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Twitter Party! Adam Talks Trespassing

April 17, 2012

@adamlambert: Twitter PARTY!!! C’mon ask me bout this album

Q. @hmbscully: @adamlambert When is the TOUR to support the ALBUM? 😉

A. @hmbscully not sure yet doll. 🙂

“@_Tayshell: @adamlambert what’s your favorite song on it??” I love them all!!

“@XxMusicLuvr18xX: @adamlambert Where do you get your leopard pants? Werkkkk!” hahha I think they’re old kill city jeans

“@JennyRunsToo: @adamlambert How much of this album was written based on your real life experiences.” is this a trick question?

“@iDanLadd: @adamlambert What was the toughest song to record?#Trespassing” Underneath is a beast.

“@andrea__DC: @adamlambert how this album different from the previous one?” you tell me 🙂

“@BillyCharlesNY: @adamlambert how have you grown as an artist since your last record ? #XOBC” I think you can hear it in the new songs.

“@_sheldor: @adamlambert What is your favourite song to perform?” live doing Trespassing at the NNN awards, excited to sing NCOE w my band!

“@MrDomAvalos: @AdamLambert What’s your favorite song off of MDNA? :D” gangbang I think…

“@HotLikeHarry_1D: @adamlambert how many songs on the album are written by you?xoxoxo :D” I wrote on 12 out of the 15 tracks. 🙂

“@Aquarius_Girl2: @adamlambert What COLORS do you associate with this album/music?” black and yellow honey. Caution….

“@Rebecca0313: @adamlambert What song will be the most popular on the radio?” haha I don’t have a crystal ball girl, ask the radio? Lol

“@NICK_COLOSIMO: @AdamLambert do you plan on writing a song with @LadyGaGa anytime In the future?” ask her… I’m down. 😉 dat diva fierce

Q. @ShadowGlambert : @adamlambert Are u going to have a love interest in your new NCOE video?

A. @ShadowGlambert to me, NCOE is about all of US. A community. A movement.

“@OblaBerting: @adamlambert did you mess with the sound board in the recording studio?” no. -engineers responsibility. I’m not qualified.

“@P0NDWATER: @adamlambert You were right about the wait” Awww thanks!

“@DELeonard: @adamlambert is engineering the music something you would like to learn?” maybe someday. 🙂

ChrisVllds: @adamlambert You know that you’re one of the best voices of Amercan idol, i love your voice, your work and your songs

@ChrisVllds thanks buddy! 🙂

“@blakkrrox: LOVE ur natural beauty shining thru on ur Trespassing phase @adamlambert ~ Who’s doing ur cover graphics?” Cherry Multimedia!

“@Canadian_Paula: @adamlambert What is the role of executive producer?” creative overview. Keeping everything within a cohesive vibe…

“@Glambert0124: @adamlambert how did the word glambert get started?” I think the media started it during idol? I dunno

“@joannalovesgaga: Who’s gonna be the director for your next music video? @adamlambert” I don’t know yet but it’s gonna be epic. 🙂

“@breathless2: @adamlambert did joy come in and change your vision?” yes Mary… Such Is life. .

“@MeganGlambert: wait………… @adamlambert is releasing a vinyl record?!” yes!! It IS going to be available on vinyl.

“@AdamzLoverDH: @adamlambert @meganglambert Sorry but whats vinyl?” hahahaha.

Dsilb37: @adamlambert yooo brotha! “naked love” turned out awesome, super pumped for the album, great work!!

@Dsilb37 hell yeah!! 😉 thanks.

Thanks Glamberts! 🙂 gonna make some dinner now.#popstarsgottaeat

3 Comments leave one →
  1. becca112971 permalink
    April 17, 2012 9:22 pm

    Thank You for this XOXO

  2. Jeanine Politte permalink
    April 17, 2012 9:33 pm

    Thanks for compiling Adam’s twitter party – sorry I missed it and your podcast live 😦 Will listen later tonight.

  3. Yvette permalink
    April 19, 2012 2:39 am

    Awww I missed another one…but thanks for taking me there. I wish the questions would have been more deep!

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