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Adam Lambert Daily Update – April 26, 2012

April 26, 2012

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@adamlambert So excited to perform on @jimmykimmel tomorrow…er tonight. Thats my cue to get to sleep. See you all onstage! 🙂

@jimmykimmel@adamlambert yes – GO TO SLEEP! (I am very demanding)



From AdamOfficial:   New Lithograph from Trespassing – Box Set revealed!

We’re counting down the days to the release of Trespassing by revealing a new lithograph from Adam’sTrespassing – Box Set every few days! Check out this insanely amazing photo and then head to Adam’s Official Store to reserve your copy today!



Alan Larsen: With Adam lambert makin sweet





Let’s Talk About Glambert Provocative blog post. “Outspoken, high-spirited, courageous & daring, Adam Lambert stands far apart from other POP acts who lack temerity & personality.  Guided by his gift & a true moral compass, Adam delivers passionate & provocative performances other singers could only dream of.  Yet, Adam is consistently under-appreciated. Why?”

USA Today – ‘Idol’ downloads: Clarkson, Underwood, Lambert “Adam Lambert’s new single, Never Close Our Eyes, debuts this week with 29,000 downloads, according to Nielsen SoundScan.”

Gather – Are Queen and Adam Lambert Adding a Concert in Poland? “Yesterday, Polish publication Gazeta Wroclawska reported that Queen, with Adam Lambert as lead singer, will perform in Poland as part of a rock festival in Wroclaw on July 7. The official announcement could come soon, as another Polish source has said today that there will be a news conference on Thursday and Friday to discuss future events at the Wroclaw Stadium. Although nothing has been formally announced, even Sony Music Poland is hinting about the chance of a concert. Today they tweetedGlamberts! Officially, we can not confirm anything, but you should definitely have a reason to be happy;)”

Northwest Herald – Preview Adam Lambert’s new album, ‘Trespassing’ “‘Shady’ sounds like Maroon 5 with more edge, while ‘Kickin’ In’ is an ode to a night out — and the booze and questionable decisions that comes with it. While ‘Naked Love’ has sexy lyrics, it’s still pure radio-friendly pop with a soaring chorus and head-bopping beat…”

From FYE via @NorthernSpirt – For fans who are feeling anxious about news that “Never Close Our Eyes” has an add date for radio release of May 29th:

anonymous: this seems to indicate a long term strategy, rather than timing everything happening all at once, they’re planning for tv and print promo and early adopters on radio (and stans ofc) to drive the initial album purchases, and then the radioplay to hopefully build once that’s over to sustain sales while he’s bizzy doing international promo and gigs with queen

chartnonny: This is exactly what it means. It’s really good news. It means that they are invested enough to take time to build the singles. It’s what labels do for acts that they see as long-term investments. If they didn’t care, the song would have just been tossed out there or given an early adds date and then left to fend for itself.

I would put money on this being the strategy that they have had planned for a while, what with Adam talking about them working several singles to radio and not touring just yet.

@chartnonny also said this on twitter: I’m good with it. It shows they have long-term investment in making the singles work. He also has 6 big market radio concerts in the weeks immediately before it which are a great lead in to official adds date. A song can’t build momentum for an album release in a week or two. It takes even the biggest hits far longer than that to climb the charts. This adds date is really not a negative thing in the least.



Thanks to @annehedonia for digging this up! @MyNameisEric delivered our Eye of Horus decal to the band back at Costa Mesa in 2010. You can get your at our store!!

@Sashadm Finally parting with my dear computer cover. Time to move on. So much history in this case… Anyone want it



Glamberts Get Their Q on for Q102Philly!



@Q102Philly: Hey, you wanna meet @adamlambert and we know it. hit the link & listen to win #Q102SPRINGLEBALL tix! 🙂

@canadaluvsadamAdam’s At #8 Today On MMtop20 Let’s Keep Up The Great Work

@playingwithu: OMG!!! The DJ on @1035ktu just said NCOE was the most requested song of the day!! Hear that @adamlambert! Woohoo!! #NCOENOW

@ShaunAminStage Managing AOL “Sessions” today featuring Adam Lambert. #shouldbeinteresting
@AdamsGlitter91: Adam will be in the next issue of German BRAVO magazine. Curious how big the pic will be LOL
@thegaybeaner– Came home today to find this in my mail. I died!! Soooo hot. 😉@instinctmag @adamlambert
@KeishaRenee: Me & @SincerliOctavia before taping of AOL Sessions #Glamily

@adamlambertDriving home… So many people on the streets of Hollywood talking to themselves today. #craycray

@milestougeaux@adamlambert I`ll be one of them soon. Taking train/metro up manana. Cheers!

@adamlambertI’m still learning.Sometimes I state my opinions as fact and make generalizations.I apologize to the LGBT community.Great music is the key. [Editor’s note: He’s probably referring to comments he made in Instinct Magazine about gay community’s perceived lack of support.]

@adamlambertmeanwhile, Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet sang their asses off on Idol tonight. damn!

 @adamlambertwhich Idol are you rooting for?

@Mattdc821@adamlambert I agree with what you said. Us gay guys are always in ‘competition’ with one another, while our girls are royalty.
@adamlambert@Mattdc821 Good point
@adamlambertthe talent IS really good this year. They all have great chops. It will be interesting to see who can make the tricky transition to radio
@xIIHY4lyfx@adamlambert Any hints about how the NCOE Music video is going to turn out? Have you brainstormed anything yet?#NCOENOWWithVideo. 😉
@adamlambert@xIIHY4lyfx YES! Been working w the director on the NCOE concept. Very excited to shoot it next week.


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  1. Janet Jorgensen permalink
    April 26, 2012 9:36 am

    It seems Idol is trying to ignor Adam this season by taking his picture off of the opening shots of previous season contestants and now by not even a mention last night, during “Queen NIght” of his appearing with them. They should be bragging about it!!!!

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