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Children of Starlight, part 3 episode 17 of “The Starlight Trilogy” by Thea Washington

April 13, 2012

The characters in this story are fictional and not intended to depict any individual.

The character “the Rock Star” is based on Adam Lambert.

The videos in Part 3 feature Adam Lambert, Queen, Depeche Mode and Savage Garden.

Table of Contents


Chapter 33 –FAMILY TIES


Lover had been listening to the conversation. Angel had absolutely refused to let him deal with the Reporter again, now that they’d figured out who he was really after. And they had talked about what to do. Lover almost wanted to pay, considering that he could afford it and to protect their family. But Angel, who was thinking more clearly, had realized that if they paid him now, they’d never be rid of the Reporter. He’d just keep on demanding more and more money, something Angel refused to pay in ANY form.

“Can’t we just go to the police? asked Lover. “People who try to extort are caught all the time. Remember those two who drugged you and took that photo?”

Angel remembered all right. They’d almost broken up him and Starlight. It was years later when they admitted that the whole photo had been faked, photo-shopped. By then they were in prison, anyway, after trying to extort money from another celebrity. Angel had never forgotten what they’d almost done.

“We’ll hold off on that for now,” said Angel. “I will not play that fool’s game. He’s going down, one way or the other. He is going down.”

Lover had seen that look before, a couple of times. He believed him.


Lover was glad to leave the Reporter to Angel. He had a letter to write and he wasn’t exactly sure what to say. The Exec had talked to Intern. Lover didn’t know exactly what he’d said but the Intern had called him and effusively agreed to deliver the letter. Several versions were written and discarded. The one that made it into an envelope wasn’t perfect, Lover thought. It did say what he hoped Twin would accept as heartfelt and true.       

He read the letter to Angel before they called the Exec and Intern. Then they sent Intern home to pack and take the jet to D.C., where he would deliver the letter to Twin. No one was sure if she’d even still be in Prince George’s County after her talk with the Reporter. The Intern had clear and strict instructions to find her and her daughter if they weren’t.


The Housekeeper and the Cook were upset about something. The staff knew the kids were staying at the Guitarist’s for a few days, like a mini-vacation or long sleepover. That didn’t bother them; they saw their parents every day. What did, however, was the tension in the house. It wasn’t between the two husbands; in fact, they seemed closer than ever, like they were bonded against a common enemy.        

The mystery was solved a few days later when the two staff went grocery shopping. The tabloids had a new scandal to exploit. They bought a copy and brought it home, knowing Lover and Angel should see it before it appeared on the entertainment show that night (courtesy of the TV Producer). The headline was clear:

“Violent Rock Star Threw Chair at His Husband”

By the time they got back to the mansion the paparazzi were already there, courtesy of the Reporter. He’d said he wasn’t playing and he meant it.


Later the Intern called from D.C. His contacts told him that Twin and her daughter had left the Pimp Dealer in the middle of the night. (Nobody knew how she’d done it but the Intern suspected that the Reporter was involved.)

Pimp Dealer was furious and determined to get her back and kill both of them before he went for Lover and his family. Exec told the Intern to get on it as soon as he hung up the phone. There were lives at stake, maybe even the Intern’s. And the only way to save it was to track down Twin before the Pimp Dealer did. And before the Reporter had the chance to do any more damage. 


Chapter 34 — CLOSER


The husbands were in Angel’s office, formulating their strategy to deal with the paparazzi and the media.

“I hate them,” said Lover. “They have no values, no understanding whatsoever and I wish they would die.”       

“I know, T,” Angel answered. “Just don’t let anybody outside of this house hear you say that. Or anybody other than me, either. Just in case.”                  

“Oh, you know I don’t mean it.”         

“Yeah, I know but they don’t.” “They” referred to anyone connected to the press, the entertainment media, the tabloid industry, reality shows and anyone or anything that even hinted at not being a legitimate hard-news outlet. There was so much going on in the world, at least they weren’t all that interested in the non-story.         

“Will we have to go down to Police Headquarters again?” asked Lover. They’d already talked to the police about what had happened that night in Lover’s kitchen. The last Demand for Appearance had been for Angel only. They’d already talked with Lover separately.

The two had discussed it and decided to be honest about everything, as if there’d been any question about that. They’d faced the press together and directly in front of the Police Headquarters, their attorney beside them answering the media’s questions.

Yes, the Rock Star had thrown a chair. No, it hadn’t been aimed directly at Lover but a leg of the chair had hit his shoulder and chest. No, it wasn’t recently, it was years ago. No, Lover hadn’t even thought of pressing charges. Yes, the Rock Star had immediately enrolled himself in therapy. Yes, he’d stayed in therapy for nearly a year, starting out three times a week and gradually tapering down to once a month. Yes, he still saw the Therapist sometimes. Yes, he’d taken and completed an anger-management course. Yes, he had rescheduled performances and a short tour so as not to miss therapy appointments because it was that important to him to win Lover back. No, nothing like that had happened since that one incident. Yes, Lover had enrolled in martial-arts classes afterwards. No, it hadn’t been because he was afraid of the Rock Star. The timing just made it look that way. Yes, he still attended classes but not often, only when he was preparing for a demonstration or exhibition. Yes, they were both responsible drinkers but, in their younger years, hadn’t always been. Yes, that meant they drank alcohol now when there was something to celebrate. Yes, they would probably have some when this whole damn thing was over. No, neither of them used drugs.

Angel insisted on taking the last question himself. Yes, they were deeply in love with each other and their family and dared anyone to try to split them up or tamper with their children.

It was clear from the look on his face that he meant it.


Until they realized there really wasn’t a story there and that innocent children were involved, the paparazzi were ruthless. They were outside the gate, at the end of the back road, hiding in the trees and bushes, posing as deliverymen, in front of Lover’s office, at the recording company, everywhere. One even tried to talk to the kids while they were at the Guitarist’s house. Angel and Lover had that one’s contract with the media canceled.

One day when Angel and Lover were on the camera screen, their four-year-old Baby Girl asked who were all the people with the cameras around the house and how come Papa and Daddy didn’t come see them every day like before. It broke the couple’s heart. From then on, regardless of the paparazzi or anyone else, they made it to see their children at least once every day and sometimes brought all the children home with them, the bullet-proof security caravan packed with men with concealed weapons. There’d be visible weapons if anyone even thought about pointing a camera directly at them or the kids. Cameras weren’t be the only things capable of being pointed.


The children were their main concern. Papa and Dad tried to keep things as normal as possible inside the house. There were games and stories and music and computer games and climbing on furniture and running around and movies and, of course, the occasional good-natured (or not) fight. Having food fights while making smoothies or popcorn were the best kind because everybody won (except the kitchen staff and they didn’t really mind). Sometimes Angel and/or Lover joined in. Those were the absolute best ones. Papa and Dad were constantly smiling.

That was about to end, though.

There’d been no contact from the Reporter. As the story died and interest waned, everybody went or came home. Well, not everybody. Three adults and a child were on the road.

Intern regularly called with the latest news. He’d tracked Twin and her little girl to New York. The Producer’d had something to do with that. That was the first cause for alarm but it did verify the Producer’s involvement.

The next was the Computer Wiz’s report that the Producer was exchanging calls with the Reporter.

But the most alarming call came from the Intern two days later. He’d tracked down the Reporter, who’d gone to N.Y. and was finally back in L.A., which is why Angel and Lover hadn’t heard from him during the “chair” story in the tabloids. Of course he’d planted it, intending to send a message to the couple that he was serious. The next story, if he was forced to leak it, would be about Lover.

It looked like Twin was working with the Reporter but the Intern couldn’t be sure. He’d told them about the meeting between the two of them he’d overheard. He hadn’t been able to hear everything but nobody had said anything about traveling. And that night no one had said whether or not Twin had finally agreed to go in on it.

That’s why the Intern’s news was so alarming. The Reporter wasn’t alone. Twin and the little girl were with him. And she’d never gotten Lover’s letter.


Tomorrow in “Children” – Reunited

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