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Children of Starlight, part 3 episode 4 of “The Starlight Trilogy” by Thea Washington

March 31, 2012

The characters in this story are fictional and not intended to depict any individual.

The character “the Rock Star” is based on Adam Lambert.

The videos in Part 3 feature Adam Lambert, Queen, Depeche Mode and Savage Garden.

Table of Contents


Chapter 7 – MAYBE, MAYBE NOT


Back at home, wrapped around each other in bed having celebrated their true wedding at the empty Museum, the two “newlyweds” realized they had a problem.

“OK, now what do we do?” Lover asked his husband.

“What do we do about what?” answered a sleepy Angel.

“About the you-know.”

“We just did the you-know.”

“Not that you-know,” chuckled Lover, snuggling even further back into Angel’s strong, warm body. “The wedding you-know.”

Angel knew exactly what Lover meant. They’d said their vows and sealed them with that kiss. And now the scheduled wedding seemed, well, redundant. Except for the million and a half guests thing. And the party.

“I don’t know, my Treasure,” whispered Angel into Lover’s ear, adding a lick for emphasis. “Whatever you want.”

Mmm, that answer led to a whole new round of celebration.


Later, still in bed, still wrapped around each other (horizontally across the pillows this time), Lover brought up the subject again.

“Look, we’ve got all these people wanting to see a wedding. Hans has already designed the room as “Enlightenment,” the menu’s all set to go and the invitations can be printed now that we know where it’s going to be. Donations have even started going to the charities we asked for instead of gifts. I don’t think we can call this off now.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” replied Angel. “Can’t you just see what the tabloids would do with that?  ‘International Entrepreneur Dumped by Rock Star Days Before Wedding’.”

“Hey, hey, how come you get to dump me and I don’t get to dump you?” Lover was indignant.

“Well, because you’d never dump me. Of course I’d never dump you, either. Whataya think I am, crazy?”

“Well, actually, yes.” Lover’s eyes twinkled as he fell off the pillows, pulling Angel over with him. “But that’s no reason to dump you. I mean, if you were straight or something or had bad breath, maybe. But just crazy? Nah.”

“And stupid? You said that to me once, that you could handle crazy and stupid.”

“No, I didn’t. I said ‘scared and stupid’.” Lover’s memory was known to be razor-sharp which   sometimes, in personal matters, really came in handy. “And you sure have tested that. Besides,” he continued, imitating one of Angel’s famous smiles-with-a-hint-of-smirk, “crazy wouldn’t stop me from marrying you. In fact, I’m going to marry you in front of all those people and then I’m going to put you in an insane asylum and take all your money. I could use a few extra million. Buy a new jet plane which no, you cannot drive.”

Angel thought it best not to push his luck. He knew when to change the subject, even though he still didn’t understand the plane thing.

“Speaking of you-knows, I don’t think we can cancel the wedding. We’re both right. All those guests, all the work people have put into this for us. We can’t disappoint them. They love us. That’s why they’ve done what they’ve done.”

Lover agreed, letting out a heavy but happy sigh. So many people were giving them their time, their best work, giving their money to good causes, just to make sure things got done exactly the way the couple wanted.

“Well, then, there’s going to be a wedding, it sounds like.”

“Yep, ‘ding dong the bells are gonna chime’,” sang Angel, a lyric from one of the show tunes he’d listened to as a child. “It’ll still be kinda special, though. Even though I think what happened today’s going to be our real anniversary.”

“Yeah,” sighed Lover. “We thought explaining Starlight’ll be tough. Wait’ll we have to explain a second anniversary to people.”

“Maybe we don’t,” Angel said, thoughtfully. “Maybe we should keep this one for ourselves, one day our time, our treasure. Just for us.”

Lover looked at the sapphire gleaming on Angel’s ring. “Yes,” he thought. “My husband does have clear thinking and wisdom.”

                                                                      Tribute Video: Adam Lambert is my Angel

Angel” – Darren Hayes 


Chapter 8 – PREPARATIONS  

It would go off like clockwork after one last “discussion” the day before the wedding.

Lover was at his desk, electronically coding checks for the wedding expenses when Angel wandered in. 

“Whatcha doing?” he asked Lover. 

“Paying wedding bills,” said Lover, not even looking up from the screen in front of him. “What are you up to?” 

Angel got right to the point. “I want ‘some happy’.” “Some happy” had become their code for “sex.”

Lover looked up over his reading glasses. “Sorry,” he said. “No ‘some happy’ for you.” 

Angel was actually confused.  

“Whataya mean, no ‘some happy’ for me? Why not?” 

Lover looked at him, apparently exasperated. 

“Because you already had ‘some happy’ today.” He decided this was too good to pass up. “By the way, the last time you were out on tour I forgot to tell you something.” 

Now Angel looked worried and confused. “Forgot to tell me what?” 

Lover went back to the bills while announcing, “While you were gone the ‘some happy police’ came. They were looking for you but I told them you weren’t home so they talked to me.”

Angel knew this was bullshit. Lover never forgot anything. He was spooky like that. It sounded like fun, though, so Angel decided to play along. 

“Why did they want to see me?” 

“They wanted to tell you the new rule.” 

“And what new rule is that?” 

Lover could barely keep a straight face. “That you only get one ‘some happy’ a day.” 

Angel was good at faking confusion–when he was faking. 

“And why would they limit me to one ‘some happy’ a day?”

“I don’t know,” said Lover, diligently adding up the bills before he coded each payment. “They said it had something to do with ‘homeland security’.“

Angel had to think about this. It didn’t take long.

“Well, I suggest that if you want your homeland to be secure, you better get your cute little self over here.” 

“Oh, no,” said Lover, removing his glasses. “If you want ‘some happy’, you’re the one who has to come get it.” He reached over, pulled the drapes and sat back down. Gesturing for Angel to come stand in front of his chair, Lover said, “I’ll give you ‘some happy’ all right. And you’d better hope you can walk when I’m done.” He grabbed Angel’s shorts and briefs by the waist. “Come here.”


A few weeks before that last “discussion,” Lover and Angel had finally had a serious talk about what to wear. Both wanted to be the one to wear white, but that felt too “logical.” Then they remembered that Chinese brides wear red for good luck, but that seemed too “something,” they didn’t know exactly what. Then Angel suggested they both wear black, but Lover said that was too funereal and this was about beginnings, even if the beginning had happened that first day they’d laid eyes on each other. So that’s what they (almost) decided to wear. Needless to say, it was unusual.

“But I don’t want to wear a gray pin-striped suit,” said Lover in his “I will not do that” tone of voice. The gray pin-striped was what he’d been wearing that day. “I want to be spectacular and that doesn’t say ‘spectacular’ to me. Besides, all your friends would probably freak out and boo at me and throw things.”

“Well, I’d be very comfortable in black leather with my favorite boots. So you’re the one we have to figure out something for. Hey, how about that red tee-shirt from “Gay Days at Disneyland?” Angel laughed.

Lover looked at him with daggers shooting from his eyes.“I know, I’ll wear the black leather and you can wear the tee-shirt. And we’ll enter from the Matterhorn, or better yet, slide down the outside of one of those fairy chimneys.” 

Lover was running out of suggestions and it was clear that Angel was, too. Finally Angel said, “Alright, how about this. I’ll wear white and you can be ‘the man in black’. Then we’ll be ethnically complementary, I’ll take the ‘bride’ thing and you can be the groom. And don’t worry, I’ll be a manly-man bride … and maybe we can put some lace on whatever you decide to wear. Plus it’ll go with Hans’ theme of ‘Enlightenment’. You know how he likes those sepia tones.” 

“Yeah, but they won’t really go with all that sunny-ness and colors at the museum.” mused Lover. “Besides, I don’t want to get married in a brown and gray room. We’d be lost, I mean your hair is already turning gray and I’m this beautiful café au lait.”

Angel didn’t know whether to laugh or groan. He settled on both. “Don’t worry, he’s not doing the room like his paintings. Although I do really like those paintings. Maybe we should …” 

“Don’t even think about it,” Lover retorted. “Don’t even.”


They worked it out. Angel would wear gray, accented with satin and leather. Lover would wear urban-Victorian-executive black and white, a touch of lace and a peach and yellow rose. The room would be filled with flowers and artwork symbolizing everyone’s ascent to their own idea of Heaven. Bright yellow flowers of all kinds would complement Angel’s and Lover’s clothing, the Museum, the artist’s décor and Starlight’s invisible presence. 

And, of course, both men would be wearing their hearts on their sleeves.


Tomorrow in “Children” – “I now pronounce you…”


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