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Adam Lambert Daily Update – May 16, 2012

May 16, 2012

By Juneau and Xena Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook

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Twitter erupts!

@adamlambert: Wow!! #Trespassing is sitting nice and high on the itunes chart! What a great sight to wake-up to! Thank you all for checking it out!!

@KeishaRenee: I wanna give a BIG SHOUT OUT to my boss @adamlambert for having the #1 album on iTunes in the US!! Next it’s the WORLD!! Congrats Man 🙂

@jambajim #todaystune: Adam Lambert – Cuckoo Trespassing out NOW! Congrats on LP #2, @adamlambert!!

@adamlambert: #1 on Itunes?! Yes!!!! #Trespassing

RT @smilerobismile: Runnin’ is at #109 on iTunes pop..the highest among Trespassing singles

@GallagherWitt: I think @adamlambert should have titled “Underneath” something like “All Your Grammy Awards Are Belong to Me.” It’s that awesome.#srsly

@YellowsistaBert: LOL I love the fact that #BuyAdamLambertTrespassing is TT at #1 in NZ – it doesn’t come out here for 3 more days \o/

@homotography: blasting the new @adamlambert album non-stop. Brilliant stuff!

@ClaudeKelly1m: Ummm have u bought #Trespassing, the new album from @adamlambertyet? Go! Now! That’s an order.

@KrisAllen: My friend @adamlambert came out with his new album today! #Trespassing Got to listen to it yesterday…

@hausofoh: Woah, @AdamLambert’s new album really is pretty incredible. I’m pleasantly impressed with #Trespassing.

@adamlambert: @KrisAllen @ClaudeKelly @EdenEspinosa @LoveMrSpencer@TaylorG90 @ninagarcia @AnoopDoggDesai thanks for the support!



@LambritsUK: Livestreams for Adam Lambert’s appearance on American Idol 17th May

CBS – Adam Lambert, Scars On 45 To Play Free Concert In Golden Gate Park  Lambert will be hitting the stage for Alice@97.3‘s annual Summerthing in Hellman Hollow on Sunday, June 24th long withScars on 45 and others to be announced. For complete details, go to

Adam Lambert Fan Club – BREAKING NEWS:  We are happy to announce that Adam has just been confirmed to play the OC Fair in Costa Mesa, CA on July 19th!  More importantly, presale tickets will be available to fan club members ONLY at 10am PST TOMORROW morning right here on!!






Broken English

Never Close Our Eyes

Kickin In


Adam introduces the band and backup singers



Billboard, Ryan Pfluger

Rolling Stone – Trespassing 4 stars!!!!! “So here’s the great pop album everybody was hoping Adam Lambert would make, ever since he ran wild on American Idol three years ago. It wasn’t just Glambert’s dynamite-with-a-laser-beam voice that got him into our national knickers: It was his warmth, his humor, his burlesque bravado.”

The Hollywood Reporter – Adam Lambert’s ‘Trespassing’: Track-By-Track ““Broken English” – The sort of epic song that would make great film music, retool with a bombastic mix and a little more orchestration and it could be the next James Bond theme. As it stands, this melodic sure-to-be fan favorite shows the softer side of Adam Lambert — less glam rocker and more like the guy you take home to mom.”

Billboard – Adam Lambert’s “Trespassing” Track by Track – “Because of the outlandishness embedded in everything he touches, it’s easy to not take Adam Lambert seriously. This, of course, is a mistake. “Trespassing” continues the work of the underrated “For Your Entertainment” and allows the singer to keep unveiling his character in broad, colorful strokes. The lesson with Adam Lambert is the same now as it was when he was burning up “Idol” three years ago — underestimate him at your own risk.”

USA Today – Adam Lambert’s ‘Trespassing’: A track-by-track review “The big question for Trespassing is, though, is this: Can it win Adam new followers from the dance scene? So far, radio — especially the Top 40 format — hasn’t embraced theTrespassing singles the way it did Whataya Want From Me. These days, the Top 40 dance floor is crowded with the likes of Rihanna, Pitbull and Calvin Harris. EDM has had only limited success over the airwaves, so if Adam expands his audience with Trespassing, it may be more of an underground, word-of-mouth movement.”

The Miami Herald – Adam Lambert breaks into dance clubs with lively ‘Trespassing’ “Few of these multilayered songs require the stellar sort of complex and operatic vocal performances Lambert delivered on Idol’s eighth season. (His striking and creative performances of Mad World or Ring of Fire are two all-time Idol moments no one has approached since.) That said, most of the album’s first half, especially the funky Trespassing, proves irresistible contemporary dance-pop at its finest. Pity the album’s second half becomes mired in overproduced, melodramatic ballads that threaten to sink even a fine melody like Outlaws of Love, Lambert’s plea for equality.”

Northwest Herald – Music Reviews: Adam Lambert, Hot Water Music, Tenacious D “Adam Lambert came to dance on “Trespassing.” He also came to show off his voice. But, unfortunately, dance music isn’t always the best venue when putting your vocal chops on display.”

Post Crescent – Review: Adam Lambert goes dance pop on ‘Trespassing’ ““Underneath” is another one of those trademark Adam Lambert performance pieces, drenched in emotion and vocal gymnastics that would be perfectly suited to the Broadway stage. But Lambert has the talent to pull it off: Simply put, this guy probably has the best voice of any pop star working today. Even on less-than-stellar material, his soaring voice that then swoops down to a whisper can take your breath away.”



@annkpowers: So now that it’s officially out, what’s your fave track on Adam Lambert’s TRESPASSING? I’m feeling “Underneath” today.

LA Times – Adam Lambert braces for whirlwind with ‘Trespassing,’ Queen tour “”There will only be one Freddie Mercury. I’m not trying to imitate him. I’m not trying to outdo him. I’m just trying to sing great music that he wrote. It’s not that deep.” He laughs. “Although, yes, it is that deep, because it’s Queen! It means a lot to me personally.” As with Mercury, Lambert’s outré wardrobe, slinky stage moves and skyscraping vocals combined to create the image of a natural star…”When you write a pop song there’s a formula where by the end you’re doing these crazy ad libs,” [Bonnie McKee] says. “But Adam was like, ‘I don’t wanna do that this time.’ He wants to show a different side.””

Adam Lambert: The Beatweek Interview Scroll to page 94 to read this excellent, meaty interview: “Part of the great thing about writing from your own life is that I think people should wonder and should think about it and should analyze it and should try to deduce some sort of something from the lyrics. It’s certainly not as much fun if I sit here and spell it out for everybody.”

Entertainment Weekly – Adam Lambert’s second album, ‘Trespassing,’ hits today: EW rides along on his promotional tour  – “What’s a typical day like for Adam Lambert? We tagged along with the the Idol alum turned Grammy-nominated solo star — whose second studio album, Trespassing, hits stores today — as he juiced, jogged, and hung with Jimmy Kimmel on a recent Thursday in Los Angeles.”

The Village Voice – Q&A: Adam Lambert On Trespassing, Stankface, Tracking Nile Rodgers On Twitter, And Being An Out Pop Star In 2012 Another terrific interview with some fresh material. “I was at Burning Man, and up until the point of Burning Man we had done a handful of emotional dark stuff, some of which was really good and some that was a little kindergarten. I had written a few songs that were a little more throwback classic rock, which I’ve always kind of [enjoyed]. But I was looking for something. And I’m out on the playa on Burning Man in an art car with friends, and there’s so much dubstep. And I appreciate dubstep from a producing, technical point of view, but there’s no groove to a lot of it…And this little art car comes zipping by us just blasting Daft Punk. And our art car went from rocking to dubstep to immediately smiling and getting down with each other and touching each other. It just hit me in the head and I was like, “That’s the type of record I want.” It’s instant. It’s classic. It’s old, it’s young. It’s black, it’s white. Gay, straight. I was captivated by it.”

NewNowNext – How Long Will Adam Lambert Be a Star? “…it’s not a great sign that the singles from Trespassing have been ignored by radio and consumers, barely cracking the Billboard charts. I have argued that the songs aren’t good enough to interest the general public, and if the general public isn’t interested, they stop paying attention fast. However, the rest of Trespassing is pretty good, and critics have given it strong reviews. I may not like “Never Close Our Eyes,” but I love the Michael Jackson swagger of of “Kickin’ In” and the rock-n-roll rush of the title song (posted below). As you may recall, I also flipped for the gay rights anthem “Outlaws of Love.”…

GooglePlay – Adam Lambert: Exclusive Interview (VIDEO) “In our video interview, the refreshingly down-to-earth Lambert gets deep discussing his shift from performing unconditionally for our entertainment to unleashing his inner outsider with Trespassing. Handling his own writing, producing and even personal styling this time around, Lambert collaborated with songwriting heavyweights like Pharrell Williams and Dr. Luke; the resulting ear candy moves from rousing dance-pop anthems to disco-synth detours and, of course, belted, heartbreaking ballads like lead single “Better Than I Know Myself.” See what Adam had to say about making all of the above in this revealing video interview.”

VEVO – Adam Lambert Talks About His New Trespassing Album (VIDEO) “There’s lots of notice about this one. Billboard broke it down it down track by track, andEntertainment Weekly broke Lambert’s typical day down hour by hour. The Village Voice has a sharp Q&A with him as well. We’ll be premiering his video for “Never Close Our Eyes” next week. Until then, check Adam explaining his latest creation.”



Gorgeous scans from Japan’s InRock magazine (via @Koyumi_Adam)




@jam2885: Fox Five News talks about ADAM LAMBERT’s iHeartRadio Concert in NYC 5-15-12 on their news broadcast.



@Ala4afam: Just in case u guise are wondering! The THIRD Adam Lambert/Queen sold out today in London! \o/

@Andbren: @nilerodgers I’m heading to Z100 bldg, seeing Adam performs 4 iHart at 5pm

@nilerodgers: @Andbren Cool. I’ll DM @adamlambert. The peeps at Z100 are old friends of mine. I’m very happy for him. I couldn’t happen to a nicer guy

@brianlondon: Food poisoning sux…… Can’t even keep water down. Still got a show to do! Let’s go!@adamlambert


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  1. May 16, 2012 6:30 pm

    all i can say is LOVE LOVE LOVE Trespassing

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