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Adam Lambert Daily Update – May 11, 2012

May 11, 2012

By Juneau and Xena Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook

Here’s the full Week in Review

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@adamlambert: I’m being interviewed by @billboard & they want to ask me your Q’s! Tweet your questions & include #BBAdam. Watch:

Gather – A Third Queen, Adam Lambert London Concert Announced “Queen has just announced that the band, along with lead singer Adam Lambert, have added a third and final concert at Hammersmith Apollo in London for Saturday, July 14. The official announcement was made via the Queen website and their Facebook page…For those hoping to attend the added show in London, tickets go on sale Monday May 14 and can be purchased online at hmvapollo and ticketzone.

The Sapphire Salon – WIN MEET & GREET WITH ADAM LAMBERT – Friday, May 25, 2012 KRZ Summer Smash

@Alikat1323: 1 US trending & also trending worldwide@adamlambert #AdamOnChelseaLately



NewNowNext – Listen: Adam Lambert’s Beautiful Gay Rights Anthem “As the song builds, the singing stays rich and subtle while instruments drop in one by one. A guitar arrives, then some drums. A piano joins the fray, and eventually, Lambert himself gets loud. The overall effect makes me think of someone who’s trying to keep it together, who’s trying to handle himself in a hard situation. But he just keeps feeling and feeling and eventually… boom. His emotions explode…“Outlaws of Love” isn’t asking us to party. It’s defiant, yes, but it’s also wounded. And that’s a real part of being oppressed.In other words, this song is a vital new entry in pop music’s ongoing conversation about letting people be themselves.”

Advocate – EXCLUSIVE: Listen to Adam Lambert’s Song About LGBT Equality “”I wrote ‘Outlaws of Love’ to lament the LGBT community’s struggle for equal rights and acceptance,” the singer tells The Advocate. “It saddens me to think that we find ourselves essentially ‘outlawed’ in certain communities because of our basic human desire for companionship. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, however. I am thrilled that President Obama had the guts to speak out — even in an election year — for the traditional American values of justice and equality for all. It’s a bold step in the right direction.””



Adam featured in Japan’s InRock June 2012 issue. Anyone want me to translate? See our translation of the web blurb below:

In Rock, June 2012

From InRock Magazine – Latest interview

“I bring home all of the gifts I received in Japan. Because they are all so creative and beautiful”

Adam Lambert’s second album “Trespassing” is finally finished. This new work which begins with the extremely danceable title track, is a balanced mix of funk and electro-infused dance songs and emotional, dramatic ballads. Based on Adam’s real experiences over the past two years, this album lets listeners “enter” into his real world. This supremely joyful and at the same time deep, beautiful pop album will be Adam’s signature work, no mistake.

InRock – I was allowed to interview you in January, and for taking the time again, I thank you very much. What have you been doing since then?

A. To bring this album to its perfect completion, I’ve been working like crazy. I got this album to where I can be very satisfied. That’s because I’m quite a perfectionist. I took a lot of time to find good songs, and to get them into the right order, make sure the sound was perfect, it took a lot of time.

InRock – Three months ago we heard six songs, but have there been new songs added since then?

A. To be honest, I don’t remember which songs I added since then, but I think there are 16 total [on the Japanese edition]. I expect that in Japan people might really like “Pop that Lock.”

PressParty – Adam Lambert clarifies radio station visit quote “New Rolling Stone interview prob my most personal yet. What a great chat I had w Jonah! Hope it gives you some insight to my reality. However, to clarify my quote bout the radio station visits. ‘f’d up retail’ part ain’t meeting fans, it’s selling myself to the stations. The best part of those visits is the actual PERFORMING. that’s when I get to connect w you guys in my favorite way- thru music.””

Nile Rodgers – Trust the Process REDUX  “Yesterday my tech team Casey, D, and me were working all night and I didn’t post all of the different languages until late last night. I want the Adam fans around the world to see the Process, so I’m keeping this post up another day. But, I’m adding NEW CLIPS for the folks who’ve already seen it. It will give you more insight into “THE PROCESS.””

On Top – Adam Lambert, Jane Lynch, Neil Patrick Harris Cheer Obama’s Gay Marriage Support  ““Yes!” Lambert messaged on Twitter. “Of course I am completely in support of gay marriage. I also have an amazing boyfriend. This doesn’t mean I’m getting married. Lol!”…The Voice judge Adam Levine messaged: “thank you @BarackObama for reminding us all that true leadership is not dead.”…Lady Gaga, Alec Baldwin, Tyra Banks, Josh Groban, Samantha RonsonRicky Martin, Chris Colfer, Cyndi Lauper and Ellen DeGerenes have also cheered on the president.”



“I’m the human guy that sings”

Neon Limelight – Video: Adam Lambert Talks Writing Songs About His Boyfriend, “Trespassing” And More On “Chelsea Lately” Adam Lambert dropped by E!’s late night talk show, Chelsea Lately, to talk about his new album “Trespassing.” Like most of her interviews though, host Chelsea Handler decided to veer off course, dig deep and get a little personal.”



@scarlettcherry…Livinggg for @adamlambert‘s Amazzinggg #Trespassing!!! Loving the fab reviews coming in…yessss & werrkkk 😉 xoxo

@adamlambert@scarlettcherry 🙂 thanks fiercest mama

@leecherry@adamlambert Great review! I particularly like the paragraph about “already won the fight”.

@Pusishvr_Ninja@adamlambert How’s about you have a separate explicit song on itunes with the extra lyrics of Shady! They were fucking HOT! M’not the only 1

@adamlambert@Pusishvr_Ninja what extra lyrics??

@Glambert_GlittaSuch a shame is fangirls don’t get noticed by @adamlambert we should become fanboys and call ourselves Jacob lol!!!!!!

@adamlambert@Glambert_Glitta girl I see u! 🙂

@adamlambert@migzmigzmigz: Seeing really skinny people in huge hats & drapery really inspires me to STOP eating. #iamribs2012” hhahaha

@migzmigzmigz@adamlambert 😉 see you soon…xo


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