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Adam Lambert Daily Update – May 29, 2012

May 28, 2012

By Juneau and Xena Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook

Here’s the full Week in Review

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We’re turning in for the night, but we’ll have a post tomorrow about the video!! Here’s the Behind-the-Scenes video to whet your appetite while you wait…



@adamlambert: Yay Toronto

680News Rudy Blair Interviews ADAM LAMBERT in Toronto 5-28-12

KiSS 92.5 Toronto ADAM LAMBERT Interview w Cash Conners 5-28-12

New Music Live – Adam Lambert Co-Hosted NML “Well, we definitely are. Adam did an amazing job co-hosting the show with Lauren. He talked all about gay marriage and the importance of being yourself. So inspirational! He also talked about his new albumTrespassing and what it’s like filling Freddie Mercury’s job as the lead singer in Queen. Adam and Lauren also had a little fun playing the fashion forehead game and in the spirit of Trespassing, Lauren wrapped her and Adam up in police tape! I think there were a lot of jealous Glambert fans out there…I mean, who wouldn’t want to be that close to Adam!?”

New Music Live (VIDEO) – We see some familiar faces! Adam plays Fashion Forehead.

Adam Lambert and Lauren Toyota get wrapped in caution tape

Adam arrives in Toronto!

Sony Music Canada: Adam fans are awesome! Check it out #AdamatHMV

@Sony_Music: “Greatest vocalist alive.” – @joshuapivato #AdamatHMV

@Sony_Music: We became best friends because of Adam 3 years ago!@lenammelo @vincipatrick #AdamatHMV

@Sony_Music: “Meeting Adam is #1 in my bucket list” -Michelle #AdamatHMV

New Music Live.

@KiSS_crew: Oh boy! Look who the crew ran into just now…. @adamlambert!!! @kiss925toronto #StarStruck ADAM LAMBERT at HMV Queen St Toronto, Ontario Canada 5-28-12

@Krystara13: #WeLoveTrespassing ! @laurentoyota @adamlambert @NML ADAM LAMBERT Co-Hosting New.Music.Live TV Canada via Much Music 5-28-

@lilybop2010: NEW pic: Adam goofing around at NML wrapped in tape. ADAM LAMBERT Co-Hosting New.Music.Live TV Canada via Much Music 5-28-12

@NML : Oh heyyy, it’s @adamlambert signing the NML guest wall!! ADAM LAMBERT Co-Hosting New.Music.Live TV Canada via Much Music 5-28-12



Huff Post – Adam Lambert Gets the Christian Music Critic Treatment By Comedian Jim David – “Adam Lambert’s sensational Trespassing, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard album charts, is the latest to get the Plugged In treatment. A number of the songs on Lambert’s album deal with partying and hooking up, subjects of the vast majority of rock songs since Little Richard. Yet rather than review the great elements of Lambert’s songs — that they fuse various styles of pop, that you can dance to them, that Lambert’s vocals are electrifying — Plugged In focuses on the sex, or alleged innuendo thereof…An openly gay artist debuting at #1 is bound to make them squirm. Now that’s entertainment.”

96.5 TIC FM – SPRING FLING: Adam Lambert On His Music – “It’s Feel Good.” “To say Adam Lambert’s fans love him is a bit of an understatement. With a huge following, both live and online, Glam Nation has just gotten bigger and bigger, and also more varied– Lambert’s fans range from little kids to grandmothers, and that’s one of the coolest parts about being a rock star for the American Idol vet.”

96.5 TIC FM – Adam Lambert, Javier Colon & Jeramine Paul Deliver The Biggest Spring Fling Ever “By the end of the awesome performance, it was certainly no exagerration [sic] to say everyone was definitely a little ‘cuckoo’ for Adam.”

The Bilerico Project – Is Adam Lambert’s New Album the Next Big Gay Thing? “I hate to be bitching about whether Adam Lambert’s album is “gay enough,” but I do want to throw the brakes on writers who are trumpeting Trespassing as the gayest thing since Queer as Folk. The album is definitely a leap in the right direction – it’s an example of a huge commercial artist like Lambert having the freedom to incorporate gay themes in his next Top 40 single. But something aboutTrespassing makes me wonder whether Lambert would go any further. In today’s entertainment climate, would he consider being even more out, proud, and explicitly queer in his songs?” Geez! 

Adam looks excited, Brian not so much!

Boston Globe – Local celebrities in and around Boston “Singer Adam Lambert (near right), who recently said some not-so-nice things about fellow “American Idol” alumnus Clay Aiken on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live” on Bravo, was at Six Flags New England over the weekend. While there, Lambert hopped on the Goliath coaster”

New York Magazine: Vulture – Music Review: Abebe on the Scissor Sisters’ Magic Hour “Take note, though: Lately, the grandest, goopiest, most deliciously unembarrassable impulses of seventies and eighties pop have been in resurgence. Disco glitter, big-haired bluster, Broadway theatrics—these things have become pop symbols of bravery and brashness, open-hearted vitality and emotional fearlessness. (How could they not, coming after years of kids’ using the word gay as an all-purpose insult, with these same qualities in mind?)…And as I write this, the No. 1 album in the country belongs to a singer who, like Summer, spent younger days in European productions of Hair—American Idol grad Adam Lambert, whose Trespassing kicks off by winking at Queen’s pomp-rock disco and enlists Chic legend Nile Rodgers on a sly track called “Shady.” The album’s tough, glammy dance-pop might not sound too much like the past, but it has a sense of scale and drama befitting a late-seventies megastar—just like the anachronistic glam rock on Lambert’s last LP did.”

The Telegraph – Scissor Sisters interview for Magic Hour ““It is much easier to swallow the pill of gay rights when it is packaged in the form of a pretty girl,” suggests Matronic. “I think at the heart of it lies a fear of male sexuality, and especially male homosexuality, that is threatening in many ways.” She cites the example of 2009 American Idol winner, Adam Lambert, who caused controversy when he kissed his bassist during a performance, leading to condemnation from parental groups and cancellation of scheduled television appearances.”

MusicWeek – US No.1 Adam Lambert hopes to inspire ‘out’ gay artists “The man behind the US Billboard chart’s current No.1 album, Adam Lambert, has told Music Week he hopes his success will encourage other ‘out’ young gay artists to make music around the world.”

Metacritic – Aggregated reviews of Trespassing by critics and listeners



Adam at Six Flags, by @BonnieDesa

Tommy Joe Ratliffe at Six Flags. By @BonnieDesa

Freshtival. Photo by @fender52tel



Playlist of Freshtival Videos by TALCVids Here’s Chokehold:

2012-05-28 Adam Lambert on Fifi and Jules – Byron is a massive Adam Lambert fan. His radio buds force him to try to get Adam to say “I love you”. Listen to find out what happened…

@OlvyaLicious meets @AdamLambert :)))) – One Year Ago in Moscow



 ‏@TommyJoeRatliff: Bummed for this mini promo tour to end & stoked for the shit to come! This is still all as surreal as the day I auditioned and got the job🎶

@IsaacTheCarp: This @adamlambert tour has been so damn amazing. Thank you universe.

@lyndseyparker: Loving this new @scissorsisters album! #scissorsistersadamlambertcoheadliningtourin2012   #makeithappen

 ‏@joshuapivato He was every bit the genuine, kind and magnetic person fans perceive him to be. A true honor, Mr. Lambert. #adamlambert

‏@XenaPW: @juneauxena Just got @AdamLambert to sign Prize CD for Charity Water fundraiser Got photo of him signing it!


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    loving the new video for Never Close Our eyes way cool

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