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Adam Lambert Daily Update – April 14, 2012

April 14, 2012

By Juneau and Xena Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook

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The Starlight Trilogy – Table of Contents

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CHANGE OF DATE: EuroEntertainment – Queen + Adam Lambert Concert in Moscow is 3 July



Inspired by the film Bully, in theaters now, the official #BullyList contains the top 20 most empowering songs crowdsourced by fans from around the world. 13 millions kids are bullied every year in America. 3 million will be absent due to bullying. Watch the movie today and join the movement:

Fan nominations placed Adam’s “Aftermath” on the list. Other songs that made the list include: Taylor Swift’s “Mean”, Shinedown “Bully”, Christina Aguilera “Beautiful”, Pink “F*cking Perfect”, Lady Gaga “Born This Way”, Kelly Clarkson “What Doesn’t Kill You”, Demi Lovato “Skyscraper”, Keenan West “Never Ever”, Mark Wills “Don’t Laugh at Me”, Rise Against “Make It Stop”, Superchick “Hero”, Katy Perry “Firework”, Michael Jackson “Man in the Mirror”, Eminem “Not Afraid”, Kris Allen “The Vision of Love”,



@nilerodgers: I just listened to the mix of “Shady” and Adam is really singing his A$$ off. I think he redid the harmony vocals since I played on it!

Nile – The Adam Lambert Song “Shady” (PHOTOS) “The [Rolling Stone] journalist wanted to know what it was like to work with Adam. I explained to him that working with Adam felt comfortable and desperate at the same time. “Desperate?,” he asked. “In what way?” I said, “We only had a few hours to work because of both our schedules.” I was leaving town the next day as was Adam. Time was our enemy but because we had no choice we booked Avatar studio and just went in to get it done.”



Adam Lambert Obsession – Never Close Our Eyes – Stream with Lyrics “NCOE is an upbeat positive song with heaps of energy and delicious rock vocals. Having now listened to one of the acoustic versions, I think this studio version with all the excitement of the multiple build-ups works much better, despite missing that live quality in Adam’s voice. Though still different to what I was expecting and not the darkly humoured funk (which I think will be Shady) I’d been hoping for, I’m liking it a lot. It’s very catchy, sure to never leave our ears once we’ve heard it.

Dallas Voice – Listen: Adam Lambert’s “Never Close Our Eyes”  “I think this single, “Never Close Our Eyes,” is a really good song with its electronica foundation but Lambert’s delivery commands a rocker’s edge. And his voice here has a beautiful grit to it that I never quite felt before.”

Idolator – Adam Lambert’s “Never Close Our Eyes”: Review Revue We’ve been collecting reviews, and now so has Idolator. Fun to see all the glowing write-ups!

Fuse – HEAR ADAM LAMBERT’S BRUNO MARS-PENNED NEW SINGLE “Adam Lambert just unleashed the magnificently theatrical second single from his upcoming album Trespassing. Co-written by Bruno Mars and produced by the golden touch of Dr. Luke, “Never Close Our Eyes” is a satisfying negotiation between an electro-pop banger and romantic anthem. It’s the kind of song that’s tailored both for the dance floor and at home/in the car sing-alongs.”

PressParty “”This album borrows so much from my first pop influences. I was listening to George Michael, Michael Jackson, Queen – I know Queen aren’t Nineties, but that’s when I got into them – and house music.”…”There’s a lot of house’s darker atmospheres in the album too. ‘Never Close Our Eyes’ is a great dance song. It’s a little bit more dance than Bruno usually goes, so it’ll be a fun surprise for people.””

The Prophet Blog – Single Review: Adam Lambert “Never Close Our Eyes” “A return to dance-pop was inevitable for Glambert, but thankfully that big beautiful voice of his is still coming through loud and clear. “Never Close Our Eyes” may have the kind of production that you’d expect from a Flo-rida or Taio Cruz song, but Glambert still sings over the beat like a rock star and once again proves that he’s the best male pop vocalist in the game today.

AOL – Adam Lambert ‘Never Close Our Eyes’ Song Debuts, Co-Penned by Bruno Mars ” Attention, Lambert Nation! Adam Lambert has released the second single off his forthcoming sophomore albumTrespassing. Adam’s voice soars on the infectious dance track, “Never Close Our Eyes,” co-penned by none other than Bruno Mars!”

The Home Planet – NCOE is Here. Bow down bitches. “So Never Close Our Eyes THE FULL VERSION is here and it’s pretty awesome. Who woulda thunk that you couldn’t tell how a song was gonna turn out by a DEMO and a 30 SECOND SNIPPET WITH OLD ASS PRODUCTION???!? Crazy!!” Ha ha ha!

OMFG Music – ADAM LAMBERT DEBUTS NEW SONG “NEVER CLOSE OUR EYES” “Hot, hot, hot! A glistening synth meets dubstep single produced by the master Doctor Luke finds Adam Lambert sounding better than ever. Even though his very impressive first single “Better Than I Know Myself” didn’t catch on, Lambert’s newest single “Never Close Our Eyes” sounds like a hit. ”

Bullies made school Ori’s toughest gig | Adelaide Now  “Panagaris said the mean kids never crushed her dreams of becoming the most talked about female guitarist on the planet. “It was definitely difficult going through school,” she said. “I was bullied a lot about being a guitar player, being into different music and being a bit of a hippie. So I left school when I was 15 and did home schooling.



Glamberts Gather to watch NNN? – another hilarious one from @nitenursestat

Adam Lambert’s BTIKM on Japanese TV WOWOW Music Joy – Via @mmyy9

It Gets Bigger – This is hilarious. Warning: Quite raunchy!



@Jakeshears: @adamlambert OMG So glad you like!!! Appreciate the love. Did you get my email last night? Absolutely love the songs. NCOE is fantastic!💜❤

@Longineu: I was racially profiled in my own neighborhood-thrown in a cop car bc I was wearing a hoodie smh @wehocity didn’t Trayvon teach u anything?

@Longineu: Thnx all I’m good just shocked that he decided to use aggressive force to get me in the car.. the dude looked like the Rock!


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  1. April 14, 2012 1:07 pm

    I wanted to share the Bully list on Facebook and vote for Adams’ song—but when I push share nothing happens. Is there another link where I might be able to do this? Thank You

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