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Adam Lambert Daily Update – May 3, 2012

May 3, 2012

By Juneau and Xena Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook

Here’s the full Week in Review

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@adamlambert That shoot was a long one!! This video is going to be AMAZING! Get ready!!!!

@adamlambert My website had a makeover!



Outside Edge – Adam Lambert Announces his Brand New Single Never Close Our Eyes June 24  The UK release includes some bonus singles we hadn’t heard about before. Sounds like one may be by Nikka Costa! Here’s the track list:

1 – Trespassing
2 – Cuckoo
3 – Shady
4 – Never Close Our Eyes
5 – Kickin’ In
6 – Naked Love
7 – Pop That Lock
8 – Better Than I Know Myself
9 – Broken English
10 – Underneath
11 – Chokehold
12 – Outlaws Of Love
13 – Runnin’
14 – Take Back
15 – Nirvana
16 – By The Rules *
17 – Map *

@lambosessedAdam Lambert‘s album Trespassing is now #1 on UK Amazon’s movers & shakers after announcement of 2 extra tracks!



 May 10, Adam is listed as a guest on Chelsea Lately

@QueenWillRockTickets are ON SALE NOW for the Queen + Adam Lambert show on July 7th in Wroclaw, Poland. Ticket are available…

@1035KTU: Starting Thurs at 10am & all weekend long KTU is running a special offer for @ktuphoria tickets – 4 packs of tickets in the back of the 400s section for $103.50!)
More info here:



Gather – Adam Lambert: Another ‘Trespassing’ Bonus Track Unveiled! “What appeals to Glamberts around the world now is the special UK song called “Map,” which at this point is not available anywhere else. Mapwas co-written by Adam Lambert, Oliver Goldstein, Joshua Abraham, Bonnie McKee, and Anne Preven.”

Sauli’s Blog – (PHOTOS)  May Day & the Finns! Translated 5/03/2012. “I spent May Day Eve with friends in Anaheim luonna day and May Day celebrated with Bel Air Consul General Kirsti Westphalen, who organized by the party, called Creative Finnish living in California.”



Fox5 News mentions Adam last night – posted by Lisa Cary

Amazon – Adam Lambert Interview – Here it is the rip on YouTube

Adam Lambert Discusses His Fans with Pollo Del Mar



@iphi1: If Adam knew ‘kale’ is ‘boerenkool’ in Dutch, would it still be his favourite vegetable? #top10uncoolvegetables

@Q102PhillyThe Takeover coming up!! Will we play new Selena Gomez, newAdam Lambert, or new One Direction?? You decide! This’ll be interesting! 😉


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