Adam’s concept videos are brilliant! They are so much more interesting than most “romantic” videos with a lovey-dovey couple of whatever persuasion. I think he should continue with these concept videos not because I think the world’s not ready for homosexual lovers but because I think it would be BORING!

  8. Cyndy permalink
    June 21, 2012 12:01 pm

    All good thoughts expressed… one step at a time seeming to be the common view…trust Adam to know how to evolve and gain acceptance. I think about how many artists whose talents we enjoy…whether they are actors, singers who come out after they are established. Does it diminish their talent?…no. I read about two actors…one gay, one lesbian playing a straight couple for some show…that’s interesting and kudos to their acting ability, but hardly that big of a deal. I was a former ballet dancer and most of the time my romantic partners in a pas de deux were gay. Could they translate the love between the Prince to his Princess?…of course.
    Another small, but important step might be that straight people can dance at clubs, and make love to each other with gay oriented songs playing. As the lyrics of OOL state…we all feel the same things. The actual lyrics don’t matter and shouldn’t be shocking except when they are taking about violence and rape as many mainstream lyrics do, and that is where freedom of speech might prompt freedom of just not listening.
    Gay people have been dancing and enjoying life with straight themed music as their soundtrack forever. Wouldn’t it be great if it truly didn’t matter what the sexual orientation of the lyrics were. That it was just a love song…a breakup song…a “I just want to get drunk and party song” . One step at a time.

  9. June 22, 2012 6:50 am

    I admit, when I heard there was going to be a video for NCOE my first thought was of a certain blond Finn and how wonderful if there could be some sort of implication to a relationship. But okay, if it can’t be an official music video, maybe he could make a movie. I’m not sure he has a clue how romantic some people find him or desire him to be. I, for one, would like to see it. If it doesn’t interfere with his recording contracts, he can get his supportive artistic friends to film it. I know he knows a photographer and I know he knows a romantic partner!

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