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Adam Lambert Daily Update – May 15, 2012

May 15, 2012

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Here’s the full Week in Review

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iTunes banner, screendapped by @jristen



 @adamlambert #GMAadam !!! So excited!!

Televised live from Good Morning America’s Times Square Studios. Adam’s performance was broadcast at around 8:45AM. Here’s the GMA site with the video.

Set list – Only NCOE was broadcast in full. Snippets of the rest were shown; hoping to have more online… This was the first live performance of “Shady” and “Kickin’ In”. Lucky fans who were there!! Share your experience with fans by posting comments below. Thanks!!

  1. Shady
  2. Kickin’ In
  3. Never Close Our Eyes
  4. Trespassing

Synposis of GMA, as only The Home Planet can do it: ADAM ON GMA! THE PIGS ARE FLYING!!! THE DEVIL IS WEARING A WOOLY SWEATER!

Screencaps of GMA segment by @lilybop


HQ Photos from Adam_Pictures

@adam_pictures: If you would like to help me with you can donate using the button at the bottom on the site. Money will go to new pics!

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Interview with Adam Lambert on GMA – Barbra Streisand and Adam duet? Why not? “That jacket is hot”

Short clip of Shady by @CarribeanPirat

@adamlambert Naptime



@VH1: Hey #glamberts, what do you think of @adamlambert’s metallic nails?

VH1 Morning Buzz – Adam talks python boots, gay marriage and Obama

Chris Colfer and Adam Lambert hug on VH1 Big Morning Buzz



Sonic Sauce!!! #BBAdam

Great interview at Billboard. Highlights: The NCOE video has been edited. Now in post-production. A little sci fi energy. Very cinematic. Inspired by a couple of films. There will be a “visual illusion” of Freddie at the Queen concerts. Don’t know what it is. Gives Justin Bieber props for keeping things together for someone so young. Love new Estelle album and “Major” on Out of Frequency album of Asteroids Galaxy Tour: Mardi Gras on acid; cool. Who is he as an artist now? Hard to sum it up. There’s always an element of people-pleasing, especially in pop music. Balancing that with a certain amount of integrity. What do I like? [Re: Trespassing] I don’t get sick of the songs, I love singing them. It’s the communication of the meaning of the songs with the audience, that’s it. That’s what it’s about. With this album, biggest evolution is, it’s me. On Idol, a certain amount of pageantry. I was strategizing, like a politician. With this album “the doors are open.”



@adamlambertIf you’re in NYC come to 4th and Broadway by 6:30! Performing at MLB Fan Cave! Sound is Gold and the Walls are glass -come on baby u can see

@ovationimpact: Look familiar? an east coast adam over nite line@talatzkomom2@VicStiX @johnspppofp “@MLBFanCave Queue of Adam fans

MLB – Lambert gives performance at MLB Fan Cave “Adam Lambert’s new album, “Trespassing,” drops on Tuesday, and the “glambassador” of pop appeared on the eve of its release to perform seven songs with his band during the MLB Fan Cave Concert Series. Look for the artist feature in coming days, including exclusive videos from the concert, which included the title song along with the singles “Kickin In,” “Shady,” “Broken English,” “Cuckoo,” “Never Close Our Eyes” and his first hit, “Whataya Want from Me.””

Videos via @cutiepie and @virg1877

Broken English

Kickin In


Whatay Want From Me

Adam intros the band


Never Close Our Eyes

@adamlambert: Thank u all for coming tonight! Sorry had to jet— I need some serious sleep. Long, wonderful day. 🙂



Newsday – Adam Lambert’s ‘Trespassing’ “Trespassing” does have its serious moments, including the touching ballad “Outlaws of Love,” which seems to defend same-sex marriage, as Lambert wraps his voice around the lines “They say we’ll rot in hell, but I don’t think we will. They’ve branded us enough — outlaws of love.” The way Lambert twists it into Radiohead-styled prog-rock — and back again through his phrasing — is a great trick. However, “Runnin’ ” trumps it, taking a standard pop song and arranging it into a thrilling, dramatic dance anthem. “Trespassing” shows that Lambert is too good to waste time trying to please the pop masses. They’ll catch up eventually.”

Houston Chronicle – Lambert’s ‘Trespassing’ is fierce and flashy “There’s a lot going on throughout “Trespassing,” but it’s to Lambert’s credit that he never drowns in excess. He’s a capable enough singer to not only keep his head above water but also to make almost every moment soar.”

Slant – Adam Lambert Trespassing (3.5 stars) – “The album’s strongest tracks, then, are those on which the hooks and production are robust enough to stand up to Lambert’s force-of-nature performances. The two obvious standouts, “Kickin’ In” and the title track, were both produced by Pharrell Williams, the former splitting the difference between Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” and Justin Timberlake’s “LoveStoned,” both of which are fine dance tracks from which to draw inspiration, while the foregrounded bass and heavy percussion of “Trespassing” favorably recalling Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust.” Both tracks are among Williams’s strongest work in years, and they represent a clever, on-point blend of some of Lambert’s most obvious influences. Even better is “Shady,” on which the singer embraces the sleaziest, most tawdry aspects of his public persona. Nile Rodgers lays down a bassline that’s just outright filthy, and Lambert’s multi-tracked vocals make for one long, protracted come-on.”

After Elton – Review: Adam Lambert’s “Trespassing” Is Manna From Glitter Heaven “”He got words that rhyme, he got a dirty mind.” In fact, this track harkens back to the Prince classic “Dirty Mind.” It’s also one of the most irresistible songs on the album, with its story of … liquid euphoria. Best Lyric: “She puts the shot glass down, she asks for another round. She wants to hit the clouds, honey are you up there now?””

Washington Times – LISTENING STATION: Adam Lambert, Willie Nelson ““Trespassing” is perpetually over-the-top — even absurd at points, especially during the schmaltzy, operatic ballads that dominate the second half — but it’s also a career-defining album for Mr. Lambert, who sounds elated to finally let his true colors shine.” Comment about FYE as presenting Adam in a ‘sanitized, family-friendly format’ has us scratching our heads!

HitFix – Album Review: Adam Lambert’s continuing evolution on ‘Trespassing’ “Ready or not, Lambert is kicking down the door. He’s not just coming in, he’s claiming a seat at the head of the table and you will be served…“Trespassing” shows tremendous evolution in Lambert as an artist who has something to say and he continues to figure out the best ways and the best partners to bring along in that exploration. Not every song resonates or hits it mark, but there’s not a lot more than you can ask of an artist than to travel the path that Lambert is clearly on.”

Washington Post – Quick Spin: ‘Trespassing,’ by Adam Lambert A rare negative review. “Most ex-contestants sound better with the more albums they put between themselves and their “Idol” handlers — Carrie Underwood and Chris Daughtry come to mind. But “Trespassing” goes against the trend: “FYE” was a winking ode to glittery, glam-y rawk; even its lesser songs didn’t sound like anybody else. But the dance-pop and house tracks of “Trespassing” could just as easily have been done by Rihanna or any number of faceless Euro stars.”



MSN – Adam Lambert: No Filters  – “How do you want fans to feel after they finish listening to “Trespassing” from start to finish? It does get a bit heavy at the end, so what they’ll probably want to do is hit repeat and go back to [the song] “Trespassing” again. Cycle through it one more time [(laughs)]. I just want people to feel that they got to know me better; that they got to trespass into my world and kind of enjoy me trespassing into theirs.

The Hollywood Reporter – The Evolution of Adam Lambert First of a week-long series! “But it was on Idol’s live shows that the then 27-year-old truly wowed with a keen sense of theatrics that made his performances tune-in musts. Since coming in second to Kris Allen, the rocker has been able to spread his wings far beyond continental borders, touring internationally with his Glam Nation trek in 2010 and collaborating with the iconic British band Queen.

Associated Press – Adam Lambert talks new album, ‘Idol’ knock-offs “Being on stage is part of what makes me tick and is my inspiration. When I created a lot of these songs, I would think of the visuals in my head: “How would I stage this? What would the music video look like? What would I wear? What colors are going on? What things are happening?” I’m a very visual person. Some people create a soundtrack in their head, but I create a movie in my head to my soundtrack.”

Adam Lambert Takes Idolator’s This Is Your Career! Quiz (VIDEO) “Since we’ve been following Adam’s career from the very start, we wanted to see if the pop star was paying as much attention as we were. Watch above to see if Glambert could recall his past Idol experiences, if he was on-point with his chart history, and if he knew other obscure tid-bits from his time in the spotlight. Do you know more about Adam’s career than he does?

ABC – Adam Lambert Through the Years (SLIDE SHOW) – Gaaah!



@idolsnow: ADAM LAMBERT’s “Never Close Our Eyes” jumps 34-32 with a bullet on the Adult Top 40 Audience chart.

USA Today – Idols on the radio: Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood

  • 9 (no change from last week) Adam Lambert, Whataya Want From Me (1203, down from 1334)
  • 48 (from 53) Adam Lambert, Never Close Our Eyes (263)
  • 50 (from 36) Adam Lambert, Better Than I Know Myself (225)
  • 69 (from 71) Adam Lambert, If I Had You (112)

Multiple Trending Today…

@OutsideEdgePR We’re looking forward to seeing @adamlambert perform on GMA!Trending worldwide Glamberts! #AdamOnGMA #GMAAdam

Posted by @glam_alidol

@glam_alidol#BuyAdamLambertTrespassing is trending worldwide@adamlambert

Posted by @glam_alidol



@nilerodgersI went out for a walk and missed @Adamlambert. I can’t believe that he was on GMA today 😦

@RandomMedley@GMA just said its officially the biggest crowd ever. I wonder why @adamlambert

@ToxicLED: Old guy asking us why we’re in line. “Wait is that guy *points to poster* Adam? He was on TV this morning! His voice was phenoooomenal!”

@sterlewine Among 2012’s big pop albums there are few that I’ve enjoyed as much as Trespassing, the new Adam Lambert

 @adamlambertHappy Birthday @leecherry !!!
@deanpiperEn route to We Will Rock You with Mumma P. Kinda excited now. Never seen it. Lots of celebs going tonight too!
@adamlambert@deanpiper have fun Dean!!!

@milestougeaux: @IsaacTheCarp Dude, youre the unsung hero back there. Impeccable meter, fills , sound, the whole enchilada. Cheers!

@LAMBERTLUST: SF Glamberts #TRESPASSING release party! Update! If you weren’t able to contact me please just show up anyway!


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