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The Moscow Memoirs – Visions of Adam Lambert 1

May 28, 2012

It’s our great pleasure to share this account from a Russian fan who attended the Maxidrom festival concert in Moscow one year ago. So much fun to relive the memories while looking forward to Adam in Russia with Queen this summer!!

Report from Ksenia

I’m starting to write for the 3rd time … something is always distracting me)) cannot focus!

My brother and I left on Thursday. I was so excited, I can’t even say, just goose bump were running across my back and daughter was informing everyone “Mom will not come to my graduation, she goes to see Lambert!”

We met Marishka in Kiev in the morning.  She greeted us characteristic Ukrainian hospitality, we drank champagne to celebrate our meeting, and to future concert and to the dreams to come true))


 She walked around the city with us and provided the warmest wishes and goodies for the girls, after that she put us on a train – to get us to another meeting that I always dreamed of!


So we arrived to Moscow! Adam is so close! We met with the other girls already at the grounds, after we went through a bunch of tedious security searches))

I felt proud, crazy proud for Adam’s fans, as there were a lot of purple balloons and huge red hearts! Huge posters, fabrics with portraits))) We are exactly the best!



The Brainstorm was performing, but we perseveringly stood near the stage where Adam would perform, we got to know people around us, we were joking and girls were handing out the last of the hearts … the mood was great)) we were waiting))

The first performers were done and Adam’s performance was announced to begin in 40 minutes.  Ksyushka said she wouldn’t move an inch (smart girl!), And I ran out for some water …. and in about 10 minutes of standing in line near a vendor I heard the first chords … damn it )) Here I am in my full repertoire!  Too late even for the concert (well, not exactly my fault …)

I ran on my heels (well, how can one do without heels on a grassy field called Maxidrom?)

I ran and as I was getting closer I saw HIM))) Beautiful, vibrant … and warm … Damn it … well I do not know .. that’s a an insufficient expression… Mindblowingly beautiful, gorgeous… he was effortlessly singing all songs that we know by heart and love so much…balloons flew in the sky … he finished the first song … I felt like a knot got stuck in my throat … I froze and absorbed the energy…

Everything is cooler live, he lights up with energy, he exudes light, it forced me personally to stand stock-still and stare at him with all my abilities. Voice … mmm. this voice, no recording can do it justice. How easily, effortlessly, he takes any notes, he kept coming to the bridge, going down to the audience … to play … he came very close … the crowd moved toward him … he knew how to manage .. and how to play safely…the crowd’s enthusiasm was indescribable…totally turned on!!


Of course everyone was awaiting a kiss during the execution of “Fever” .. Everyone almost started chanting for it … but …. Tommy … his pink-haired silliness (he’s got a newly shaved Mohawk and it’s of a new dusty-pink color) began stubbornly shake his head you know, kinda like no …no .. I do not want .. oh well … and we waited.

Adam amazing, after one of the songs shouted “Nazdorovia” – And I think “Damn it, no one told him that this was a type of a toast” … and that’s when he takes a sip of water with which he was toasting, and uttered: “Facking water” The audience giggled *- Adam understands and knows!

I absolutely loved the “Sleepweeker” performance – usually I can listen to it quietly enough, but here …. in unison we shouted chorus with our arms in the air!  It was really cool. I was so thrilled, that even later, on the way back in the train I was doing a playback in my head of that song and of this feeling of delight and unity!

He sang more, I was absorbing all the excitement and all the enthusiastic comments instantly. All that was preventing Ksyushka from taking a better video.

And … as everything good, it was over, he thanked everyone and said good-bye .. gone … it was noticeable, this heartfelt meeting with fans was to his liking – balloons that were released after the first song .. Flash mob with hearts (they still play their role) and screams in general and the unity fans …

The performance was over, but we continued to hope … Zemfira’s performance began – I watched it from the side, sitting on the grass, still discussing Adam’s the performance. A pretty big crowd stood near the protected iron fence from the side, where his trailer was located – the girls were waiting and would not leave …

We were sitting close by and we were keeping our hands on our pulses too, waiting and hoping to see him. It took a while (probably 1-1.5 hours), when some sort of activity started from the side of his trailer.  Monte came out first and he chatted with someone for a while, and everyone on our side of the fence were “on guard” … we just had to wait a little bit more – Adam came out in about 15 minutes… He also sat in a chair, we joined with the crowd began screaming his name … He heard .. he knew we were waiting for him.

He moved to our side – Our joy was indescribable, he stopped about 500 meters away. He had many interviews, meet-n-greets, the attention that he paid to everyone is beyond description. And the only thing for us to do was to produce excited sounds now and then.

It took so long, but I surely found a new heart and held it together with a marker I borrowed from Iriska (nickname of the girl – author of the “heart” idea – is Toffee when translated to English) marker in hand, frankly, I did not doubt that he would come. I’m sure it was something that I really wanted and was waiting for it while clasping my teeth.

The actual culmination was that Adam, after finishing the interviews quickly and vigorously started walking towards us, I think all inhaled, but didn’t exhale, I had prepared my heart (by the way during Meet and greets it was Ksyushka’s and Iriska’s hearts that were used to get autographs! It is incredible, the girls created a real symbol of this event!), I found another heart for Ksyushka … he came directly us, I pushed aside 2 girls, and handed (no sounds too mellow) stuck the heart front of him (though he would’ve signed without my strain) with a cry “ Adam, pleeeze!” .. And then my speech abilities failed me.  There was a second maybe, during which he slowed down, perhaps waiting for a some kind of question from this energetic girl, who was frantically sticking a heart in his hand. And I’m  standing there all happy in silence, like I ate my tongue … and he moved on.  One more interesting thing is that my brother, who was standing by and is not really an Adam fan, he threw his arm up to give Adam “five” and Adam responded! ..! You can see it in the video (sorry no Zhenya, only arm).

(You can see the top of my head next to the girl with a braid in her hair during the first 10 seconds of this video)

Alenka, what a smart girl, she was able to exchange couple of words with Adam, she asked him to “Show me your eyes” and with approval screams of the crowd Adam raised his glasses, showing his eyes with a flawless makeup! OMG …. it’s something. I have to say, up close he is gorgeous, there is no other definition! Perfect make-up, hair, slender, his boots are something, and I was staring at his shiny raven hair with purple at the temples! Probably I looked like a crazy – clearly not a 20 y.o. girl smiling from ear to ear, glaring at Adam!

He is so clever, handed out autographs, smiled at everyone, took the fabric portrait as a gift …. none of the fans waiting for him were disappointed.

He’s gone … leaving the best magic memories. We all sat on the grass again and again talking through everything that happened, holding cherished hearts to our chests. Our excitement can be understood only by those like us, who are not quite adequate, full of happiness Glamberts.

Here’s the that heart – awaiting to be laminated and a wrinkled-wrinkled wrist band, which I didn’t take off till arrival to Odessa, I didn’t want to let go of Maxidrom.

5 Comments leave one →
  1. May 28, 2012 7:49 am

    BEAUTIFUL. There is nothing like that first meeting.

  2. May 28, 2012 1:31 pm

    Will you be able to go to see Adam with Queen? If you do, please write another blog. I totally enjoyed reading this.

    • May 28, 2012 8:59 pm

      Yes, you must ! We will all be waiting in anticipation, you will be our eyes.

  3. May 28, 2012 3:32 pm

    I enjoyed reading about your wonderful experience…..thank you for sharing. I am waiting, PATIENTLY, to get that close to Adam one day !!!

  4. May 28, 2012 9:00 pm

    what a great story of first meeting thanks for sharing

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