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Adam Lambert Week – May 27 – June 2, 2012

May 28, 2012

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May 31 for Essays, Poetry, Photographs, Illustrations 

DAILY EXERCISE: Please take a minute out of your day to request Never Close Our Eyes at your local hit radio station. Check Request Adam Lambert for stations that have added the song to their playlists. (Stations can’t spin it unless it’s on the playlist.)



Over 1 Million views in two days!!

Here’s a playlist so you can loop the video

Here’s Juneau’s review (Adam Lambert’s New Music Video Busts Out of the Club).  There have been more than 50 media notices about the video. We’ve selected some of the more notable ones:

Arjan Writes – Adam Lambert Premieres Video for New Single “Never Close Our Eyes” [Review] “Fans will agree that even though it may seem that the scenes and storyline are taken from a fantastical sci-fi novel, the concept of the video is really not that far removed from Lambert’s own world of experience. Despite the odds and the baseless skepticism from naysayers, Lambert defiantly stayed true to his point of view and artistic convictions. Now ruling the album charts with his new album “Trespassing,” the pop star shows that people who patiently and passionately follow their instinct without compromise will ultimately win.”

The Guardian – New music: Adam Lambert – Never Close Our Eyes “Last week Trespassing became Lambert’s first No 1 album and, unfathomably, the first US No 1 album ever by an openly gay artist. Never Close Our Eyes’ task will be to try and maintain that success, which shouldn’t be a problem given its fizzing synths, pounding beats and monstrous chorus all seem precision-tooled for playlist ubiquity. In the video, Lambert is trapped in an experimental facility that looks like a cross between the orphanage in Annie and Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance video.”

Rolling Stone – Adam Lambert Releases Dystopian ‘Never Close Our Eyes’ Clip “..But as the song progresses, Lambert leads a dance-dance revolution, beating back the guards with a killer, neon-soaked sequence as the song hits its bombastic final chorus. It’d be a good addition to our “Ten Best Apocalyptic Dance Music Videos” gallery.”

Yahoo Music – Adam Lambert Blinds With Science In “Never Close Our Eyes” Video “This just might be Adam’s best video yet. Clearly it is Lambert’s brave new world now. We just live in it.”

USA Today – Video: Adam Lambert’s ‘Never Close Our Eyes’ “Adam Lambert’s new video takes a futuristic tone, set in a dystopian world where there’s not nearly enough color or dancing. Think of it as the 25th-century remake of Footloose.”

Toronto Star – Adam Lambert’s new video “When they were planning Adam Lambert’s video for “Never Close Your Eyes,” they reached into the Bag of Video Stuff and fished out, “Every dystopian YA novel ever,” “Big Brother,” “Oliver Twist,” “creepy beekeepers” and “Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller.” And it kinda works.”

Neon Limelight – New Video: Adam Lambert Starts Revolution In Sci-Fi Clip For “Never Close Our Eyes” “In a behind the scenes clip released prior to the “Never Close Our Eyes” premiere, Adam explained how the video’s concept correlates with the song. “All the things that happen in the video are meant to be symbols for what we’re trying to say,” Adam said. “What I was trying to say with this is if you make a decision to just look at things a different way and just flip your perception a little bit, maybe it’s not so bad. Maybe it does get better if you want it to.””

MTV – New Video: Adam Lambert, ‘Never Close Our Eyes’ “Can we officially agree that this is going be the summer of Adam Lambert? The guy’s already on fire with his Trespassing album, which debuted at #1. And now his new “Never Close Our Eyes” video proves he’s ready for total domination as he fights the power…without a single hair falling out of place.”

Billboard – Adam Lambert Goes Sci-Fi for ‘Never Close Our Eyes’ Video Chatting with earlier this month, Lambert talked about the new video, but he stayed pretty mum on the details. “There’s a little sci-fi energy to it. It’s very cinematic. It was inspired by a couple different films,” he said in the Live Q&A. “It was a fun shoot. We did it in one day and it was great. The director is Dori Oskowitz and he’s awesome.””

Popledge – Adam Lambert – Never Close Our Eyes – Official Video Review “It also reminded me a bit of This Perfect World and The Brave New World – lots of futuristic elements and thoughts around how technology might end up controlling us in the future.”

Gay Times (UK) – We’ll Never Close Our Eyes “…Defeating oppression and authority through the power of dance, it’s an incredibly gay notion and we love it! Enjoy.”



@adamlambert@grahnort SO looking forward to meeting you on June 21st @theGNshow  

June 21 – Adam Lambert to appear on BBC1’s Graham Norton Show. The Graham Norton Show  is a comedy chat program featuring newsmakers, trends and celebrities. Here’s the Wikipedia entry about the high-profile career of (openly gay) Graham Norton. Should be an entertaining interview! Here’s where you can apply for tickets to be in the audience.
July 21 – Adam Lambert at Fantasy Springs Resort. Tickets go on sale June 8 at 10AM PST. Please do not call the box office until then.



@shoshannastone: well I just got the best news ever for @adamlambert . Yaaaayyyy!!!

@danhinchliffe: @shoshannastone is it what we discussed?

‏@shoshannastone: @danhinchliffe nope. still waiting for that!!!

@shoshannastone: here we go :)))))))))@adamlambert @CapitalOfficial

Adam is on UK No. 1 Hit Music Station Playlist




Glamberts: Adam Lambert has a message for you “We asked Lambert: “If you had one thing to tell your fans, what would it be?” Apparently, he took the “one thing” part of the question rather literally. Check out his brief — yet rousing — response below…” Go check out the video!

Gather – Adam Lambert and his Glamberts Nominated for ‘O Music Awards’ “Last week MTV revealed that Adam was nominated for the “Must Follow Artist on Twitter” category. In addition, now the full list shows that Adam’s fans, known as the Glamberts, are nominated for the “Fan Army FTW” category. MTV is accepting write-in nominations on category pages until May 29th at midnight and will announce more nominees on May 31st. There are a few other categories that might be appropriate for Adam Lambert…”

O-Music Awards 3 Super Fan – Vote for Adam’s Fanbase

Da Rules…

The Awards are about bringing together a communal and energized audience of super fans to celebrate achievement in digital music. We want to recognize the fan who participates the most, by naming him or her the “O Music Awards Super Fan”. In addition to voting for individual nominees, each fan who votes in the O Music Awards shall have the ability to create a list of their favorite nominees from any category (“Picks”). Fans can encourage other fans and their friends to vote for their Picks, and they can vote for other fans’ Picks.

Da Rules: Based on the number of points earned, participants will be permitted to vote between 25 and 500 times per day as follows, subject to increase if a user purchases a market item that triples (multiplies by 3) their daily vote maximum to start on June 26, 2012 at 4:00am GMT through June 26, 2012 at 3:59am GMT (24 hours) as set forth in Section 4 below.

Voting Period: Voting will commence on May 23, 2012 at 10:00am GMT and shall continue through and end on June 28, 2012 at 11:30pm GMT (the “Voting Period”); provided, however, that voting for individual categories will be closed on a rolling basis throughout the 24 hour period beginning June 27, 2012 at 11:30 pm GMT.  The closing of the Voting Period for each individual category will be announced on the Website at least one hour in advance of the closing of such category.



@adamlambert Avoir Montreal! Love hearing everyone speaking French… so sexy. I want to stay longer next time!
@adamlambert Hahaha “au revoir” hahah I’m such an asshole. Lol
@williamlaroche @adamlambert You were so sexy in Montreal! :O French Canadians love you! 🙂

Adam Lambert in Montreal May 31. Gazette photo by Marie-France Coallier.

Montreal Gazette – Adam Lambert says things would’ve been much tougher without American Idol “I will have a full profile of the American Idol runner-up in the Gazette Tuesday. In the meantime, here’s a little advance taste – with Lambert responding to the folks who believe American Idol is the root of all evil in modern music. “Of course, there’s a stigma,” said Lambert, who was open, generous and way more intelligent than your average pop star over the course of our 20-minute interview. “But you also know what’s wrong with the music world? Do you know how hard it is to get signed as a new artist? It’s f—ing impossible. So I feel Idol is this amazing P.R. platform and I did what I had to do to get noticed. I chose American Idol because it surpasses the business. It goes right to the audience. But the challenge is also making the leap from the show to the business. It’s a whole new obstacle course that you have to deal with at that point. You introduce yourself without original music. So you have to work backwards.”” Looking forward to the full profile to come out next Tuesday!!

Adam Lambert Reads 50 Shades of Grey

Virgin Radio 96 Interview (Video capped via @GaleChester) – Adam thanks his fans for getting his album to #1 without any advance radio exposure. Probably will tour in 2013.

Hollywood PQ Interview (Video capped by @GaleChester)

Virgin Radio 96 Photo Gallery

Socialite Life – Adam Lambert Visits MusiquePlus [PHOTOS] “He was interviewed by Rej and Tatiana from Palmares, a MusiquePlusshow. He was greatly surprised by all the attention that Montreal fans gave him.”

Rachel Daneau’s Facebook Album – Adam Lambert at MusiquePlus Over 200 close-up photos – the girl couldn’t stop herself! Ha ha!

Monsters and Critics – Adam Lambert Visits The Marilyn Denis Show Pictures – More pony pants photos!

HollywoodPQ – Adam Lambert at Montreal Airport (Video)



@SonyMusique: Le voilà! @adamlambert vous remercie de tous vos votes à @MusiquePlus ! ADAM LAMBERT on Musique Plus 5-30-12. Montreal, Quebec, Canada!

CBC Radio Interview with Jian Ghomeshi – This is a great, in-depth interview by Canada’s national broadcasting network.

ProudFM 103.9 ADAM LAMBERT Interview Toronto 5-30-12 (via @GaleChester)

MusiquePlus Show today in Montreal Thanks to @oriharakaoru for recording this 1.5 hour ustream of the live broadcast.

Hollywood PQ – Adam Lambert à Montréal – While visiting Musique Plus, fans sing “NCOE” to Adam. So adorable! Watch the video!



Celebrity Gossip – Adam Lambert: “I Feel Good. I Feel Accomplished.” Photos and video from Adam’s interview on the Marilyn Denis show.

Adam Lambert on the Marilyn Denis show  – “I feel like my fans got what they deserve. I worked really hard on [the album] for them… I obsessed like crazy over it.”

Adam Lambert on etalk Canada today, May 29, 2012 – “Pharrell Williams opened the funk door for me.”

Official photos from CHUM FM


@DylanMcNiven: Adam likes pictures.

@DylanMcNiven: @mattawells sitting down for a chit chat with @adamlambert



@adamlambert: Yay Toronto

680News Rudy Blair Interviews ADAM LAMBERT in Toronto 5-28-12

KiSS 92.5 Toronto ADAM LAMBERT Interview w Cash Conners 5-28-12

New Music Live – Adam Lambert Co-Hosted NML “Well, we definitely are. Adam did an amazing job co-hosting the show with Lauren. He talked all about gay marriage and the importance of being yourself. So inspirational! He also talked about his new albumTrespassing and what it’s like filling Freddie Mercury’s job as the lead singer in Queen. Adam and Lauren also had a little fun playing the fashion forehead game and in the spirit of Trespassing, Lauren wrapped her and Adam up in police tape! I think there were a lot of jealous Glambert fans out there…I mean, who wouldn’t want to be that close to Adam!?”

New Music Live (VIDEO) – We see some familiar faces! Adam plays Fashion Forehead.

Adam Lambert and Lauren Toyota get wrapped in caution tape

Adam arrives in Toronto!

New Music Live.

@Krystara13: #WeLoveTrespassing ! @laurentoyota @adamlambert @NML ADAM LAMBERT Co-Hosting New.Music.Live TV Canada via Much Music 5-28-

@lilybop2010: NEW pic: Adam goofing around at NML wrapped in tape. ADAM LAMBERT Co-Hosting New.Music.Live TV Canada via Much Music 5-28-12



News Flash – Adam Lambert appears in public wearing Bermuda shorts covered with metallic  spikes, assaults yellow-striped mic stand and causes disturbance when, complaining of the heat, removes his vest. Also sings his face off.

By @needacoke

Posted by @alikat

Soundcheck (via @HannaB20)

Trespassing and Kickin’ In (via @HannaB20) – Adam goes nuts on Kickin’ In

Chokehold and Banter (via @HannaB20)

More videos at HannaB20’s channel

Playlist of Freshtival Videos by TALCVids Here’s Chokehold:

Official Photos from Fresh FM

More photos from Needacoke

@Cynthilu: Nothing says “Hands ~Off”! like a spiked pair of trousers…Good purchase Sauli!!



Metacritic – Aggregated reviews of Trespassing by critics and listeners

Playback – Adam Lambert | Trespassing (Sony) “The press release arrived in my inbox, same as hundreds of others. It contained a link to a stream of the new Adam Lambert CD, Trespassing. I am not a reality TV fan; I had never so much as heard Adam Lambert before. (To say I’m a bit of a music snob—or was, anyway—wouldn’t be far off the mark.) On a lark, I decided to click it; I just wanted to see what he sounded like. I didn’t expect to fall in love…This goes far, far beyond guilty pleasure. In fact, Trespassing dominates my most-played list on Spotify…fellow music snobs: Go ahead. Give in. You have permission to hold your head up proudly while you give in to the oh-so-perfect Adam Lambert groove. A+ | Laura Hamlett”

Frontiers LA – Music Reviews: Adam Lambert, Animal Kingdom, Emeli Sandé, Jer Ber Jones, Momus, Rye Rye  “Of the ballads, “Broken English” is my favorite (imagine Nine Inch Nails-meets-Goldfrapp). It’s great to hear Adam sounding so confident, focused and happy, proving that his career is really only just beginning.”

Source – Adam Lambert “Trespassing” “Dance music and the club vibe aren’t my thing – but be damned if I didn’t throw on the Idol runner-up’s latest (and second) full album and start having an instant good time…this album is way more fun than Madonna…there’s a spirit and energy here that’s really hard to ignore.”

New Straits Times – Blown away by Carrie “THE second album, Trespassing, from American Idol  Season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert is seriously worth the listen from start to finish…Vocally, Lambert is unique in today’s crop of singers…”

That’s Nathan – Adam Lambert – Trespassing Album – SINGING & REVIEW!! (VIDEO) – Nathan chipmunk-sings a bit from each track and then delivers his review. Basically, he’s a total stan!



Twilight Adam. From Freshtival Via @ALADDINDAPRINCE

Adam at Six Flags, by @BonnieDesa

Tommy Joe Ratliffe at Six Flags. By @BonnieDesa

Freshtival. Photo by @fender52tel



USA Today – Adam Lambert readies for Queen gig “When he auditioned for an American production of the Queen jukebox musical We Will Rock You, Adam says, “I prepared songs like I Want To Break Free; I did my homework. Now I’m looking forward to spending time with (bandmembers) Brian (May) and Roger (Taylor). I want to make myself familiar with their more obscure songs and hear some stories from the guys themselves. I’ll get my own personal Queen documentary”” New Factoid Alert! We had never heard before that Adam had once auditioned for “We Will Rock You.”

Lambosessed – 96.5 TIC Spring Fling (Review) “Adam tries to get crowd singing his riffs, but ends up taking the piss. As if a normal person could hit those notes. I assume this is to get the sound and echo right for Broken English. I’ve run out of ways to describe Adam’s voice but here it’s bluesy and just phenomenal.

Metro (UK) – Adam Lambert: I went on American Idol because I couldn’t get signed  Fun full-page interview. “I learned how to keep people’s attention, which I used to my advantage.” Understatement of the year.

Queen Rock Band – Adam Lambert proud of new album… Rehearsals with Queen! “Lambert moves on to London next week to begin two-week rehearsals with Queen guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor for six European dates together in July.”

Erin Davis Journal – Tuesday, May 29, 2012 Erin is smitten! “Tall – 6′ 1” – slim and reallllly handsome, Adam sports a killer coif, tasteful and chunky jewellery, greenish silver nail polish and an air of grace, style and confidence.  Yes, he even smells good!  Before the interview began, I asked what it was he was wearing (lovely tones of patchouli, which I find draws me in like a cartoon of a baking pie on a window sill) and he told me Loree Rodkin’s Gothic I (as in “one”).” Another great interview! Watch the video of the interview.

Toronto Sun – Lambert proud of new album “Former American Idol runner up Adam Lambert couldn’t be happier than his sophomore disc, the funk-and-dance influenced Trespassing, debuted at No. 1 in Canada and the U.S. last week. “I think it was a real accomplishment that the album was able to chart that high without a big single,” says a smiling Lambert, 30, glammed up in black and white tie-dyed, torn pants, silver jewelry and a skunk-like blond streak on the top of his jet black hair.

Adam Lambert. (Stan Behal/QMI Agency)

Idolator – John Mayer Takes ‘Born And Raised’ To #1 As Adam Lambert Takes A Tumble “John Mayer can pop a bottle over the fact that the singer-songwriter’s Born And Raised has become his third chart-topping LP. Mayer’s first album in three years debuts atop the Billboard Top 200 on the strength of 219,000 copies sold, and sends last week’s #1, Adam Lambert‘s Trespassing (22,000), tumbling down to #11.”

The Home Planet – INSIDE THE MUSIC VIDEO ACTORS STUDIO: NEVER CLOSE OUR EYES From Glambertian resident comic genius @ChunkeyMonkey – Enjoy words and pictures!

“James Lipton: The rebels have reached an impasse. Blocked from freedom. So close yet so far. My heart weeps.

Adam Lambert: Well, I wouldn’t be that upset James. The fence may say “no trespassing” but we all know my thoughts on no trespassing. Yeah…my ass!

James Lipton: I am quivering. Literally quivering.”

Gossip Center – Adam Lambert’s Rocking Ritz Carlton Exit “The 30-year-old star has been quite the jet setter lately to talk about his second studio album “Trespassing” and it looks like he will be taking another international trip as he told his Twitter followers, “UK! Im coming to London next week! Trespassing is now avail for you to pre-order.””

Ritz Carlton in Toronto, Canada – May 30, 2012

Rolling Stone – Video Interview: Adam Lambert on Trespassing “Last week Adam Lambert became the first openly gay male artist to score the top spot on Billboard’s album chart after his new record, Trespassing, sold 77,000 copies during its first week. Lambert recently sat down with Rolling Stone to chat about the darker subject matter on Tresspassing, teaming up with Pharrell and their long chats about life and music, and how working with various producers allowed Lambert to create a record that, as he put it, “represented all of me.” ”

Adam Lambert graces the cover of Bent Magazine‘s June 2012 issue.
Read onlineDownload (pdf). “Our cover star is the gorgeous and gay super singing sensation Adam Lambert, the cutie who has been linked to taking Freddie Mercury’s job as the front man of Queen but who has a brilliant new album out of his own. His first album, For Your Entertainment, was a pop gem but sadly overlooked by the UK record buying public. However, Trespassing, his second offering, which climbed straight to the top of the US charts, should see him firmly established here. We chat to the American beauty about what life has been like since he first took to the stage in American Idol and how the paparazzi deal with his sexuality.”

Huff Post – Adam Lambert Gets the Christian Music Critic Treatment By Comedian Jim David – “Adam Lambert’s sensational Trespassing, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard album charts, is the latest to get the Plugged In treatment. A number of the songs on Lambert’s album deal with partying and hooking up, subjects of the vast majority of rock songs since Little Richard. Yet rather than review the great elements of Lambert’s songs — that they fuse various styles of pop, that you can dance to them, that Lambert’s vocals are electrifying — Plugged In focuses on the sex, or alleged innuendo thereof…An openly gay artist debuting at #1 is bound to make them squirm. Now that’s entertainment.”

96.5 TIC FM – SPRING FLING: Adam Lambert On His Music – “It’s Feel Good.” “To say Adam Lambert’s fans love him is a bit of an understatement. With a huge following, both live and online, Glam Nation has just gotten bigger and bigger, and also more varied– Lambert’s fans range from little kids to grandmothers, and that’s one of the coolest parts about being a rock star for the American Idol vet.”

96.5 TIC FM – Adam Lambert, Javier Colon & Jeramine Paul Deliver The Biggest Spring Fling Ever “By the end of the awesome performance, it was certainly no exagerration [sic] to say everyone was definitely a little ‘cuckoo’ for Adam.”

The Bilerico Project – Is Adam Lambert’s New Album the Next Big Gay Thing? “I hate to be bitching about whether Adam Lambert’s album is “gay enough,” but I do want to throw the brakes on writers who are trumpeting Trespassing as the gayest thing since Queer as Folk. The album is definitely a leap in the right direction – it’s an example of a huge commercial artist like Lambert having the freedom to incorporate gay themes in his next Top 40 single. But something aboutTrespassing makes me wonder whether Lambert would go any further. In today’s entertainment climate, would he consider being even more out, proud, and explicitly queer in his songs?” Geez!

Adam looks excited, Brian not so much!

Boston Globe – Local celebrities in and around Boston “Singer Adam Lambert (near right), who recently said some not-so-nice things about fellow “American Idol” alumnus Clay Aiken on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live” on Bravo, was at Six Flags New England over the weekend. While there, Lambert hopped on the Goliath coaster”

New York Magazine: Vulture – Music Review: Abebe on the Scissor Sisters’ Magic Hour “Take note, though: Lately, the grandest, goopiest, most deliciously unembarrassable impulses of seventies and eighties pop have been in resurgence. Disco glitter, big-haired bluster, Broadway theatrics—these things have become pop symbols of bravery and brashness, open-hearted vitality and emotional fearlessness. (How could they not, coming after years of kids’ using the word gay as an all-purpose insult, with these same qualities in mind?)…And as I write this, the No. 1 album in the country belongs to a singer who, like Summer, spent younger days in European productions of Hair—American Idol grad Adam Lambert, whose Trespassing kicks off by winking at Queen’s pomp-rock disco and enlists Chic legend Nile Rodgers on a sly track called “Shady.” The album’s tough, glammy dance-pop might not sound too much like the past, but it has a sense of scale and drama befitting a late-seventies megastar—just like the anachronistic glam rock on Lambert’s last LP did.”

The Telegraph – Scissor Sisters interview for Magic Hour ““It is much easier to swallow the pill of gay rights when it is packaged in the form of a pretty girl,” suggests Matronic. “I think at the heart of it lies a fear of male sexuality, and especially male homosexuality, that is threatening in many ways.” She cites the example of 2009 American Idol winner, Adam Lambert, who caused controversy when he kissed his bassist during a performance, leading to condemnation from parental groups and cancellation of scheduled television appearances.”

MusicWeek – US No.1 Adam Lambert hopes to inspire ‘out’ gay artists “The man behind the US Billboard chart’s current No.1 album, Adam Lambert, has told Music Week he hopes his success will encourage other ‘out’ young gay artists to make music around the world.”

Byron Cooke – ADAM LAMBERT I LOVE YOU – EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW AUDIO HERE! “Tomorrow Ill be spinning the brand new Adam Lambert single “Never Close Our Eyes” across Australia on the “Fifi and Jules” show! As part of the fun, the guys put me up to their “I Love You” game. The challenge is simple. I have to sign off the phone conversation with Adam by saying “I Love You” …and attempt to get an “I Love You” in return. Do I win the “I Love You” Game? Find out tomorrow on the “Fifi and Jules” show across Australia, and worldwide on the “Fifi & Jules” podcast. It will upload at around 7pm Australian EST Monday.” Here’s a teaser snippet from Bryon’s interview: – Adam Lambert energizes Six Flags New England crowd “The new 20-story tall roller coaster at Six Flags New England was not the only Goliath at the amusement park on Saturday. A 6-foot, 1-inch tall pop star with the biggest album in the country proved to be a big Memorial Day weekend attraction.”

The Times Leader – Lambert ‘Trespasses’ at Kirby “To a deafening roar from the near-capacity crowd, Lambert sported a look slightly reminiscent ofElvis in “Jailhouse Rock” as he wore a black suit over a black and white striped shirt. “You guys, we’re number one, and it’s all because of you,” he said following his opening number, the title track of his latest album. “Thank you so much for your passion, your support and your insanity.”

Nile Rodgers – Congrats Adam Lambert! “I’m heading home today after a week in Ibiza. More about this trip on tomorrow’s blog, but in the meantime I would like to congratulate Adam Lambert on his first number one Billboard Album Chart entry.”



AUX – Top 5 Pop Tracks: May

Adam Lambert – “Shady” feat. Sam Sparro and Nile Rodgers

This month, Adam Lambert became the first openly gay musician to have a number one record on the Billboard 200, and while this is a major achievement, the focus of Trespassing’s success should be based on music, and not sexuality. Trespassing is a collection of electro-pop triumphs and confessional ballads that showcase Lambert’s soaring vocals, with personnel comprised of pop music’s premiere hitmakers, such as Dr. Luke, Pharrell, Bruno Mars, Bonnie McKee, and Benny Blanco. The dark and sleazy “Shady” just might be the finest offering on Trespassing; at times sounding (and I can’t believe I’m writing this) somewhat like a combination of the dark synth-scapes of Trent Reznor and the funky new-wave instincts of Prince. It’s a strange, but satisfying musical stew, with three-part harmony and funky guitar work all over it. Adam Lambert isn’t the first Idol-alumni to conquer the charts (see: Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson), but he’s definitely the most unlikely artist to find acceptance there. And, it’s well-deserved.

CarterMatt – ‘American Idol’ notes: Phillip Phillips, Adam Lambert, and Jessica Sanchez “This week, Adam Lambert also has a chart accomplishment — new single “Never Close Our Eyes” has entered the top 40 on the Hot AC chart for the first time. Currently, the song is sitting at #38 on the chart, and is gaining enough spins to provide some hope that it will continue to climb in the weeks ahead.

Gaining radio spins!

PopMusicLife – Adam Lambert tops the popmusiclife Pop 10 for 2nd week The PP10 is a list of the most-viewed pop news stories in the past week by popmusiclife readers.



@bani_ On June 5th, one day before the launch of Adam Lambert’s album in Japan, there will be a special cafe opening for one day only for Adam.
@bani_ The first 100 people entering the event will receive a free mug cup. Everyone entering will receive a coaster.



Adam Lambert is getting ready to performs with Queen this summer.

Adam Lambert interview on C4 (FOUR Live)

Xtra – Adam at HMV in Toronto with fan interviews

Glambert’s Gotta Have Those Shorts – by @nitenursestat.

OMG Yahoo – Adam Lambert First Openly Gay Male To Top Billboard Promo for ET Canada episode on Adam Lambert.

Six Flags Concert Video from TALCVids – Playlist

Adam’s NCOE featured on Japanese morning show

Glozell Green on Juneau & Xena’s Radio show

Adam Lambert Interview with Brad & Marty on The Edge FM New Zealand – Excellent!

New Zealand Good Morning TV (posted by @iamalfan)

2012-05-30 The Kyle and Jackie O Show 2Day FM Australia – Adam answers the animal sex sound test

2012-05-28 Adam Lambert on Fifi and Jules – Byron is a massive Adam Lambert fan. His radio buds force him to try to get Adam to say “I love you”. Listen to find out what happened…

@OlvyaLicious meets @AdamLambert :)))) – One Year Ago in Moscow

ZMOnline – Polly Interviews Adam Lambert (AUDIO)

Glamberts at KTU by @nitenursestat



Via Adam Lambert Events

May 27: Radio, concert. 94.7 Fresh FM Washington DC. FRESHtival 2012 at the Gaylord National Resort, National Harbor Washington DC. 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m EDT. [Source | More Info]
May 27: TV, Asia. Glam Nation Live on V. [More Info]
May 28: TV, Canada. Much Music, New Music Live. Adam is co-hosting. Show is shot live Monday to Friday from 6-7 pm local time. [Source/Ticket Info]
May 28: HMV Toronto Canada. Meet Adam Lambert at HMV Queen St, Toronto, Ontario. 6:30pm EDT. [Source | Contest via Kiss 92.5]
May: Interview with In Music Canada. [Source – looking for fan questions]
May: Radio, Canada. Adam visits Kiss 92.5 Toronto. [Source]
May 28: Radio, Australia. Interview with Byron Cooke on the Fifi & Jules show. [More Info]
May 29: Radio, Canada. Adam visits 104.5 CHUM FM Toronto. [Source]
May 29: TV, Canada. The Marilyn Show, 10am ET on CTV and 11am ET on CTVtwo, and on demand at (check local listings). [Source]
May 29: Canada. Interview with Matt Wells/In Sixty. [Source]
May 29: Trespassing release party at Cabaret Mado, Montreal, Quebec. Win CDs and passes to his Musiqueplus interview on May 30. [Source]
May 29: Radio, New Zealand. The Edge Night show. [Source | Web page]
May 29: Never Close Our Eyes, mainstream Top 40 impacting radio date. [Source]
May 29: VEVO premieres Never Close Our Eyes music video. [Source]
May 30: TV, Canada. Interview at MusiquePlus. Montreal, Quebec. [Source | M&G Radio Contest [Vanc] | Web page]



@DCCelebrity: LANDED – American Idol @AdamLambert moments ago at Washington Reagan National Airport #DMV #IDOL

@MeaganCouture: Yay! Made a twitter account! Saw an Adam Lambert Concert at Six Flags New England last night. I had actually never heard an adam lambert song before ‘cept for like two of them and I must say BEST FIRST IMPRESSION EVER! Music was great!

@ashleydzerigian Just had the best time skipping lines to ride coasters with our little road family. about to rock Six Flags Agawam, MA tonight.

@SophDix two years from now Adam will be all “caution tape is so dead to me” and we’ll all be stuck with rolls of it in our closets

@RadarEcho just got here – so those aren’t polka dot shorts – they have spikes! wow. just don’t know what to say
Sunday + Monday Tweets

 ‏@TommyJoeRatliff: Bummed for this mini promo tour to end & stoked for the shit to come! This is still all as surreal as the day I auditioned and got the job🎶

@IsaacTheCarp: This @adamlambert tour has been so damn amazing. Thank you universe.

@lyndseyparker: Loving this new @scissorsisters album! #scissorsistersadamlambertcoheadliningtourin2012   #makeithappen

 ‏@joshuapivato He was every bit the genuine, kind and magnetic person fans perceive him to be. A true honor, Mr. Lambert. #adamlambert

‏@XenaPW: @juneauxena Just got @AdamLambert to sign Prize CD for Charity Water fundraiser Got photo of him signing it!

 ‏@adamlambert New Scissor Sisters’ Magic Hour is super trippy and future90’shouse. Feelin these beats and harmonies.
 ‏@adamlambert “the Secret Life of Letters” is magic @Jakeshears!!
Tuesday Tweets
@adamlambert UK! Im coming to London next week! Trespassing is now avail for you to pre-order:

Ron Hayes: For the longest time, I hoped that one day I’d have the opportunity to shake Adam’s hand. Yesterday was the day.

@milestougeaux: RIP Doc

@MontesAngels1@Artistsupporter 2,174 CD OMG your GENEROSITY is ASTOUNDING you truly do have a enormous Heart Sherry
@5carlitos: Adam Lambert‘s new music video is the best one of the year!
Wednesay Tweets

@adamlambert: @AliyaJasmine great chatting w you gorgeous!

‏@chunkeymonkey81: “Well everyone should have 100 leopard print shirts and a pair of sweat shorts that can be used as a weapon.”

 ‏@adamlambert “the Secret Life of Letters” is magic @Jakeshears!!
@Jakeshears@adamlambert aw honey. Thank you. I hope we get to hang out when you come to London. We’re overdue
kittyholland Thanks To Adam Lambert and #Sonymusic for letting me shoot “a night in the life of…”. Full photo post coming soon…
Thursday Tweets

@shoshannastone @igobymanynames check out metro newspaper today, The Guardian next week. There will be lots of promo. 3 days full next week. Look out for it

‏@shoshannastone: @igobymanynames lots of tv 😉

@migzmigzmigz Check out @adamlambert new video! Choreographed by ME! lol A huge thank you to @IamCarmit for making all this happen!
@OfficialAMAs “None of us are promised to see tomorrow. And what we do is ours to choose.” –@adamlambert #SongsWeLove
Friday Tweets
@OutsideEdgePR Loving all your messages about @adamlambert on @TheGNShow! What an exciting summer it’s going to be. #NCOE #trespassing
@UKGlambert@adamlambert @nilerodgers @sam_sparro Someone did a cover of Shady “Shady – Adam Lambert (Cover)” on YouTube –
 ‏@nilerodgers@UKGlambert I’m going to have CHIC learn “Shady” so if@AdamLambert rolls up on stage w us we’ll have it down!!!
@nilerodgersAlso if @Sam_Sparro rolls up he can do it with us
 ‏@nilerodgers@sam_sparro Hey Sam!!! What’s up man?
@sam_sparro@nilerodgers: Also if @Sam_Sparro rolls up he can do it with us” just let me. You know I’m there.
@nilerodgers@sam_sparro We’ve got at least one gig together I believe. That would be cool we’d rock the $hit out of “Shady”
@nilerodgers@sam_sparro I’m going to write some horn parts over the next few days for it



Billboard: Music’s Sexiest Man and Woman

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Request Adam on your local radio station – Adam Official thread lists request links for radio stations in major markets around the country.



Share these with friends and acquaintances who haven’t yet seen the Light and Love!

Top 10 Things to Know about Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert Worldwide Charts

Adam Lambert Gold and Platinum Sales

Podcast – Top 10 Adam songs picked by fans



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  1. Jeanine Politte permalink
    May 28, 2012 2:42 am

    Careful going in for that hug! Will those crazy bitches from jumping up on him during the concert – spiked condom….hmmmm.

  2. May 28, 2012 9:02 pm

    great video set thank you and OUCH!! not sure I would brave a hug but then again I am insane so yeah i’d be crazy enough to take my chances with those

  3. aminou rocker permalink
    January 31, 2013 1:30 pm

    so much beautifull !! i liked it so much and i hope that the next video will be so magical

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