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Adam Lambert’s Idol Feast – Tracks of My Tears

May 8, 2012

“Because he is a pumpkin pie of a person” — Quotes about Adam from TWOP’s “Jacob”. Reposted by Gypsy Scribbles, These are so vivid and entertaining, they just called out to be combined with the performance videos for a multimedia journey back down this beloved memory lane.

Now it’s just nine more people. Well, eight people and some kind of scary sex wizard.

Adam is totally wiggy and nervous with Smokey, because he’s singing “Tracks Of My Tears,” which is pretty awesome to think about. Smokey’s really into other people interpreting songs he’s written, and says in all his hundred years of listening to people do this song, nobody has done the Adam thing to it. I am on the edge of my chair, because if Smokey Robinson is like, “Weird, but good,” that’s like a fractal. He cracks Adam right up trying to explain the way the song usually builds, and it’s fairly adorable how he’s like, “Yadda yadda, look at my face, blah blah,” but not as adorable as Adam’s little delighted giggle. I don’t think he’s smiled this sincerely since we’ve met him.

There’s a falsetto section that’s pretty much gorgeous, and then the “smile is my makeup” part slides up past that into Smokey territory, getting some applause, and the whole audience claps along with the song. Adam Lambert sings like an angel! I was so distracted by him waving his penis around and scaring little kids with it that I didn’t even really know that. At the end he starts crying his own self, and then Smokey leads a standing ovation with tears in his eyes, and Kara makes a point of standing up too. Damn. That was amazing, I’m so glad everybody was down.

Kara calls it one of the best of the night, and praises his artistry, and Paula points out once again that he’s in his own league. She loves the handsome nature of him tonight, in the suit and the Elvis hair and lack of nail polish, etc. Simon disagrees with Kara: it was the best performance of the night. Oh, I’m so happy! The whole room is sort of on fire right now, and everybody’s sort of fidgety and weird — like always — but in this case it’s because they’re happy and not just because they’re uncomfortably intrigued. Ryan’s like, “So you win tonight, that’s fun.” Adam can’t handle any of this, which makes it even more awesome.

However will we come down from this high? Oh, hello Danny Gokey, smarming once again into the camera like a scary uncle. That’s how. I’m going to watch that whole thing again first, I have no pride at this point that would prevent me from telling you that.

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  1. becca112971 permalink
    May 8, 2012 8:56 pm


  2. scootersmom permalink
    August 6, 2012 8:17 am

    one word is too many…a million are not enough after this.! I feel lucky to have been alive the night he sang this forever into my heart!

  3. Luz permalink
    July 7, 2014 12:19 am

    there is no one like Adam Lambert. He can outsing anyone.

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