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Adam Lambert on Jimmy Kimmel

April 27, 2012

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@svmreiter: People singing along – and these songs haven’t even been released yet! Amazing fans !!!

Hollywood Reporter – Adam Lambert’s ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Set List Revealed “Some 1,000 lucky wristband holders will get to see the show live, the musical portion of which is broadcast from the parking lot behind Hollywood’s El Capitan theater… See the list below:

Never Close Our Eyes
Naked Love
Broken English



“NCOE” on Jimmy Kimmel

Trespassing” on Jimmy Kimmel

Naked Love” on Jimmy Kimmel – by cmhagey

“Broken English” by PHDNeurodude

“Broken English” – by France or English

“Cuckoo” on Jimmy Kimmel

@Byroncooke: Glamberts outside Kimmel! @adamlambert at least i got this vid this b4 realizing my iPad was never gonna be allowed into @jimmykimmel > 4-26-12.

Adam and band arrive at Jimmy Kimmel

Exclusive: Adam Lambert and boyfriend Sauli Koskinen leaving

@JulianM6: Fucking @adamlambert ! End of Naked Love, talkin to audience..b4 Broken English >>



@Suebluern: ADAM LAMBERT”s Jimmy Kimmel Live Mini Concert Thursday, 4-26-12

Posted by @Adams_Kitty

Posted by @NoAngelPF

More photos (click on links to view)

@illerxthanxyou: Here’s my view. Bringing up the rear. (For ADAM LAMBERT Jimmy Kimmel Live Concert 4-26-12.)

@shirleyhalperinQuikpic @adamlambert

 @leecherryJust posted a photo

@Blinglam ADAM LAMBERT”s Jimmy Kimmel Live Mini Concert Thursday, 4-26-12 Damn the man is Hot!!

Adam at Jimmy Kimmel (via @NoAngelPF)

 ‏ @AdamLambertHelpAdam!! – Via @QueenBertLinda

 @adamsmadams: Band is ready (Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC Thursday, 4-26-12.)
The Hollywood Reporter – Adam Lambert Performs ‘Naked Love’ on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ (Exclusive Video) – “Wearing his trademark black platform boots, black leather pants, black tank and blazer, a slimmed-down Lambert hit the stage just after 8 p.m. and quickly delivered a  one-two punch with new single “Never Close Your Eyes” and the title track to his forthcoming album, Trespassing. Both were aired on Thursday’s show, while the other three tracks were for fans only. Next came the anthemic “Naked Love” which had the throngs of Glamberts chanting along even well after the last note was sung” – Did anyone see “Trespassing” air on Jimmy Kimmel? We only saw “NCOE”…
After Elton – Watch! Adam Lambert Double Rocks “Jimmy Kimmel Live” – “First up is the title track, and it’s filled with attitude and sass. The best moment comes at 1:18, when he gives what can only be described as a “facial finger snap.”
@RealAdamsWench: still dry “@glitzylady: @RealAdamsWench – OMG!! The Adam Storm is coming!!! @adamlambert on @JimmyKimmel tonight!”

@Byroncooke: @adamlambert fans I’m going to Kimmel Live tonight! Let’s shoot some video before the show. Meeting place?

@SincerliOctavia: Trying to shake the blues…blastin @adamlambert ‘s “Never Close Our Eyes”

@trixie_dust: Band (& Sauli) in Green Room now but no Adam…

@trixie_dust: In the Green Room now, Leila, Eber, Neil, Sauli… (Jimmy Kimmel Live 4-26-12)


@Jesha84  I’m legit teary eyed over the crowd singing along :””)

@SuseStealth : HOLY SHIT!!!! One of sexiest live performances I’ve ever seen!!!

ALixxOfficial: Adam Lambert at Jimmy Kimmel. His voice is so sick!


@LightLovePhoto: Naked Love trending worldwide 4-26-12 (Because of ADAM LAMBERT”s Jimmy Kimmel Live…


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3 Comments leave one →
  1. April 27, 2012 9:29 am

    I was mesmerized by Adam’s performance on the Jimmy KImmel Show—-it is hard to describe how amazing he is—not enough adjectives !!! By the way, is there a link to see the rest of the concert, since TV only showed one song? I did go to JImmy Kimmel Live last night, but the show was not posted yet. Thanks

  2. April 27, 2012 10:40 am

    Don’t forget Naked Love!!!

  3. April 28, 2012 5:35 am

    tnx u! U R a realy glambert!

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