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Adam Lambert Daily Update – June 8, 2012

June 7, 2012

By Juneau and Xena Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook

Here’s the full Week in Review

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@RoyalAlbertHall: @adamlambert is on stage rehearsing for tonight’s @RaysofSunshineconcert

Sunshine at the Royal Albert Hall

Leona Lewis said: “I love being an ambassador for Rays of Sunshine. Every day of the year the charity adds a touch of sparkle into the lives of brave and deserving children. The Rays of Sunshine Concert will bring hundreds of children together for a precious night of fun and I’m so happy to be a part of it.”

Amongst the audience will be 1500 seriously ill children who have previously had their wishes granted by Rays of Sunshine.

Trespassing  by KI55andTELL

Cuckoo by KI55andTELL

Never Closer Our Eyes by KI55andTELL

@OutsideEdgePR: Adam Lambert doing his thing at soundcheck! #raysofsunshine

@adamlambert having a good old chat with@deanpiper! #raysofsunshine (via@OutsideEdgePR)

@mtvuknews: @RaysOfSunshine with @AdamLambert @JLSofficial and more…

By @ChrisLovesLambert on Instagram

dcsunset44: Royal Albert Hall Interval! Adam just played to this 🙂

The Backing Band

Montage by @GaleChester

@SoLoLDN: One is at the Royal Albert Hall playing da bass for Adam Lambert / I’m an #adamlambert virgin and his voice is incredible. Damn that boy can saaaang #adamlambert

@AntEtheridge (Keyboardist): Sound checked for @adamlambert Boy can SIIING!!. #happyface / RT @tomctmather: Good luck to my boy @AntEtheridge, singing with @adamlambert at @RoyalAlbertHall tonight!! #embarrassingfriendtweet

@CarlosGarciaV (Guitarist): Royal Albert Hall with @adamlambert tonight… All together now… Clang!


@admchrislimnois: rays of sunshine concert- can’t wait for @adamlambert! 😉

@OutsideEdgePR: Safe to say Adam Lambert just wow’d the Royal Albert Hall! Amazing performances of Trespassing, Cuckoo and new single Never Close Our Eyes!

kateydaisy: @adamlambert best act so far! we loved your boots!#raysofsunshine #royalalberthall

@deanpiper When I grow up I want to be able to ‘hit the high ones’ like @adamlambert Great set. Get ready UK#adamisacomin

@55glamgal: Ha! The family next 2 me were like “what’s his name?” started googling him and I was like @adamlambert, they said he must B huge!

@adamlambert You have now performed your own music at Royal Albert Hall! You are some big name shit! #werk — adamisalamb (@adamisalamb)

@adamlambert: @alexandramusic SING Girl! Listening to you kill it!! Great to meet you!!

@adamlambert: C



Australia’s Sunrise TV interviews Adam Lambert (VIDEO) – Might be going to Australia in 3 or 4 months. YouTube below by @TattooJo

Mezamashi TV – Adam Lambert greets fans in Japanese (gulp! Juneau swoons)

The Voice of Russia – Elton John to sing in Kiev against AIDS “Music legends Queen and Elton John will give a show in Kiev to support people with AIDS on June 30 in the run-up to the EURO-2012 finals hosted by Ukraine. This comes from the head of the Anti-AIDS foundation Elena Pinchuk who met with reporters in Kiev on June 7. According to her, the performers will sing for free.”

National Enquirer – BIG GAY WAR: ADAM LAMBERT VS. CLAY AIKEN You know you’re a superstar when this venerable paragon of investigative journalism decides to go after you! “On May 24, Adam, 30, told talk-show host Andy Cohen he “couldn’t think of any” nice things to say about Clay during a game segment of the show. It’s just the latest swipe in the simmering feud that started when Clay blogged in 2009 that he thought one of Adam’s “AI” performances was “contrived, awful and slightly frightening.”

Skylight – MONTE PITTMAN – American Rock Artist and Madonna’s Guitarist “Q. How did you get in contact with Adam Lambert?  A. We had mutual friends that put us in contact. I used to play Club Makeup sometimes. It would happen the first Saturday of every month. It was a band led by Xander Smith. It usually had Noah Shain on drums, Abby Travis on bass, and Eric Mayron on keys. There would be a different theme each month. If it were Prince month, everyone dressed like Prince or his band and we would play all Prince songs. There would be a different singer for each song. I asked some of them who they thought was the best singer around and Allan Louis said Adam. Later on Lee Cherry introduced us and we started writing together and started a band called The Citizen Vein. I never liked the name but we had to pick something.”

Koululainen magazine. Via @moominbert – translation of article. “Adam Lambert was exhausted, so the first songs he wrote were angry. Love brought a note of happiness to his songs. These days, the trendsetter is making music about finding the right one.”



Selected Q&A with fresh or fun info! Transcript via

Q. How do you decide which country gets which bonus tracks?

A. @katie021589 Thats really not up to me- its a special agreement with the country’s respective labels

Q. What did U like the most ?the red or the yellow jacket in NCOE video #ETAAdam

A. Actually, the jacket was red. They made it switch to yellow with special fx! cool huh?

Q. Adam how about the 3rd single? Name?

A. @ua_lady Not there yet… weve just released this one… hold your horses! 🙂

Q. What was the inspiration behind “BY THE RULES” and when did you write this song? #ETAADAM @adamlambert

A. @funkNNsoul I wrote the song and recorded it in LOndon actually! the Inspiration is a secret!

Q. Give us some lyrics of The Map please

A. @Hungarevival “Now I believe in more than i can see”

Q. How do you keep going & going doing promos, interviews & performing? How do you overcome exhaustion? #ETAAdam

A. @rgsd4 Mind over matter

Q. and what about Playground? when are we gonna get the song? mind sharing some lyrics with us?

A. @NoyLuvAdam There is NO song called Playground… where did that one come from hahah. These rumors… oye

Q. Is Tommy going to stay on your right or back to left side?

A. @hide_n_confide2 No clue… these things arent really thought thru too deeply… hahaha

Q. You recently said in an interview that fans crossed boundaries when asking for a hug? Is that (cont)

A. @glitzylady I love giving hugs! except for when my jackets get big makeup smudges from fans’ faces..or when i get the odd neck sniff/lick.

– Thanks Adam! I’m relieved to hear that! Phew!! I’ll treasure that hug always! you’re the best! #ETAAdam @4Music

– @glitzylady 🙂 hug away–just protect the fashion – no face plants… lol

Q. what do you think about the duo group Karmin? Have you heard their new album? #ETAAdam

A. @a_teeka They are SO sweet and genuine! She can SING! Brokenhearted is very catchy

Q. will there be a 3rd single

A. @lambertfever111 yup! and a 4th and 5th if i have my way

Q. What is “Nirvana” about? You never tweeted the meaning of the song! =)

A. @Glamfate its a lullaby to my love :0

Q. Do you ever get sick of traveling?..and what do you do to unwind???..and LMAO about the neck licking

A. @Here4Adam I love takin a bath! helps me unwind fo sho

Q. will the Queen show be filmed for a DVD? Or a cd recording? @adamlambert 🙂 would be great

A. @icebrat515 I hope so!

Q. What was the last thing you treated yourself to?

A. @riley1877 a Massage

Q. if you could play an instrument which would you play?

A. @TheDorkbert Piano

Q. Have you started rehearsing with Queen yet?

A. @audreyc1877 nope – next week

Q. how does it feel to be on top in Billboard?

A. @PersianGlamDr I like being on top *wink

Q. lOVE you new song, Adam! Are you looking forward to performing at G-A-Y on Saturday? @LovelyLovesey + I will be there. xx #ETAAdam

A. @spiffyJonny @LovelyLovesey SOOOO excited! cant wait to sing for my british sistahs

Goodbye folks!!! its been fun! hit me anytime @adamlambert



@sheriglambert: look what i saw today in @hmvcanada in Whitby! #trespassing is still in best sellers in #Canada 🙂 :*



@adamlambert: “@keshasuxx: #truelove #reallove #itswhatwelivefor” agreed!!

@adamlambert: Happy Gay Pride LA! I’m there in spirit!!

@nilerodgers: UK Here I Come! I AM HERE!!

@adamlambert: @nilerodgers well Hellooooo! I am here too!! Welcome!

@nilerodgers: @adamlambert Hey man I’m going to sleep for a bit. We had the flight from hell. I have an interview in 2 hrs. I’ll email you then. MAD LOVE

@adamlambert: @nilerodgers 🙂 sweet dreams!

RT ‏@Pressparty: Pressparty has bagged some face to face time with the amazing Adam Lambert tomorrow – how excited are we?…


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4 Comments leave one →
  1. Angel permalink
    June 8, 2012 12:20 am

    Thanks for all the tweets and articles here. I love coming here and excited to see my email. Funny that Dean Piper in that photo can’t give ADAM enough space. He’s almost squeezing him tight. LOL! I’m happy for everything that’s going on with ADAM in Europe this month and the next.

  2. becca112971 permalink
    June 8, 2012 9:57 am

    thank you for the tweets and videos XOXO

  3. kat23morg permalink
    June 8, 2012 11:04 am

    Really….Enquirer….Wow…no one really cares what Aiken thinks….the guy is a jerk…and a faker…I doubt seriously that Adam said anything about how long it took Clay to come out…because Adam has said many times…it is a personal choice…not the publics or anyone else’s. If feel Aiken did not come out as a marketing strategy…and faked his way through a marriage,etc. to get sales. Dishonest to me. In addition his comments about Adam and his singing on Idol were obnoxious and rude.

    • annehedonia permalink
      June 8, 2012 1:58 pm

      “Anyone who reads the tabloids deserves to be lied to.” ~ Jerry Seinfeld

      My favorite tabloid headline of all time: “Sex-change Nun Mud Wrestles on TV” High-brow material! (I think that was from “The Star”.)

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