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Adam Lambert Daily Update – May 12, 2012

May 12, 2012

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“It’s my Waiting for Godot moment.” – Adam Lambert

@milestougeaux: @Adamlambert Is it “Waiting for Godot” or “Waiting for Good Dough” ?

@adamlambert@milestougeaux haha yup.



 @VH1SET UR DVR! @AdamLambert & @ChrisColfer will be on #VH1Buzzwith @CarrieKeagan this Monday at 10/9c! #Glamberts + #Gleeksjoin forces!



Time – Adam Lambert on His New Album, All Those Singing Competitions and Filling in for Freddie Mercury “Q. You’re fronting for Queen this summer. Have you picked an outfit yet? A. Oh, I definitely want to wear something fierce. If Freddie [Mercury]’s smiling down from somewhere, I hope he approves of my shoes.”

Photo credit: MATT SAYLES / AP

Billboard – Adam Lambert Takes Control with ‘Trespassing’ SUPERB article detailing Adam’s role as Executive Producer and how unusual it is. “… it’s not the impressive roster of collaborators that makes the boldest statement in the credits. It’s the forthcoming set’s executive producer: Lambert himself. ”

Pride Source – Adam Lambert Q&A: On His Surprise Sex Toy, ‘Redundant’ Media & ‘Horrifying’ Jail Time “In this candid interview with Lambert, the pop star opened up about the “redundant” press questions regarding his sexuality, becoming more confident as an out celebrity, and breaking the rules – and going to jail for it.”

Gather – Adam Lambert’s Fans “Get” Him – “Adam Lambert recently did an interview with Rolling Stone magazine and he may have offended some fans inadvertently. Fortunately, he cleared up any miscommunication yesterday on Twitter and thanked those who “get it.” Adam took to his official Twitter last night to comment on the interview and clarify a remark that could be interpreted unfavorably.”



Auditory Slam – Adam Lambert – Trespassing Review “Running: wow! just wow! My favorite track by far, thus far. Superb vocal delivery here over a track that just swirls around you like a tornado…While there are a few songs here that I think could/should have been left off, this CD really has a great number of songs that impress even me, one of his biggest critics. This has monster hit written all over it…Kudos Mr. Lambert, Kudos. You’ve made me believe.”



@khull: @LightLovePhoto @SusieFierce Adam is in the Time issue that has breastfeeding on the cover. Mine arrived today. May 21

JPmonsterrr: Giving @adamlambert’s #Trespassing album a listen. THOROUGHLY impressed!


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  1. May 12, 2012 2:56 pm

    Thanks for including my REVIEW of Trespassing on here. Much appreciated!

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