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2012 NewNowNext Awards

April 5, 2012

We’ll be live blogging, so come back for updates! We have photos and videos from the rehearsal, Red Carpet, performance and afterparty.

Here’s the livestream


The Awards show will air on Monday on LogoTV, 10PM ET/9PM CT



“He’s very symmetrical”

“I’m full of twats…Elton John is down to earth. Very dirty sense of humor.” Asked about snogging Jake Shears.

Posted by @adampictures

Posted by @adampictures

Posted by @adampictures

Kellie Osbourne

reyalfashion: “One of tonight's performers @AdamLambert who lost some weight and looks quite handsome.”

SutanlovesRaja: On route to new now next to hang with @adamlambert

Chatting with Michelle Collins!

@WLosAngeles: Adam Lambert at W Hotels backstage lounge @WHollywoodHotel @logo #NNNAwards

With Sauli

@heartNNsoul: Adam!!

@heartNNsoul: Sauli & Raja @ NNN



“Trespassing” – posted by HeartNNSoul – Good audio

“Trespassing” – posted by cmhagey – Good visuals

@sketch678: Finale performance by @adamlambert #NNNAwards

ulisesv: “Adam Lambert performing at #NNNAwards @adamlambert”

christrondsen: "Got to see Adam Lambert perform his new single live tonight at the "New Now Next" Awards. His voice is AMAZING!!”

@reyalfashion: One more pic of @AdamLambert closing the #NNNAwards

@marcmalkin: adam lambert's performance ends in confetti.

@brianlondon: Just finished #NNN show with @adamlambert! You killed it dude!!!! NewNowNext Awards 2012 LA CA. 4-5-12.

More photos at AdamPictures



ifelicious: Me and AdamLambert at the #NNNAwards LogoTV after party in Hollywood



Backup singer?

@Wildaboutmusic: @adamlambert at dress rehearsal for @newnownext right now

Wildaboutmusic: One last photo for the Glamberts. adamlambert at NewNextNow now. Rehearsal 4-5-12.



@francegf: Sauli, neil and leila are chatting behind the trailers. Adam is on the red carpet. Sauli in a suit over a hoodie.

@shiro_ns89: あだむとさうり。デジカメの画面反射してるけど、 [Adam and Sauli visible in reflection]

MaximoTV: Adam Lambert

@marcmalkin: Wow. Kelly Osbourne is opening tHe show bY singing @cher‘s Believe! She’s doing really well! @misskellyO
Elizabeth Matthew  Looked to me like @adamlambert was wearing these cool Gareth Pugh pants on the red carpet…
@insomniac19Only in this fandom does the dude we stan wear clothes we refer to as “nipple window shirt” and “ass scarf”. BEST FANDOM EVAH
 @kinkykiedis Adam on Red carpet at#NNNAwards with ReyalFashion !
heartNNsoul: Sauli just threw a dolphin over his head and Raja just beat the shit out of one.
@heartNNsoulBrian London on keys.
 @verticallylame: He has a choir?!?!??
@verticallylame: Well two ppl in choral robes
@jadis11: Miss Thang is taking it to church, people!!
@instinctmag@adamlambert is taking us to gay church!!#NNNAwards
@YellowsistaBertSo the audience have all rolled over and are having a cigarette right now – right???
@reyalfashionAs @MissKellyO introduced him “The beloved leader of Glamnation” here’s @AdamLambert bringing the house down
@verticallylame: He wasn’t wearing medges
 @verticallylame: He thru the mic and stomped off
 @moonchild0628Everyone is standing UP!!! They’re ALL STANDING!!! YAYYY ADAM!!!!! :DDD
 @belindasLAmusic: Adam Lambert owns the stage. Hands down amazing at the NNN Awards
 @KabbyPA OMG, Trespassing fully loaded on stage is uh-mazing!! Adam in the lace up leather pants 5 feet from my face UNF!!!
verticallylame: Also the choral robes were like trespassing ribbon
4 Comments leave one →
  1. Juko6659 permalink
    April 5, 2012 8:22 pm

    What’s not to love? If it’s Adam, it has to be fabulous, and thank you so much for these wonderful pix!

  2. April 8, 2012 7:33 pm

    Digging it! Thank you! Good reports from the New Now Next awards! How exciting for those able to attend and see that Trespassing performance!

  3. April 9, 2012 9:29 am

    friggin love this song…love adam…and omg…those leather lace up pants and fierce jacket…wow!

  4. el Kat permalink
    April 9, 2012 10:55 am

    Wasn’t he looking especially fine ? Love that new jacket, love how cute Sauli looked, what a beautiful couple.

    …um, what is Raja wearing on her neck ???

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