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Adam Lambert Daily Update – April 21, 2012

April 21, 2012

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‏ @ASCAP: “You gotta be yourself and do what you feel. Authenticity is essential. People sniff out the bullshit.” –@JaredLeto #ASCAPDigitalFrontier
– Retweeted by Adam Lambert



@Lindajean139: Kimmel Show opened up more tickets for Adam Lambert. I’d so go if I lived within 500 miles



@KeishaRenee: In rehearsal for the wonderful @adamlambert. The new music is amazing.Glamliy u will be proud 😉

Posted by ashleydzerigian

@ashleydzerigian: It gets hot at rehearsals. @isaaccarpenter!

@KeishaRenee: Me and @ashleydzerigian in rehearsal 🙂

 @ashleydzerigianLearning ze tunes….monkey style. – Retweeted by Adam Lambert



@AdamGossip: New old pic: Adam & Josh Hutcherson (starring in the Hunger Games) at GNT Hawaii!


The Kiss Blog – New Music: Adam Lambert From KISS108 of Boston, one of the country’s biggest hit radio stations: “Adam Lambert is back with a new single from him upcoming album, Trespassing (due out May 15)! Never Close Our Eyes is a drastic change from his ballad lead single Better Than I Know Myself. The track is produced by Dr. Luke and Bruno Mars who also co-wrote the song. Hear the song below and let us know what you think!”

Saulin Hollywood AllergiaTranslation by @moominbert. Sauli suffers from allergies! “The best advice I received was from a salesperson at the local health food shop – make a juice with lemon, ginger, green apple, celery and cayenne pepper. Well, I took the advice and have been running the juicer. I have to say, after two days, this actually helped. Strange, but true! Of course it’s always better to turn to natural products than pills that may contain other things that are harmful. I also believe that if you’re constantly taking medication to cure symptoms, your body will get used to it and you’ll have to continue taking the medication forever after that. Also, it’s better to get your vitamins from fresh fruit and vegetables than from pills. It’s funny how the older you get, the more you think about what you put in your mouth.” Wise words.

Gather – New Adam Lambert Album Bonus Track Revealed! “The title of another bonus track off Adam Lambert’s Trespassing was revealed last night when details became available about the Japanese version of the album. Sony Japan has just posted links to pre-order the album, which releases in Japan on June 6. In addition to the three bonus tracks on the US version, the Japanese edition of Trespassing will include another bonus track called “By the Rules.””

Next Week’s ‘American Idol’: Queen Theme; Katy Perry, Stefano Langone to Perform “Several show insiders tell THR that Lambert is not expected to appear on next week’s show, but as with all things Idol, you never know…”

Gaynet – FIRST LOOK: LADY GAGA’S COSTUMES FOR THE ‘BORN THIS WAY BALL’ “Though some little monsters are practicing patience as they wait for Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way Ball” to hit their hometown, Giorgio Armani has provided us all a pre-tour present by releasing some sketches of costumes he designed for Mother Monster to wear onstage during the new tour that kicks off in Seoul, Korea on April 27th…The 77-year-old designer…created “moving architecture” by adding fringe to a PVC bodice with spikes and Swarovski jet crystals paired with a matching headpiece”

Georgio Armani





@riley1877: omg, the ripped jeans and the rings make this perfect! PERFECT!



@Maggy_97: They will release a physical single CD of Never Close Our Eyes in Germany in June! 😀 \o/ RE

@jimmyfallonThe President of the United States!?!?! @BarackObama see you Tuesday!!! #obamaonfallon

shoshannastone: Why am getting emails about Adam Levine?!

@BeatweekLook for Adam Lambert on the cover of Beatweek Magazine in May. The full interview will also be on at that time.

 @HMV_SGPre-order Adam Lambert‘s new album “Trespassing” at our stores and stand a chance to TRESPASS to LONDON to watch…


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  1. buffy522 permalink
    April 21, 2012 9:18 am

    Adam, please check out this picture of Isaac and wear what he is wearing. Just the once. Thank you.

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