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Adam Lambert Daily Update – May 21, 2012

May 21, 2012

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@nprwatc: Wow, overwhelmed by all the people who loved @nprguyraz‘s chat with @adamlambert! Too many to thank individually, so THANK YOU all!

@NPRWest: Hear @adamlambert on @nprwatc this Saturday, talking to @nprguyraz about his new album “Trespassing.”

NPR – Adam Lambert: ‘I Want To Sing It Big’  “I think, for the majority of my twenties, I was always so concerned with what I didn’t have, or what I still wanted,” Lambert tells NPR’s Guy Raz. “It was always about a chase and going after something. This year I’ve focused more on being thankful for what I already have — being content with what I’ve already accomplished, or who is already in my life, not what I’ve yet to find or get.” NPR features “Never Close Our Eyes” and “Outlaws of Love”.
Tenacious D, ‘Glee’ and Garbage Headed for High Debuts on Billboard 200 Chart. “On Nielsen SoundScan’s Building chart (below), Lambert is No. 1 while Adele’s 21 is sitting pretty at No. 2. The Building tally is a precursor to the final Billboard 200 ranking — reflecting the first four days (Monday through Thursday) of SoundScan’s tracking week as reported by six major merchants.”
Maybe he got the idea when Enrique Iglesias invited a young boy up onto the stage at the KISS Concert in Boston. Adam invited a “crazy ass bitch” fan up, and she proceeded to.. well, you can see it around 14:00 in the video below. Our advice to Adam: Stick to children.
Video recorded by @GirlPhenom


More photos posted by Adam_Pictures

@ashleydzerigian: We’re playing in the parking lot today.

1035ktu: “Backstage with @karminmusic and @adamlambert ! #KTUphoria”

rvalentino interviewing Adam

Check out @adamlambert showin us his “collar poppin’ concerned eyebrow” look @ktuphoria

@1035KTU: @adamlambert is killing it!!! #ktuphoria

@TommyJoeRatliff: Woooo! @Fender!!!!! @brianlondon @adamlambert

“Crazy Ass Bitch”

Copyright @Virg1877

More photos from @Virg1877



Adam talks about what he’s wearing for Queen, Gareth Pugh and his current style

KISS 108’s Debra Macki with Adam



4Music – News: Adam Lambert Offers Unreleased Songs To One Direction “The 30-year-old singer told The Daily Star: “There’s a lot of songs that didn’t make the album that are really strong. We did some pop-rock stuff, so maybe one of these new boybands could do one.””



Pacific Rim VideoPress – Adam Lambert interview at performing on American Idol Season 11 – “Glamberts I love you”



@karminmusic Adam, you & the band killed it tonight! See you again soon ❤ RT@adamlambert @karminmusic you two are adorable. Great to meet you both!
@Artistsupporter I think it is remarkable that @adamlambert fans from all over the world have come together to make gifting happen.


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2 Comments leave one →
  1. Jennifer Long permalink
    May 21, 2012 5:16 am

    I loved the woman on stage with Adam .She reacted like most of us feel. And it doesn’t hurt to bisexualize him a little in the media. Get the young girls fantasizing! Jennifer

  2. May 21, 2012 4:22 pm

    omg that girl was so much fun my kind of woman crazy and doesn’t give a F**k who knows

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