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Adam Lambert Daily Update – May 31, 2012

May 31, 2012

By Juneau and Xena Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook

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By this weekend? Wouldn’t that be fun? Go!

Never Close Our Eyes (on Youtube)



@SonyMusique: Le voilà! @adamlambert vous remercie de tous vos votes à @MusiquePlus ! ADAM LAMBERT on Musique Plus 5-30-12. Montreal, Quebec, Canada!

CBC Radio Interview with Jian Ghomeshi – This is a great, in-depth interview by Canada’s national broadcasting network.

ProudFM 103.9 ADAM LAMBERT Interview Toronto 5-30-12 (via @GaleChester)

MusiquePlus Show today in Montreal Thanks to @oriharakaoru for recording this 1.5 hour ustream of the live broadcast.

Hollywood PQ – Adam Lambert à Montréal – While visiting Musique Plus, fans sing “NCOE” to Adam. So adorable! Watch the video!

@SonyMusique: meeting the fans, such an exceptional person. ADAM LAMBERT at Musique Plus 5-30-12. Montreal, Quebec, Canada!

@adamlambert: Goodnight Montreal!



@FantasySprings: Attention @adamlambert fans! He is coming back. July 21st. Tickets on sale next Friday.

Pls do not call the box office. Tickets go on sale Friday June 8th at 10am PST. We do not have them available yet.



@shoshannastone: well I just got the best news ever for @adamlambert . Yaaaayyyy!!!

@danhinchliffe: @shoshannastone is it what we discussed?

‏@shoshannastone: @danhinchliffe nope. still waiting for that!!!

@shoshannastone: here we go :)))))))))@adamlambert @CapitalOfficial

Adam is on UK No. 1 Hit Music Station Playlist



Glamberts: Adam Lambert has a message for you “We asked Lambert: “If you had one thing to tell your fans, what would it be?” Apparently, he took the “one thing” part of the question rather literally. Check out his brief — yet rousing — response below…” Go check out the video!

Gather – Adam Lambert and his Glamberts Nominated for ‘O Music Awards’ “Last week MTV revealed that Adam was nominated for the “Must Follow Artist on Twitter” category. In addition, now the full list shows that Adam’s fans, known as the Glamberts, are nominated for the “Fan Army FTW” category. MTV is accepting write-in nominations on category pages until May 29th at midnight and will announce more nominees on May 31st. There are a few other categories that might be appropriate for Adam Lambert…”

O-Music Awards 3 Super Fan – Vote for Adam’s Fanbase

Da Rules…

The Awards are about bringing together a communal and energized audience of super fans to celebrate achievement in digital music. We want to recognize the fan who participates the most, by naming him or her the “O Music Awards Super Fan”. In addition to voting for individual nominees, each fan who votes in the O Music Awards shall have the ability to create a list of their favorite nominees from any category (“Picks”). Fans can encourage other fans and their friends to vote for their Picks, and they can vote for other fans’ Picks.

Da Rules: Based on the number of points earned, participants will be permitted to vote between 25 and 500 times per day as follows, subject to increase if a user purchases a market item that triples (multiplies by 3) their daily vote maximum to start on June 26, 2012 at 4:00am GMT through June 26, 2012 at 3:59am GMT (24 hours) as set forth in Section 4 below.

Voting Period: Voting will commence on May 23, 2012 at 10:00am GMT and shall continue through and end on June 28, 2012 at 11:30pm GMT (the “Voting Period”); provided, however, that voting for individual categories will be closed on a rolling basis throughout the 24 hour period beginning June 27, 2012 at 11:30 pm GMT.  The closing of the Voting Period for each individual category will be announced on the Website at least one hour in advance of the closing of such category.



Gaining radio spins!



Erin Davis Journal – Tuesday, May 29, 2012 Erin is smitten! “Tall – 6′ 1” – slim and reallllly handsome, Adam sports a killer coif, tasteful and chunky jewellery, greenish silver nail polish and an air of grace, style and confidence.  Yes, he even smells good!  Before the interview began, I asked what it was he was wearing (lovely tones of patchouli, which I find draws me in like a cartoon of a baking pie on a window sill) and he told me Loree Rodkin’s Gothic I (as in “one”).” Another great interview! Watch the video of the interview.

Toronto Sun – Lambert proud of new album “Former American Idol runner up Adam Lambert couldn’t be happier than his sophomore disc, the funk-and-dance influenced Trespassing, debuted at No. 1 in Canada and the U.S. last week. “I think it was a real accomplishment that the album was able to chart that high without a big single,” says a smiling Lambert, 30, glammed up in black and white tie-dyed, torn pants, silver jewelry and a skunk-like blond streak on the top of his jet black hair.

Adam Lambert. (Stan Behal/QMI Agency)

The Guardian – New music: Adam Lambert – Never Close Our Eyes “Last week Trespassing became Lambert’s first No 1 album and, unfathomably, the first US No 1 album ever by an openly gay artist. Never Close Our Eyes’ task will be to try and maintain that success, which shouldn’t be a problem given its fizzing synths, pounding beats and monstrous chorus all seem precision-tooled for playlist ubiquity. In the video, Lambert is trapped in an experimental facility that looks like a cross between the orphanage in Annie and Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance video.”

Idolator – John Mayer Takes ‘Born And Raised’ To #1 As Adam Lambert Takes A Tumble “John Mayer can pop a bottle over the fact that the singer-songwriter’s Born And Raised has become his third chart-topping LP. Mayer’s first album in three years debuts atop the Billboard Top 200 on the strength of 219,000 copies sold, and sends last week’s #1, Adam Lambert‘s Trespassing (22,000), tumbling down to #11.”

The Home Planet – INSIDE THE MUSIC VIDEO ACTORS STUDIO: NEVER CLOSE OUR EYES From Glambertian resident comic genius @ChunkeyMonkey – Enjoy words and pictures!

“James Lipton: The rebels have reached an impasse. Blocked from freedom. So close yet so far. My heart weeps.

Adam Lambert: Well, I wouldn’t be that upset James. The fence may say “no trespassing” but we all know my thoughts on no trespassing. Yeah…my ass!

James Lipton: I am quivering. Literally quivering.”

Gossip Center – Adam Lambert’s Rocking Ritz Carlton Exit “The 30-year-old star has been quite the jet setter lately to talk about his second studio album “Trespassing” and it looks like he will be taking another international trip as he told his Twitter followers, “UK! Im coming to London next week! Trespassing is now avail for you to pre-order.””

Ritz Carlton in Toronto, Canada – May 30, 2012



Trespassing – the boxed set and Vapor Sky print are available again!! Shop here.



OMG Yahoo – Adam Lambert First Openly Gay Male To Top Billboard Promo for ET Canada episode on Adam Lambert.

Six Flags Concert Video from TALCVids – Playlist

Adam’s NCOE featured on Japanese morning show

Glozell Green on Juneau & Xena’s Radio show



@adamlambert: @AliyaJasmine great chatting w you gorgeous!

‏@chunkeymonkey81: “Well everyone should have 100 leopard print shirts and a pair of sweat shorts that can be used as a weapon.”

 ‏@adamlambert “the Secret Life of Letters” is magic @Jakeshears!!
@Jakeshears@adamlambert aw honey. Thank you. I hope we get to hang out when you come to London. We’re overdue
kittyholland Thanks To Adam Lambert and #Sonymusic for letting me shoot “a night in the life of…”. Full photo post coming soon…


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