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Adam Lambert Week – May 20-26, 2012

May 20, 2012

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Less than 41 days and $20K to go!!

Final Call for Essays, Poetry, Photographs, Illustrations 



@adamlambert WOW! #Trespassing made its debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 this week! Thank you to the Glamily for helping me make HISTORY!

Adam Lambert First Out LGBT Artist With #1 Album Debut
Collected commentaries on this historic achievement



Screen cap by @lilybop

Amazon  iTunes Barnes & Noble

From Adam Official – Deluxe Box Set
Full album stream here – share with friends!! 

@adamlambert Ok Glamily! I know ya’ll been helping to chart #Trespassing! Thank you sooo much! You wanna see a sneak peak at the video???



Just as the video for “Better Than I Know Myself” was a major advance artistically for Adam, this new video promises to be another quantum leap in sophistication. And the image of Adam on his knees scrubbing the floor – it’s so incongruously HOT. Go figure.



Much Music – WATCH A TEASER VIDEO FOR ADAM LAMBERT’S NEVER CLOSE OUR EYES “In the teaser clip, Adam is seen running through halls with a group of friends in what looks like an attempt to avoid uniformed soldiers who are chasing the group. Cameras follow the ‘rebels’ as they move through hallways, dressed in t-shirts and running shoes. Lambert’s Brave New World-theme video even includes the singer in a machine that looks like it’s going to scan his retina’s for easy tracking by the soldiers. Thirty seconds in and I’m already hooked on this video!”



Adam Lambert Talks “The F Word” – “MC’s new original show, “The F Word,” gives you the inside scoop on what it’s like to be famous — and everything that comes with it. We’re about to uncover how your favorite artists handle it. Check out our premiere episode featuring “American Idol” alum Adam Lambert when it debuts on Monday, June 11th only on MC On Demand! #MCFWord”

@lilybop2010 Adam Lambert will be LIVE on Bravo’s ‘Watch What Happens Live’ Thursday May 24: 11:01pm-11:31pm EST and Fri May 25: 3:30am-4:00am EST
From Sony Music: Adam Lambert’s “Never Close Our Eyes” video, coming soon. The full video will premiere with VEVO on May 29.

Adam Lambert, Train to Headline Jenkinson’s Summer Blast-Off Friday (New Jersey) “The free event, scheduled from 6 to 10 a.m. and featuring performances by Lambert, Train and The Bobby Lynch Cover Band, will be hosted by Scott & Todd from the 95.5 FM WPLJ morning show, according to WPLJ. The annual Jenkinson’s summer kick-off typically draws huge crowds, and, in recent years, those who are serious about getting inside for the big-name concerts camp out as early as 9 p.m. the night before. 

Xena has written about Adam performing some day at the Royal Albert Hall. Now it’s going to happen!!

PressParty – Adam Lambert, Leona Lewis confirmed for London charity gig  “Adam Lambert and Leona Lewis have been added to the bill for Rays of Sunshine’s upcoming charity concert in London. The event will take place at the Royal Albert Hall on June 7, with tickets for the event on sale now. Rays of Sunshine help to grant wishes to seriously ill children in the UK and has been active since 2004.”


@RoyalAlbertHall Tickets for @RaysofSunshine concert with newly-announced @adamlambert are selling fast. Only Circle tickets remaining
@RoyalAlbertHall For @adamlambert fans unfamiliar with the Hall, you can take a virtual tour here to check out our auditorium:

June 9, 2012, 9pm to 11pm. Adam at Club G-A-Y, London

June 24, 2012, 12pm to 4pm. Alice’s Summerthing 2012. “Hellman Hollow – Golden Gate Park”

@nprwatc: Wow, overwhelmed by all the people who loved @nprguyraz‘s chat with @adamlambert! Too many to thank individually, so THANK YOU all!

@NPRWest: Hear @adamlambert on @nprwatc this Saturday, talking to @nprguyraz about his new album “Trespassing.”

NPR – Adam Lambert: ‘I Want To Sing It Big’ (PODCAST)  “I think, for the majority of my twenties, I was always so concerned with what I didn’t have, or what I still wanted,” Lambert tells NPR’s Guy Raz. “It was always about a chase and going after something. This year I’ve focused more on being thankful for what I already have — being content with what I’ve already accomplished, or who is already in my life, not what I’ve yet to find or get.” NPR features “Never Close Our Eyes” and “Outlaws of Love”.



@adamlambert: Excited to see the official Billboard 200 when it comes out tomorrow! 😉

PressParty – Adam Lambert tops chart and makes history in the USA with ‘Trespassing’ “The dreaded sophomore slump is something Lambert won’t have to contend with as he is is currently leading the chart with his new record, and this impressive feat has made him the first openly gay recording artist to achieve a No.1 album in America.”

Hits Daily Double ADAM LAMBERT IDOLS AT #1 “You don’t necessarily have to win American Idol to have a successful pop music career. Adam Lambert, who finished second in the eighth season of the Fox music competition to champion Kris Allen, sees his sophomore 19/RCA album, Trespassing, debut at #1 on this week’s HITS chart, selling nearly 78k.”

@tuke18: My sign for.Adam!!! 🙂



Fans were hard at work this past week, exhorting music lovers to buy “Trespassing” and donating copies to friends and even charity. Here’s what’s been happening, along with useful info from Billboard about which sales get counted.

HitFix – Adam Lambert trespasses into the top spot on the Billboard 200  “Adam Lambert will likely land his first No. 1 album next week as “Trespassing” enters at the top spot on the Billboard 200.” As of the time of reporting, Adam had a nice 10,000 unit lead over Adele.

Gather – Adam Lambert Fans Promote Album and Help Charity “Adam Lambert fans are hoping that his new album Trespassing will début at #1 on Billboard this week and they are doing everything they can to make that happen. Adam himself is also urging fans to buy the album. This morning he tweeted“Keep Pushin Glamily!! Let’s get it back to #1 on iTunes! #Trespassing” Many fans feel that the least they can do to thank him for providing such amazingmusic is to help him reach his début goal of #1. Even if you already bought the album for yourself, there are many opportunities to gift it someone in need. In fact, many are offering to “gift” the album to those that cannot afford it. Some fans have set up a “Trespassing Gifting Post” where people can offer to buy the album for others, or go there to find a donor for themselves.”

Billboard Q&A on whether multiple purchases count towards chart sales “Buying a track two times would count as two sales…However, if you were to buy a track, let’s say, oh, 800 times, that would be considered an anomaly and would not count. So it’s not possible to rig the charts by buying the same track an exorbitant amount of times. The same has always been true of physical records as well.”



@adamlambert: Great to see so many familiar faces!!! Excited for the show. 98.5 KRZ Wilkes-Barre/Scranton PA at The FM Kirby Center, Wilkes-Barre, PA. 7:30pm EDT.

Photo by @tuke18

“I’m not talking about taking off your clothes…” 
“This is a song about you… cuz you’re all crazy” 

Adam is getting more and more relaxed and chatty with each show. This is why fans can’t get enough. Every show gets better and better!

Twitvid via @needacoke – “Number one!!”

Ustream Recorded Live (HUGE thanks to @alikat1323)

Wilkes-Barre – great pic quality on this “Broken English”, by zindria

More photos including Cuckoo faces from @tuke18


@Suz526 so many peeps dressed in yellow & black… Gee wonder why their in Wilkes-barre? @adamlambert is the answer LOL, west2east&inbetween

@TommyJoeRatliff Tweet frm b4Holy shit! Slept ALL day! Felt amazing. About the play the same place we kicked off the #glamnation tour!
@RadarEcho wow, he can ‘sang’ — sounds so good even over phone!
@VecAdam he’s is soooo proving that christian reviewer from yesterday right!!! KILL IT ADAM!!!
@mindchnger awwwww he hugged a girl in the audience *____*
@riley1877 He said he’s working on the merch and we’re gonna have some fierce clothes to wear.
@riley1877 He pretty much signed everything for everyone. Totally worth the wait!!
@riley1877: I told him we wanted Werk Bitch shirts and you should have seen the WTF look on my bf’s face. Adam laughed.
@peacefrogdesign Nah I def would too :3 RT @insomniac19: I would TOTALLY wear a WERK BITCH t-shirt. Maybe that’s an #unpopularopinion lol


Only Adam can make plaid sexy…

2012 – Summer Blast Off – Adam Lambert

Trespassing (via Jesha84)

Shady and NCOE, DJ comments via @mmyy9

More videos at Jesha84’s channel

More videos at loveeexoconcerts’ YouTube channel



Highly entertaining!! And Adam looks just luminous.

Watch What Happens Live via UStream recording (via @coralmermaid)

Adam Lambert and Beth Ditto – “See shots of Adam Lambert and Beth Ditto finding a few NSFW uses for corn dogs at the Bravo Clubhouse with Andy Cohen.”

@BravoAndy: OMG @adamlambert is in the clubhouse and he is much taller than I expected plus his eyes are gorgeous



@adamlambert: @HaleyReinhart I love this album! Your voice is so sexy!

Listen on Spotify: Haley Reinhart – Oh My!



@adamlambert Had the BEST meal w the best friends in NYC at Marble Lane at the Dream Hotel!
@adamlambert At PHD at the Dream hotel downtown NYC !!! Poppin off
Adam knows how to pick ’em!! The Dream Downtown hotel is one of Manhattan’s newest happening hotels, located in our favorite part of town between Chelsea and the Meatpacking District. Dream on…

New York Post – Follow the fleet “Katy Perry was ready to party with Adam Lambert after serenading the troops Wednesday night. The singer, wearing an American flag dress, gave a performance for sailors at Pier 9 in Brooklyn as part of Fleet Week, and even pulled one lucky uniformed cadet onstage for a kiss. Later, Perry went to the Dream Downtown to meet Lambert at a table at upstairs lounge PH-D, where the two partied until 3:30 a.m. While there, Perry jumped in the DJ booth to request Rihanna songs.”



Video from Alikat1323’s UStream

Check out Springle Ball 2012 photos by @Virg1877

The stubble, the freckles, the EYE – ai yai yai!!

Springle Ball 2012

Adam Lambert Backstage At Springle Ball – Q102 – LOL the interviewer is such a Glambert. Been stocking up on leopard print.


Kickin In

Naked Love

Whataya Want From Me

Never Close Our Eyes





Maybe he got the idea when Enrique Iglesias invited a young boy up onto the stage at the KISS Concert in Boston. Adam invited a “crazy ass bitch” fan up, and she proceeded to.. well, you can see it around 14:00 in the video below. Our advice to Adam: Stick to children.
Video recorded by @GirlPhenom

@adamlambert: That was KTU-Phoric! So much fun. Thank you Jersey!!

@adamlambert: @karminmusic you two are adorable. Great to meet you both!

@karminmusic Adam, you & the band killed it tonight! See you again soon

Photo by @tuke18

VIDEO: KTU Interview with Adam – Adam is bubbly and effusive. Talks about the album

And the concert footage we’ve been waiting for, from TALC – great quality!


Kickin’ In

Naked Love

Whataya Want From Me

Never Close Our Eyes

Cuckoo + Crazy Fan

Copyright @Virg1877

@TommyJoeRatliff: Woooo! @Fender!!!!! @brianlondon @adamlambert

“Crazy Ass Bitch”

@karminmusic: Nick! Stop trying to #Tresspass my photo with @AdamLambert 😉 – Retweeted by Adam Lambert

More photos posted by Adam_Pictures

More photos from @Virg1877



@adamlambert Boston Kiss 108 Concert!! Pumped!!

Our KISS Concert Boston Post  – With full Ustream cap video from @GaleChester. Will be updating with new photos and videos as they come in.

KISS108 Backstage interview w DJ Matty

Adam Lambert Obsession – KISS 108 Concert 2012 “I think Trespassing is one of the most enjoyable songs performed live and it’s absolutely fantastic to see such a huge crowd getting into it and clapping along. Kickin’ In is a rocking version with great funk guitar. I’m not sure the rock vibe works as well as the album version. Adam does some fun shuffly dancing and does lots of ad-libbing with his voice over the repetitive part towards the end…”

Sun Chronicle REVIEW: Lambert, Iglesias fuel revived Kiss Concert “With headliners such as the enigmatic and crowd pleasing Enrique Iglesias and Adam Lambert, it’s no wonder fans were flocking to the annual radio station event. Enrique had one of the most lively performances of the night, complete with confetti, lots of swagger and an upbeat personality. He even revisited his smash hit “Hero” from 2001, and thrilled fans when he brought a 10-year-old boy on stage with him to dance and sing. Adam Lambert also gave a great performance and showed the crowd why he made it past his “American Idol” stint and became a superstar”



More Photos at Celebrity Gossip

Thanks to FoolsGold for these videos

Trespassing and Kickin In


Whataya Want From Me
Never Close Our Eyes



EMusic – Adam Lambert, Trespassing (Deluxe Version) 5-stars. “Expressing his individual inner self in a pop machine designed to flaunt the interchangeably anonymous is the challenge he faces on Trespassing, the follow-up to his 2009 debut For Your Entertainment. That’s also the subtext of the Pharrrell Williams-collaborated title track, which examines obstacles put in the path of outsiders whose destiny is the mainstream. Kindred infiltrators like Bruno Mars, Nile Rodgers and Sam Sparro help Lambert create a masculine, more aggressive variant on the techno-pop that’s typically a girl’s game. His virile voice doesn’t need all the processing it undergoes in “Never Close Our Eyes” and other singles, but the sonic fortification affirms Lambert can be as be as vocally androgynous as he wants to be and still sound Top 40-friendly. Nevertheless, it’s the slower, more sensual cuts like “Broken English” and “Outlaws of Love” that best showcase his inimitable wail.”

PopQuiz – Adam Lambert, “Trespassing” “He’s the new Prince of Pop. Infusing pop with funk, rock and three-snaps-in-a-Z-formation, this is the Adam that we’ve been waiting for. And while his debut, For Your Entertainment, was solid, this new LP is like a whole new ballgame.”

Evansville Courier & Press – Tuned In: Adam Lambert’s often-lackluster ‘Trespassing’ … More “…Lambert proves himself to be deeply entrenched in the establishment on his new “Trespassing.” Perhaps that’s just the way it goes when a burgeoning star on a major label has an army of hit-making songwriters and producers working for him, but Lambert sounds more comfortable on the often-lackluster “Trespassing” than he should.”

@rosie6172: Trespassing review in Sunday Herald Sun in Melbourne Australia :)) 3 1/2 stars 🙂 lv Rosie xxx

Arjan Writes – A Few Words about Adam Lambert “Trespassing” and the Power of Pop “Lambert perfectly understands the power of pop and uses the ever-evolving genre to his full advantage. While pushing the envelop creatively, artistically and personally, the singer gives people music to make their own and cherish forever, which makes him a pop star of the brightest kind.”

Chicago Tribune Soundcheck – Trespassing Review

Joseph Vogel – What I’m Listening To: Trespassing (Adam Lambert) “Really enjoying this album, especially the dance tracks. It feels like a hybrid of Prince, Timberlake and 80s-era Queen. Much more consistent and confident than his first album”



People magazine

After Elton – Watch! Adam Lambert and Beth Ditto Make a Rollicking Tag Team on “Watch What Happens Live” After-show segments that weren’t shown on air last night are included here. “Adam and Beth so needs to be the next Bravo reality show.”  Amen. Will go check out Beth Ditto’s music. She’s a hoot and what great chemistry with Adam!

Village Voice (blog) 100 & Single: Answering Questions On Adam Lambert’s Historic Chart-Topping Album – A great follow-up to the writer’s previous column. “The event I didn’t think could happen was Adam Lambert scoring a No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 album chart with his second disc, Trespassing. But I sure was wrong, and it sure is fun: By reaching the penthouse, Adam becomes the first out gay artist …”

QTheMusic – Q&a Adam Lambert – How to get from American Idol to working with Pharrell, Nile Rodgers & Queen “[Sam Sparro and I] did a B-side around my last album called Voodoo which I really regretted didn’t go on the album because it’s strong. I looked at the songs I enjoyed performing from that record and the songs that went down well live, and I took a cue from that for this album, an electro, disco, funk feel is something I wanted to chase down. Pharrell opened the door for that and said, This what you should do and with Sam we created two more songs. Shady is one of them and we have Nile Rodgers playing on it. It’s about wanting to get nasty and wanting to get into trouble.”  Q. Back up a second, Nile Rodgers?…” Hahaha, Adam is conquering Britain!!

Cheeky Chicago – Watch Out, Christina…Adam Lambert Is Back  “Glam rocker Adam Lambert stole the limelight at 103.5 KISS FM’s annual Fantabuloso. Though his songs may not be at the top of the iTunes singles chart, Lambert’s voice shone like no other. That man can sing!”

The Hollywood Reporter – Adam Lambert Insults Clay Aiken on Bravo’s ‘Watch What Happens’ (Video) “Besides being runners-up on the Fox competition, Lambert and Aiken also share a penchant for candor — and, apparently, bad blood on either side. In 2009, Aiken launched a bitter 2009 tirade against Lambert, one of whose TV performances he slammed as “awful,” “contrived” and “slightly frightening.”

NPR/WRVO – The End Of ‘Idol’: There Are No More Songs Left To Be Sung Very interesting article! “Idol and shows like it have significantly contributed to what the theorists Charles Leadbeater and Paul Miller called “the Pro-Am Revolution“: the rise of a new creative class pursuing passions on a freshly built bridge between hobby and career. Artists have always been cultural entrepreneurs, but as “pro-ams” they shift their trajectory, finding ways to expose and establish themselves before partnering with a bigger machine. E.L. James, the author of Fifty Shades of Grey, is a Pro-Am. So is Mark Zuckerberg. So, I’d argue, are the most interesting Idols and Voice alums, like Adam Lambert and Juliet Simms.”

New York Post – Sony star power: Poised to steal music crown from Universal “When Sony Music chief Doug Morris left rival Universal Music Group last year for his current gig, he wanted nothing more than to dethrone the perennial US king of album sales. The 73-year-old executive may not have thought it would happen this fast. With yesterday’s news that Billboard named Adam Lambert’s “Trespassing” the best-selling CD in its debut week, Sony is poised to knock the king from its throne.”

Huffington Post – Adam Lambert’s ‘Trespassing’ Makes No. 1 Debut, Becomes First Openly Gay Male Artist To Top Charts “…But Lambert’s chart triumph is also historic, as it marks the first time an openly gay male performer accomplishes that feat. As AfterElton notes, “Other gay performers such as Elton John and George Michael have hit No. 1, but only before they came out, and they haven’t managed that honor since.””

LA Times – Adam Lambert’s chart-topper ‘Trespassing’ is a high and a low “When Season 11 of “American Idol” comes to a close in a few hours, no one should feel too sorry for the runner-up. One need only to look to this week’s pop charts for evidence that the “American Idol” crown isn’t a requisite to cultivating a fanbase. The theatrical pop-rocker Adam Lambert finished second on “American Idol” during its eighth season, and this week he earned his first No. 1 album in “Trespassing.””

Entertainment Weekly – Album Sales: Adam Lambert tops the Billboard charts, beating out Adele and Carrie Underwood “Adam Lambert’s passionate “Glamily” helped propel his second LP into first place with sales of 77,000 — a strong result for an album that has yet to spawn a significant hit (“Better Than I Know Myself” sputtered on the chart, and followup “Never Close Our Eyes” is slowly climbing).”

Philly Tablet – Springle Ball: Sugary pop, dance tracking, anthemic hits, and teen girl fantasies “With his hot new album Trespassing, Adam Lambert also jumped on the rhythm stick. The strong high singer and his electro-glam band eschewed their usual grandeur (save for a dramatic “Whataya Want from Me”) for a set of funky Duran Duran-meets-Chicrockers such as “Never Close Our Eyes.”

The Village Voice: Music – Midyear Report: 12 for ’12 “Adam Lambert feat. Sam Sparro and Nile Rodgers, “Shady.” American Idol’s superstar runner-up pays homage to “Superstition” and Chic with this slinky slow-burner of a track, which has a star turn from Rodgers on guitar.”

Windy City – Adam Lambert, Iglesias among acts at Allstate show “It is interesting to note that the openly gay Lambert had straight fan attendees and openly straight Iglesias had more gay fans screaming for his set.” ….and Xena can’t resist commenting!

Rolling Stone Video Interview – Adam Lambert Knows Who Should Win ‘American Idol’ “Her voice gives me goosebumps. She gives me stank face…”

HULIQ – Adam Lambert And ‘Trespassing’ To Hit No. 1, Make History “A week after appearing on the hit show that launched his career, the “American Idol” alum many say is the greatest vocal talent to have ever graced the stage notches his first No. 1 album on the Billboard 200. In doing so, not only did he notch a personal best with “Trespassing” but Adam Lambert made chart history simply by being himself.”

Tenacious D, ‘Glee’ and Garbage Headed for High Debuts on Billboard 200 Chart. “On Nielsen SoundScan’s Building chart (below), Lambert is No. 1 while Adele’s 21 is sitting pretty at No. 2. The Building tally is a precursor to the final Billboard 200 ranking — reflecting the first four days (Monday through Thursday) of SoundScan’s tracking week as reported by six major merchants.”

Mix 106.5 Baltimore – Adam Lambert On Katy Perry and Goyte [sic] “Adam Lambert recently sat down with Mix 96.5/Houston and shared some of the music on his iPod. Two of the tracks that came up wereKaty Perry‘s “Part of Me” and Goyte‘s [sic] “Somebody That I Used to Know.”…“I’m just so surprised that it’s a radio hit. I love it!” he said. “I love that it’s so non-traditionally radio. It’s really cool. It’s catchy and his voice is cool. It seems to be the trend right now.”

PerezHilton – Adam Lambert: Never Close Our Eyes Preview “The vid appears to be inspired by the mind washing scenes from the cult classic, A Clockwork Orange.  Ch-Ch-Check out the eye-popping teaser”

PopDust – SPOILER ALERT: ADAM LAMBERT’S “NEVER CLOSE OUR EYES” VIDEO PREVIEW “Only one thing can come next: Adam Lambert has to break out of the hospital and/or conspiracy he’s suddenly found himself caught in. He has no memory of anything–not how he got there, not whatever freaky-deaky Dollhouse-like experimentation’s been done on him, not who that blond guy is…”

Digital Spy – Adam Lambert teases ‘Never Close Our Eyes’ music video – watch “The preview of the accompanying music video sees a collection of flashing images, indicating that it will take place in a medical experimentation facility. It ends with Lambert waking up in a dark room and taking his hood off his head.

People – What Inspired Adam Lambert’s Latest Hair Look? ““I wanted it to look like sunrise,” Lambert told PEOPLE last night at the American Idol results show. “My hairdresser and I have a lot of fun. Both of us get bored very easily—so it’s like, ‘What are we going to do now?’”

On Top – Adam Lambert: Trespass Into My World “…Lambert added that he wrote the track Outlaws of Love to express how he feels about the adversity the gay community faces…Lambert added that he later realized that the single “can be applied to so many other situations.”

4Music – News: Adam Lambert Offers Unreleased Songs To One Direction “The 30-year-old singer told The Daily Star: “There’s a lot of songs that didn’t make the album that are really strong. We did some pop-rock stuff, so maybe one of these new boybands could do one.””



@idolsnow: ADAM LAMBERT’s “Trespassing” debuts at #1 on four Billboard charts this week, giving him a new total of 9 Billboard#1s.” – This Week’s iTunes Top Songs, Albums & Apps

NextBigSound data shows big jumps last week



josephllanes: “One of my favorites from the @Adamlambert shoot for @aolmusic. Backdrop by the amazing @kevinllewellyn”

@zmjohnson: Had lunch with @adamlambert today!



AOL Music – Adam Lambert Sessions: Glambert’s ‘Dark Side,’ Plans for Fatherhood & ‘Trespassing’ (Video of “Never Close Our Eyes”) “I have a godson. Two good friends of mine have a baby, and he’s amazing, and watching him from infancy to now — he’s still a toddler — it’s just like, it’s amazing. It’s amazing. Amazing to watch a child grow and to see things through their eyes, I mean it’s so easy for them and it’s so simple for them, and it’s inspiring.”

UPDATE – We have taken down the YouTubes because we learned that hits on the AOL Sessions count towards the Billboard chart listings.


UPDATE TO THE UPDATE – The videos are also on Adam’s official VEVO channel. We believe these also get counted.

Never Close Our Eyes


See all of the AOL Adam Lambert Sessions on VEVO



Adam Lambert on Jay-Z’s Gay Marriage Endorsement

Larry Flick on Sirius – Another wonderful interview with a twist. Larry invited Michelle (@insomniac19), whom he described as a super fan but one who’s not crazy. Vicarious thrills! Notable quote: “Your drag has gotten more chill”

@insomniac19: Hey guys, don’t forget to check out @adamlambert on@LarryFlick’s special this Saturday at 4pm Eastern on Sirius@OutQ Thanks again, Larry!

ADAM mentioned on my local Fox News!!!! (Twitvid posted by Kathryn17)

Carmit Bachar talks Adam Lambert Jessica Sanchez and her projects

Pacific Rim VideoPress – Adam Lambert interview at performing on American Idol Season 11 – “Glamberts I love you”

Glamberts find out Adam is #1 on Itunes!

Trespassing TV Ad

From dawnmyst7602: ADAM LAMBERT’s NCOE Teaser Video stretched out to 1.5 minutes from 17 seconds!



Transcript by Zinnia (@Tiiqqu), translation by Miachihu (@miachihu) & Zinnia



Via Adam Lambert Events

May 20: Radio, concert. 103.5 KTU New York. KTUphoria 2012 at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ. [Web Page | Streaming info etc]
May 20: Radio, US. NPR West 5:40pm EDT – check your local public radio listings. Interview with Guy Raz, All Things Considered. [Source | Source]
May 20: Radio, New Zealand. Interview and Trespassing special on Flea FM at 9am-noon NZ time. [More Info | Web Page]
May 20: TV, Australia. Ch803 [V] Hits Adam Lambert vs Lady Gaga, 8am local time. [Source]
May 20: TV, US. VH1 Unplugged on Comcast Palladia at 11pm.
May: VEVO premieres Never Close Our Eyes music video. Date TBA. [Source]
May: Radio, US. SiriusXM The Morning Jolt. Date TBA. [Source]
May: Interview with Byron Cooke. Date TBA. [Source]
May 21: Rolling Stone/US Weekly ‘lunch’ – media only event? [Source]
May 21: Interview with Polly Gillespie ‏ZM online. [Source]
May 22: Radio, concert. Q102 Philadelphia, PA. Philly’s Springle Ball at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA. [More Info]
May 23: Trespassing Official Party. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. [Source]
May 24: Trespassing Release Party at The Saloon, Minneapolis, MN. [More Info]
May 24: TV, US. Bravo Channel, Watch What Happens live 11pm ET. [Source | Web page]
May 24: Magazine, US. Rolling Stone Interview & album review.
May 25: Radio, concert. 98.5 KRZ Wilkes-Barre/Scranton PA at The FM Kirby Center. [Source |More Info]
May 25: TV, Finland. Adam’s American Idol episode. Repeats May 26. [More Info]
May 26: Radio, US. Sirius XM OutQ concert special premieres at 4pm ET. Replays all Memorial Day weekend. [Source]
May 26: Radio, concert. 96.5TIC Hartford, CT. Spring Fling at Six Flags New England in Agawam, MA. [More Info]



@Ississ They’re playing Nirvana on the radio in Finland?! Wow! Lol
@LoveMrSpencer I see me in the teaser!!!

@dinahhmite: @ADAMLAMBERT Houston Glams havin Trespassing Party! — KumulusKloud (@KumulusKloud)

@adamlambert: @HotChelleRae great meeting you guys today!

@HotChelleRae: Great to meet you finally! See you soon! RT

@sweizzGlambert: @adamlambert You have given me something I never thought I would have, inspiration and hope that someday my dreams will come true.

HonestTuneMag Interesting.Being told by a local who knows promoter;Queen will play next year,with Adam Lambert.Will se if that holds up

@TommyJoeRatliff New Jersey I so pretty! Had the garden state soundtrack in m head phones most of the day.
Sunday Tweets
@karminmusic Adam, you & the band killed it tonight! See you again soon ❤ RT@adamlambert @karminmusic you two are adorable. Great to meet you both!
@Artistsupporter I think it is remarkable that @adamlambert fans from all over the world have come together to make gifting happen.
Monday Tweets

@adamlambert: @Jakeshears was just talking about you! Hope you’re well!

@instinctmag If you missed out on @adamlambert issue, a new batch of May issues have arrived! To order, call 888-454-6784.

‏@terra_zephead: lmao with his gnome creeper shoes when he bounces he’s like tigger

@shoshannastone: I am waiting for someone to announce something any second now…..

@Hungarevival: @shoshannastone we are waiting 4 @adamlambert to announce the release date of NCOE video:)

@shoshannastone: @Hungarevival towards end of month.

@shoshannastone: Adam at the Royal Albert Hall will be amazing 🙂

@insomniac19: Adam’s clothes have orgies in his suitcase when he travels and produce offspring. Only explanation.

@thebryanhead: @LarryFlick I feel the sand about Adele! One more song like someone like you and I may jump. Loving@adamlambert right now though.

‏@StayStrong721: @LizMas7 “Runnin'” by Adam Lambert = My life story. You need to buy this album ASAP! Most amazing CD in like forever! ❤

@TaleyDaley My brother informed me today that he bought us tickets to see Queen+Adam Lambert in London this summer. He WANTS me to have a heart attack.
Tuesday Tweets

@adamlambert: Just purchased three albums: @KrisAllen @HaleyReinhart & Gossip’s A Joyful Noise.

@adamlambert: @GossipMusic ‘Move in the Right Direction’ just got me together on that treadmill. 🙂

@Artistsupporter@adamlambert. I may have squeeeed out loud when I heard the news. You broke the last glass ceiling of pop music!! YAY!
@KeishaRenee Congrats to my handsome Boss @adamlambert your #1 on billboard 200 #HISTORY let’s rock out tonight 🙂 See ya soon!
@simoncurtis Huge congratulations to @adamlambert on the new album. You sound utterly amazing mister!!
@MichaelOrland@fionamama2@MichaelOrland looks like adam lambert has the number one debut album!!! Fans r celebrating on twitter!”congrats@adamlambert

@nilerodgers @adamlambert Congrats man on the #1

@Pharrellcongrats to @adamlambert! Great work!
@adamlambert @Pharrell thanks man! Couldn’t have done this without you.
 ‏@ravengirl57 Aside from Glambert power RT What makes @adamlambert‘s #1 debut on Billboard 200 impressive is fact that “Trespassing” had very little promo
Wednesday Tweets
Check our post on Trespassing going to #1 for the torrent of Tweets from well-wishers

@Matt_Silva6 the beat of this song is very oldscool like 60’s #Obsessed@adamlambert ♫ Kickin’ In #Spotify  – Retweeted by Adam Lambert

@milestougeaux: At the risk of crossing the beams… ok Glamberts check it out:

Thursday Tweets

@nilerodgers: @adamlambert You were the hot topic yesterday amongst me and my peeps. EVERYBODY is happy for you-Jump on stage w CHIC if u get a chance!

E! Live Events ‏@RedCarpetTeam: Adam Lambert album tops the Billboard 200 chart, making him the 1st openly gay man to do so. About time, right?! Werq it gurl!

@UprightCabaret: Congrats to Upright Alum Adam Lambert on making history today! Adam is the “first openly gay male artist to top…

@hannahcaitriona: @adamlambert I’m at the next table but I don’t know what to say to you without sounding pathetic lmao…which I will not do 🙂

@YellowsistaBert: I love the fact that @adamlambert is ALL OVER New Zealand radio right now! \o/

RT KeishaRenee: Well that was a great dinner!! Thanks @adamlambert 6:30am call time so goodnight loves 🙂

Friday Tweets

@bani_wow AMAs just uploaded his FYE performance on their VEVO channel.

@mix949 Playing all of @adamlambert new album Trespassing right now!! Listen online or w/ @radiopup
@ChadTaylorRadio @Zzzel @mix949 @adamlambert He’s an amazing artist with amazing fans!! Our pleasure to support Adam and the Glamberts!!
@RequestAdam *High Priority* ATTN NYC area Adam fans: 3 stations – WKTU, WPLJ& WWFS – all NOW PLAYING “NCOE”…go request!! Info
@arjanwrites Thank you all for ur feedback and RT’s about my @AdamLambertstory These words needed to be spoken. Music comes first.



ADAM TO SOUTH AMERICA CAMPAIGN Our friend @ADAMGASMIC from Colombia has started a campaign to bring Adam’s music to South America. She contacted Sony, which told her they would ship CDs only if she can show that the support is there. She needs 1,000 followers for @playbogota. You don’t need to be in South America, so just go and find the Twitter account and click “Follow”!! Let’s see if we can reach her goal by the weekend!! She’s an incredible Glambert. Last night she produced a radio show devoted to “Trespassing”.

Order Trespassing (Buy on Amazon  Buy on iTunesand download Adam’s singles.

Keep giving Adam’s videos hits on his VEVO channel!

Request Adam on your local radio station – Adam Official thread lists request links for radio stations in major markets around the country.



Share these with friends and acquaintances who haven’t yet seen the Light and Love!

Top 10 Things to Know about Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert Worldwide Charts

Adam Lambert Gold and Platinum Sales

Podcast – Top 10 Adam songs picked by fans



Buy Our Book, Tattoos and Bumper Decal

For more, check out our Adam Lambert boutique listings!

Trespassing Box Set

TRESPASSING FAN SPECIALS! Available only from MySpace, Fan CD/DVD sets and Boxed Set. – Order Tresspassing DeluxeDownload “Better than I know myself” and “Never Close Our Eyes (Buy on Amazon  Buy on iTunes

JUUN.J // BLACK LEATHER BANDED BLAZER – Here’s the jacket that Adam wore on Jimmy Kimmel.

Human Rights Campaign Store – Support this great organization advocating for LGBTQ equality. They have beautifully designed jewelry and accessories.

Skins & Stones Hans Haveron Skeleton Key pendant

Episodes of “All On the Line with Joe Zee Season 2” are available on iTunes 

Anyone on your Holiday Gift list who needs a pair of Rick Owens boots?

Adam at the Do Something Awards rocks Nicolina Royale’s garland necklace. Check out her store – Great gift ideas.

Need feather hair extensions? Hop over to @PeaceFrogDesign’s Etsy store!

Check out Janet Kofoed’s Etsy store. She has a whole line of Glam Nation-inspired jewelry, poetic, nature-inspired and beautifully executed.

Picture in – great color pencil drawings of Adam Lambert by @jolson12miggles

Lock and Handcuffs T-shirt from Lambosessed We love her original “One Nation Under Glam” designs! Lambosessed explains her design approach: “I aim for easily wearable designs instantly recognisable by fans as having a connection with Adam while retaining a subtlety that doesn’t require them to bear his name.”

Get anime superhero Adam on a charity T-shirt 4 Japan  ($5 goes to Red Cross).

Order Glam Nation Live CD/DVD on Amazon and iTunes.

Buy Aftermath Remix here

The imported Sleepwalker single can now be ordered at U.S. Amazon

Labor of Love Project – Buy Scarlett Cherry’s gorgeous new CD. Organic goodies for moms and babies too!


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  1. May 20, 2012 5:31 pm

    the video teaser looks amazing can’t wait to see the whole thing

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