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Adam Lambert Daily Update – May 19, 2012

May 19, 2012

By Juneau and Xena Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook

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Mystery photo…looks shopped, but we love the concept! Adam..?



@adamlambert: Let’s get #Trespassing to #1 on @iTunes! Once we get there, I’ll give you a sneak peak of the NCOE video!

Tenacious D, ‘Glee’ and Garbage Headed for High Billboard 200 Debuts “Industry sources suggest that Lambert’s “Trespassing” could sell around 70,000 to 80,000 copies by the end of the tracking week on Sunday, May 20. In a week without any other major new releases, and little competition, that may be enough to debut at No. 1 next week. Adele’s “21” will likely be the runner-up, with between 60,000 to 70,000.”

John Kearns Review of Trespassing “Trespassing is like a voyeuristic glimpse into the future in terms of musical creativity and production technique. It is pretty stunning in all departments with each new track attempting to outdo the previous in a battle of brilliantly conceived and expertly executed compositions…”

Taking Over the Universe – Album Review – Adam Lambert “Trespassing” Another New-Age feeling Jackson song is “Kickn’ In” has to be a favorite of mine. I think the main reason I find the songs to be reminiscent of the king of pop is due to the tracks driving groove bass line coupled with very strong, high-pitched vocals. Aside from this, the song is amusing as in it seems that it is about a girl who just doesn’t get it. Lyrics that could easily slip by (unless you examine them in the sexy booklet with the album) such as “She wants to introduce me to her friend Eddie” and “Am I about to do a three?” give the song a whole new meaning. Let’s try not to think about that too hard…”Nirvana” was the song I heard the most about prior to the album’s release (as I follow a lot of Glamberts on Twitter, ya know). An interesting mix of piano and dubstep, this song is definitely the first I’ve heard of it’s kind. The song is about finding a place where he can be who he wants to be, love who he wants to love, and can be truly happy. The song is a very sweet yet unconventional love song, which is exactly what I love about Adam. His views of love seem to differ so much from the current state of pop music, making him stand out in ways far beyond his unique take at dark pop. This is the finisher that I was craving for.

NECN – Review: Adam Lambert goes dance pop on new album “Underneath” is another one of those trademark Adam Lambert performance pieces, drenched in emotion and vocal gymnastics that would be perfectly suited to the Broadway stage. But Lambert has the talent to pull it off: Simply put, this guy probably has the best voice of any pop star working today. Even on less-than-stellar material, his soaring voice that then swoops down to a whisper can take your breath away.”

The Timaru Herald -Lambert – straight to number one “Glamberts rejoice – the mighty Adam Lambert is back and in a New Zealand exclusive, he’s talking to about his new album, Trespassing. Released today, the album has gone straight to number one on the New Zealand iTunes chart and is expected to feature heavily on Top 10 lists around the world.”



@adamlambert: You ready Chicago!? #Fantabuloso

Here’s the Twitter List via @GlamFansInfo

@1035KISSFM: Check out the crowd for #Fantabuloso! Glad you could join us

@katie021589 They used Adams picture for these cards they r Handing out!

@inscrutable7: Totally satisfied. Adam put on a great show. Best crowd response to WWFM, Cuckoo, and NCOE.

@itsjuls: Partial Shady video. (KISS 103.5 FANTABULOSO 2012 Chicago 5-18-12.)

@LuvThaFunk: Adam Lambert Kickin In (short vid) Chicago 5/18/12 Here’s the very short vid of Kickin In. Had to dance & photographer was in the way!



Saturday, May 19 – KISS Concert Boston – Live Stream – Adam performs at 5:50PM followed by an intermission so everyone can recover. Chat live using #KC12

Saturday, May 19 – @LiamMcEwan Remember to tune in to the 3 hour @AdamLambert “Trespassing” Special tomorrow! 🙂

Saturday May 19, 11:30AM ET – @10onTop: Adam will be on @MTV @10onTop Sat 5/19 at 11:30amET so check it out!

Sunday, May 20 @nprguyraz: attn @adamlambert fans. interview on@nprwatc Sunday 5:45ishpm. check local pub radio listings



 Idol Performance Official Video

@IDOL_Insider: How adorable is @adamlambert?!#AdamLambertOnIdol – American Idol Season 11 Joshua Ledet Eliminated “Adam Lambert, glamazon priestess of neon yellow accents and pompadours, beamed down from Planet Fabulous to inject some much-needed life into this sorry-ass hour of filler. I’ve been admiring Joshua’s stage presence compared to his season 11 cohorts, but “Never Close Our Eyes” reminded me just how talented and lively some of our former idols have been. Adam had the confident yet classy swagger of a current artist in his own right instead of a scared little reality show contestant creeping back onto the big stage…He’s very compelling! I was also a big fan of all the androgynous stylemonsters in his band.”

THR Adam Lambert After Idol Interview w Didi Benami 5-17-12

Access Hollywood Laura Saltman Interviews ADAM LAMBERT After Idol 5-17-12



LA Weekly Cover Boy

photo posted by @linalecaro

Gather – Adam Lambert Covers LA Weekly’s ‘Best of LA People 2012’ “According to Village Voice Media“The Best of L.A. PEOPLE issue is a showcase of the coolest, most influential people in LA – people who are doing things their own original way – from politicians, to artists, to filmmakers and musicians, to club owners and concert promoters to artists, restaurateurs and fashion designers.”

Lambosessed – I HEART RADIO – TRESPASSING PROMO (VIDEO) “Chokehold brings a beautiful soft sound to Adam’s voice for the verses. I have to admit a mild obsession with the way he sings “pain” with such need. He again doesn’t sing over the bridge, instead making use of the instrumentals and backing vocals.”

The Queen of Disco, Who Transcended the Era “But it was a song representing the future, “I Feel Love,” that would make the most impact. Its all-electronic arrangement was a startling new sound for a pop song, and its contrast of human voice versus synthetic backdrop would echo through countless club hits in its wake.”

Yahoo – Adam Lambert Offers Advice For Phillip & Jessica, Coyly Hints at ‘Idol’ Finale Prediction (VIDEO) “And what about his prediction for next week’s finale? Does Adam think Jessica can win? Adam played coy with his read-between-the-lines answer, replying: “It depends on what kind of music you listen to, musical genres…Although, what’s the type of genre that always wins every year? I’m not going to say it, but I’m asking the rhetorical question. Like, what usually wins? So…””

Newsday – Lisa Marie gets bluesy, Adam Lambert gets dance poppy and Jessica gets critiqued “…current dance music divo Adam Lambert, season 8’s runner-up performed his new single “Never Close Our Eyes.” His robust performance got some extra oomph from a giant eye backdrop and plenty of eyeliner.”

Dallas Voice – You don’t have to like Adam Lambert to help YFT “…Rosie Roetto has used Twitter, an Amazon Wish List and her Adam Lambert fan club to help bring in basic supplies including ceiling tiles, food and office chairs.

When we tried to obtain a photo of Roetto to use alongside the story, she responded as follows:

“… Isn’t the story more about Youth First Texas and the people actually putting on the prom? I don’t feel like I did enough to warrant a picture. [YFT board chair] Chris Cognetta has a wonderful picture of the 35 amazon boxes piled high on the counter from the first delivery of donations from the Adam Lambert fans…”



Fox All Access – Adam Lambert backstage at “Idol”

Jack Black Interview – mentions meeting Adam on a flight

The Home Planet – Jack Black on being Topped by Adam “On Adam’s recent return trip from New York to L.A. he was seated next to Jack Black, one half of Tenacious D and whose album Trespassing knocked out of the number 1 spot on i-tunes. Jack was being interviewed on Attack of The Show and here’s what he said of the encounter as posted by @juanitarn76…”



Skins and Stones Skeleton Key Contest Album Here’s one out of dozens of entries so far. Get creative!



Staff at HMV Canada were having a jolly time yesterday getting their photos taken with Adam Lambert, or at least a facsimile thereof. Check it out! 



@NancySinatra Adam @adamlambert was perfect on Idol tonight. Great American Rocker!

@CDixonAI11: @adamlambert beyond upset I couldn’t meet you tonight! You killed it bro!

@milestougeaux: @adamlambert BTW nice touch to add your old trademark AI end note riff last night. I’d almost forgotten about that.

@SKINGRAFT RT: @AdamLambert looks sensational singing Never Close Our Eyes in @SKINGRAFT ribbed leather pants on Idol @blakkrrox
@SpecialKradio@adamlambertwas amazing! Great convo, great performance, great guy #NewFan
@nilerodgers@adamlambert– Hey man, there were a ton of #Shadyberts at my concert tonight in Texas. It was awesome. Talk soon


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    my timing has been bad this week i totally missed this as I was out shopping for art supplies for a school project

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    Thanks so much for posting my album review! I appreciate your support.

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