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Adam Lambert Daily Update – June 2, 2012

June 2, 2012

By Juneau and Xena Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook

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@adamlambert@grahnort SO looking forward to meeting you on June 21st @theGNshow

(OMG, Juneau will be in London on the same day…)

Graham Norton

The Graham Norton Show on BBC One is a comedy chat program featuring newsmakers, trends and celebrities. Here’s the Wikipedia entry about the high-profile career of (openly gay) Graham Norton. Should be an entertaining interview!

Here’s where you can apply for tickets to be in the audience.



Billboard: Music’s Sexiest Man and Woman



Playback – Adam Lambert | Trespassing (Sony) “The press release arrived in my inbox, same as hundreds of others. It contained a link to a stream of the new Adam Lambert CD, Trespassing. I am not a reality TV fan; I had never so much as heard Adam Lambert before. (To say I’m a bit of a music snob—or was, anyway—wouldn’t be far off the mark.) On a lark, I decided to click it; I just wanted to see what he sounded like. I didn’t expect to fall in love…This goes far, far beyond guilty pleasure. In fact, Trespassing dominates my most-played list on Spotify…fellow music snobs: Go ahead. Give in. You have permission to hold your head up proudly while you give in to the oh-so-perfect Adam Lambert groove. A+ | Laura Hamlett”

USA Today – Adam Lambert readies for Queen gig “When he auditioned for an American production of the Queen jukebox musical We Will Rock You, Adam says, “I prepared songs like I Want To Break Free; I did my homework. Now I’m looking forward to spending time with (bandmembers) Brian (May) and Roger (Taylor). I want to make myself familiar with their more obscure songs and hear some stories from the guys themselves. I’ll get my own personal Queen documentary”” New Factoid Alert! We had never heard before that Adam had once auditioned for “We Will Rock You.”

Lambosessed – 96.5 TIC Spring Fling (Review) “Adam tries to get crowd singing his riffs, but ends up taking the piss. As if a normal person could hit those notes. I assume this is to get the sound and echo right for Broken English. I’ve run out of ways to describe Adam’s voice but here it’s bluesy and just phenomenal.



Cropped InRock image



@OutsideEdgePR Loving all your messages about @adamlambert on @TheGNShow! What an exciting summer it’s going to be. #NCOE #trespassing
@UKGlambert@adamlambert @nilerodgers @sam_sparro Someone did a cover of Shady “Shady – Adam Lambert (Cover)” on YouTube –
 ‏@nilerodgers@UKGlambert I’m going to have CHIC learn “Shady” so if@AdamLambert rolls up on stage w us we’ll have it down!!!
@nilerodgersAlso if @Sam_Sparro rolls up he can do it with us
 ‏@nilerodgers@sam_sparro Hey Sam!!! What’s up man?
@sam_sparro@nilerodgers: Also if @Sam_Sparro rolls up he can do it with us” just let me. You know I’m there.
@nilerodgers@sam_sparro We’ve got at least one gig together I believe. That would be cool we’d rock the $hit out of “Shady”
@nilerodgers@sam_sparro I’m going to write some horn parts over the next few days for it


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  1. Angel permalink
    June 2, 2012 4:48 pm

    I hope that one “Shady” gig with ADAM that Nile Rodgers tweets Sam Sparro is for The Graham Norton Show. WOW!!! That will be a blast! Keeping my fingers crossed.

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