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Adam Lambert’s Idol Feast – Crying & One

May 14, 2012

“Because he is a pumpkin pie of a person” — Quotes about Adam from TWOP’s “Jacob”. Reposted by Gypsy Scribbles, These are so vivid and entertaining, they just called out to be combined with the performance videos for a multimedia journey back down this beloved memory lane.

The crowd goes wild, and either it’s real or there’s a great edit that makes it seem as though he and his father are having a total moment. It gave me chills either way, because A) when your Dad looks at you like that, you can automatically do anything, and B) if Adam was my son, I would look at him like that every second of every day.

Yeah, but the last part’s pretty bold. Adam takes it in the whoa-inducing sense it was intended, and Simon makes a joke about how the song choice was excellent (Have you noticed he only makes these lame little jokes with Adam, and always goes, “just kidding!” afterwards? I think he likes making Adam giggle almost as much as he does Ryan) and says that it was a brilliant performance.


Adam’s like, “Some lady took her top off and came running across the stage in my hometown so yeah, I have effectively left the bubble.” Ain’t no crazy like motherfucking San Diego crazy. Those people will blow your mind. He puts makeup on some newscaster and discusses shoes with another one and charms the pants off the like three people in the world that still have uncharmed pants, and it’s a whirlwind.

Gokey informs Ryan that his timetable is unacceptable, and that it’s stupid to waste time with commercials and pimpmercials and Jordin Sparks and Katy Perry when we could all be finding out what’s going on with Danny Gokey. Awesomely, somebody cracks Adam up during this whine speech by yelling “I WANT TO SEE KATY PERRY,” calling Danny on his pointlessness and giving Ryan a platform to explain to Danny Gokey that this is not Ryan’s poor planning or secret vendetta against Danny, but in fact reality that is the problem. Again. (I think it was actually Adam who said he wanted to see Katy Perry, which makes this so much more awesome.)

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  1. May 15, 2012 10:38 am

    love the cape

  2. Scootersmom permalink
    May 19, 2012 2:38 pm

    Adam’s “shy” replies when asked about all the women who lust after him is so hilarious to me! He’s no baby, when he looks in a mirror, and when he sings a song looking like he does, he knows exactly what he’s doing to every woman who lays eyes on him…all just purely lusting after him. And even tho it’s not his game, I don’t blame him one bit for using all his talents to get ahead and become the iconic phenomenom he is becoming.

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