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Adam Lambert Daily Update – May 18, 2012

May 17, 2012

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Adam LambertAdam Lambert ‏ Wow! My fans are the best! Let’s take Trespassing #1 everywhere!
Trespassing Deluxe album available for a limited time for $8.99!!



HD Never CLose Our Eyes

Stop the presses!! What’s that on Adam’s pinkie? (J thinks it’s a Chinese nail guard)

Screencap by @GeralynK

@MichaelOrland: Just watched his fantastic rehearsal. Now I can’t wait for the big @adamlambert performance tonight.

@ChrisTrondsen: Adam Lambert getting interviewed by former Idol contestant DiDi! He was SUPER nice during our interview! #ad

@shirleyhalperin: Look who’s here!!!! @adamlambert

@shirleyhalperin: So cute! @adamlambert with @Didibenami

@shirleyhalperin: Here’s another shot of @adamlambert in the #Idol press room

@belindasLAmusic: Adam Lambert and Rita Wilson doing press at idol 5-17-12.

@AdamLambertHelp#AdamOnIdol is Trending Global!! @adamlambert:))))


@adamlambert RIP Donna Summer. glorious disco Goddess.

Donna Summer’s music was the soundtrack of my clubkid life, memories of which came flooding back to me when Adam entered my world. – J

Billboard – Donna Summer, Queen of Disco, Dead at 63 “For the last half hour or so I’ve been lying in my bed crying and stunned,” Chic hitmaker Nile Rodgers wrote. “Donna Summer RIP.”…Gloria Gaynor of “I Will Survive” fame released the following statement: “I am deeply saddened personally for the loss of my dear friend Donna Summer. She and I have been friends for a very long time, we were both known as the ‘Queen of Disco,’ but Donna always referred to me as the ‘First Lady of Disco.’ A fine lady and human being she was…she forever changed the way of how America danced and enjoyed themselves. She may have had her ‘Last Dance’ here on earth, but ‘Heaven Knows’ it is “dancing with joy for her arrival.”

I Feel Love



Toby Knapp Hot 99.5 – ADAM LAMBERT: NEVER CLOSE OUR EYES Goes To US Pop Radio! Apparantly satisfied with the older airplay on older adult radio stations but wanting to truly expose LAMBERT to the more global, hip and now, in tune with what’s next audience, RCA, Lambert’s label, is going on an all out blitz to try to get pop airplay with his new single!

Gather – Adam Lambert Returns to G-A-Y Club “G-A-Y Club is London’s “largest gay and lesbian party,” that offers concerts from artists normally associated with Arena and Stadium performances. The date for Adam Lambert’s concert at G-A-Y has not yet been revealed. However, Adam has stated that he will be in the UK in June and July rehearsing with Queen for their upcoming concerts this summer in London, Moscow, and Poland. Therefore, local fans can expect the show to probably be in the next couple of months.”

NileRodgers – Adam Lambert and Diana Ross – Fun photos and a playlist!





Gawker – Adam Lambert: As Faggy As He Wants To Be “Getting over the fear of being called a faggot really opens up the possibilities of how you represent yourself – you can be as masculine and/or as feminine as you are and/or see fit at a moment’s notice…Adam Lambert’s consistently electrifying second album, Tresspassing (out this week), is that freedom set to music…There is a deliciously matter-of-fact approach to the overt gayness throughout – on the Maroon 5-ish “Shady,” Lambert reveals plainly enough to go undetected unless you’re really paying attention, “I throw more shade than a cloudy day.” Elsewhere, he sings about his friend’s friend Eddie with a “persuasive” “dirty mind,” he implores some prey he spots while on the hunt to “Get your ass down to the front, go on and pull it out, I dare you,” and he uses the words “ass” and “load” in sequential sentences. He best sums up his entire mindset here in the homage to/rip-off of Berlin’s “No More Words,” “Cuckoo”: “I’m cocked and I’m ready to go.”…There’s almost nothing here that a straight dude could get away with singing. On Tresspassing, Lambert is here, queer and it sure sounds like he’s used to it. It’s a boon to his art.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – Adam Lambert: Trespassing “He’s trashy and unsubtle on tracks such as “Naked Love” and “Shady,” but he has the pipes to sell the neo-Prince fantasy. On the second half, he regresses toward standard modern-pop ballads like “Better Than I Know Myself,” and he sells that processed melodrama, too. Lambert doesn’t really need to prove he has the goods, but it’s fun to hear him do it anyway.”



@annehedonia1310:25 p.m. ET iTunes #Trespassing @adamlambert



Deluxe Edition sold out!!

via @plumcomm



Entire iHeart Radio performance!!

Nelly Furtado on Capital FM – Talks about Adam!



@Byroncooke@adamlambert just killed it on Idol …& he will join me NEXT week on-air!!! Details to follow!!!! #ncoe #trespassing
@MichaelSlezakTVThey should maybe just let @adamlambert do two songs at this point, cut all the awful tension and everything, right?

@N3wG3neration: 1-800-OOFTA “@insomniac19: What number do I dial to vote for Adam Lambert?!#AdamOnIdol””


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8 Comments leave one →
  1. annehedonia permalink
    May 17, 2012 11:38 pm

    My first thought re: the adornment on Adam’s pinkie: He’s morphing into the vocal equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife.

  2. May 18, 2012 5:56 am

    I just recived my deluxe edition yesterday. It is much different than
    “For You Entertainment”, which by the way I loved and played it over and
    over. But “Trespassing” I like better. Adam has definitely matured and
    even though he could be wearing a gunney sack, his look is different and
    he looks absolutely great! Well, just woke up. Have to listen to my CD
    now. Always love Adam!!!

  3. May 18, 2012 8:03 am

    Got my Trespassing Deluxe yesterday…omg…nothing like driving to work on a Friday…with your stereo blasting out the bombastic…fantastic…ultra fine adam…yeah baby!

  4. kat23morg permalink
    May 18, 2012 11:00 am

    Adam is number one in new releases at amazon..yeah…number three on best selling (donna summer is number due to news yesterday) rip ds…i remember dancing to all her stuff…ahhh…disco days…so much fun…now al is making us put on our dancing shoes…thanks adam..luv ya

  5. May 18, 2012 7:04 pm

    got my deluxe album today made the day so much better

  6. shaunna permalink
    May 18, 2012 7:29 pm

    I was at Idol. It was unbelievably amazing.

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