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Adam Lambert Daily Update – May 8, 2012

May 7, 2012

By Juneau and Xena Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook

Here’s the full Week in Review

Donate to Adam’s charity:water campaign



@adamlambert: Oooh folks are hearing the album?!



By lucasthefierce

“This art is based on Adam’s cover for the new album called Trespassing. He said that Trespassing will be discover his both sides (dark&light) so I decided to make this portrait”



The Village Voice – 100 & Single: Buy An Adam Lambert Album, Strike A Tiny Blow For Gay Rights “About a year ago, the movie Bridesmaids opened in the U.S. and was the subject of a rather unusual awareness campaign…One year later, I’d like to invite you to get behind another consumerist message that, in 2012, should be equally uncontroversial: Being openly gay shouldn’t prevent you from having a No. 1 album in the United States. The album we can support to send this message is Adam Lambert’s second major-label disc Trespassing, which arrives in stores on May 15—virtually one year to the day after the successful Bridesmaids opening…Even at this tipping-point moment for acceptance of gay civil rights, there’s still another tiny cultural barrier left to cross. If anyone wants to start a Bridesmaids-style grassroots movement in the next couple of weeks, it might be fun to see if a gang of progressive-minded pop fans and chart geeks could help lift Lambert into the penthouse.”

AOL Music – Adam Lambert, AOL Music Essay Contest: How Has Adam Changed Your Life? “Were you inspired by Adam’s confidence to lead a braver life yourself? Has one of Adam’s songs helped you through a difficult period? We want to hear about it! Email your essay to (there is no word count) detailing “Glambert”s positive influence on your existence by Sunday, May 13.”

USA Today – ‘Idol’ airplay: Clarkson, Underwood, etc. 

  • 9 11 Adam Lambert, Whataya Want From Me (1334, up from 1296)
  • 36 29 Adam Lambert, Better Than I Know Myself (413)
  • 53 63 Adam Lambert, Never Close Our Eyes (226)
  • 71 73 Adam Lambert, If I Had You (105)



ZM Online: ZM’s Adam Lambert Online Listening Party! Tomorrow Kiwi Glambert fans will be able to hit up &listen to Adam’s new album ‘Trespassing’ BEFORE you can buy it! It’s not out until Friday 18th May but you can hear it with us FIRST and FREE anywhere in NZ! Keep checking back for more info – plus we will have heaps of Adam Lambert goodies to give away.



Pop iTunes banner on May 7, 2012

@idolsnowADAM LAMBERT’s “Never Close Our Eyes” up 35-34 with a bullet on the Adult Top 40 chart, where “Better Than I Know Myself” slips 37-39.



It’s May! Glamberts Go Wild



@Sony_Music (Canada): Why do you LOVE Adam Lambert? Tell us on Facebook & we might add your comment to our Adam Cover! Photo –

@Javstwtr: “@965tic: We R THRILLED to announce Javier Colon (@Javstwtr ) will b opening 4 @AdamLambert @SixFlags” >can’t wait!!!

@huntermarcus: @adamlambert’s #Trespassing is the most cohesive & well-thought through pop album of 2012. He should be damn proud.

heart2stone: So not an Adam Lambert fan but his album is absolutely addicting!! Perfection. #Trespassing

@MarkVIPSM: Flipped past The Voice and thought 2 things. 1)Why does@TheRealXtina channel drag queens & 2) How did @adamlambertnot win #Idol? #turrible

UK music bloggers join the Twitter flailfest

@JordanMeehan: @hausofrobert Adam will be snatching SO MANY WIGS with this album. I can’t wait.

@JordanMeehan (EQ): @adamlambert Hey new follower, thought you’d wanna start looking at shelves to hold your Grammys for Trespassing.

@portiswasp FYI Wasps…. Adam Lambert’s new record is insanely good!

@portiswasp: I hope every body who likes their pop music HARD buys Adam Lambert’s ‘Trespassing’ on May 15th!

@portiswasp: The Glamberts are all retweeting me – hilarious! What a loyal fanbase! #Trespassing

@portiswasp: I will of course be reviewing Adam Lambert’s new record#Trespassing this week! So look out for THAT Glamberts! xx

@portiswasp: I have never been retweeted more than I have been in the last hour! The Glamberts are a crazy good time had!

@portiswasp: Would we all prefer if I reviewed Adam Lambert’s #Trespassingtomorrow night (Track by Track)? Is that what we’d really like GLamberts?

@portiswasp: @JadziasMind I think I’m going to have to review it tomorrow! 😉

New singer joins Glamily

@KeishaRenee: On my way to rehearsal. Everyone say hello to the newest member of the Glamily and my BFF @RainOnMe83

@RainOnMe83: Thank u all for the love! I’m very excited to be apart of the Glamily! 🙂


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