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Adam Lambert Daily Update – April 3, 2012

April 2, 2012

By Juneau and Xena Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook

Here’s the full Week in Review

The Starlight Trilogy – Table of Contents



Adam is in the line-up for KTUphoria on May 20, PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ. Pregame on the Plaza: 3pm  Doors: 5pm   Show: 6pm.  Details here.



Looks like he had a relaxing weekend…

posted by @ScorpioBert



@L_in_A: A sneak peak from today's photo shoot for you #Glamberts. 🙂

@L_in_LA: Thanks @adamlambert for a great interview! OG LA club kids rule! Here's my mandatory brag pic. See U on the dancefloor!

@L_in_A@adamlambert Forgot to tell you to follow me for #LAnightlife haps! BTW, @JoshPeace@Bouletbrothers@mustachemondays u all got shoutouts.

 @JoshPeace@L_in_A Shout-outs where? In the Adam interview? What’s the link? I’m digging around your site but not exactly sure what I’m looking for. =)

@L_in_A@JoshPeace Yes babe! @adamlambert mentioned loving your DJing! Article won’t come out for a bit. FYI: his new stuff is dance floor hot!



107.9FM Interview Part 2 (posted on Youtube by @ JadellEJ)Q&A with audience. Terrific. He’s relaxed and in a chatty mood. Talks about working with Lady Gaga on “Fever”; is that her voice at the beginning saying “Mine”?

Energy 103.7FM Photo Gallery

Adam Lambert at MyStage!  @DJLisaFoxx: Awww yeah!! @TyBentli @1043MYfm chattin w/adamlambert and a bunch of fans!! Hot pants! We luv him! (ADAM LAMBERT at 104.3 MYfm LA, CA 4-2-12)

Leopard pants, gloves and medges!



Gather – Will Adam Lambert’s Next Single be ‘Never Close Our Eyes’? “A couple of tweets by Brian London this morning have led many to believe this, starting with this tweet: “Had rehearsal with @adamlambert yesterday. Brewing up something NEW and FRESH. You’re gonna wanna see this. Trust me. #myword.” Of course, Brian could have worked on any song with Adam at the rehearsal. But of interest is that according to his Twitter bio, Brian is the Music Director for Bruno Mars. Although sung by Adam, the song Never Close Our Eyes was written by Bruno Mars. When you consider this, maybe it’s not such a coincidence.”

Pressparty – Adam Lambert’s new musical director: “You’re gonna wanna see this” “Although London hasn’t revealed exactly what they are putting together, he confirmed that he is the star’s new musical director and also explained in response to a fan’s question that they are focusing on Lambert’supcoming American Idol and NewNextNow performances.”

Saulin Hollywood – 27v ja elämä hymyilee!! 🙂   Translation by Miachihu (@miachihu) & Zinnia (@Tiiqqu)
“Thank you everybody for your congratulations, messages and gifts!! I got greetings even from New-Zealand:hereAwwwww!!! People, you are wonderful for remembering me and this is exactly why I want to write to you about what’s going on with me.It’s wonderful to bring you joy with these short pieces of text, but even more wonderful is to get an incredible amount of energy from you all to keep up with this. THANK YOU!!”

POP2it – Is Bruno Mars gay? Coming out story ‘completely fabricated,’ says rep “The report first surfaced on CNN iReport, a site described as a “compilation of news items submitted by citizen journalism.” Essentially — it’s the Wikipedia of news reporting. Anyone can update it with stories, photos, and video. Turns out, the whole thing was untrue. Mars’ rep tellsGossipCop that he said nothing of the sort, and that the “false” story was “completely fabricated.” iCNN has subsequently removed the story from its site.”



Check out this Korg interview with Brian London


Monday’s Twitter Thread

Had rehearsal with @adamlambert yesterday. Brewing up something NEW and FRESH. You’re gonna wanna see this. Trust me. #myword

@4evrmomof4@brianlondon @adamlambert For American Idol performance or for NewNextNow performance?? PLZ do spill!!

@brianlondon@4evrmomof4 ALL OF IT!

@Shining_Adam:@brianlondon @adamlambert a new new song?:) Or Better Than I Know Myself?

@brianlondon@Shining_Adam everything is NEW!

@barbls23@brianlondon Are you the new musical director for Adam? You have some resume!!

@brianlondon@barbls23 I am.

@4evrmomof4@brianlondon Did Kevin H connect you and Adam?I see you worked w Kevin for Rihanna>



Kelly Osbourne mentions Adam on The View (cap by GaleWhittington)



ADRI86 Got a pic of Adam Lambert’s shoes! I had to! #HHBZ

@Go4Valentine: Interview with @AdamLambert airing Wednesday – Great Guy RT I will post link

@BCJeanIf I Were A Boy… I’d probably be gay.

@adamlambert@BCJean hahah yeah you probably would be 🙂

 @adamlambert@BCJean ….a really hot one. 🙂

@adamlambertWatching the Voice- Christina looks so beautiful tonight. dat mug is dusted 🙂 gorgeous.


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