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Adam Lambert Week – April 22-28, 2012

April 22, 2012

By Juneau and Xena Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook

The Starlight Trilogy

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 @adamlambert: My dear GLAMBERTS! Have you requested Never Close Our Eyes today!? Make em know you want it… Bad!!! :)#trespassingontheradio 

@adamlambert: #NCOENOW

Screencap/Artwork by @GaleChester: ADAM LAMBERT's Tweet: #NCOENOW Trending #2 WorldWide on Twitter!



Via Adam Lambert Events

April 23: TV, US. The Insider, check your local listings for times. [Source]
April 23: Never Close Our Eyes released to radio in Japan. [Source]
April 24: TV, Australia. Channel 803 [V] Idolmania ‘The Idols you love, performing their hit songs’. [Source]
April 25: TV, Japan. Music On! Adam Feature. Repeats April 28 and May 1. [Source | More Info]
April 26: TV, US. Jimmy Kimmel Live. Los Angeles, CA. ‘mini concert’ [More Info]

Possible ustream to watch Adam Lambert live on Jimmy Kimmel Show (for international fans) on April 26, 2012:



94.7 Fresh FM – Adam Lambert to Headline at Freshtival May 27 at Gaylord National! “Mark your calendar for Sunday, May 27th for the first annual “Freshtival” at the Gaylord National Resort at National Harbor! Freshtival will feature an afternoon and evening of fun, food, music and fireworks! Headlining the “Freshtival” this year: Adam Lambert along with special guest stars Scars on 45.” 

Press Release: Queen + Adam Lambert Announce Poland Show “The latest date added is July 7 when Queen, joined by Lambert, will perform as the headliner of a new festival, Rock in Wroclaw, Poland, appearing at the city’s Municipal Stadium as one of only a handful of concerts Queen and Lambert will perform in Europe this summer.”

Warsaw television news reports on Queen + Adam concert



@svmreiter: People singing along – and these songs haven’t even been released yet! Amazing fans !!!

Hollywood Reporter – Adam Lambert’s ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Set List Revealed “Some 1,000 lucky wristband holders will get to see the show live, the musical portion of which is broadcast from the parking lot behind Hollywood’s El Capitan theater… See the list below:

Never Close Our Eyes
Naked Love
Broken English

@Suebluern: ADAM LAMBERT"s Jimmy Kimmel Live Mini Concert Thursday, 4-26-12

Naked Love” on Jimmy Kimmel – by cmhagey

“Broken English” by PHDNeurodude

Check our post on Adam’s Jimmy Kimmel appearance for more photos, videos, blog posts and tweets.



From AdamOfficial:   New Lithograph from Trespassing – Box Set revealed!

We’re counting down the days to the release of Trespassing by revealing a new lithograph from Adam’sTrespassing – Box Set every few days! Check out this insanely amazing photo and then head to Adam’s Official Store to reserve your copy today!



You can order the issue here or by calling 888-454-6784



FAULT Magazine

FAULT Magazine


From FAULT magazine



People Magazine – “American Idol alum Adam Lambert keeps his fly style cool and casual while departing LAX on Tuesday.” Melvin is back! And is it just us, or does this look make Adam’s resemblance to brother Neil pop out?

People Magazine


REHEARSAL PIX pic by Isaac Carpenter Adam Lambert ‘s band at rehearsal April 20,...

@ashleydzerigian) @IsaacTheCarp & Ashley. Riddem Sekshin.

for the Jimmy Kimmel Show on April 26, 2912.)”]

@ashleydzerigian: backup singer @keisharenee and lead guitarist @tommyjoeratliff at rehearsal

@KeishaRenee: Ok here is the picture u all have been asking for…

@SincerliOctavia: Ok guys this is no makeup & sweaty. Just for u



Yahoo Music – Queen Talks ‘Idol,’ Adam Lambert & The Queen Extravaganza “While the Queen Extravaganza is touring the States this summer, Brian and Roger will be playing a few one-off dates overseas, in a special Queen lineup fronted by “Idol’s” own Adam Lambert, whom they first met on “Idol’s” amazing Season 8 finale. When asked what fans can expect from that understandably much-hyped collaboration, Roger exclaimed, “Fireworks!” And Brian expounded: “Something different. [Adam] has an extraordinary voice, there’s no way you can get around that–whether you love him or hate him. He’s extraordinary. So we’ll be exploring new ways to do things. We don’t like to just reproduce what we did before; we like to move on and try new ways of doing stuff. So it will be exciting!””

The Hollywood Reporter – Adam Lambert Performs ‘Naked Love’ on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ (Exclusive Video) – “Wearing his trademark black platform boots, black leather pants, black tank and blazer, a slimmed-down Lambert hit the stage just after 8 p.m. and quickly delivered a  one-two punch with new single “Never Close Your Eyes” and the title track to his forthcoming album, Trespassing. Both were aired on Thursday’s show, while the other three tracks were for fans only. Next came the anthemic “Naked Love” which had the throngs of Glamberts chanting along even well after the last note was sung” – Did anyone see “Trespassing” air on Jimmy Kimmel? We only saw “NCOE”…
After Elton – Watch! Adam Lambert Double Rocks “Jimmy Kimmel Live” – “First up is the title track, and it’s filled with attitude and sass. The best moment comes at 1:18, when he gives what can only be described as a “facial finger snap.”
EvokeOnline – Adam Lambert “Never Close Our Eyes: Single Review” “Now I was not sure if choosing “Never Close Our Eyes” was a smart decision in supporting the album, there are so many single possibilities, but Adam believes in the track. He even pushed back the release date of the album just so he could record the song and include it. After listening, a sense of Bruno Mars does come out, especially in the intro, but then Lambert takes the material and completely makes it his own. The song is laced in sugary sweet pop production, the beats are quite mesmerizing and the vocals just make my heart stop.”
NewNowNext – Adam Lambert Brought Down The House On ‘Kimmel’ Last Night “Consummate performer and tongue-dancing-artist Adam Lambert performed two new songs, “Trespassing” and “Never Close Our Eyes”, last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The fans were very pleased”
Towle Road – Adam Lambert Performs on Jimmy Kimmel Live: VIDEO ““As a community, we’re a little bit resistant to a gay male pop star ourselves,” Lambert says. He’s confident. His delivery indicates he’s spent time thinking about the topic. “It’s very easy for people to look at my origin, which is American Idol, and automatically assume that I’m a commercial sellout or a puppet or a flash in the pan. I don’t think I’m any of those things.” A laugh, marinated in tension, inspires him to get a little more personal. “There’s something weird there. We’re very eager to celebrate a strong female. But to celebrate a fellow gay man—it gets catty sometimes.” Quite a comment thread on this post!

Read more:
Pollo Del Mar Interviews Adam Lambert – Full interview coming soon in Gloss Magazine – Why Are Adam Lambert’s Fans So “Fanatical” & a Taste of “Trespassing! “What it turned to be for me was akin to his song, “Down the Rabbit Hole”– a trip that was more than Alice in Wonderland experienced and a bonding with so many people that had come from as far away as Australia and other US states. However the people that I particularly met were from San Francisco and were very nice. I managed to snag a particularly fervent fan of Adam’s to talk to me”

Adam in Hong Kong paper:


Let’s Talk About Glambert Provocative blog post. “Outspoken, high-spirited, courageous & daring, Adam Lambert stands far apart from other POP acts who lack temerity & personality.  Guided by his gift & a true moral compass, Adam delivers passionate & provocative performances other singers could only dream of.  Yet, Adam is consistently under-appreciated. Why?”

USA Today – ‘Idol’ downloads: Clarkson, Underwood, Lambert “Adam Lambert’s new single, Never Close Our Eyes, debuts this week with 29,000 downloads, according to Nielsen SoundScan.”

Gather – Are Queen and Adam Lambert Adding a Concert in Poland? “Yesterday, Polish publication Gazeta Wroclawska reported that Queen, with Adam Lambert as lead singer, will perform in Poland as part of a rock festival in Wroclaw on July 7. The official announcement could come soon, as another Polish source has said today that there will be a news conference on Thursday and Friday to discuss future events at the Wroclaw Stadium. Although nothing has been formally announced, even Sony Music Poland is hinting about the chance of a concert. Today they tweetedGlamberts! Officially, we can not confirm anything, but you should definitely have a reason to be happy;)”

Northwest Herald – Preview Adam Lambert’s new album, ‘Trespassing’ “‘Shady’ sounds like Maroon 5 with more edge, while ‘Kickin’ In’ is an ode to a night out — and the booze and questionable decisions that comes with it. While ‘Naked Love’ has sexy lyrics, it’s still pure radio-friendly pop with a soaring chorus and head-bopping beat…”

From FYE via @NorthernSpirt – For fans who are feeling anxious about news that “Never Close Our Eyes” has an add date for radio release of May 29th:

anonymous: this seems to indicate a long term strategy, rather than timing everything happening all at once, they’re planning for tv and print promo and early adopters on radio (and stans ofc) to drive the initial album purchases, and then the radioplay to hopefully build once that’s over to sustain sales while he’s bizzy doing international promo and gigs with queen

chartnonny: This is exactly what it means. It’s really good news. It means that they are invested enough to take time to build the singles. It’s what labels do for acts that they see as long-term investments. If they didn’t care, the song would have just been tossed out there or given an early adds date and then left to fend for itself.

I would put money on this being the strategy that they have had planned for a while, what with Adam talking about them working several singles to radio and not touring just yet.

@chartnonny also said this on twitter: I’m good with it. It shows they have long-term investment in making the singles work. He also has 6 big market radio concerts in the weeks immediately before it which are a great lead in to official adds date. A song can’t build momentum for an album release in a week or two. It takes even the biggest hits far longer than that to climb the charts. This adds date is really not a negative thing in the least.

Instinct – Cover Guy: Adam Lambert – “The singer’s soaring tenor nimbly breathes new life into dance-pop, a niche too often bastardized by a manufactured and Auto-Tuned sound. The magic doesn’t skip a beat with other offerings like “Chokehold,” “Never Close Our Eyes” featuring Bruno Mars, and “Trespassing,” the titular single produced by a celebrated artist from the exclusive one-name-only club, Pharrell. Here, on Trespassing, drum machines do have soul. And the other genres that once remained distinct forms, like funk and rock—which Lambert has also married in blissful matrimony with club music—do too.”

Rolling Stone Review of “Never Close Our Eyes” – 3 out of 4 stars, which is very good for RS!! Love this: “…the magnificence of his strident vocals defies all formulas and precepts, mathematical and otherwise.”

Rolling Stone review - posted by @lexiglam

Boston Globe – What’s on TV tonight: Critic’s corner for Wednesday, April 25 Adam has denied that he’ll be on tonight, but even the Boston Globe reporter has to indulge his fantasy! “It’s Queen week! Brian May and Roger Taylor (pictured, right, with May) will be in attendance, and while rumors of Adam Lambert’s no-brainer appearance have been dismissed by insiders, we fully expect him to descend from the rafters wearing something fabulous.”

The Zodiac Show – It’s Zodiac Week on Jimmy Kimmel “Well it looks like it’s Zodiac week on Jimmy Kimmel folks! Tonight, Zodiac’s Ty Taylor and his amazing band Vintage Trouble will appear on Kimmel. Their album also drops this week. If you like amazing singers with incredible stage presence, who are excellent songwriters, then you’ll love this Band! They’re also performing this week at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles.…Then on Thursday, Adam Lambert appears on Kimmel! He’ll be promoting his new album Trespassing which drops May 15th. Adam also had Zodiac’s Carmit Bachar acting as his creative director and Zodiac’s Lee Cherry as his Art Director for his album campaign. Talk about keeping it in the family!” Not to mention President Obama, who is also appearing on Jimmy Kimmel this week!! – Feeling So Shady (Videos) “As many of you know, Nile worked on Adam Lambert’s latest album, and the anticipation for their collaboration, “Shady” is just incredible! We knew it even at the first session that this song has some fire, and between my cam and Jean Morisson’s, we captured really great stuff that is now being remixed and re-edited all over YouTube. So much so that I had to hack into Nile’s blog… cuz I, too, was Feeling So Shady.”

Sauli’s Blog – Pictures from the Past Year. Translated by @moominbert. “I thought I’d entertain you all by publishing a few pics from the year I’ve spent on the American continent. 🙂 It’s funny to look at pics from a year ago and think about how little I knew about this country. I still have a lot to learn and even a few extra years won’t cover it all. I’ve lived here for over a year already and out of that year, I only spent a total of about two weeks in Finland. That’s pretty wild, but I do plan to visit Finland again over the summer. Time flies by so fast you hardly notice it, but I guess that’s only a testament to how much I enjoy being here. :)”

USA Today – Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Mr. Know It All’ hits the Country top 40 “Adam’s Never Close Our Eyes makes its debut on theAmerican Idol airplay chart this week at No. 87. Three stations have picked up Adam’s single early: Alice@97.3 in San Francisco; 98.5 KRZ in Wilkes-Barre, Pa.; and Mix 102.9in Dallas.”

PopCrush – FAVORITE ADAM LAMBERT SONG – READERS POLL “While he didn’t end up winning Season 8 of ‘American Idol,’ Adam Lambert is well on his way to becoming a superstar with his signature style of music, amazing vocals and riveting live performances. On top of this, Lambert also has a loyal band of supporters (nicknamed ‘Glamberts’) who cannot get enough of his songs, which is why we want all of you Adam Lambert fans to vote for your favorite track from the eyeliner-rocking vocalist.”

Gather – Adam Lambert Gears Up for ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ “Adam Lambert will be doing an outdoor mini-concert for Jimmy Kimmel Live! on April 26. Past artists have performed anywhere from four to nine songs at these mini-concerts, so we hope to hear a lot of Adam’s new music. Although only one song will be televised, audience members are allowed to bring cellphones, so expect videos of other songs to pop up on YouTube shortly after the concert.”

Gather – Adam Lambert’s Future Album Release Prompts Party Planning “With less than a month to go before Adam Lambert’s Trespassing hits the shelves, fans are beginning to prepare for album release listening parties. These events will be a great opportunity for like-minded fans to enjoy the new tunes together as soon as they are available.”

Celeb Dirty Laundry – American Idol 2012 Top 6 SPOILERS! “Sadly, poised Freddie-fill-in Adam Lambert will not be joining Queen on Idol as he has a gig already planned on Jimmy Kimmel.  Adam probably wasn’t intended to join them for this performance anyway, as it is intended to promote the Queen Extravaganza and Adam isn’t a part of that, it’s a totallyseparate project that he has with Queen. If you’re missing Adam like me, he has his own slot on Idol in a few weeks’ time.”

@RayzofViolet: Adam on Kimmel in my paper. Thursday!!

@RayzofViolet: Adam on Kimmel in my paper. Thursday!!

Spin or Bin – WIN! Fly To London To Catch Adam Lambert And Queen! “To qualify for the draw, pre-order a copy of Trespassing, available at any good record store, before 14 May 2012 and submit your entries here.  Come on, tell me you don’t want to experience the goodness that is Adam Lambert or bask in Queen’s vibes; I dare you.” You can enter the drawing starting April 25.

MuchMusic – ADAM LAMBERT RELEASES NEW SINGLE NEVER CLOSE OUR EYES “Adam Lambert tweeted a link to his new single today and I fah-reek-eng love it! Never Close Our Eyes showcases Lambert’s incredible vocal range and strength and sets his sophomore album Trespassing up for big, big expectations. Infusing the track with a high energy dance bassline, Lambert’s single was produced by hitmaker Dr. Luke and written by the incomparable Bruno Mars. The only thing that would have made this song even better would have been to hear Lambert and Mars singing together. *Head explodes*”

@GlamMJ_MyWorld: My beautiful poster in my wall with @adamlambert(Polish POPCORN) ♥



Adam Lambert’s official Facebook page surpasses 3 million followers

AdamOfficial Community Post – Spin thread for NCOE. NCOE gets first Top40 ADD today and first US radio spin..on Top40!

RequestAdam: Quebec Adam fans! Looks like NCOE made Top 6@6 – Don’t forget to vote once a day!



@TALCvids: WOW! Trespassing contest poster in Singapore store: RT @jadis11: OMG! Look at that little picture of him with the hat, looking down! EEE!! Trespassing.
@RacheLoveGlam: “Look what I saw. Can’t wait for it to be all over the racks. 😛 #Trespassing #Excite !!!”



The Queen Extravaganza – Somebody To Love Rehearsal

Stereotude – Adam Lambert says it’s hard being a gay pop star

Glamberts Get Their Q on for Q102Philly!

FOX 25th Anniversary Special Highlights Greatest American Idol Moments

Adam Lambert interview – 103.5 KTU  Aired Tuesday morning. Adam says he is shooting video for NCOE in the next couple of weeks. He’s not sure yet when he’s going to be on American Idol. He intro’s NCOE, which gets a spin on the station. Yay!

Part 2 of Ilta-Sanomat Interview – Adam talks about paparazzi.

Glambert Etiquette – by nitenursestat

@adamlambertJust caught up on idol from the other night. @KrisAllen you sounded flawless!! Great performance man!

@LiamMcEwan: @AdamLambert Please check out this vid of my brother, @AidanMcEwan, and I following in your footsteps! Hope u like!

The making of Adam Lambert’s Shady – by TheAdamDownUnder





DebBrown (WshUpnASta) is raffling off this beautiful “Trespassing” scarf she knitted, to benefit DonorsChoose projects supported by Adam’s fans



@adamlambert: 4/20 Totally high on green…. A kale/avocado/jalapeño smoothie. #raw.cleanse.dont.fuck.up.the.rotation

@adamlambert:@alexanderenrico@adamlambert That’s how you do 4/20, ADAM LAMBERT STYLE.” THIS year. 😉

@missiexox: Adam lambert was just on the (Australian) today show singing a change is gonna come as part of a clip about talent show successes!

@UnapologeticPOP: Glamberts! Minna is writing a POPinion piece on His Royal Glamness @AdamLambert that she will publish this weekend. Stay tuned xx G&M

@LambertUK: Aidan McEwan Re-mixes Pop That Lock YT: SoundCloud: [WITH DL] (via@LiamMcEwan

 @KeishaRenee 87 followers away from 3000!!! My glamily is awesome…. 🙂

@KeishaReneeJust got out of rehearsal. I love what I do for a living. Im truely blessed and Thankful 🙂

Sunday Tweets

@SincerliOctaviaUp and at it….looking forward to another awesome rehearsal!!! Good morning fam.

@TommyJoeRatliff@SincerliOctavia …. Shiiit.


@LambritsUK: Check out the banner – Join us! Adam Lambert’s Trespassing Listening Party – London – Sat May 19th all are welcome 🙂

 Monday Tweet

@MIX1029DFWThanks #glambert fans for all the follows tonight ! Listen live to hear@adamlambert new single & win an Adam…? Hum!?

 Tuesday Tweets

@Sroczka79 THIS ARTICLE SAYS QUEEN & ADAM ARE GOING 2 PERFORM IN POLAND JULY 7TH IN WROCLAW,queen-zagra-we-wroclawiu-koncert-w-lipcu,id,t.html?cookie=1#art-komentarze

@alreference: Adam Lambert is credited as a writer for a song called “Trouble” on ASCAP: #♒♎♈

@tatiana: @adamlambert just told me he’s a “Twitter junkie.” Love. It. My bff @Josephllanes just so happens to be shooting him tomorrow also. Rad. [Editor’s note: Tatiana is Head of Music for Twitter. Juneau had a Twitter convo with her about Adam months ago!!]

@LambertUK: Website for Joseph Llanes the photographer who is supposedly doing a photo shoot with Adam Lambert tomorrow:

Wednesday Tweets

@adamlambert So excited to perform on @jimmykimmel tomorrow…er tonight. Thats my cue to get to sleep. See you all onstage! 🙂

@jimmykimmel@adamlambert yes – GO TO SLEEP! (I am very demanding)

@Q102Philly: Hey, you wanna meet @adamlambert and we know it. hit the link & listen to win #Q102SPRINGLEBALL tix! 🙂

@canadaluvsadamAdam’s At #8 Today On MMtop20 Let’s Keep Up The Great Work

@playingwithu: OMG!!! The DJ on @1035ktu just said NCOE was the most requested song of the day!! Hear that @adamlambert! Woohoo!! #NCOENOW

@ShaunAminStage Managing AOL “Sessions” today featuring Adam Lambert. #shouldbeinteresting
@AdamsGlitter91: Adam will be in the next issue of German BRAVO magazine. Curious how big the pic will be LOL
@thegaybeaner– Came home today to find this in my mail. I died!! Soooo hot. 😉@instinctmag @adamlambert
@KeishaRenee: Me & @SincerliOctavia before taping of AOL Sessions #Glamily

@adamlambertDriving home… So many people on the streets of Hollywood talking to themselves today. #craycray

@milestougeaux@adamlambert I`ll be one of them soon. Taking train/metro up manana. Cheers!

@adamlambertI’m still learning.Sometimes I state my opinions as fact and make generalizations.I apologize to the LGBT community.Great music is the key. [Editor’s note: He’s probably referring to comments he made in Instinct Magazine about gay community’s perceived lack of support.]

@adamlambertmeanwhile, Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet sang their asses off on Idol tonight. damn!

 @adamlambertwhich Idol are you rooting for?

@Mattdc821@adamlambert I agree with what you said. Us gay guys are always in ‘competition’ with one another, while our girls are royalty.
@adamlambert@Mattdc821 Good point
@adamlambertthe talent IS really good this year. They all have great chops. It will be interesting to see who can make the tricky transition to radio
@xIIHY4lyfx@adamlambert Any hints about how the NCOE Music video is going to turn out? Have you brainstormed anything yet?#NCOENOWWithVideo. 😉
@adamlambert@xIIHY4lyfx YES! Been working w the director on the NCOE concept. Very excited to shoot it next week.
Thursday Tweets

@WeAreOliver: NEW: Foster The People – Don’t Stop (Oliver Remix) @fosterthepeople – Retweeted by Adam Lambert

@RealAdamsWench: still dry “@glitzylady: @RealAdamsWench – OMG!! The Adam Storm is coming!!! @adamlambert on @JimmyKimmel tonight!”

@Byroncooke: @adamlambert fans I’m going to Kimmel Live tonight! Let’s shoot some video before the show. Meeting place?

@kms15423: #NCOE made Quebec’s Top 6@6 last night – let’s keep it going!

@SincerliOctavia: Trying to shake the blues…blastin @adamlambert ‘s “Never Close Our Eyes”

@trixie_dust: Band (& Sauli) in Green Room now but no Adam…

@trixie_dust: In the Green Room now, Leila, Eber, Neil, Sauli… (Jimmy Kimmel Live 4-26-12)


@Jesha84  I’m legit teary eyed over the crowd singing along :””)

@SuseStealth : HOLY SHIT!!!! One of sexiest live performances I’ve ever seen!!!

@JackieHollywood: have you guys heard @adamlambert’s new single? It’s beautiful! keep the requests coming to @997now so we play it



Thanks to @annehedonia for digging this up! @MyNameisEric delivered our Eye of Horus decal to the band back at Costa Mesa in 2010. You can get your at our store!!

@Sashadm Finally parting with my dear computer cover. Time to move on. So much history in this case… Anyone want it



Order Trespassing (Buy on Amazon  Buy on iTunesand download Adam’s singles.

Keep giving Adam’s videos hits on his VEVO channel!

Request Adam on your local radio station – Adam Official thread lists request links for radio stations in major markets around the country.



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Top 10 Things to Know about Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert Worldwide Charts

Adam Lambert Gold and Platinum Sales

Podcast – Top 10 Adam songs picked by fans



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Skins & Stones Hans Haveron Skeleton Key pendant

Episodes of “All On the Line with Joe Zee Season 2” are available on iTunes 

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Lock and Handcuffs T-shirt from Lambosessed We love her original “One Nation Under Glam” designs! Lambosessed explains her design approach: “I aim for easily wearable designs instantly recognisable by fans as having a connection with Adam while retaining a subtlety that doesn’t require them to bear his name.”

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    I might be wrong but that pic of Adam at the airport is from last year,posted April 20, 2011.

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    am i correct in my assumption that we are calling his beard Melvin now I am so out of the loop real life keeps me so busy I tend to lose track

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