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Adam Lambert Daily Update – April 25, 2012

April 25, 2012

By Juneau and Xena Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook

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FAULT Magazine

FAULT Magazine

FAULT Magazine


From FAULT magazine



Instinct – Cover Guy: Adam Lambert – “The singer’s soaring tenor nimbly breathes new life into dance-pop, a niche too often bastardized by a manufactured and Auto-Tuned sound. The magic doesn’t skip a beat with other offerings like “Chokehold,” “Never Close Our Eyes” featuring Bruno Mars, and “Trespassing,” the titular single produced by a celebrated artist from the exclusive one-name-only club, Pharrell. Here, on Trespassing, drum machines do have soul. And the other genres that once remained distinct forms, like funk and rock—which Lambert has also married in blissful matrimony with club music—do too.”

Rolling Stone Review of “Never Close Our Eyes” – 3 out of 4 stars, which is very good for RS!! Love this: “…the magnificence of his strident vocals defies all formulas and precepts, mathematical and otherwise.”

Rolling Stone review - posted by @lexiglam

Boston Globe – What’s on TV tonight: Critic’s corner for Wednesday, April 25 Adam has denied that he’ll be on tonight, but even the Boston Globe reporter has to indulge his fantasy! “It’s Queen week! Brian May and Roger Taylor (pictured, right, with May) will be in attendance, and while rumors of Adam Lambert’s no-brainer appearance have been dismissed by insiders, we fully expect him to descend from the rafters wearing something fabulous.”

The Zodiac Show – It’s Zodiac Week on Jimmy Kimmel “Well it looks like it’s Zodiac week on Jimmy Kimmel folks! Tonight, Zodiac’s Ty Taylor and his amazing band Vintage Trouble will appear on Kimmel. Their album also drops this week. If you like amazing singers with incredible stage presence, who are excellent songwriters, then you’ll love this Band! They’re also performing this week at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles.…Then on Thursday, Adam Lambert appears on Kimmel! He’ll be promoting his new album Trespassing which drops May 15th. Adam also had Zodiac’s Carmit Bachar acting as his creative director and Zodiac’s Lee Cherry as his Art Director for his album campaign. Talk about keeping it in the family!” Not to mention President Obama, who is also appearing on Jimmy Kimmel this week!! – Feeling So Shady (Videos) “As many of you know, Nile worked on Adam Lambert’s latest album, and the anticipation for their collaboration, “Shady” is just incredible! We knew it even at the first session that this song has some fire, and between my cam and Jean Morisson’s, we captured really great stuff that is now being remixed and re-edited all over YouTube. So much so that I had to hack into Nile’s blog… cuz I, too, was Feeling So Shady.”

Sauli’s Blog – Pictures from the Past Year. Translated by @moominbert. “I thought I’d entertain you all by publishing a few pics from the year I’ve spent on the American continent. 🙂 It’s funny to look at pics from a year ago and think about how little I knew about this country. I still have a lot to learn and even a few extra years won’t cover it all. I’ve lived here for over a year already and out of that year, I only spent a total of about two weeks in Finland. That’s pretty wild, but I do plan to visit Finland again over the summer. Time flies by so fast you hardly notice it, but I guess that’s only a testament to how much I enjoy being here. :)”



FOX 25th Anniversary Special Highlights Greatest American Idol Moments

Adam Lambert interview – 103.5 KTU  Aired Tuesday morning. Adam says he is shooting video for NCOE in the next couple of weeks. He’s not sure yet when he’s going to be on American Idol. He intro’s NCOE, which gets a spin on the station. Yay!

Part 2 of Ilta-Sanomat Interview – Adam talks about paparazzi.

Glambert Etiquette – by nitenursestat



@adamlambert: The new WAWA extended remix of Beyonce’s End Of Time is MAJOR.



@Sroczka79 THIS ARTICLE SAYS QUEEN & ADAM ARE GOING 2 PERFORM IN POLAND JULY 7TH IN WROCLAW,queen-zagra-we-wroclawiu-koncert-w-lipcu,id,t.html?cookie=1#art-komentarze

@alreference: Adam Lambert is credited as a writer for a song called “Trouble” on ASCAP: #♒♎♈

@tatiana: @adamlambert just told me he’s a “Twitter junkie.” Love. It. My bff @Josephllanes just so happens to be shooting him tomorrow also. Rad. [Editor’s note: Tatiana is Head of Music for Twitter. Juneau had a Twitter convo with her about Adam months ago!!]

@LambertUK: Website for Joseph Llanes the photographer who is supposedly doing a photo shoot with Adam Lambert tomorrow:


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  1. April 25, 2012 8:28 am

    OMG…pics from mags…Adam …please…you are killing us…No one should be allowed to be that beautiful…he is just amazing.

  2. annehedonia permalink
    April 25, 2012 11:36 am

    Now I know where the heat went from the kale, avocado & jalapeño smoothie! Holy Toledo! Pin Stripe suit!!!

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