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Interviewers-New Questions for Adam Lambert, Please?

April 5, 2012


 To:  All potential interviewers of Adam Lambert

From: Dr. Xena P. Warrior

Subject: The need for new questions

The Issue: 

This concern has been brewing for quite some time.  Adam Lambert fans are nodding off in front of their computers, groaning and checking their Facebook pages while listening to some of your interviews – not all, but some.  A few have even resorted to preparing a snack, even a meal for their families.  They keep energy bars in their desks for their own nourishment.   As members of the Adam Lambert fandom, my colleague, Dr. Juneau Underwood and I are sometimes approached to see if we can help in some way, so we undertook a small investigation after we heard the evidence.

Adam has just spent over a year writing and producing a new album composed of twelve songs and fifteen on a deluxe version. Singles are released, videos being produced, a tour to plan… There are so many topics interviewers could cover, yet every so often, someone puts Adam on the spot with a question or comment about the age of his fans, as if it matters.  We don’t care and the age thing is irrelevant to who and why Adam’s fans really are.


Please listen to this:

  Sean Valentine Interviews ADAM LAMBERT 104.3 MYfm 4-4-12 Edited –


Does this obviously young, interviewer know we can hear him? Maybe he doesn’t understand how radio works – he should ask for his money back from broadcaster school and take a few lessons from Miss Manners or save his money and Dr. Xena will enlighten him on the proper way to discuss fans with a celebrity. He could always ask his mom who would know about radios, manners and interesting information about Adam Lambert.

Undisguised ageist insults are not cool. After Adam politely answered that the oldest fan he has met is eighty-two, you respond with “Do you sing a bit louder for her?” Sean, do you think we cannot afford hearing aids? How is this even interesting to your listeners? They don’t care. Doubtless you had more to ask and some of it scintillating, but I stopped listening at that point.  Then I was distracted watching a bud grow on the flowering tree outside my window.

We suggest you observe Adam Lambert in front of a camera or behind a microphone. He handles inane questions perfectly, with wit and charm.  Adam can parry most of them and he has a mean thrust if the situation is dire, as he is well-equipped and well-practiced for the challenge.


The members of the media who interview Adam must be short of questions to ask so they resort to the first thing that pops into their mind after seeing a few fans walk into their studio.  Sadly there are still unsuspecting interviewers who put fans on the defensive and make them feel the need to explain themselves or even apologize to Adam and others for their age, of all things.  

I and my colleague particularly understand the challenge to discover something new to say or write about Adam Lambert. We’ve only been doing it daily, sometimes twice or thrice for almost three years to reach over nine hundred postings on The Salon. Who knows when we’ll run dry? Happens to the best of us sometimes.


So, Sean and colleagues, please let us help you out of this predicament to ensure you avoid: embarrassing your celebrity guests, their fans and oh yes, your listeners.  

For useful and interesting information about Adam’s fans we can recommend a multitude of websites you could read that will provide you with more insight than you would ever need or want. Just Google. Some of these multi-social-media mavens are even old enough to… a radio station?

In fact, given the talent available among Adam’s fandom,  we represent every type of skill or knowledge one would need to start a global enterprise or small country.  We have many artists, writers, poets, performers, animators, politicians, civil servants, waiters, radio show hosts, travel agents, video producers, photographers, business executives, educators, call-centre workers, domestic gods and goddesses, enthusiasts, promoters, academics, scientists, medical doctors, students, jewelry designers, geologists, dentists, soccer moms & dads, retired people and more.   Demographically, all ages, sexes and orientations, races, ethnicities, political views, religions and socio-economic groups are represented. Possessed of a work ethic that is the envy of many CEOs and military leaders in the 21st century, it’s a 24/7 operation which is active on all fronts simultaneously, hence you quickly appeared on our radar screen and now in our sights. 

Adam explained that his fans have his back, well we have each other’s backs too. We work through a vast integrated communications network so if Sauli sneezes in L.A., Finland says “gesundheit” and over one million @AdamLambert followers tweet “bless you” in a hundred different languages and dialects.

We have renowned ninja-like intelligence gathering operatives who can post a YouTube video of Adam singing live in Singapore before he leaves the stage in his python skin boots.  Photos are sent in real-time via every current communications device that’s available from strategically located photographer fans.  Others provide the performance on live stream and while the picture might be fuzzy, we can tell you if the shirt he’s wearing was from last year or a new purchase .  They put most paparazzi to shame. 

Most of these tech-whizzes are self-taught and no longer rely on their nerd sons to show them “surfing the interwebs”.  This group excels at knowledge and skills sharing. 

One might well ask “Adam, how did you amass such a diverse, devoted, dedicated, talented fandom?”  However, he can’t really explain it, only his fans can answer that question and we’ve spent three years studying, researching, pondering, discussing and debating it.  When our thesis is done, we will post it here and tweet the link.

For the benefit of future interviewers, we have asked our readers to provide better questions than some of those we’ve been hearing for months.  Perhaps it would help to let all of you know, we listen to every interview so we do get bored with the repetitiveness of limited ideas.  We are willing to help you.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions.

 Dr. Xena P. Warrior PhD

AL Studies

With my colleague

Dr. Juneau Underwood PhD

AL Studies

co-author-On the Meaning of Adam Lambert

co-host blog-On the Meaning of Adam Lambert

co-host-Juneau & Xena’s BlogTalk Radio Show



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Dear readers, in the “comments” please post any suggestions for questions or topics interviewes might consider.


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  1. Illena Welter-known as chineseglitter on Twitter permalink
    April 17, 2012 1:58 am

    I think they should let Adam give them a list of questions he wants them to ask. They could pretend they thought them up and take the credit. Everytime I hear Adam speak on anything i always think he should be on a show like The View or Good morning America as the newsperson not the guest. He has a great command of the English langage and speaks so correctly and has the most beautiful voice to listen too. I never get tired of his little laughs or beautiful smiles either. He also looks like he is the one trying to put them at ease..even the ones who “try” to put him on the spot. That is impossible to do because he is too quick for them with his answers. Most of them donot realize the are up against someone of superior intelligence. He needs just to hand them a little sheet of paper when he gets there. At least we wouldn’t be falling asleep which I could never do with Adam in front of me or listening to a radio interview with him. Its a thought!! I think it is the answer.

  2. Illena Welter-known as chineseglitter on Twitter permalink
    April 17, 2012 2:00 am

    spelled questions wrong!!

    • April 17, 2012 2:34 am

      You did? Looks okay to me!
      Actually there are people on his PR team who would be in contact with the interviewer ahead of time, not to force an agenda, but simply to help them get the best interview with Adam! Interviewers also do research ahead of time to prepare but some are much better than others!

  3. October 29, 2012 1:20 pm

    adam lambert I would like to know what you have to say about the bulling you see I am goth and I don’t hide it so I get teased relentlessly about it as well for the fact the I like your music so what would you do or say about it.

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