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Adam Lambert Daily Update – May 14, 2012

May 13, 2012

By Juneau and Xena Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook

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It’s gonna be quite a ride this week…

Good Morning America – Monday Morning 7-9am ET ABC Possible Livestreams:

VH1 Buzz – @VH1 Don’t forget, Glamberts! @AdamLambert will be back on #VH1Buzz with @CarrieKeagan tomorrow morning at 10/9c! #GlitterKisses

This stripped “Star Light” remains a favorite…



NEXT Magazine

NEXT Magazine – Rock Queen “It goes without saying that he’s a strident voice for gay rights—and one that’s not afraid of a little self-reflection, challenging our own notions about what it means to be a gay artist…”

NY Daily News – Jim Farber’s Top Ten in music for Sunday, May 13, 2012 “1) Adam Lambert “Trespassing” The second studio album from “American Idol’s” best singer ever tips in a dancier direction. Yet it’s Lambert’s vocal mix — of the awesome and the absurd — that makes it such a charming hoot.” Others on the list include Norah Jones, Willie Nelson and Jack White.

All Music – Review “And he’s got some great hooks here, too: big, bright, insistent hooks powering songs that revel in their sleaziness. Lambert matches their appeal, singing with an untrammeled joy suggesting that he’s relishing an opportunity to make modern dance music…they sound like inevitable hits and prove that Lambert is a genuine pop star who has now leftAmerican Idol far behind.”

Entertainment Focus – Adam Lambert Trespassing “Trespassing combines pop, rock and electronica and it feels like this if the first time we’re actually getting to hear who Lambert is as a popstar; bold, daring and feisty…The best moments come when Lambert throws the pop formula out of the window and does what he wants. Shadyfeaturing Sam Sparro and Nile Rodgers is an early favourite as is the Pharrell produced Kickin’ In which is perfect for the dancefloor.”

David Atlanta – Adam Lambert’s “Trespassing” – “Trespassing is an arresting collection of fierce, funky dance tracks and deep, pensive ballads. Rather than mix the two styles, the album splits the two into separate halves. The first seven tracks serving as a non-stop barrage of sassy fun over dubstep-influenced pop. The tracks take on different styles. The title track and “Kickin’ In” both come from Pharrell, and include his signature production style. There’s more attitude on these two tracks alone than you’ll find on an entire Katy Perry album. “Shady,” meanwhile, pairs Adam with Sam Sparro and Nile Rodgers (of Chic fame), and is probably the single coolest song Adam’s recorded to date…Rating: A-

Boners & Bitches – Album Review Adam Lambert Trespassing  “I wont lie to anyone, I particularly didn’t think I’d like this album, only because For Your Entertainment was pretty lackluster, but damn it, I actually love it…”

Idol Chatter – Get ready to be reintroduced to Adam Lambert – “Adam Lambert releases “Trespassing” Tuesday, and get ready for one of the more audacious albums you’ve heard from a former Idol contestant.”

Que Te Faz Sorrir (Brazil) – Review Adam Lambert – “Trespassing” Via Google Translate: Trespassing: “The opening track and title of the disc can be considered a band that expresses both an attitude and aggressiveness. Adam shows ahalf-mad vocals here, and all its power and reach. The music is well andAdam’s face is hard to imagine this song in a different voice, from some other singer. The instruments are also very good, with some palms and an electric guitar in the end, which is a perfect finish.”

Gather – Adam Lambert shares his action-packed schedule “Adam heads to New York today and his jam-packed schedule begins tomorrow with a performance bright and early onGood Morning America. Next, he will do the VH1 Big Morning Buzz at 10am ET and then he is off for an afternoon Q&A. Adam will wrap up the day of appearances at the MLB Fan Cave, where he will do another performance for fans…Adam Lambert’s schedule probably sounds exhausting to most people, but his fans truly appreciate all his hard work. If you want to thank Adam for all he has done to give you great music, be sure to pick up his album Trespassing when it goes on sale on Tuesday!”



Via @GaleChester – Yay! @ADAMLAMBERT’S Official Video “If I Had You” has 30,038,704 VIEWS on YouTube!

@HooplaPF@adamlambert LOOK! #Trespassing #1 overall on Finland iTunes! WOOHOO!…just the beginning… – Retweeted by Adam Lambert

Posted by @Squiggles621

Trespassing #6 overall Sweden now!



Signage on first stall in Target. Best Buy has in stock 54 Deluxe CDs and 27 standard. Told them to keep restocking! Drum roll.  From @plumcomm



‘Sleepwalker’ in the background of this Argentinian TV program



 @adamlambertHappy Mothers Day!!

@adamlambert@DarrenCriss always great to see you man! How do we Always run into each other everywhere? have a great Sunday 🙂

@LussyJacksonWTF?! Just heard that @adamlambert sued @justinbieber for coping his album cover pic. Is that true? O.o

@adamlambert@LussyJackson hahaha NO. that’s funny though.

@sam_sparroGreat photo of me crowd surfing in DC.  [Editor: Can you imagine if Adam ever crowd-surfed…!!]

@DrewSavage: Want to meet @adamlambert in #Montreal? Listen at 8am all week @virgin953

@mmyy9Japanese Adam fans can tweet their questions for BB Q&A in Japanese to @adamlambertJP and she/they will translate them as much as possible.

@JakeDingler: Just had dinner with Adam Lambert and Sutan Amrull.. Fierce!!!!!!!!

@RainOnMe83: Just touched down in NYC baby!! Thank God for safe travels!!

James Shotwell ‏ @utgjames In over 5 years of entertainment writing I have never encountered a digital street team as organized and self-driven as Adam Lambert’s fans.


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    thank you as always for all the great stuff XOXO

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