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Adam Lambert Daily Update – May 30, 2012

May 30, 2012

By Juneau and Xena Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook

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 ‏@adamlambert Never Close Our Eyes:

Here’s a playlist so you can loop the video

Here’s Juneau’s review (Adam Lambert’s New Music Video Busts Out of the Club).  There have been more than 50 media notices about the video. We’ve selected some of the more notable ones:

Arjan Writes – Adam Lambert Premieres Video for New Single “Never Close Our Eyes” [Review] “Fans will agree that even though it may seem that the scenes and storyline are taken from a fantastical sci-fi novel, the concept of the video is really not that far removed from Lambert’s own world of experience. Despite the odds and the baseless skepticism from naysayers, Lambert defiantly stayed true to his point of view and artistic convictions. Now ruling the album charts with his new album “Trespassing,” the pop star shows that people who patiently and passionately follow their instinct without compromise will ultimately win.”

Rolling Stone – Adam Lambert Releases Dystopian ‘Never Close Our Eyes’ Clip “..But as the song progresses, Lambert leads a dance-dance revolution, beating back the guards with a killer, neon-soaked sequence as the song hits its bombastic final chorus. It’d be a good addition to our “Ten Best Apocalyptic Dance Music Videos” gallery.”

Yahoo Music – Adam Lambert Blinds With Science In “Never Close Our Eyes” Video “This just might be Adam’s best video yet. Clearly it is Lambert’s brave new world now. We just live in it.”

USA Today – Video: Adam Lambert’s ‘Never Close Our Eyes’ “Adam Lambert’s new video takes a futuristic tone, set in a dystopian world where there’s not nearly enough color or dancing. Think of it as the 25th-century remake of Footloose.”

Toronto Star – Adam Lambert’s new video “When they were planning Adam Lambert’s video for “Never Close Your Eyes,” they reached into the Bag of Video Stuff and fished out, “Every dystopian YA novel ever,” “Big Brother,” “Oliver Twist,” “creepy beekeepers” and “Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller.” And it kinda works.”

Neon Limelight – New Video: Adam Lambert Starts Revolution In Sci-Fi Clip For “Never Close Our Eyes” “In a behind the scenes clip released prior to the “Never Close Our Eyes” premiere, Adam explained how the video’s concept correlates with the song. “All the things that happen in the video are meant to be symbols for what we’re trying to say,” Adam said. “What I was trying to say with this is if you make a decision to just look at things a different way and just flip your perception a little bit, maybe it’s not so bad. Maybe it does get better if you want it to.””

MTV – New Video: Adam Lambert, ‘Never Close Our Eyes’ “Can we officially agree that this is going be the summer of Adam Lambert? The guy’s already on fire with his Trespassing album, which debuted at #1. And now his new “Never Close Our Eyes” video proves he’s ready for total domination as he fights the power…without a single hair falling out of place.”

Billboard – Adam Lambert Goes Sci-Fi for ‘Never Close Our Eyes’ Video Chatting with earlier this month, Lambert talked about the new video, but he stayed pretty mum on the details. “There’s a little sci-fi energy to it. It’s very cinematic. It was inspired by a couple different films,” he said in the Live Q&A. “It was a fun shoot. We did it in one day and it was great. The director is Dori Oskowitz and he’s awesome.””

Popledge – Adam Lambert – Never Close Our Eyes – Official Video Review “It also reminded me a bit of This Perfect World and The Brave New World – lots of futuristic elements and thoughts around how technology might end up controlling us in the future.”



Celebrity Gossip – Adam Lambert: “I Feel Good. I Feel Accomplished.” Photos and video from Adam’s interview on the Marilyn Denis show.

Adam Lambert on the Marilyn Denis show  – “I feel like my fans got what they deserve. I worked really hard on [the album] for them… I obsessed like crazy over it.”

Adam Lambert on etalk Canada today, May 29, 2012 – “Pharrell Williams opened the funk door for me.”

Official photos from CHUM FM


@DylanMcNiven@spreckles @Merrycello Follow @mattawells and he’ll keep you informed as to air dates of #insixty with @adamlambert

@DylanMcNiven: Adam likes pictures.

@DylanMcNiven: @mattawells sitting down for a chit chat with @adamlambert



 ‏@adamlambert New Scissor Sisters’ Magic Hour is super trippy and future90’shouse. Feelin these beats and harmonies.
 ‏@adamlambert “the Secret Life of Letters” is magic @Jakeshears!!





Rolling Stone – Video Interview: Adam Lambert on Trespassing “Last week Adam Lambert became the first openly gay male artist to score the top spot on Billboard’s album chart after his new record, Trespassing, sold 77,000 copies during its first week. Lambert recently sat down with Rolling Stone to chat about the darker subject matter on Tresspassing, teaming up with Pharrell and their long chats about life and music, and how working with various producers allowed Lambert to create a record that, as he put it, “represented all of me.” ”

Adam Lambert graces the cover of Bent Magazine‘s June 2012 issue.
Read online. Download (pdf). “Our cover star is the gorgeous and gay super singing sensation Adam Lambert, the cutie who has been linked to taking Freddie Mercury’s job as the front man of Queen but who has a brilliant new album out of his own. His first album, For Your Entertainment, was a pop gem but sadly overlooked by the UK record buying public. However, Trespassing, his second offering, which climbed straight to the top of the US charts, should see him firmly established here. We chat to the American beauty about what life has been like since he first took to the stage in American Idol and how the paparazzi deal with his sexuality.”



@bani_ On June 5th, one day before the launch of Adam Lambert’s album in Japan, there will be a special cafe opening for one day only for Adam.
@bani_ The first 100 people entering the event will receive a free mug cup. Everyone entering will receive a coaster.



Adam Lambert Interview with Brad & Marty on The Edge FM New Zealand – Excellent!

New Zealand Good Morning TV (posted by @iamalfan)

2012-05-30 The Kyle and Jackie O Show 2Day FM Australia – Adam answers the animal sex sound test



@adamlambert UK! Im coming to London next week! Trespassing is now avail for you to pre-order:

Ron Hayes: For the longest time, I hoped that one day I’d have the opportunity to shake Adam’s hand. Yesterday was the day.

@milestougeaux: RIP Doc

@MontesAngels1@Artistsupporter 2,174 CD OMG your GENEROSITY is ASTOUNDING you truly do have a enormous Heart Sherry
@5carlitos: Adam Lambert‘s new music video is the best one of the year!


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  1. May 30, 2012 11:16 pm

    Not only does Adam deserve a Grammy nomination for this album but he also deserves the nomination for best producer. Adam has arrived! I find something new and exciting each time I listen to Trespassing. What a guy!

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