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Adam Lambert Daily Update – May 10, 2012

May 9, 2012

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@adamlambert Yes!

@adamlambert: Of course I am completely in support of gay marriage. I also have an amazing boyfriend. This doesn’t mean I’m getting married. Lol



@adamlambert: My first album went platinum today? Really? Cool!

Screencap courtesy of @GaleChester

and “Trespassing” hits #1 on Amazon “Best Sellers in Music”

…giving “For Your Entertainment” a big bump too!



From Adam Official



@adamlambert @chelseahandler Thank you for having me on the show 🙂 (airs tomorrow night Glamily)

May 10, 11PM PST – Adam will be on Chelsea Lately (check local listings). Possible streams: (

May 14 – Adam will be on Good Morning America! From Twitter: “@melirose89@adamlambert where else can we expect to see u on tv besides chelsea and idol these next couple of weeks? :)”  “@adamlambert@melirose89 good morning America on Monday!!”

Billboard – Live Q&A Adam Lambert – Monday, May 14 at 3 p.m. ET!  “Not that Adam Lambert is ever idle, but now is an especially busy time for the “American Idol” alum as he prepares for the May 15 release of his second album, “Trespassing,” an upcoming performance on “Idol” on May 17, and a run of European concert dates in July with Queen (!). To celebrate all of this activity, Lambert will stop by’s studios for a Live Q&A on Monday, May 14 at 3 p.m. ET, just one day before “Trespassing” is officially released!  In equally exciting news, Adam will be answering fan questions live on camera during the Q&A, so tweet what you want to know about his busy life to @Billboard using hashtag #BBAdam. And be sure to come back to this page on May 14 to watch the Live Q&A.”

RT @14gelly: Win an electric guitar autographed by Adam Lambert!



@adamlambert: Catching some of my album reviews and I have to just say I’m soooo happy folks are loving #Trespassing @RollingStone @lyndseyparker I love u

HQ Scans via @Crys134

HQ Scans via @Crys134

EW – Trespassing (2012) Does this reviewer have a chip on her shoulder? More than 500 fans have spoken out so far, and Nile Rodgers weighed in too (see below). “Even after he came out in 2009, the eighth-season runner-up didn’t stop flirting with the straight crowd, indulging in classic-rock guitars and gender-neutral pronouns on his debut, For Your Entertainment.”

@JulianM6 @EW Melissa Maerz, FAIL- for only referring to @adamlambert‘s sexuality condescendingly in an article that’s supposed to be about his music

@adamlambert @JulianM6 eeeeew yeah she comes across as pretty ig’nant, huh? Haha

Art and Medicine – My husband’s letter to EW This response by @artistsupporter’s husband nails it! “..Beginning with comments regarding Mr. Lambert’s appearance “the only American Idol alum who considers purple eyeliner a daytime look”, she continued by implying that the eyeliner suggested his sexual orientation and because of it, it was high time he made his “big gay dance club album”.  To imply that Mr. Lambert should stick to the stereotype of creating dance club music because he is gay implies that gay artists should be pigeon-holed into the stereotypes society imposes upon them. …”

Jordan Meehan – An Open Letter to Melissa Maerz of Entertainment Weekly And this! ““A little makeup remover” cannot fix decades of inequality and discrimination, unequal legal status and intolerance, which are what Adam addresses in these songs, and it certainly cannot fix the unprofessionalism shown by Ms. Maerz in her review.”

Spin or Bin Music Exclusive: Hear Adam Lambert’s New Album ‘Trespassing′ Before The Official Release Here! “So many amazing songs on this album including Kickin’ in, Runnin’, Naked Love, Broken English, Chokehold, and Underneath. I am totally in love with disco workout track Cuckoo and can’t stop playing it.” – Trust the Process (VIDEO) “It started with a tweet to me from Adam and Sam Sparro asking me to play on this funky track. After chatting a bit we realized that there was only one way this could happen. Without ever meeting each other, Adam and I booked a studio – and as John Taylor from Duran Duran would say, we decided to Trust the Process.”

New York Daily News – Gatecrasher “ADAM LAMBERT says success does not come with a sense of belonging. In the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine, the “American Idol” veteran, who released a new album this week, claims: “I still feel like I’m not welcome” in the music biz. Lambert explains that a trip to the Grammy Awards in February left him feeling “really weird, like an outsider.” The openly gay Lambert also reveals straight sex is not a foreign concept to him. “I’m just a person that likes to try everything,” he says, “so I’ve tried everything.”

Dudes Act Like A Lady: ‘Call Me Maybe’ Takes Over YouTube (VIDEOS) Just swooning over this wonderful essay by Ann Powers. “The ending of the “Call Me Maybe” video also takes a Sobule-like step toward the proudly queer: after watching Jepsen perform, Hunk ambles up to the male guitarist and gives him the longed-for digits. Jepsen looks bummed, but not shocked. LGBTQ people are clearly a part of her world…It’s this twist that’s taken the “Call Me Maybe” story to a whole new level as it’s gone viral.”



@ashleydzerigian: The VaJayJays very hard at work



mattbdunn: Could more people PLEASE get on board with adamlambert ?! You’re missing out and #trespassing deserves to be#1 @AdamImpresses

@annkpowers: Chris Molanphy champions Adam Lambert — LOVE U BOTH 4 THIS via @soundofthecity

@scarlettcherry@leecherry@riffcherry @negativeneil@LoveMrSpencer @saulikoskinen1 @adamlambert @IamCarmit full moon realness! Thank u all;)) — IamCarmit (@IamCarmit)

@trixie_dustLong day at Chelsea Lately taping. Adam intvw was very short but he looked fuckin hot. Leopard star shirt, blue blazer, zipper boots, rings.

Nile speaks out

@nilerodgersMusic Review: Trespassing, by Adam Lambert |

@nilerodgersMany people say HORRIBLE things about me that I post. BTW-I think it’s good for you to speak your feelings about this journalist’s views

@nilerodgersI always thank people for kind words, because I believe that words can hurt and heal.

@nilerodgersWhen I read reviews where people feel the need to talk about things that go beyond the artistic, I always wonder about motivation.

@nilerodgersAdam is one of the most talented cool people I’ve ever worked with. When we left the studio the way he treated a fan on the street..

@nilerodgers …spoke volumes!!!

Tommy Tweets

@TommyJoeRatliff@nilerodgers workin’ out ‘shady’ in rehearsal! 😉 the guitar stems are so sick! This is some fun shit 👍🔥🙌

@nilerodgers@TommyJoeRatliff Hey man! Great to hear from you. Love to all in the AL camp. I can’t wait to play with you one day!

@TommyJoeRatliff@nilerodgers same here, man! That’d be awesome!!!

@nilerodgers@TommyJoeRatliff I have 21 shows in a row coming up in a few days but I’m sure we’ll get a chance to link this year

@TommyJoeRatliff@nilerodgers ill hold ya too that. I wanna see the hitmaker in person! What year is it? Thing sound insane!

@nilerodgers@TommyJoeRatliff It’s a ’59 neck w a ’60 body. There’s a great (way too long for twitter) story behind it.


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  1. becca112971 permalink
    May 10, 2012 6:35 am

    loved the twitter party with Tommy and Nile

  2. May 10, 2012 8:38 am

    EW needs to fire the lady who wrote that review because it is so obviously anti-gay…gay stereotyping…gay hate…etc…and not about the music itself. She is a jerk…big time. I would not care if her review was negative if it did not try to be anti-gay…but that is not the case…Get the hell rid of her EW…she was not professional at all.

  3. el Kat permalink
    May 10, 2012 9:47 am

    Well, if I were Lyndsay Parker I would take Adam up on that tweet – “I love U”
    She must have been the happiest Glambert in the world yesterday !

    Listening party was awesome last night, nothing like squee-ing with the Glamily. The Trespassing tour is going to be one dancing’ fist-pumping, crying jag !

  4. Angel permalink
    May 11, 2012 12:43 am

    Congratulations, ADAM! Wow! Number 1 at Amazon!

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