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N-C-O-E Spells HIT! For Adam Lambert!

April 17, 2012

 by Xena

Design by @LeeCherry. Creative Director @AdamLambert

 Strangely I heard a collective sigh of relief when we heard the final studio version of Never Close Our Eyes.  For the life of me I can’t believe that some people, fans and reviewers alike seem surprised at the final product when it sounds so much like the snippet only much longer and with the sweet, virtually acoustic balladic opening added.  Instrumental music is gradually added up to the 30 second mark when the drums kick in with the beat, the urgency becomes palpable now and builds to the chorus “But you know I wish ……..” the beat quickens our heart rate until the music drops down to “It’s so hard to think this could fade away…..” allowing a brief rest until the build up to “You know that I wish….” and the club dance beat pounds again.  The brief a cappella “yea-a-ah” at 3:32 signaling the final beat-infused chorus, ending abruptly “never”!

 Perhaps it was because Adam brought the NNN house down with a live performance of   “Trespassing” and they erroneously introduced it as his next single.  Fans embraced it, it made sense being the title song of the album and has a dance beat to it.  Did we get all warm and fuzzy anticipating Trespassing only to be thrown a curve ball with NCOE.

 On the other hand, the snippet was only 1.50 min. long with no opening and we don’t get to the end of the song so we heard that for the first time on Soundcloud.  We certainly got the beat, a melody,  a verse and chorus as a tasty morsel, whetting our appetite for more!  The acoustic rendition provided us with the whole song but in a completely different mood – sadder, more sombre.

A roller coaster ride of dance and movement this is!  A multi-sensory experience of emotion, sound, feel and vision.  I imagine Adam starting the song on a stool for the first thirty seconds then rising “….never”  as the music grows to full bloom then remaining restrained until jumping! on  “But you know I wish that this night….” and the lights power up!  The performance is now physically passionate and we’ve seen Adam perform like this before. Have I taken this too far?  Can’t help what visions come to mind when I listen to Adam sing.

So what happened?  The beat’s the same, the voice is the same – what were people worried about? I’m not noted for my “ear” but I’ve got great headphones and don’t rely on the sound from my computer.  In fact, I can’t wait for the CD to get here so I can play it on our sound system with the excellent speakers!  Also, didn’t all the radio people who heard the snippets rave about them and those who have heard the whole song as well?  Again, why is anyone surprised when NCOE is getting great reviews and that sometimes includes the reviewer who was taken aback?

NCOE has a strong hitmaker pedigree in Bruno Mars and Dr. Luke and married to Adam’s amazing and agile vocals – sure to produce a song of quality, radio-ready, danceable and stage-friendly!

What of Trespassing-the album?

Design by @LeeCherry. Creative Director @AdamLambert

 If Adam can gain the support and succeed in supplying great dance music for radio and club-play along with other music that   appeals  to “indie-music” fans and then songs for all the boomer fans whose influence places the birth of modern rock circa 1965 and the 70’s set the musical standards to which all else is measured, he will be the enfant terrible of the biz!  Hmm, can’t be “indie” as  he’s with a big label already, so I’ll take that back.  How about the 18 to 35 demographic?  My informal survey indicates that Queen has a strong following among the under-thirties including male and female fans who don’t really “know” Freddie the way some older fans do, so they’re delighted to see Queen perform with such a strong performer in voice and stage presence as Adam Lambert.

Granted, accomplishing all this is outside a box – in fact as Adam said much earlier, he can’t be contained in any genre “box”. He needs an “Adam” genre. MJ was his own genre and inventor of “Popular” music, Stevie Wonder and lo and behold – so is Queen, so was Freddie.  Each was hard to classify in their day because they all stretched the boundaries of genres! What about Bowie? Another of Adam’s idols whose music was beyond definition and an artist who re-invented himself and managed to stay ahead of the pack in style.  Madonna – another of Adam’s inspirations, whacked her own path through the musical jungle. She could be said to have spawned a whole slew of musical progeny – again a new “genre” of female pop diva.  Now the radio airwaves are infested by them – how powerful is that?  Adam also talks about George Michael as a strong influence on his present creative space.  Interesting choice but not surprising, as Michael was so admired for his voice and in a landmark post-Freddie concert, performed with Queen along with Elton John, Annie Lennox and others he shone.

 Is 2012 the Year of Adam Lambert?

Recommend Special Radio Show – Adam Lambert’s Album Preview  Tuesday, April 17 2012    9:00 pm EDT

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  1. becca112971 permalink
    April 17, 2012 1:30 pm

    Not that I don’t love adam’s first album FYE abut for me I think this second album is 10 times better and I am loving it so much more with each song i hear. It is a masterpiece and well worth the wait.

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