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Adam Lambert Daily Update – June 1, 2012

June 1, 2012

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“Never Close Our Eyes” passed the 1 million mark yesterday. Good job fans! Now onward to 2 million…



Please take a minute out of your day to request Never Close Our Eyes at your local hit radio station. Check Request Adam Lambert for stations that have added the song to their playlists. (Stations can’t spin it unless it’s on the playlist.)



@adamlambert Avoir Montreal! Love hearing everyone speaking French… so sexy. I want to stay longer next time!
@adamlambert Hahaha “au revoir” hahah I’m such an asshole. Lol
@williamlaroche @adamlambert You were so sexy in Montreal! :O French Canadians love you! 🙂

Adam Lambert in Montreal May 31. Gazette photo by Marie-France Coallier.

Montreal Gazette – Adam Lambert says things would’ve been much tougher without American Idol “I will have a full profile of the American Idol runner-up in the Gazette Tuesday. In the meantime, here’s a little advance taste – with Lambert responding to the folks who believe American Idol is the root of all evil in modern music. “Of course, there’s a stigma,” said Lambert, who was open, generous and way more intelligent than your average pop star over the course of our 20-minute interview. “But you also know what’s wrong with the music world? Do you know how hard it is to get signed as a new artist? It’s f—ing impossible. So I feel Idol is this amazing P.R. platform and I did what I had to do to get noticed. I chose American Idol because it surpasses the business. It goes right to the audience. But the challenge is also making the leap from the show to the business. It’s a whole new obstacle course that you have to deal with at that point. You introduce yourself without original music. So you have to work backwards.”” Looking forward to the full profile to come out next Tuesday!!

Adam Lambert Reads 50 Shades of Grey

Virgin Radio 96 Interview (Video capped via @GaleChester) – Adam thanks his fans for getting his album to #1 without any advance radio exposure. Probably will tour in 2013.

Hollywood PQ Interview (Video capped by @GaleChester)

Virgin Radio 96 Photo Gallery

Socialite Life – Adam Lambert Visits MusiquePlus [PHOTOS] “He was interviewed by Rej and Tatiana from Palmares, a MusiquePlusshow. He was greatly surprised by all the attention that Montreal fans gave him.”

Rachel Daneau’s Facebook Album – Adam Lambert at MusiquePlus Over 200 close-up photos – the girl couldn’t stop herself! Ha ha!

Monsters and Critics – Adam Lambert Visits The Marilyn Denis Show Pictures – More pony pants photos!

HollywoodPQ – Adam Lambert at Montreal Airport (Video)



Metro (UK) – Adam Lambert: I went on American Idol because I couldn’t get signed  Fun full-page interview. “I learned how to keep people’s attention, which I used to my advantage.” Understatement of the year.

Queen Rock Band – Adam Lambert proud of new album… Rehearsals with Queen! “Lambert moves on to London next week to begin two-week rehearsals with Queen guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor for six European dates together in July.”



AUX – Top 5 Pop Tracks: May

Adam Lambert – “Shady” feat. Sam Sparro and Nile Rodgers

This month, Adam Lambert became the first openly gay musician to have a number one record on the Billboard 200, and while this is a major achievement, the focus of Trespassing’s success should be based on music, and not sexuality. Trespassing is a collection of electro-pop triumphs and confessional ballads that showcase Lambert’s soaring vocals, with personnel comprised of pop music’s premiere hitmakers, such as Dr. Luke, Pharrell, Bruno Mars, Bonnie McKee, and Benny Blanco. The dark and sleazy “Shady” just might be the finest offering on Trespassing; at times sounding (and I can’t believe I’m writing this) somewhat like a combination of the dark synth-scapes of Trent Reznor and the funky new-wave instincts of Prince. It’s a strange, but satisfying musical stew, with three-part harmony and funky guitar work all over it. Adam Lambert isn’t the first Idol-alumni to conquer the charts (see: Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson), but he’s definitely the most unlikely artist to find acceptance there. And, it’s well-deserved.

CarterMatt – ‘American Idol’ notes: Phillip Phillips, Adam Lambert, and Jessica Sanchez “This week, Adam Lambert also has a chart accomplishment — new single “Never Close Our Eyes” has entered the top 40 on the Hot AC chart for the first time. Currently, the song is sitting at #38 on the chart, and is gaining enough spins to provide some hope that it will continue to climb in the weeks ahead.





Frontiers LA – Music Reviews: Adam Lambert, Animal Kingdom, Emeli Sandé, Jer Ber Jones, Momus, Rye Rye  “Of the ballads, “Broken English” is my favorite (imagine Nine Inch Nails-meets-Goldfrapp). It’s great to hear Adam sounding so confident, focused and happy, proving that his career is really only just beginning.”

Gay Times (UK) – We’ll Never Close Our Eyes “…Defeating oppression and authority through the power of dance, it’s an incredibly gay notion and we love it! Enjoy.”



Adam Lambert is getting ready to performs with Queen this summer.

Adam Lambert interview on C4 (FOUR Live)

Xtra – Adam at HMV in Toronto with fan interviews

Glambert’s Gotta Have Those Shorts – by @nitenursestat.



@adamlambert @WeAreOliver (who helped to create the Sonic Magic of Trespassing) launched a cool app



@shoshannastone @igobymanynames check out metro newspaper today, The Guardian next week. There will be lots of promo. 3 days full next week. Look out for it

‏@shoshannastone: @igobymanynames lots of tv 😉

@migzmigzmigz Check out @adamlambert new video! Choreographed by ME! lol A huge thank you to @IamCarmit for making all this happen!
@OfficialAMAs “None of us are promised to see tomorrow. And what we do is ours to choose.” –@adamlambert #SongsWeLove


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  1. Angel permalink
    June 1, 2012 10:54 pm

    Pleas vote for Music’s SEXIEST Male/Female by Billboard. ADAM is on the list. Please keep viewing and refreshing NCOE and let’s move it to two million ASAP.

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