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Adam Lambert Week – May 6-12, 2012

May 6, 2012

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“It’s my Waiting for Godot moment.” – Adam Lambert

@milestougeaux: @Adamlambert Is it “Waiting for Godot” or “Waiting for Good Dough” ?

@adamlambert@milestougeaux haha yup.



Via Adam Lambert Events

May 06: TV, Australia. Hot List, FoxTel Channel 801 [V] 7:30 local time. [Source | More Info]
May 06: TV, Japan. Ellen on Dlife (BS ch.258) at 5am Japan time. [More Info | More Info]
May 08: Trespassing Listening Party. Brussel, Belgium. [Source]
May 08: Trespassing available for online listening Hungary. [More Info]
May 09: Never Close Our Eyes available on iTunes Japan. [Source]
May 09: Trespassing Listening Party. Fukuoka, Japan. [More Info]
May 10: TV, US. Chelsea Lately, E!. [Source | Possible Livestream]
May 11: Trespassing Listening Party. Tokyo & Sapporo, Japan. [More Info]
May 11: Trespassing released in Switzerland. [Source]
May 11: Trespassing released in Belgium and Holland. [Source]
May 11: Trespassing released in Norway. [Source]
May 12: Trespassing Listening Party. Nagoya, Osaka & Tokyo, Japan. [More Info]


@britneyspears There’s this sweet boy who is battling cancer, and his biggest wish is to trend on Twitter. Let’s make it happen! #ryankennedy

@adamlambert #ryankennedy


@adamlambert Yes!

@adamlambert: Of course I am completely in support of gay marriage. I also have an amazing boyfriend. This doesn’t mean I’m getting married. Lol



“Trespassing” Deluxe snippets (on Amazon)

@adamlambert: Oooh folks are hearing the album?!

Pop iTunes banner on May 7, 2012

Image of back of CD on Amazon (via @adamgasmic)

Liner notes – Adam’s thank you’s



@adamlambert: Catching some of my album reviews and I have to just say I’m soooo happy folks are loving #Trespassing @RollingStone @lyndseyparker I love u

“That’s what’s up!” on @WhoSay via @adamlambert

New York Daily News – Album Review: Adam Lambert “Trespassing” “As serviceably catchy as most of the songs may be, it’s only Lambert’s performance that raises them above radio fodder. His vocal attack remains a dizzying mix of the awesome and the absurd…The latter cut [Underneath] means to reveal Lambert’s inner life, his secret vulnerability. While in reality he must have some, his deepest value as a singer, and a star, is his riveting certitude. That’s both politically potent (given his role as an out gay man), and artistically riveting: It’s the sound of liberation achieved.”

Yahoo – Adam Lambert’s ‘ ’: It’s That Deep “Trespassing is a full realization of the new Lambert signature sound: a rare strain of electropop that manages to be both mindlessly hedonistic and sublimely sophisticated at the same time…”

Rolling Stone review of album – 4 stars!! Rob Sheffield writes “Trespassing delivers, with a mix of tinsel disco-club sleaze and leather-boy love ballads. While he excels in a radio cheddar bom like “Naked Love,” he gets deeper in slow jams like “Underneath” and “Outlaws of Love.” But all over Trespassing, Glambert sings everything like Zeus in a thong.” Key tracks: “Shady”, “Outlaws of Love”

Auditory Slam – Adam Lambert – Trespassing Review “Running: wow! just wow! My favorite track by far, thus far. Superb vocal delivery here over a track that just swirls around you like a tornado…While there are a few songs here that I think could/should have been left off, this CD really has a great number of songs that impress even me, one of his biggest critics. This has monster hit written all over it…Kudos Mr. Lambert, Kudos. You’ve made me believe.”

EQ – Album Review: “Trespassing” by Adam Lambert “I really can’t say enough good things about this album; it’s extremely strong, cohesive and deep, which you really don’t find in pop. I’ll be the first one to tell you that I’m an extremely harsh critic of most mainstream pop music. I have very high standards when it comes to pop, because so many pop artists skate by with minimal talent and maximal production and vocal enhancements. What I love so much about Adam is that he’s an artist who is not only overflowing with talent and showmanship, but also has within himself the talent and creativity to create an original, unique and meaningful piece of work that shines brighter than all the rest. Trespassing is undoubtedly the pop album of the year and has raised the standard for everybody else out there.”

My Portis Wasp Says – Adam Lambert – ‘Trespassing’ |Album Review “Adam Lambert returns this year (next week to be semi-specific) with his sophomore record Trespassing, and trespass he does wasps in the most joyfully cocky of ways over the 15 tracks that make up what might just be the best album you’ll hear all year! A bold statement for sure, but Adam is the only boy I can think of right now in pop who is given equal access to the sickest of producers and songwriters working today as dominating ladies in pop like Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Ke$ha and Kelly Clarkson, but apart from the latter none of these poptarts however hard they try quite manage to rise above their expensive productions like this boy does.”

Spin or Bin Music Exclusive: Hear Adam Lambert’s New Album ‘Trespassing′ Before The Official Release Here! “So many amazing songs on this album including Kickin’ in, Runnin’, Naked Love, Broken English, Chokehold, and Underneath. I am totally in love with disco workout track Cuckoo and can’t stop playing it.”

Pop Heaven – JUDGEMENT DAY: POP HEAVEN OR HELL? ADAM LAMBERT’S “TRESPASSING” Track by track review: “In the next track, “Underneath,” Adam has written what could end up being the most breathtaking song of his career. Dark, emotional and atmospheric; it is a lyrical and sonic masterpiece in every way. (“Strip away the flesh and bone, look beyond the lies you’ve known, everybody wants to talk about a freak, no one wants to dig that deep, let me take you underneath…”) Imagine that Richard Marx wrote a confessional song about his dark side in the vein of Madonna’s “Ray of Light” album – then imagine it modern. One of the most haunting and beautiful songs, ever. Period.”

Idolator – Adam Lambert’s ‘Trespassing’: Check Out New Tracks & Adam’s Twitter Q&A! “We’ve pretty much been listening to Adam Lambert‘s Trespassing all day long, as the pop star’s sophomore album is currently streaming on Adam’s official site. To mark the occasion of his music finally reaching his fans’ ears, Lambert did a Q&A on Twitter this afternoon, answering his followers’ many queries — including what he thinks of Justin Bieber‘s Believe album cover art, which shares a similar design to his own album cover. Head below for Adam’s comments, as well as a few standout tracks from Trespassing that we just can’t get out of our head.”

Music that Goes Pop – Adam Lambert – Trespassing Album Leak + Review! “Adam Lambert’s Trespassing is a winner.  With a variety of songs as huge as his vocal range, yet feeling at the same time completely cohesive, Lambert’s sophomore album is on trend and yet doesn’t have an expiration date.”

Music Box Mix – Adam Lambert “Trespassing” album review “Fans have already heard snippets of all 15 songs on the Trespassing Deluxe Edition, however, the full tracks are even better, providing more funky electronic sounds and beautiful harmonies.”

ONTD – Check out Adam Lambert’s Full Album “Trespassing” – Now Streaming – Comments galore.

Popdust – Read the Reviews for All Twelve Tracks – Some excerpts:

  • Trespassing – “It’s the kind of glammed-out, us vs. them disco stomper that we’re always wanting to hear from Adam, and it’s a hell of a way to get the album going.”
  • Cuckoo – “… less wacky than workmanlike. You could isolate any five seconds, paste them over any given pop hit, and not get much difference.”
  • Shady – “It’s not quite as sleazy as we’d like Adam to one day get—baby steps, people—but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.”
  • Broken English – “The song’s high point comes before the final chorus, where a key change takes the song into alien territory, and Adam wails over it in a way that can only be described—by music critics anyway—as “haunting.””
  • Underneath – “Listening to “Underneath,” you wonder why “Better Than I Know Myself” wasn’t quietly tucked back into a drawer as a first draft. Everything the single was meant to accomplish actually gets accomplished here, fantastically.”
  • Outlaws of Love – “The restraint’s welcome, particularly in contrast to some of the Top 40-bait found elsewhere. It makes everything here resonate far more than it otherwise might have, and it closes Trespassing with dignity and quiet reserve.”
  • Kickin In – “Between this and the album’s title track, if Trespassing doesn’t help start a second-wave Neptunes renaissance (assuming Chad Hugo is still hanging around somewhere), it’ll be a low down dirty shame.”

Gather – Album Review: Adam Lambert – ‘Trespassing’ “It’s been a long time coming for Adam Lambert’s Trespassing album release, but definitely worth the wait! Although originally slated to drop last November, Adam took an extra few months to go in a different, funkier direction and to fine-tune it to perfection. The result shows that he has succeeded in his quest. The album comes chock full of obvious hits, including funky, up-beat dance tunes that rival any pop songs currently topping the charts. There are also ballads that will have listeners near tears, with haunting lyrics and gut-wrenching, soulful cries. All of the songs are relatable, regardless of age, race, gender or sexuality.”

NewNowNext – Listen: Adam Lambert’s Beautiful Gay Rights Anthem “As the song builds, the singing stays rich and subtle while instruments drop in one by one. A guitar arrives, then some drums. A piano joins the fray, and eventually, Lambert himself gets loud. The overall effect makes me think of someone who’s trying to keep it together, who’s trying to handle himself in a hard situation. But he just keeps feeling and feeling and eventually… boom. His emotions explode…“Outlaws of Love” isn’t asking us to party. It’s defiant, yes, but it’s also wounded. And that’s a real part of being oppressed.In other words, this song is a vital new entry in pop music’s ongoing conversation about letting people be themselves.”

Advocate – EXCLUSIVE: Listen to Adam Lambert’s Song About LGBT Equality “”I wrote ‘Outlaws of Love’ to lament the LGBT community’s struggle for equal rights and acceptance,” the singer tells The Advocate. “It saddens me to think that we find ourselves essentially ‘outlawed’ in certain communities because of our basic human desire for companionship. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, however. I am thrilled that President Obama had the guts to speak out — even in an election year — for the traditional American values of justice and equality for all. It’s a bold step in the right direction.””



EW – Trespassing (2012) Does this reviewer have a chip on her shoulder? More than 500 fans have spoken out so far, and Nile Rodgers weighed in too (see below). “Even after he came out in 2009, the eighth-season runner-up didn’t stop flirting with the straight crowd, indulging in classic-rock guitars and gender-neutral pronouns on his debut, For Your Entertainment.”

@JulianM6 @EW Melissa Maerz, FAIL- for only referring to @adamlambert‘s sexuality condescendingly in an article that’s supposed to be about his music

@adamlambert @JulianM6 eeeeew yeah she comes across as pretty ig’nant, huh? Haha

Art and Medicine – My husband’s letter to EW This response by @artistsupporter’s husband nails it! “..Beginning with comments regarding Mr. Lambert’s appearance “the only American Idol alum who considers purple eyeliner a daytime look”, she continued by implying that the eyeliner suggested his sexual orientation and because of it, it was high time he made his “big gay dance club album”.  To imply that Mr. Lambert should stick to the stereotype of creating dance club music because he is gay implies that gay artists should be pigeon-holed into the stereotypes society imposes upon them. …”

Jordan Meehan – An Open Letter to Melissa Maerz of Entertainment Weekly And this! ““A little makeup remover” cannot fix decades of inequality and discrimination, unequal legal status and intolerance, which are what Adam addresses in these songs, and it certainly cannot fix the unprofessionalism shown by Ms. Maerz in her review.”



@adamlambert: My first album went platinum today? Really? Cool!

Screencap courtesy of @GaleChester

and “Trespassing” hits #1 on Amazon “Best Sellers in Music”

…giving “For Your Entertainment” a big bump too!

@idolsnowADAM LAMBERT’s “Never Close Our Eyes” up 35-34 with a bullet on the Adult Top 40 chart, where “Better Than I Know Myself” slips 37-39.




@adamlambert @chelseahandler Thank you for having me on the show 🙂 (airs tomorrow night Glamily)

@adamlambert: I’m being interviewed by @billboard & they want to ask me your Q’s! Tweet your questions & include #BBAdam. Watch:

@VH1SET UR DVR! @AdamLambert & @ChrisColfer will be on #VH1Buzzwith @CarrieKeagan this Monday at 10/9c! #Glamberts + #Gleeksjoin forces!

Gather – A Third Queen, Adam Lambert London Concert Announced “Queen has just announced that the band, along with lead singer Adam Lambert, have added a third and final concert at Hammersmith Apollo in London for Saturday, July 14. The official announcement was made via the Queen website and their Facebook page…For those hoping to attend the added show in London, tickets go on sale Monday May 14 and can be purchased online at hmvapollo and ticketzone.

Adam Official – Win Guaranteed Access to see Adam perform at the MLB Fan Cave  “Here’s how to enter the drawing: “Right here, on, we’ve set up a Photo Gallery called The Never Close Our Eyes Fan Gallery and we want all of you to upload images of yourself with Adam’s new single cover. Maybe you downloaded the song to your iPod, made a ringtone on your phone or just printed out the cover and taped it all over your bedroom – however you show your love for Adam, we want to see it! So hurry up and upload your photo today cause you only have until Wednesday 5/9 to enter.”

May 10, 11PM PST – Adam will be on Chelsea Lately (check local listings). Possible streams: (

May 13 – VH1 Behind the Music is re-airing its episode on Adam Lambert.

May 14 – Adam will be on Good Morning America! From Twitter: “@melirose89@adamlambert where else can we expect to see u on tv besides chelsea and idol these next couple of weeks? :)”  “@adamlambert@melirose89 good morning America on Monday!!”

Billboard – Live Q&A Adam Lambert – Monday, May 14 at 3 p.m. ET!  “Not that Adam Lambert is ever idle, but now is an especially busy time for the “American Idol” alum as he prepares for the May 15 release of his second album, “Trespassing,” an upcoming performance on “Idol” on May 17, and a run of European concert dates in July with Queen (!). To celebrate all of this activity, Lambert will stop by’s studios for a Live Q&A on Monday, May 14 at 3 p.m. ET, just one day before “Trespassing” is officially released!  In equally exciting news, Adam will be answering fan questions live on camera during the Q&A, so tweet what you want to know about his busy life to @Billboard using hashtag #BBAdam. And be sure to come back to this page on May 14 to watch the Live Q&A.”

May 15, 5PM EST Z100 – “Adam Lambert will be performing a special intimate show at our iHeartRadio Theater presented by P.C. Richard & Son  – and the only way in is to win tickets!” If you can’t attend, the show will be streamed live!

@QueenWillRockTickets are ON SALE NOW for the Queen + Adam Lambert show on July 7th in Wroclaw, Poland. Ticket are available…

@1035KTU: Starting Thurs at 10am & all weekend long KTU is running a special offer for @ktuphoria tickets – 4 packs of tickets in the back of the 400s section for $103.50!) More info here:

RT @14gelly: Win an electric guitar autographed by Adam Lambert!

The Sapphire Salon – WIN MEET & GREET WITH ADAM LAMBERT – Friday, May 25, 2012 KRZ Summer Smash

@Alikat1323: 1 US trending & also trending worldwide@adamlambert #AdamOnChelseaLately



From Adam Official



MetroNow’s Top 50 Gay Icons!!

Here are the top 10

1. Madonna
2. Judy Garland
3. Cher
4. Ellen Degeneres
5. Joan Rivers
6. Liza Minnelli
7. Lady GaGa
8. Oprah Winfrey
9. Adam Lambert
10. Dolly Parton



Time – Adam Lambert on His New Album, All Those Singing Competitions and Filling in for Freddie Mercury “Q. You’re fronting for Queen this summer. Have you picked an outfit yet? A. Oh, I definitely want to wear something fierce. If Freddie [Mercury]’s smiling down from somewhere, I hope he approves of my shoes.”

Photo credit: MATT SAYLES / AP

Rolling Stone – Adam Lambert’s Emotional Rescue (fan transcription). From the upcoming May 24 issue. “Adam Lambert’s Hollywood home sits atop a long driveway so steep that you could mistake it for a concrete wall. When Lambert began renting the midcentury modern with stunning city views, he thought the driveway was a pain. “To get up, you’ve got to overshoot it, turn around, come back and then turn in really fast at, like, a 9-degree angle, or else you scrape the whole bottom of your car,” he says. But after photographers caught wind of the American Idol star’s address, Lambert came to appreciate the driveway: “They’re not coming up that thing!”…”

HQ Scans via @Crys134

HQ Scans via @Crys134

Billboard – Adam Lambert Takes Control with ‘Trespassing’ SUPERB article detailing Adam’s role as Executive Producer and how unusual it is. “… it’s not the impressive roster of collaborators that makes the boldest statement in the credits. It’s the forthcoming set’s executive producer: Lambert himself. ”

Pride Source – Adam Lambert Q&A: On His Surprise Sex Toy, ‘Redundant’ Media & ‘Horrifying’ Jail Time “In this candid interview with Lambert, the pop star opened up about the “redundant” press questions regarding his sexuality, becoming more confident as an out celebrity, and breaking the rules – and going to jail for it.”

Gather – Adam Lambert’s Fans “Get” Him – “Adam Lambert recently did an interview with Rolling Stone magazine and he may have offended some fans inadvertently. Fortunately, he cleared up any miscommunication yesterday on Twitter and thanked those who “get it.” Adam took to his official Twitter last night to comment on the interview and clarify a remark that could be interpreted unfavorably.”

Adam featured in Japan’s InRock June 2012 issue. Anyone want me to translate? See our translation of the web blurb below:

In Rock, June 2012

From InRock Magazine – Latest interview

“I bring home all of the gifts I received in Japan. Because they are all so creative and beautiful”

Adam Lambert’s second album “Trespassing” is finally finished. This new work which begins with the extremely danceable title track, is a balanced mix of funk and electro-infused dance songs and emotional, dramatic ballads. Based on Adam’s real experiences over the past two years, this album lets listeners “enter” into his real world. This supremely joyful and at the same time deep, beautiful pop album will be Adam’s signature work, no mistake.

InRock – I was allowed to interview you in January, and for taking the time again, I thank you very much. What have you been doing since then?

A. To bring this album to its perfect completion, I’ve been working like crazy. I got this album to where I can be very satisfied. That’s because I’m quite a perfectionist. I took a lot of time to find good songs, and to get them into the right order, make sure the sound was perfect, it took a lot of time.

InRock – Three months ago we heard six songs, but have there been new songs added since then?

A. To be honest, I don’t remember which songs I added since then, but I think there are 16 total [on the Japanese edition]. I expect that in Japan people might really like “Pop that Lock.”

PressParty – Adam Lambert clarifies radio station visit quote “New Rolling Stone interview prob my most personal yet. What a great chat I had w Jonah! Hope it gives you some insight to my reality. However, to clarify my quote bout the radio station visits. ‘f’d up retail’ part ain’t meeting fans, it’s selling myself to the stations. The best part of those visits is the actual PERFORMING. that’s when I get to connect w you guys in my favorite way- thru music.””

Nile Rodgers – Trust the Process REDUX  “Yesterday my tech team Casey, D, and me were working all night and I didn’t post all of the different languages until late last night. I want the Adam fans around the world to see the Process, so I’m keeping this post up another day. But, I’m adding NEW CLIPS for the folks who’ve already seen it. It will give you more insight into “THE PROCESS.””

On Top – Adam Lambert, Jane Lynch, Neil Patrick Harris Cheer Obama’s Gay Marriage Support  ““Yes!” Lambert messaged on Twitter. “Of course I am completely in support of gay marriage. I also have an amazing boyfriend. This doesn’t mean I’m getting married. Lol!”…The Voice judge Adam Levine messaged: “thank you @BarackObama for reminding us all that true leadership is not dead.”…Lady Gaga, Alec Baldwin, Tyra Banks, Josh Groban, Samantha RonsonRicky Martin, Chris Colfer, Cyndi Lauper and Ellen DeGerenes have also cheered on the president.” – Trust the Process (VIDEO) “It started with a tweet to me from Adam and Sam Sparro asking me to play on this funky track. After chatting a bit we realized that there was only one way this could happen. Without ever meeting each other, Adam and I booked a studio – and as John Taylor from Duran Duran would say, we decided to Trust the Process.”

New York Daily News – Gatecrasher “ADAM LAMBERT says success does not come with a sense of belonging. In the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine, the “American Idol” veteran, who released a new album this week, claims: “I still feel like I’m not welcome” in the music biz. Lambert explains that a trip to the Grammy Awards in February left him feeling “really weird, like an outsider.” The openly gay Lambert also reveals straight sex is not a foreign concept to him. “I’m just a person that likes to try everything,” he says, “so I’ve tried everything.”

Dudes Act Like A Lady: ‘Call Me Maybe’ Takes Over YouTube (VIDEOS) Just swooning over this wonderful essay by Ann Powers. “The ending of the “Call Me Maybe” video also takes a Sobule-like step toward the proudly queer: after watching Jepsen perform, Hunk ambles up to the male guitarist and gives him the longed-for digits. Jepsen looks bummed, but not shocked. LGBTQ people are clearly a part of her world…It’s this twist that’s taken the “Call Me Maybe” story to a whole new level as it’s gone viral.”

The Village Voice – 100 & Single: Buy An Adam Lambert Album, Strike A Tiny Blow For Gay Rights “About a year ago, the movie Bridesmaids opened in the U.S. and was the subject of a rather unusual awareness campaign…One year later, I’d like to invite you to get behind another consumerist message that, in 2012, should be equally uncontroversial: Being openly gay shouldn’t prevent you from having a No. 1 album in the United States. The album we can support to send this message is Adam Lambert’s second major-label disc Trespassing, which arrives in stores on May 15—virtually one year to the day after the successful Bridesmaids opening…Even at this tipping-point moment for acceptance of gay civil rights, there’s still another tiny cultural barrier left to cross. If anyone wants to start a Bridesmaids-style grassroots movement in the next couple of weeks, it might be fun to see if a gang of progressive-minded pop fans and chart geeks could help lift Lambert into the penthouse.”

AOL Music – Adam Lambert, AOL Music Essay Contest: How Has Adam Changed Your Life? “Were you inspired by Adam’s confidence to lead a braver life yourself? Has one of Adam’s songs helped you through a difficult period? We want to hear about it! Email your essay to (there is no word count) detailing “Glambert”s positive influence on your existence by Sunday, May 13.”

USA Today – ‘Idol’ airplay: Clarkson, Underwood, etc. 

  • 9 11 Adam Lambert, Whataya Want From Me (1334, up from 1296)
  • 36 29 Adam Lambert, Better Than I Know Myself (413)
  • 53 63 Adam Lambert, Never Close Our Eyes (226)
  • 71 73 Adam Lambert, If I Had You (105)

Gloss Magazine issue with Adam on the cover is now available for online viewing! It’s been a while since we’ve leafed through a gay mag. Mmmmmm, fun! But you’ve been forewarned!

Adam in Icelandic Teen mag! More pix via @jona5555! Source:



kathyzapata: “Hanging out with Adam Lambert was really fun :)” [Editor’s note: Probably from promo tour stop in Portland, OR]





“I’m the human guy that sings”

Neon Limelight – Video: Adam Lambert Talks Writing Songs About His Boyfriend, “Trespassing” And More On “Chelsea Lately” Adam Lambert dropped by E!’s late night talk show, Chelsea Lately, to talk about his new album “Trespassing.” Like most of her interviews though, host Chelsea Handler decided to veer off course, dig deep and get a little personal.”

@ashleydzerigian: The VaJayJays very hard at work

Pollo DelMar of Gloss – Adam Lambert talks about “Never Close Our Eyes”

Adam Lambert The Voice TV Finland

It’s May! Glamberts Go Wild

Time to watch the NewNowNext performance of “Trespassing” again!



By lucasthefierce

“This art is based on Adam’s cover for the new album called Trespassing. He said that Trespassing will be discover his both sides (dark&light) so I decided to make this portrait”



Newbury Comics – New Release Special Offer: Adam Lambert with Limited* Autographed CD Booklet “Pre-Order either version of the upcoming release, Trespassing orTrespassing: Deluxe Edition, by Adam Lambert and get a limited* autographed CD booklet with purchase!”



@ladistardust: Posters in S Africa Music Store: 3 TRESPASSING ‘pillars’ at store entrance so you have to walk between them to enter 😀 (Johannesburg South Africa)



New singer joins Glamily

@KeishaRenee: On my way to rehearsal. Everyone say hello to the newest member of the Glamily and my BFF @RainOnMe83

@RainOnMe83: Thank u all for the love! I’m very excited to be apart of the Glamily! 🙂

A couple of days ago, we learned that there was a new replacement for backup singer Octavia. This message from Octavia may be a clue as to why. We wish her well.

“Sincerli Octavia: Okay…..time for a change in lifestyle….this weight is KILLING me for real! I missed out on a great opportunity because I was physically unable to what was asked of me and it wasn’t much. Getting rid of trash today, weight-loss mission begins 2moro! I won’t be doing updates like some, this is for me.

I guess I had to have a dream put in my hands and then snatched away in order for me to wake up.

I’m awake!!!”



@N3wG3neration“arthurm21: I don’t even like Adam Lambert but his new song is literally my jam” @AdamImpresses

Idol Kerffufel

@adamlambert@JSanchezAI11 oh lawd…. I said I liked u best. Phillip and Hollie are terrific singers. I just think you kick their butts

@JSanchezAI11@adamlambert That means so much! I wish other people understood that though :/

 @adamlambertMy opinions aren’t always diplomatic.

Movin on

@adamlambert@rihanna you just KILLED IT on SNL. That was was such a fierce performance. Flawless!

Sunday Tweets

UK Fans – To celebrate Adam Lambert Day on 8 May, we’re giving away a copy of his single, “Better Than I Know Myself”

 @MrsRobinsonHereDid u know that Tim Gunn mentions@adamlambert in his book- Gunn’s Golden Rules? He thinks gay kids 2day r lucky 2 have Adam as a role model
@lambosessed: UK Trespassing (17 songs) has now been reduced to £9! ($17 shipped to anywhere outside EU)
Michael Orland Tweets
 @MichaelOrland So thankful & full of love that @JLedetAI11 thanked me on live tv. Only other person to do it was @adamlambert . Gotta teach him “Orland”
@MichaelOrland@MalsDoxy @JLedetAI11 @adamlambert that to me is the sign of a truly gracious un-selfish performer to acknowledge the whole “team” it takes.
@MichaelOrland@IDreamIn4D I’m so moved by that – i can’t tell you. AND it’s his 2nd album – and he STILL thanked us!!! That boy is a winner.
@MichaelOrland@JadziasMind Thanks so much – love my job – and love to be a tiny speckle of help in people like Adam’s career!!! #SoProud
 @carrbert@MichaelOrland He has always said what an inspiration you were to him! 🙂
@MichaelOrland@carrbert that’s not the only reason i love him so much!!!!! Was always 1 of those talents that takes what u give him & hits a grand slam.
Monday Tweets

@Sony_Music (Canada): Why do you LOVE Adam Lambert? Tell us on Facebook & we might add your comment to our Adam Cover! Photo –

@Javstwtr: “@965tic: We R THRILLED to announce Javier Colon (@Javstwtr ) will b opening 4 @AdamLambert @SixFlags” >can’t wait!!!

@huntermarcus: @adamlambert’s #Trespassing is the most cohesive & well-thought through pop album of 2012. He should be damn proud.

heart2stone: So not an Adam Lambert fan but his album is absolutely addicting!! Perfection. #Trespassing

@MarkVIPSM: Flipped past The Voice and thought 2 things. 1)Why does@TheRealXtina channel drag queens & 2) How did @adamlambertnot win #Idol? #turrible

UK music bloggers join the Twitter flailfest

@JordanMeehan: @hausofrobert Adam will be snatching SO MANY WIGS with this album. I can’t wait.

@JordanMeehan (EQ): @adamlambert Hey new follower, thought you’d wanna start looking at shelves to hold your Grammys for Trespassing.

@portiswasp FYI Wasps…. Adam Lambert’s new record is insanely good!

@portiswasp: I hope every body who likes their pop music HARD buys Adam Lambert’s ‘Trespassing’ on May 15th!

@portiswasp: The Glamberts are all retweeting me – hilarious! What a loyal fanbase! #Trespassing

@portiswasp: I will of course be reviewing Adam Lambert’s new record#Trespassing this week! So look out for THAT Glamberts! xx

@portiswasp: I have never been retweeted more than I have been in the last hour! The Glamberts are a crazy good time had!

@portiswasp: Would we all prefer if I reviewed Adam Lambert’s #Trespassingtomorrow night (Track by Track)? Is that what we’d really like GLamberts?

@portiswasp: @JadziasMind I think I’m going to have to review it tomorrow! 😉


@annkpowers: Berts don’t need the link, you all know Trespassing is streaming, right?

@annkpowers: That said — if you are not yet an Adam Lambert believer, check out tracks 1,3,5,10. I think they’ll convince you!

@adamcrane: @annkpowers good to know. thanks! i’ve always been an Adam Lambert fan since his Idol days!

@annkpowers: @HitfixMelinda The ballad “Underneath” slays, too, beyond the tracks I highlighted.

Tuesday Tweets

Here’s the complete transcript of today’s Twitter Party

@milestougeauxTodays Highlight: Mix102.9 DFW played NCOE on my way into the office this AM! Downside: They introduced it as new music from Adam Levine.
@GagaConcert: lots of Gaga’s litle monsters are into you @adamlambert Good luck with the album

@milestougeaux@adamlambert RollingStone: “Zeus in a Thong” Excellent concept idea for Album #3. Cheers!

 Wednesday Tweets

mattbdunn: Could more people PLEASE get on board with adamlambert ?! You’re missing out and #trespassing deserves to be#1 @AdamImpresses

@annkpowers: Chris Molanphy champions Adam Lambert — LOVE U BOTH 4 THIS via @soundofthecity

@scarlettcherry@leecherry@riffcherry @negativeneil@LoveMrSpencer @saulikoskinen1 @adamlambert @IamCarmit full moon realness! Thank u all;)) — IamCarmit (@IamCarmit)

@trixie_dustLong day at Chelsea Lately taping. Adam intvw was very short but he looked fuckin hot. Leopard star shirt, blue blazer, zipper boots, rings.

Nile speaks out

@nilerodgersMusic Review: Trespassing, by Adam Lambert |

@nilerodgersMany people say HORRIBLE things about me that I post. BTW-I think it’s good for you to speak your feelings about this journalist’s views

@nilerodgersI always thank people for kind words, because I believe that words can hurt and heal.

@nilerodgersWhen I read reviews where people feel the need to talk about things that go beyond the artistic, I always wonder about motivation.

@nilerodgersAdam is one of the most talented cool people I’ve ever worked with. When we left the studio the way he treated a fan on the street..

@nilerodgers …spoke volumes!!!

Tommy Tweets Nile

@TommyJoeRatliff@nilerodgers workin’ out ‘shady’ in rehearsal! 😉 the guitar stems are so sick! This is some fun shit 👍🔥🙌

@nilerodgers@TommyJoeRatliff Hey man! Great to hear from you. Love to all in the AL camp. I can’t wait to play with you one day!

@TommyJoeRatliff@nilerodgers same here, man! That’d be awesome!!!

@nilerodgers@TommyJoeRatliff I have 21 shows in a row coming up in a few days but I’m sure we’ll get a chance to link this year

@TommyJoeRatliff@nilerodgers ill hold ya too that. I wanna see the hitmaker in person! What year is it? Thing sound insane!

@nilerodgers@TommyJoeRatliff It’s a ’59 neck w a ’60 body. There’s a great (way too long for twitter) story behind it.

Thursday Tweets

@scarlettcherry…Livinggg for @adamlambert‘s Amazzinggg #Trespassing!!! Loving the fab reviews coming in…yessss & werrkkk 😉 xoxo

@adamlambert@scarlettcherry 🙂 thanks fiercest mama

@leecherry@adamlambert Great review! I particularly like the paragraph about “already won the fight”.

@Pusishvr_Ninja@adamlambert How’s about you have a separate explicit song on itunes with the extra lyrics of Shady! They were fucking HOT! M’not the only 1

@adamlambert@Pusishvr_Ninja what extra lyrics??

@Glambert_GlittaSuch a shame is fangirls don’t get noticed by @adamlambert we should become fanboys and call ourselves Jacob lol!!!!!!

@adamlambert@Glambert_Glitta girl I see u! 🙂

@adamlambert@migzmigzmigz: Seeing really skinny people in huge hats & drapery really inspires me to STOP eating. #iamribs2012” hhahaha

@migzmigzmigz@adamlambert 😉 see you soon…xo

Friday Tweets

@khull: @LightLovePhoto @SusieFierce Adam is in the Time issue that has breastfeeding on the cover. Mine arrived today. May 21

JPmonsterrr: Giving @adamlambert’s #Trespassing album a listen. THOROUGHLY impressed!



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Share these with friends and acquaintances who haven’t yet seen the Light and Love!

Top 10 Things to Know about Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert Worldwide Charts

Adam Lambert Gold and Platinum Sales

Podcast – Top 10 Adam songs picked by fans



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Lock and Handcuffs T-shirt from Lambosessed We love her original “One Nation Under Glam” designs! Lambosessed explains her design approach: “I aim for easily wearable designs instantly recognisable by fans as having a connection with Adam while retaining a subtlety that doesn’t require them to bear his name.”

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