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Adam Lambert Daily Update – May 17, 2012

May 17, 2012

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I’m putting my eggs in the basket here and putting myself on the line. Why shouldn’t I?”



Program your DVRs…

…and reminisce by revisting our posts from the two previous Idol guest appearances

In 2011, Juneau simply swooned: Perfect Aftermath

On the 2010 appearance, Juneau and Xena duke it out!  On Art and Excess  vs. On Art and Interpretation – Lone Wolf



Still sitting at #1 on iTunes, and in a race to be the #1 album on the Billboard charts this week!!

We heard that 7 songs off the album were in the top 200 iTunes songs some time during the day Wednesday. We weren’t able to confirm this. Did anyone get screencaps?

@cmolanphy: 1wk after POTUS announcmt.,America’s 1st No1 album by an out gay man is looking real

The Village Voice – THREE DIVAS VIE FOR THE CROWN: Adele, Carrie Underwood and Adam Lambert in a Three-Way Race for #1  “While it’s still early in the week, a three-way battle is shaping up for #1 between Adele and Carrie Underwood, both of which will have substantial post-Mother’s Day drops, and Adam Lambert, who appears to be trending to the high end of expectations.  The former American Idol runner-up and 19/RCArecording artist’s sophomore album, Trespassing, looks set to debut with between 70-80k, which will at least put him in the running for a chart-topping bow.”

Billboard – Adam Lambert Aiming for No. 1 on Billboard 200 “”Good News! Adam Lambert is vying for his first No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 chart next week. Bad News: His “Trespassing” set may only sell around 70,000 to 80,000 copies by the end of the tracking week on Sunday, May 20, so say industry sources. It could mark the smallest sum at No. 1 on the chart since last August (chart dated Aug. 20), when Adele’s “21” sold 76,000 in its 12th nonconsecutive week atop the list, according to Nielsen SoundScan. But don’t break out the bubbly just yet. “Trespassing” may be blocked from the top slot next week by either Carrie Underwood’s current champ, “Blown Away,” or Adele’s “21.” Both albums could sell perhaps 65,000 to 75,000.”



@milestougeaux 30 year old fantasy comes true: Holding my son’s first LP
@milestougeaux Vinyl: cuz no one has ever rolled a decent joint on an ipod



The Hollywood Reporter – Adam Lambert Performs 9-Song Set on ‘Trespassing’ Release Day (Video) “After kicking off the set with the album’s title track, the 30-year-old American Idol alum told the packed crowd of radio winners, “I’m so happy I finally got [the album] out to you guys!” (Trespassing had originally been scheduled for a March 20 release.) The 200-strong crowd of so-called Glamberts answered back with chants of “Number one! Number one!” — which is exactly where Trespassing ended up on iTunes less than 24 hours after going on sale.

Photos © Kristen Winter / iHeartRadio

More photos from Z100


Broken English




May 26, 2012 – Adam Lambert, Javier Colon, & Jermaine Paul in Concert. Time change to 4:00-8:00PM.



Wow, the mainstream media are finally starting to recognize the extraordinary impact Adam is having on people’s lives…

Adam Lambert AOL Essay Contest: Read Winner Antoinnette’s Touching Tribute to Adam “”Aftermath” was the song that changed my life. It brought me close to my child and it changed my way of thinking. The song itself brought back the time when I just couldn’t connect with my son. Each word brought back the secrets and lies the frustration and anger. You see, while I am a straight woman, I do have a gay son. For years he hid the real him because he felt he couldn’t trust a soul. I’ve been brought to tears on several occasions by the very words of “Aftermath,” because now, it represents to me what I didn’t know then…”



Chicago Tribune – “Tresspassing” gives glimpses into the true Adam Lambert 4.5 out of 5 stars. “After the aforementioned “Chokehold,” the standard edition of the album ends with “Outlaws of Love,” a track that couldn’t be better-timed to coincide with the peak (so far) of the gay marriage debates. “You say we’ll rot in hell/Well, I don’t think we will,” he sings, and if that line won’t go down with the greatest anti-homophobe rejoinders ever, he brings a beautifully tortured languor to lyrics about lovers who have “nowhere to grow old… always on the run.” It’s a song that might move you no matter where you live, but inspire even more of a chill if you happen to be in the humidity of North Carolina.”

Yahoo Music Canada – Adam Lambert Actually Quite Good Shock! “The new album is slickly produced–almost annoyingly so–but filled with hooky, catchy pop tunes that are commercial but not pandering and, as such, seems an actual piece of art rather than a by-product of a dreary television show. If he’d not spent an entire season singing other people’s songs–other people’s well-known songs–I might be more inclined to view the tunes here as revealing more about his personality than his vocal adeptness, but I’m not sure that means much in the overall scheme of things. This is polished, respectable work, and I’m happy to say I like it. He sure is a snappy dresser!”

Toronto Sun – Mayer, Nelson top CD reviews “3 stars out of 5. Trespassing is the least of it. Glambert’s dance-oriented second disc also finds him committing identity theft (many cuts blatantly borrow from Jacko, Queen and Prince), engaging in conspiracy (with collaborators Pharell, Bruno Mars and Dr. Luke) and impersonating a pop diva (some cuts sound more like Katy or Britney). The worst offence of all? He fails to be fabulous at all times.”

Idolator – Adam Lambert’s ‘Trespassing’: Review Revue Sums up some of the reviews to date: “Some critics seem to agree that the first half of the album is a glitter-drenched pop-dance workout, while the latter half is a bit ballad-heavy. Read what the Internet at large had to say about Adam’s new record below, then let us know your own thoughts on Trespassing.”



The Hollywood Reporter – Adam Lambert on Music Biz Mistakes, Triumphs and One ‘Ballsy’ Request for Exec Producer Credit (Q&A) “. In the beginning I had a meeting in New York with the heads of the label, Peter Edge and Tom Corson, right after I got off the road when I started the writing process. We had a great conversation during a lunch meeting where we just leveled with each other. I was like, “Look, if there’s something that you don’t like, just tell me.” And they were, like, “Okay, cool.” We just called out all the pretense and the bullshit and said let’s have fun with this and really communicate because we want the same thing. So let’s figure out how to do it. A lot of artists that I’ve heard about and read about are at odds with certain parts of the business and I didn’t want that. I wanted to have a very open, fun experience.”

LA Weekly – Adam Lambert: Now 50% More Fabulous “”The beauty of this album is that, at the end of the day, anyone can relate to it. It’s not specific. It’s about the human experience. What it could accomplish in the larger picture is to say, ‘Hey, you know what, I’m different, I’m gay, and we go through the same shit. You feel the same way about relationships as I do. You want to go out and get drunk and get crazy, too. You had your heart broken, too.’ It’s kind of post-gay. It’s a post-gay record.””

LA Weekly

Celebuzz – Adam Lambert’s Advice to ‘American Idol’ Contestants: ‘Maintain Your Own Integrity as an Artist’ (EXCLUSIVE) ““The transition from a TV talent contest to mainstream radio is really tricky. It is a whole other industry. The rules are different. Your music is based on a lot more than just popularity. The hardest thing about the show is maintaining your own integrity as an artist. You have to work hard. Nothing happens instantly after the show,” he advises.

MTV – [VIDEO] ADAM LAMBERT SAYS NO ‘TRESPASSING’ ON ANYONE’S RIGHTS: ‘WORRY ABOUT YOURSELF’ “Jay-Z certainly isn’t the only one standing with President Barack Obama on same-sex marriage. Just a few weeks ago, we asked out-and-proud “American Idol” alum Adam Lambert, whose sophomore album Trespassing is out now, about how he felt toward the direction LGBT rights was headed in. His word: hopefully marriage equality moves forward. We can only imagine how he reacted to the President’s announcement! (Like this, perhaps?)…

Instinct – Swag Suite: Adam Lambert “Trespassing” “Instinct‘s current cover star is back and better then ever with his dance pop sophomore release. If you couldn’t tell after reading our May issue, Trespassing stands to make Adam Lambert even more of a star than he already is.  Want to hear for yourselves? Infiltrate this week’s Swag Suite for a chance to win the highly anticipated second studio release from Adam Lambert, Trespassing!

@AdamLambertBEAdam in the Sunday paper in Belgium!! pic via@ZitaD93 :))



@ fofobenzo Just had a Kiki with Adam Lambert in Pat Fields @ Patricia Field



@Byroncooke: @adamlambert fans Im selling in #ncoe to our music director!! Gonna see if we can spin it across Australia on @fifiandjules soon!

@MoonbeamJo Omg @adamlambert You have 2 released singles & 4 unreleased singles charting on ITunes Pop!!! Congrats!!!

@milestougeaux@TommyJoeRatliff IHeartRadio Broken English bridge solo was mighty tasty. Very nice stuff that will keep getting better. Double Cheers!
@milestougeaux@TommyJoeRatliff And the Cuckoo breakdown at the end was pretty awesome too
@FoxVegas@adamlambert U OWN pop music market now, dude! Reviews killing, music stunning, fandom enchanted, yr dad’s happy w/vinyl~as good as it gets!
@sutanamrull@adamlambert i think i smacked my own ass (a few times) to a few of the tracks!! #koookoooo I LOVE!!!


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  1. May 17, 2012 4:15 pm

    will have to record idol tonight as my son will be on stage performing at the same time as Adam and even though i adore Adam beyond anything my son comes first always so will have to watch it tomorrow or late tonight

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