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May 13, 2012

We’re collecting the best of the news, reviews, stats and more about Adam Lambert’s much-anticipated sophomore album “Trespassing”. As always, we are grateful for help from fellow fans!


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#1 Billboard Album Charts on May 24, 2012

Worldwide Success of Trespassing (Stats from Request Adam Lambert)

#1 on iTunes on May 15, 2012

Debuts as #1 Album on Billboard 200

July 16, 2012 – The Official Charts Company reports that “former American Idol contestant Adam Lambert scores his highest charting UK album to date with Trespassing new in at Number 16.”

“Never Close Our Eyes” debuts in the U.K. at #17







New York Times  – Adam Lambert Tops the Billboard Chart Adam Lambert has a mixed victory on the Billboard chart this week. With his latest release, “Trespassing” (RCA), he has scored his first No. 1 album, and he is the seventh “American Idol” finalist to reach the top spot on the chart. But with music sales slow, it had the least sales for a No. 1 album in almost a year.”

Rolling Stone – On the Charts: Adam Lambert Makes History WINNER OF THE WEEK: Adam Lambert. (And American Idol, whose past and present eras make their presence known on the charts this week). Lambert’s Trespassing album debuts at Number One on Billboard‘s album chart by selling 77,000 copies, making the one-time Idol runner-up the first openly gay male artist to top the chart.”

Adam Lambert First Out LGBT Artist With #1 Album Debut – We’ve gathered articles in major media and blogs about Adam’s historic achievement here.

“Trespassing” wins Billboard’s 2012 Best Album Mid-year Poll “Other big winners from the Mid-Year Music Awards poll included Adam Lambert, whose sophomore disc “Trespassing” was the favorite album to top the Billboard 200 so far in 2012.” And “Never Close Our Eyes” takes #2 spot for Best Music Video.



Salon – 2012’s best – so far! “LISTEN Adam Lambert, “Trespassing.” Adam Lambert is one of the few pop stars with the chops to craft cohesive albums, not just indelible singles. “Trespassing” is a sleek collection encompassing retro-minded funk, slinky disco, hi-NRG techno, robo-pop and soulful ballads. More impressive is Lambert’s versatility: He’s such a talented vocalist, he can handle sensitive tunes and dance-floor jams without missing a beat. On the kaleidoscopic synth-pop surge “Broken English,” he channels a young Simon LeBon; on “Shady,” he pants, vamps and seduces over an inimitable liquid groove from Nile Rodgers. And the album’s glammy title track, which sounds like “Another One Bites the Dust” at Studio 54, more than validates his side gig as Queen’s lead singer.”

Rolling Stone – Mid-year Report: The Best Albums of 2012 So Far – Adam Lambert, Trespassing Read the RS review: “So here’s the great pop album everybody was hoping Adam Lambert would make, ever since he ran wild on American Idol three years ago . . . All over Trespassing, Glambert sings everything like Zeus in a thong.”

People 10 Hot Albums via @Margie32127



Also see April 8-15, 2012 issue for lots of reviews of NCOE

New York Daily News – Album Review: Adam Lambert “Trespassing” “As serviceably catchy as most of the songs may be, it’s only Lambert’s performance that raises them above radio fodder. His vocal attack remains a dizzying mix of the awesome and the absurd…The latter cut [Underneath] means to reveal Lambert’s inner life, his secret vulnerability. While in reality he must have some, his deepest value as a singer, and a star, is his riveting certitude. That’s both politically potent (given his role as an out gay man), and artistically riveting: It’s the sound of liberation achieved.”

Yahoo – Adam Lambert’s ‘Trespassing’: It’s That Deep “Trespassing is a full realization of the new Lambert signature sound: a rare strain of electropop that manages to be both mindlessly hedonistic and sublimely sophisticated at the same time…”

Rolling Stone review of album – 4 stars!! Rob Sheffield writes “Trespassing delivers, with a mix of tinsel disco-club sleaze and leather-boy love ballads. While he excels in a radio cheddar bom like “Naked Love,” he gets deeper in slow jams like “Underneath” and “Outlaws of Love.” But all over Trespassing, Glambert sings everything like Zeus in a thong.” Key tracks: “Shady”, “Outlaws of Love”

Auditory Slam – Adam Lambert – Trespassing Review “Running: wow! just wow! My favorite track by far, thus far. Superb vocal delivery here over a track that just swirls around you like a tornado…While there are a few songs here that I think could/should have been left off, this CD really has a great number of songs that impress even me, one of his biggest critics. This has monster hit written all over it…Kudos Mr. Lambert, Kudos. You’ve made me believe.”

EQ – Album Review: “Trespassing” by Adam Lambert “I really can’t say enough good things about this album; it’s extremely strong, cohesive and deep, which you really don’t find in pop. I’ll be the first one to tell you that I’m an extremely harsh critic of most mainstream pop music. I have very high standards when it comes to pop, because so many pop artists skate by with minimal talent and maximal production and vocal enhancements. What I love so much about Adam is that he’s an artist who is not only overflowing with talent and showmanship, but also has within himself the talent and creativity to create an original, unique and meaningful piece of work that shines brighter than all the rest. Trespassing is undoubtedly the pop album of the year and has raised the standard for everybody else out there.”

My Portis Wasp Says – Adam Lambert – ‘Trespassing’ |Album Review “Adam Lambert returns this year (next week to be semi-specific) with his sophomore record Trespassing, and trespass he does wasps in the most joyfully cocky of ways over the 15 tracks that make up what might just be the best album you’ll hear all year! A bold statement for sure, but Adam is the only boy I can think of right now in pop who is given equal access to the sickest of producers and songwriters working today as dominating ladies in pop like Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Ke$ha and Kelly Clarkson, but apart from the latter none of these poptarts however hard they try quite manage to rise above their expensive productions like this boy does.”

Spin or Bin Music Exclusive: Hear Adam Lambert’s New Album ‘Trespassing′ Before The Official Release Here! “So many amazing songs on this album including Kickin’ in, Runnin’, Naked Love, Broken English, Chokehold, and Underneath. I am totally in love with disco workout track Cuckoo and can’t stop playing it.”

Pop Heaven – JUDGEMENT DAY: POP HEAVEN OR HELL? ADAM LAMBERT’S “TRESPASSING” Track by track review: “In the next track, “Underneath,” Adam has written what could end up being the most breathtaking song of his career. Dark, emotional and atmospheric; it is a lyrical and sonic masterpiece in every way. (“Strip away the flesh and bone, look beyond the lies you’ve known, everybody wants to talk about a freak, no one wants to dig that deep, let me take you underneath…”) Imagine that Richard Marx wrote a confessional song about his dark side in the vein of Madonna’s “Ray of Light” album – then imagine it modern. One of the most haunting and beautiful songs, ever. Period.”

Idolator – Adam Lambert’s ‘Trespassing’: Check Out New Tracks & Adam’s Twitter Q&A! “We’ve pretty much been listening to Adam Lambert‘s Trespassing all day long, as the pop star’s sophomore album is currently streaming on Adam’s official site. To mark the occasion of his music finally reaching his fans’ ears, Lambert did a Q&A on Twitter this afternoon, answering his followers’ many queries — including what he thinks of Justin Bieber‘s Believe album cover art, which shares a similar design to his own album cover. Head below for Adam’s comments, as well as a few standout tracks from Trespassing that we just can’t get out of our head.”

Music that Goes Pop – Adam Lambert – Trespassing Album Leak + Review! “Adam Lambert’s Trespassing is a winner.  With a variety of songs as huge as his vocal range, yet feeling at the same time completely cohesive, Lambert’s sophomore album is on trend and yet doesn’t have an expiration date.”

Music Box Mix – Adam Lambert “Trespassing” album review “Fans have already heard snippets of all 15 songs on the Trespassing Deluxe Edition, however, the full tracks are even better, providing more funky electronic sounds and beautiful harmonies.”

ONTD – Check out Adam Lambert’s Full Album “Trespassing” – Now Streaming – Comments galore.

Popdust – Read the Reviews for All Twelve Tracks – Some excerpts:

  • Trespassing – “It’s the kind of glammed-out, us vs. them disco stomper that we’re always wanting to hear from Adam, and it’s a hell of a way to get the album going.”
  • Cuckoo – “… less wacky than workmanlike. You could isolate any five seconds, paste them over any given pop hit, and not get much difference.”
  • Shady – “It’s not quite as sleazy as we’d like Adam to one day get—baby steps, people—but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.”
  • Broken English – “The song’s high point comes before the final chorus, where a key change takes the song into alien territory, and Adam wails over it in a way that can only be described—by music critics anyway—as “haunting.””
  • Underneath – “Listening to “Underneath,” you wonder why “Better Than I Know Myself” wasn’t quietly tucked back into a drawer as a first draft. Everything the single was meant to accomplish actually gets accomplished here, fantastically.”
  • Outlaws of Love – “The restraint’s welcome, particularly in contrast to some of the Top 40-bait found elsewhere. It makes everything here resonate far more than it otherwise might have, and it closes Trespassing with dignity and quiet reserve.”
  • Kickin In – “Between this and the album’s title track, if Trespassing doesn’t help start a second-wave Neptunes renaissance (assuming Chad Hugo is still hanging around somewhere), it’ll be a low down dirty shame.”

Gather – Album Review: Adam Lambert – ‘Trespassing’ “It’s been a long time coming for Adam Lambert’s Trespassing album release, but definitely worth the wait! Although originally slated to drop last November, Adam took an extra few months to go in a different, funkier direction and to fine-tune it to perfection. The result shows that he has succeeded in his quest. The album comes chock full of obvious hits, including funky, up-beat dance tunes that rival any pop songs currently topping the charts. There are also ballads that will have listeners near tears, with haunting lyrics and gut-wrenching, soulful cries. All of the songs are relatable, regardless of age, race, gender or sexuality.”

EW – Trespassing (2012) Does this reviewer have a chip on her shoulder? More than 500 fans have spoken out so far, and Nile Rodgers weighed in too (see below). “Even after he came out in 2009, the eighth-season runner-up didn’t stop flirting with the straight crowd, indulging in classic-rock guitars and gender-neutral pronouns on his debut, For Your Entertainment.”

NewNowNext – Listen: Adam Lambert’s Beautiful Gay Rights Anthem “As the song builds, the singing stays rich and subtle while instruments drop in one by one. A guitar arrives, then some drums. A piano joins the fray, and eventually, Lambert himself gets loud. The overall effect makes me think of someone who’s trying to keep it together, who’s trying to handle himself in a hard situation. But he just keeps feeling and feeling and eventually… boom. His emotions explode…“Outlaws of Love” isn’t asking us to party. It’s defiant, yes, but it’s also wounded. And that’s a real part of being oppressed.In other words, this song is a vital new entry in pop music’s ongoing conversation about letting people be themselves.”

Advocate – EXCLUSIVE: Listen to Adam Lambert’s Song About LGBT Equality “”I wrote ‘Outlaws of Love’ to lament the LGBT community’s struggle for equal rights and acceptance,” the singer tells The Advocate. “It saddens me to think that we find ourselves essentially ‘outlawed’ in certain communities because of our basic human desire for companionship. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, however. I am thrilled that President Obama had the guts to speak out — even in an election year — for the traditional American values of justice and equality for all. It’s a bold step in the right direction.””

NY Daily News – Jim Farber’s Top Ten in music for Sunday, May 13, 2012 “1) Adam Lambert “Trespassing” The second studio album from “American Idol’s” best singer ever tips in a dancier direction. Yet it’s Lambert’s vocal mix — of the awesome and the absurd — that makes it such a charming hoot.” Others on the list include Norah Jones, Willie Nelson and Jack White.

All Music – Review “And he’s got some great hooks here, too: big, bright, insistent hooks powering songs that revel in their sleaziness. Lambert matches their appeal, singing with an untrammeled joy suggesting that he’s relishing an opportunity to make modern dance music…they sound like inevitable hits and prove that Lambert is a genuine pop star who has now leftAmerican Idol far behind.”

Entertainment Focus – Adam Lambert Trespassing “Trespassing combines pop, rock and electronica and it feels like this if the first time we’re actually getting to hear who Lambert is as a popstar; bold, daring and feisty…The best moments come when Lambert throws the pop formula out of the window and does what he wants. Shadyfeaturing Sam Sparro and Nile Rodgers is an early favourite as is the Pharrell produced Kickin’ In which is perfect for the dancefloor.”

David Atlanta – Adam Lambert’s “Trespassing” – “Trespassing is an arresting collection of fierce, funky dance tracks and deep, pensive ballads. Rather than mix the two styles, the album splits the two into separate halves. The first seven tracks serving as a non-stop barrage of sassy fun over dubstep-influenced pop.The tracks take on different styles. The title track and “Kickin’ In” both come from Pharrell, and include his signature production style. There’s more attitude on these two tracks alone than you’ll find on an entire Katy Perry album. “Shady,” meanwhile, pairs Adam with Sam Sparro and Nile Rodgers (of Chic fame), and is probably the single coolest song Adam’s recorded to date…Rating: A-

Boners & Bitches – Album Review Adam Lambert Trespassing  “I wont lie to anyone, I particularly didn’t think I’d like this album, only because For Your Entertainment was pretty lackluster, but damn it, I actually love it…”

Idol Chatter – Get ready to be reintroduced to Adam Lambert – “Adam Lambert releases “Trespassing” Tuesday, and get ready for one of the more audacious albums you’ve heard from a former Idol contestant.”

Que Te Faz Sorrir (Brazil) – Review Adam Lambert – “Trespassing” Via Google Translate: Trespassing: “The opening track and title of the disc can be considered a band that expresses both an attitude and aggressiveness. Adam shows ahalf-mad vocals here, and all its power and reach. The music is well andAdam’s face is hard to imagine this song in a different voice, from some other singer. The instruments are also very good, with some palms and an electric guitar in the end, which is a perfect finish.”

Under the Gun Review – ADAM LAMBERT – TRESPASSING “Adam Lambert is one of the few artists who make reality talent shows seem worthwhile. In a sea of indentical, fleeting wannabes, he stood out even during his American Idoldays as a talented and provocative artist and extravagant showman. This diligence and glamour has seeped into his music, which often represents the very best medley of his influences and which, more than anything, captures an infectious and jovial sense of fun. It is pop music and unashamedly so, but it’s sophisticated pop music – lavish, thoughtful, sublimely executed, with exquisite attention to detail.”

Trespassing review from Sweden’s biggest newspaper Aftonbladet (translation by @_ninni) – “The songs, which could have passed by as tiresome bubblegum pop, instead have both soul and personality thanks to Lambert’s rocky but still tender voice. In addition he has the ability to build up emotion in his melodies, without getting stuck in long boring sections.”

Softpedia – Adam Lambert “Trespassing” – Album Review “All in all, with “Trespassing,” Adam takes his fans on another crazy yet meaningful journey, one that exposes his bare soul and most intimate thoughts. Here is an artist who is not afraid to express himself and who, just as importantly, has what it takes to do it so gracefully and with purpose.  “Trespassing” is the best pop release of the year, so even those who don’t count themselves as his fans should at least give it a try.”

Dallas News – CD review: Adam Lambert steps wrong on dance album Can’t win ’em all. “…the most serious culprit is that his great voice is all but wasted in the busy overproduction and frenetically thumping dance sound. Badly sequenced, with precious few ballads relegated to the end of the disc, and largely anonymous, Trespassing sounds like disposable fare from a singer that should be exploring the varied dexterity of his vocals…”

Newsday – Adam Lambert’s ‘Trespassing’ “Trespassing” does have its serious moments, including the touching ballad “Outlaws of Love,” which seems to defend same-sex marriage, as Lambert wraps his voice around the lines “They say we’ll rot in hell, but I don’t think we will. They’ve branded us enough — outlaws of love.” The way Lambert twists it into Radiohead-styled prog-rock — and back again through his phrasing — is a great trick. However, “Runnin’ ” trumps it, taking a standard pop song and arranging it into a thrilling, dramatic dance anthem. “Trespassing” shows that Lambert is too good to waste time trying to please the pop masses. They’ll catch up eventually.”

Houston Chronicle – Lambert’s ‘Trespassing’ is fierce and flashy “There’s a lot going on throughout “Trespassing,” but it’s to Lambert’s credit that he never drowns in excess. He’s a capable enough singer to not only keep his head above water but also to make almost every moment soar.”

Slant – Adam Lambert Trespassing (3.5 stars) – “The album’s strongest tracks, then, are those on which the hooks and production are robust enough to stand up to Lambert’s force-of-nature performances. The two obvious standouts, “Kickin’ In” and the title track, were both produced by Pharrell Williams, the former splitting the difference between Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” and Justin Timberlake’s “LoveStoned,” both of which are fine dance tracks from which to draw inspiration, while the foregrounded bass and heavy percussion of “Trespassing” favorably recalling Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust.” Both tracks are among Williams’s strongest work in years, and they represent a clever, on-point blend of some of Lambert’s most obvious influences. Even better is “Shady,” on which the singer embraces the sleaziest, most tawdry aspects of his public persona. Nile Rodgers lays down a bassline that’s just outright filthy, and Lambert’s multi-tracked vocals make for one long, protracted come-on.”

After Elton – Review: Adam Lambert’s “Trespassing” Is Manna From Glitter Heaven “”He got words that rhyme, he got a dirty mind.” In fact, this track harkens back to the Prince classic “Dirty Mind.” It’s also one of the most irresistible songs on the album, with its story of … liquid euphoria. Best Lyric: “She puts the shot glass down, she asks for another round. She wants to hit the clouds, honey are you up there now?””

Washington Times – LISTENING STATION: Adam Lambert, Willie Nelson ““Trespassing” is perpetually over-the-top — even absurd at points, especially during the schmaltzy, operatic ballads that dominate the second half — but it’s also a career-defining album for Mr. Lambert, who sounds elated to finally let his true colors shine.” Comment about FYE as presenting Adam in a ‘sanitized, family-friendly format’ has us scratching our heads!

HitFix – Album Review: Adam Lambert’s continuing evolution on ‘Trespassing’ “Ready or not, Lambert is kicking down the door. He’s not just coming in, he’s claiming a seat at the head of the table and you will be served…“Trespassing” shows tremendous evolution in Lambert as an artist who has something to say and he continues to figure out the best ways and the best partners to bring along in that exploration. Not every song resonates or hits it mark, but there’s not a lot more than you can ask of an artist than to travel the path that Lambert is clearly on.”

Washington Post – Quick Spin: ‘Trespassing,’ by Adam Lambert A rare negative review. “Most ex-contestants sound better with the more albums they put between themselves and their “Idol” handlers — Carrie Underwood and Chris Daughtry come to mind. But “Trespassing” goes against the trend: “FYE” was a winking ode to glittery, glam-y rawk; even its lesser songs didn’t sound like anybody else. But the dance-pop and house tracks of “Trespassing” could just as easily have been done by Rihanna or any number of faceless Euro stars.”

Chicago Tribune – “Tresspassing” gives glimpses into the true Adam Lambert 4.5 out of 5 stars. “After the aforementioned “Chokehold,” the standard edition of the album ends with “Outlaws of Love,” a track that couldn’t be better-timed to coincide with the peak (so far) of the gay marriage debates. “You say we’ll rot in hell/Well, I don’t think we will,” he sings, and if that line won’t go down with the greatest anti-homophobe rejoinders ever, he brings a beautifully tortured languor to lyrics about lovers who have “nowhere to grow old… always on the run.” It’s a song that might move you no matter where you live, but inspire even more of a chill if you happen to be in the humidity of North Carolina.”

Yahoo Music Canada – Adam Lambert Actually Quite Good Shock! “The new album is slickly produced–almost annoyingly so–but filled with hooky, catchy pop tunes that are commercial but not pandering and, as such, seems an actual piece of art rather than a by-product of a dreary television show. If he’d not spent an entire season singing other people’s songs–other people’s well-known songs–I might be more inclined to view the tunes here as revealing more about his personality than his vocal adeptness, but I’m not sure that means much in the overall scheme of things. This is polished, respectable work, and I’m happy to say I like it. He sure is a snappy dresser!”

Toronto Sun – Mayer, Nelson top CD reviews “3 stars out of 5. Trespassing is the least of it. Glambert’s dance-oriented second disc also finds him committing identity theft (many cuts blatantly borrow from Jacko, Queen and Prince), engaging in conspiracy (with collaborators Pharell, Bruno Mars and Dr. Luke) and impersonating a pop diva (some cuts sound more like Katy or Britney). The worst offence of all? He fails to be fabulous at all times.”

John Kearns Review of Trespassing “Trespassing is like a voyeuristic glimpse into the future in terms of musical creativity and production technique. It is pretty stunning in all departments with each new track attempting to outdo the previous in a battle of brilliantly conceived and expertly executed compositions…”

Taking Over the Universe – Album Review – Adam Lambert “Trespassing” Another New-Age feeling Jackson song is “Kickn’ In” has to be a favorite of mine. I think the main reason I find the songs to be reminiscent of the king of pop is due to the tracks driving groove bass line coupled with very strong, high-pitched vocals. Aside from this, the song is amusing as in it seems that it is about a girl who just doesn’t get it. Lyrics that could easily slip by (unless you examine them in the sexy booklet with the album) such as “She wants to introduce me to her friend Eddie” and “Am I about to do a three?” give the song a whole new meaning. Let’s try not to think about that too hard…”Nirvana” was the song I heard the most about prior to the album’s release (as I follow a lot of Glamberts on Twitter, ya know). An interesting mix of piano and dubstep, this song is definitely the first I’ve heard of it’s kind. The song is about finding a place where he can be who he wants to be, love who he wants to love, and can be truly happy. The song is a very sweet yet unconventional love song, which is exactly what I love about Adam. His views of love seem to differ so much from the current state of pop music, making him stand out in ways far beyond his unique take at dark pop. This is the finisher that I was craving for.

NECN – Review: Adam Lambert goes dance pop on new album “Underneath” is another one of those trademark Adam Lambert performance pieces, drenched in emotion and vocal gymnastics that would be perfectly suited to the Broadway stage. But Lambert has the talent to pull it off: Simply put, this guy probably has the best voice of any pop star working today. Even on less-than-stellar material, his soaring voice that then swoops down to a whisper can take your breath away.”

The Timaru Herald -Lambert – straight to number one “Glamberts rejoice – the mighty Adam Lambert is back and in a New Zealand exclusive, he’s talking to about his new album, Trespassing. Released today, the album has gone straight to number one on the New Zealand iTunes chart and is expected to feature heavily on Top 10 lists around the world.”

EMusic – Adam Lambert, Trespassing (Deluxe Version) 5-stars. “Expressing his individual inner self in a pop machine designed to flaunt the interchangeably anonymous is the challenge he faces on Trespassing, the follow-up to his 2009 debut For Your Entertainment. That’s also the subtext of the Pharrrell Williams-collaborated title track, which examines obstacles put in the path of outsiders whose destiny is the mainstream. Kindred infiltrators like Bruno Mars, Nile Rodgers and Sam Sparro help Lambert create a masculine, more aggressive variant on the techno-pop that’s typically a girl’s game. His virile voice doesn’t need all the processing it undergoes in “Never Close Our Eyes” and other singles, but the sonic fortification affirms Lambert can be as be as vocally androgynous as he wants to be and still sound Top 40-friendly. Nevertheless, it’s the slower, more sensual cuts like “Broken English” and “Outlaws of Love” that best showcase his inimitable wail.”

EMusic – Adam Lambert, Trespassing (Deluxe Version) 5-stars. “Expressing his individual inner self in a pop machine designed to flaunt the interchangeably anonymous is the challenge he faces on Trespassing, the follow-up to his 2009 debut For Your Entertainment. That’s also the subtext of the Pharrrell Williams-collaborated title track, which examines obstacles put in the path of outsiders whose destiny is the mainstream. Kindred infiltrators like Bruno Mars, Nile Rodgers and Sam Sparro help Lambert create a masculine, more aggressive variant on the techno-pop that’s typically a girl’s game. His virile voice doesn’t need all the processing it undergoes in “Never Close Our Eyes” and other singles, but the sonic fortification affirms Lambert can be as be as vocally androgynous as he wants to be and still sound Top 40-friendly. Nevertheless, it’s the slower, more sensual cuts like “Broken English” and “Outlaws of Love” that best showcase his inimitable wail.”

PopQuiz – Adam Lambert, “Trespassing” “He’s the new Prince of Pop. Infusing pop with funk, rock and three-snaps-in-a-Z-formation, this is the Adam that we’ve been waiting for. And while his debut, For Your Entertainment, was solid, this new LP is like a whole new ballgame.”

Evansville Courier & Press – Tuned In: Adam Lambert’s often-lackluster ‘Trespassing’ … More “…Lambert proves himself to be deeply entrenched in the establishment on his new “Trespassing.” Perhaps that’s just the way it goes when a burgeoning star on a major label has an army of hit-making songwriters and producers working for him, but Lambert sounds more comfortable on the often-lackluster “Trespassing” than he should.”

@rosie6172: Trespassing review in Sunday Herald Sun in Melbourne Australia :)) 3 1/2 stars 🙂 lv Rosie xxx

Arjan Writes – A Few Words about Adam Lambert “Trespassing” and the Power of Pop “Lambert perfectly understands the power of pop and uses the ever-evolving genre to his full advantage. While pushing the envelop creatively, artistically and personally, the singer gives people music to make their own and cherish forever, which makes him a pop star of the brightest kind.”

Chicago Tribune Soundcheck – Trespassing Review

Joseph Vogel – What I’m Listening To: Trespassing (Adam Lambert) “Really enjoying this album, especially the dance tracks. It feels like a hybrid of Prince, Timberlake and 80s-era Queen. Much more consistent and confident than his first album”

Playback – Adam Lambert | Trespassing (Sony) “The press release arrived in my inbox, same as hundreds of others. It contained a link to a stream of the new Adam Lambert CD, Trespassing. I am not a reality TV fan; I had never so much as heard Adam Lambert before. (To say I’m a bit of a music snob—or was, anyway—wouldn’t be far off the mark.) On a lark, I decided to click it; I just wanted to see what he sounded like. I didn’t expect to fall in love…This goes far, far beyond guilty pleasure. In fact, Trespassing dominates my most-played list on Spotify…fellow music snobs: Go ahead. Give in. You have permission to hold your head up proudly while you give in to the oh-so-perfect Adam Lambert groove. A+ | Laura Hamlett”

Frontiers LA – Music Reviews: Adam Lambert, Animal Kingdom, Emeli Sandé, Jer Ber Jones, Momus, Rye Rye  “Of the ballads, “Broken English” is my favorite (imagine Nine Inch Nails-meets-Goldfrapp). It’s great to hear Adam sounding so confident, focused and happy, proving that his career is really only just beginning.”

Source – Adam Lambert “Trespassing” “Dance music and the club vibe aren’t my thing – but be damned if I didn’t throw on the Idol runner-up’s latest (and second) full album and start having an instant good time…this album is way more fun than Madonna…there’s a spirit and energy here that’s really hard to ignore.”

New Straits Times – Blown away by Carrie “THE second album, Trespassing, from American Idol  Season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert is seriously worth the listen from start to finish…Vocally, Lambert is unique in today’s crop of singers…”

Concert Tour – ALBUM REVIEW: ADAM LAMBERT ‘TRESPASSING’ A hot mess of a review by a critic who is won over by Adam but not so much by the album. “For every moment that seems a bit out of place or contrived, there is a sexiness which hits the target perfectly. Adam exudes confidence throughout, and come the day that he does break free of all expectations he really stands to be a force. He’s not quite at that point yet, but he’s surely making great, big strides.”

PopMatters – Adam Lambert: Trespassing A critical review, but a thoughtful one, even if he refers to Adam’s wails as “screeches”. “If Season Eight—or Idol itself—is remembered artistically centuries from now, it’ll be for Glambert’s performances. After the season ended, the question—the worry—became, “How does he translate this persona into a recording career?”…So unfortunately, the answer to that worried question remains, “He hasn’t figured it out yet”. Like his first album For Your EntertainmentTrespassing disappoints because it’s Lambert playing on pop’s terms and sometimes narrowing the terms unnecessarily…So while I’m rooting for the guy and his amazingly versatile screeches, he still doesn’t know how to make pop music work for him, rather than the other way around…”

BBC – Adam Lambert “Trespassing” Review– “An album of two halves, but with some truly tasty highlights… The first half of Trespassing offers a smorgasbord of succulent up-tempo pop. There are a couple of derivative cuts, but the highlights are tasty enough to compensate…Only Broken English competes with the pop thrills of the first half. Beginning with a reference to the Tower of Babel, it just gets more ridiculous, climaxing with a breakdown that sounds like opera meets dubstep. However, even when his material sags, Lambert is a compelling presence: a likeable pop peacock with a vocal range Justin Hawkins might envy.”

EL Magazine – July 2012 albums “…even if Mercury spent his career hiding his homosexuality, his vision of rock’n roll was informed by the same campy regard for flamboyance that characterizes most gay-identified pop culture. It’s what made Queen’s brand of rock unique, and during his American Idol appearances and on his first album Lambert demonstrated the same theatrical flair in his own approach to rock. He’s also a technically better singer than Mercury ever was, so it’s disappointing that his sophomore album leans so heavily on production.”

Digital Spy – Adam Lambert: ‘Trespassing’ – Album review 4 out of 5 stars. “Follow-up track ‘Cuckoo’ reinforces the US star’s balls-out bravado as he commands, “Walk that walk like you don’t give a f**k,” over a powerhouse mix of techno synths and speaker-shaking thuds. Elsewhere, ‘Shady’ hears Lambert team up with Nile Rodgers and Sam Sparro for a prowling funk number about underground sex dungeons, while latest single ‘Never Close Our Eyes’ cements his ability to master a bona fide pop anthem. However, the record isn’t completely dominated by promiscuous uptempo stompers. ‘Underneath’ is a poignantly powerful ballad that hears Adam showcase his broad vocal range, while touching upon his more vulnerable nature (“Everybody wants to talk about a freak/ No-one wants to dig that deep”). It results in Trespassing being a full-bodied piece of pop artistry that doesn’t take notice of industry barriers and is all the more better for it.”

The Guardian – Adam Lambert: Trespassing – review 3 out of 5 stars. “He bounces from hot, hedonistic nights (Kickin’ In, a brittle, 90s-style synthpopper) to man-in-the-mirror introspection (Underneath, a windswept ballad that, more than anything else here, reminds us of his American Idol provenance), and if few of the songs are classics, his octave-leaping voice is often a showstopper. If nothing else, Trespassing whets the appetite for the next (hopefully quirkier) record.”

The Guardian – Adam Lambert: Trespassing – review  “Even more curiously, while the production personnel on board – Pharrell Williams, Dr Luke – are heavily implicated in ADD-pop, Lambert seems to have manoeuvred them round to a Broadway understanding of song as a vehicle that develops an idea. It’s almost quaint.”

Financial Times (UK) Adam Lambert: Trespassing – 4 stars!

Daily Mail (UK) – 4 stars. “A bracing blend of pop and R&B”

Photo via @66Shevpf

Evening Standard – CDs of the Week  3 stars ” …there are moments to treasure, not least the flag-waving Runnin’ and the Bruno Mars-helmed Never Close Our Eyes. Best of all though is the eye-popping, finger-clicking title track: it’s Pharrell Williams of The Neptunes’ best work in years and nothing here comes close to eclipsing it.”

Virgin Media – Adam Lambert: Trespassing3 stars “To handle the two extremes takes some personality, and fortunately Lambert has no shortage of it. He has the kind of voice to challenge Meat Loaf at his most operatic and enough presence to ensure he’s no flash in the pan. But his second album sees him trying to find his own niche in pop, a setting to suit his undoubted star power. It’s almost a pity that he – or his management – has chosen the electro-rock style so prevalent in the charts right now, from The Wanted to Katy Perry. He could’ve discovered his own space.”

Gigwise – Adam Lambert: Trespassing  “‘Trespassing’ seems, overall, like simply another stage of Lambert’s journey. He’s not yet making pop music work for him as well as he could and while there are certainly boundaries being pushed – hello, ‘Outlaws of Love’, a beautiful gay rights lament – the album leaves the feeling that it could be so much more. It is undoubtedly fantastic but it seems like we’ve only just begun to see what Lambert can do, given the chance.”

Review (Twitlonger) in Brisband Courier-Mail “ADAM LAMBERT Trespassing (RCA/Sony) **1/2 (out of 5). SOME artists might consider performing alongside KISS at the American Idol final the pinnacle of their career. Not Adam Lambert, who has more to give, serving up his second album since his big break on the talent show, where he was runner-up. Having already gone on to bigger success than most winners, on this latest outing Lambert stakes out a space somewhere between Darren Hayes and Prince, and at times he sounds like the self-styled successor to His Pint-Sized Purpleness, such as on the electro-funk opening title track. It doesn’t hurt to have legendary producer Nile Rodgers and fellow funkster Sam Sparro along for the ride on Shady, or that Lambert gets down and seductive on Naked Love. Sure, there’s some generic doof-doof among it, but on the whole Lambert seems to be striving for greatness in his chosen genre. It’s synth-pop at its purest – not my bag, but perfectly formed for its target audience.”
Irish Daily Mail – ADAM LAMBERT: Trespassing (19)  “NEXT week, he will be screaming ‘Scaramouche!’ when he fronts Queen in London. But former American Idol finalist Adam Lambert also has his own career. With help from Bruno Mars and Chic’s Nile Rodgers, he serves up a bracing blend of pop and R&B.”
South Wales Echo – Adam Lambert “Never Close Our Eyes” “Adam Lambert – Never Close Our Eyes Pumping electro-pop is not the signature sound of the American Idol runner-up known for his falsetto rock performances, but his powerful, pitch-perfect vocal skills, Latin guitar rhythms and Daft Punk-style synths culminate to produce an anthemic belter on his latest release.”
Times of London Review(via Amy Burt @Burtini)

Daily Telegraph Review:

Via @terra_zephead

Milwaukee Examiner – Adam Lambert’s ‘Trespassing’ “All-in-all, Trespassing is what For Your Entertainment should have been. The dance songs have all the attitude and uniqueness needed for them to stand out among a pop soundscape that prides itself on generic club tracks, while the slower tracks have more emotion and integrity than most of Lambert’s contemporaries could muster from years of work.”

Danarazzi – [ALBUM REVIEW] Adam Lambert – Trespassing  “I think the thing that really sets this album apart from the rest on the market right now is that it does something that nobody has done before. Adam does a brilliant job of blending a multitude of genres together and making them sound great. We have fun and quirky tracks (Trespassing, Cuckoo, Pop That Lock), but also heartfelt ballads (Better Than I Know Myself, Underneath), bringing back memories of how the public fell in love with the star during his time on Idol.”

Muso’s Review – Adam Lambert – Trespassing – “What you want from Adam Lambert as a pop star is for him to surprise us. Though this release is long-awaited, it isn’t the sound of an artist who has been buried away in studios trying to create something out of this world. He has left us wanting more, but only in the sense of – is this it? The biggest criticism of Trespassing is that it isn’t a big enough statement… it lacks the defining clutch of singles to make any kind of worldwide impact.”

OK Magazine – Review: Adam Lambert Trespassing  3/5 “This is still pretty dance-influenced but songs like the title track definitely have a We Will Rock You/Another One Bites The Dust vibe. Elsewhere, the ultra-poppy Cuckoo is one of those songs that gets stuck in your head after only one listen.”

Popledge – Album Review – Adam Lambert Trespassing (Track by Track) “Adam really tells his story through this album, it’s personal and emotional but also contains a sense of fun and naughtiness at the same time.  This could be a hard balance to strike  for some but Lambert and his team deserve credit for the structure and execution of this album, we are taken from lighter tracks like ‘Naked Love’ through the darker times of ‘Chokehold’ to a final state of ‘Nirvana’ without feeling like the process is rushed or forced, it just feels like a very natural process of discovery and learning.  I truly hope he picks up some new fans with this album, he deserves it.”

The Wrap – Adam Lambert CD Review: ‘Trespassing’ Shows Us the True, Naked Adam A mixed, but thoughtful review. “…Wasn’t the Lambert who established himself as a glam-rocker on “Idol” at least partly the true Adam? And if so, why is this sophomore album so devoid of anything resembling rock ‘n’ roll, throwing that former musical identity over for electronic dance music? Is shiny neo-disco getting closer to his core than rock ever could? Or is it just a tacit commercial acknowledgement that the audience for a gay icon is better found on dance floors than in rock arenas?”



NPR – Adam Lambert: ‘I Want To Sing It Big’  “I think, for the majority of my twenties, I was always so concerned with what I didn’t have, or what I still wanted,” Lambert tells NPR’s Guy Raz. “It was always about a chase and going after something. This year I’ve focused more on being thankful for what I already have — being content with what I’ve already accomplished, or who is already in my life, not what I’ve yet to find or get.” NPR features “Never Close Our Eyes” and “Outlaws of Love”.

Rolling Stone – Adam Lambert’s Emotional Rescue (fan transcription). From the upcoming May 24 issue. “Adam Lambert’s Hollywood home sits atop a long driveway so steep that you could mistake it for a concrete wall. When Lambert began renting the midcentury modern with stunning city views, he thought the driveway was a pain. “To get up, you’ve got to overshoot it, turn around, come back and then turn in really fast at, like, a 9-degree angle, or else you scrape the whole bottom of your car,” he says. But after photographers caught wind of the American Idol star’s address, Lambert came to appreciate the driveway: “They’re not coming up that thing!”…”

Billboard – Adam Lambert Takes Control with ‘Trespassing’ SUPERB article detailing Adam’s role as Executive Producer and how unusual it is. “… it’s not the impressive roster of collaborators that makes the boldest statement in the credits. It’s the forthcoming set’s executive producer: Lambert himself. ”

Time – Adam Lambert on His New Album, All Those Singing Competitions and Filling in for Freddie Mercury “Q. You’re fronting for Queen this summer. Have you picked an outfit yet? A. Oh, I definitely want to wear something fierce. If Freddie [Mercury]’s smiling down from somewhere, I hope he approves of my shoes.”

The Hollywood Reporter – Adam Lambert on Music Biz Mistakes, Triumphs and One ‘Ballsy’ Request for Exec Producer Credit (Q&A) “. In the beginning I had a meeting in New York with the heads of the label, Peter Edge and Tom Corson, right after I got off the road when I started the writing process. We had a great conversation during a lunch meeting where we just leveled with each other. I was like, “Look, if there’s something that you don’t like, just tell me.” And they were, like, “Okay, cool.” We just called out all the pretense and the bullshit and said let’s have fun with this and really communicate because we want the same thing. So let’s figure out how to do it. A lot of artists that I’ve heard about and read about are at odds with certain parts of the business and I didn’t want that. I wanted to have a very open, fun experience.”

LA Weekly – Adam Lambert: Now 50% More Fabulous “”The beauty of this album is that, at the end of the day, anyone can relate to it. It’s not specific. It’s about the human experience. What it could accomplish in the larger picture is to say, ‘Hey, you know what, I’m different, I’m gay, and we go through the same shit. You feel the same way about relationships as I do. You want to go out and get drunk and get crazy, too. You had your heart broken, too.’ It’s kind of post-gay. It’s a post-gay record.””

LA Times – Adam Lambert braces for whirlwind with ‘Trespassing,’ Queen tour “”There will only be one Freddie Mercury. I’m not trying to imitate him. I’m not trying to outdo him. I’m just trying to sing great music that he wrote. It’s not that deep.” He laughs. “Although, yes, it is that deep, because it’s Queen! It means a lot to me personally.” As with Mercury, Lambert’s outré wardrobe, slinky stage moves and skyscraping vocals combined to create the image of a natural star…”When you write a pop song there’s a formula where by the end you’re doing these crazy ad libs,” [Bonnie McKee] says. “But Adam was like, ‘I don’t wanna do that this time.’ He wants to show a different side.””

The Village Voice – 100 & Single: Buy An Adam Lambert Album, Strike A Tiny Blow For Gay Rights “About a year ago, the movie Bridesmaids opened in the U.S. and was the subject of a rather unusual awareness campaign…One year later, I’d like to invite you to get behind another consumerist message that, in 2012, should be equally uncontroversial: Being openly gay shouldn’t prevent you from having a No. 1 album in the United States. The album we can support to send this message is Adam Lambert’s second major-label disc Trespassing, which arrives in stores on May 15—virtually one year to the day after the successful Bridesmaids opening…Even at this tipping-point moment for acceptance of gay civil rights, there’s still another tiny cultural barrier left to cross. If anyone wants to start a Bridesmaids-style grassroots movement in the next couple of weeks, it might be fun to see if a gang of progressive-minded pop fans and chart geeks could help lift Lambert into the penthouse.”

The Village Voice – Q&A: Adam Lambert On Trespassing, Stankface, Tracking Nile Rodgers On Twitter, And Being An Out Pop Star In 2012 Another terrific interview with some fresh material. “I was at Burning Man, and up until the point of Burning Man we had done a handful of emotional dark stuff, some of which was really good and some that was a little kindergarten. I had written a few songs that were a little more throwback classic rock, which I’ve always kind of [enjoyed]. But I was looking for something. And I’m out on the playa on Burning Man in an art car with friends, and there’s so much dubstep. And I appreciate dubstep from a producing, technical point of view, but there’s no groove to a lot of it…And this little art car comes zipping by us just blasting Daft Punk. And our art car went from rocking to dubstep to immediately smiling and getting down with each other and touching each other. It just hit me in the head and I was like, “That’s the type of record I want.” It’s instant. It’s classic. It’s old, it’s young. It’s black, it’s white. Gay, straight. I was captivated by it.”

GooglePlay – Adam Lambert: Exclusive Interview (VIDEO) “In our video interview, the refreshingly down-to-earth Lambert gets deep discussing his shift from performing unconditionally for our entertainment to unleashing his inner outsider with Trespassing. Handling his own writing, producing and even personal styling this time around, Lambert collaborated with songwriting heavyweights like Pharrell Williams and Dr. Luke; the resulting ear candy moves from rousing dance-pop anthems to disco-synth detours and, of course, belted, heartbreaking ballads like lead single “Better Than I Know Myself.” See what Adam had to say about making all of the above in this revealing video interview.”

VEVO – Adam Lambert Talks About His New Trespassing Album (VIDEO) “There’s lots of notice about this one. Billboard broke it down it down track by track, andEntertainment Weekly broke Lambert’s typical day down hour by hour. The Village Voice has a sharp Q&A with him as well. We’ll be premiering his video for “Never Close Our Eyes” next week. Until then, check Adam explaining his latest creation.”

Associated Press – Adam Lambert talks new album, ‘Idol’ knock-offs “Being on stage is part of what makes me tick and is my inspiration. When I created a lot of these songs, I would think of the visuals in my head: “How would I stage this? What would the music video look like? What would I wear? What colors are going on? What things are happening?” I’m a very visual person. Some people create a soundtrack in their head, but I create a movie in my head to my soundtrack.”

Toronto Sun – Lambert proud of new album “Former American Idol runner up Adam Lambert couldn’t be happier than his sophomore disc, the funk-and-dance influenced Trespassing, debuted at No. 1 in Canada and the U.S. last week. “I think it was a real accomplishment that the album was able to chart that high without a big single,” says a smiling Lambert, 30, glammed up in black and white tie-dyed, torn pants, silver jewelry and a skunk-like blond streak on the top of his jet black hair.

CBC Radio Interview with Jian Ghomeshi – This is a great, in-depth interview by Canada’s national broadcasting network.




Composer/Producer Credits for Trespassing Deluxe Edition

Trespassing – Adam Lambert, Composer – Adam Lambert, Lyricist – Adam Lambert, Performer – Andrew Coleman, Arranger – Andrew Coleman, Recording Engineer – Pharrell, Producer – Pharrell Wiliams, Composer – Pharrell Wiliams, Lyricist – Rene Toledo, Assistant Engineer

Cuckoo – Adam Lambert, Composer – Adam Lambert, Lyricist – Adam Lambert, Performer – Anne Preven, Composer – Anne Preven, Lyricist – Bonnie McKee, Composer – Bonnie McKee, Lyricist – Josh Abraham, Composer – Josh Abraham, Lyricist – Oliver Goldstein, Composer – Oliver Goldstein, Lyricist

Shady – Adam Lambert, Composer – Adam Lambert, Lyricist – Adam Lambert feat. Nile Rodgers & Sam Sparro, Performer – Lester Mendez, Composer – Lester Mendez, Lyricist – Sam Sparro, Composer – Sam Sparro, Lyricist

Never Close Our Eyes – Adam Lambert, Performer – Ari Levine, Composer – Ari Levine, Lyricist – Bruno Mars, Composer – Bruno Mars, Lyricist – Henry Walter, Composer – Henry Walter, Lyricist – Lukasz Gottwald, Composer – Lukasz Gottwald, Lyricist – Philip Lawrence, Composer – Philip Lawrence, Lyricist

Kickin In – Adam Lambert, Composer – Adam Lambert, Lyricist – Adam Lambert, Performer – Pharrell Wiliams, Composer – Pharrell Wiliams, Lyricist

Naked Love – AMMAR, Composer – AMMAR, Lyricist – Adam Lambert, Performer – Benjamin Levin, Composer – Benjamin Levin, Lyricist – Dano, Composer – Dano, Lyricist – Josh Abraham, Composer – Josh Abraham, Lyricist – Oliver Goldstein, Composer – Oliver Goldstein, Lyricist

Pop That Lock – Adam Lambert, Composer – Adam Lambert, Lyricist – Adam Lambert, Performer – Josh Crosby, Composer – Josh Crosby, Lyricist – Lesley Roy, Composer – Lesley Roy, Lyricist – Nate Campany, Composer – Nate Campany, Lyricist – Robert Marvin, Composer – Robert Marvin, Lyricist

Better Than I Know Myself – Adam Lambert, Performer – Ammo, Performer – Ammo, Producer – Ammo, Programmer – Cirkut, Performer – Cirkut, Producer – Cirkut, Programmer – Claude Kelly, Composer – Claude Kelly, Lyricist – Clint Gibbs, Assistant Engineer – Emily Wright, Producer – Emily Wright, Recording Engineer – Eric Eylands, Assistant Engineer – Henry Walter, Composer – Henry Walter, Lyricist – John Hanes, Engineer – Joshua Coleman, Composer – Joshua Coleman, Lyricist – Lukasz Gottwald, Composer – Lukasz Gottwald, Lyricist – Lukasz Gottwald, Performer – Lukasz Gottwald, Producer – Lukasz Gottwald, Programmer – Phil Seaford, Assistant Engineer – Serban Ghenea, Mixing Engineer

Broken English – Adam Lambert, Composer – Adam Lambert, Lyricist – Adam Lambert, Performer – Lester Mendez, Composer – Lester Mendez, Lyricist – Sam Sparro, Composer – Sam Sparro, Lyricist

Underneath – Adam Lambert, Composer – Adam Lambert, Lyricist – Adam Lambert, Performer – Catt Gravitt, Composer – Catt Gravitt, Lyricist – Josh Crosby, Composer – Josh Crosby, Lyricist – Tom Shapiro, Composer – Tom Shapiro, Lyricist

Chokehold – Adam Lambert, Composer – Adam Lambert, Lyricist – Adam Lambert, Performer – Bonnie McKee, Composer – Bonnie McKee, Lyricist – Josh Abraham, Composer – Josh Abraham, Lyricist – Oliver Goldstein, Composer – Oliver Goldstein, Lyricist

Outlaws of Love – Adam Lambert, Composer – Adam Lambert, Lyricist – Adam Lambert, Performer – BC Jean, Composer – BC Jean, Lyricist – Rune Westberg, Composer – Rune Westberg, Lyricist

Runnin – Adam Lambert, Composer – Adam Lambert, Lyricist – Adam Lambert, Performer – Catt Gravitt, Composer – Catt Gravitt, Lyricist – David Marshall, Composer – David Marshall, Lyricist – Fred Williams, Composer – Fred Williams, Lyricist – Robert Marvin, Composer – Robert Marvin, Lyricist

Take Back – Adam Lambert, Composer – Adam Lambert, Lyricist – Adam Lambert, Performer – Busbee, Composer – Busbee, Lyricist

Nirvana – Adam Lambert, Composer – Adam Lambert, Lyricist – Adam Lambert, Performer – Josh Abraham, Composer – Josh Abraham, Lyricist – Oliver Goldstein, Composer – Oliver Goldstein, Lyricist – Stephen Wrabel, Composer – Stephen Wrabel, Lyricist




Adam Lambert Album “Trespassing” – Potential lyrics & demos

Collected here are all the pre-release previews, Twitter parties, press releases, alleged demos that surface on the Internet, etc. Relive the months of anticipation and speculation.

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    Awesome album. Great news: It’s on Amazon’s Summer Deals List. That means anyone can get the album for really cheap too! $9.99 on Amazon.

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