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Adam Lambert Daily Update – March 31, 2012!

March 31, 2012

By Juneau and Xena Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook

Here’s the full Week in Review

The Starlight Trilogy – Table of Contents

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Adam Lambert at Radio Sophie (Energy) 103.7 - Via @Margie32127

@Janislandgirl Twitter report  from Radio Sophie

In lobby waiting to get in to see Adam! So excited! Only small group getting in looks like.

@CaligirlRenee in lobby. They said Adam will be a little late 🙂 crowd excited.

Papa Bert here, SD radio event, Fans rabid

Front row. 40 ish people here . No mic

Sang 4 songs- BTIKM, Koocko, Trespassing, NCOE. Amazing. No mic. Lots of joking, happy. Papa Bert here

@CaligirlRenee was amazing. See my earlier tweets. 4 songs. Joking, Tommy sat on floor for NCOE. We were right in front

He looked beautiful. So natural. We couldn’t take video. Best so far. Adam funked it out on all songs. Always new. He was happy

Took pics in groups of two. Fluffy hair. Sang better than I can remember. Audience clapping & into it. Good energy exchange.He is beautiful

Adam & Tommy joking around. 8 y/o girl wanted him to imaging her in pink underwear. Adam laughed & said Tommy has no booty. Both laughing

Audience so responsive – Adam response with Funked up touch to songs. Hard to stay in seats

Tommy sat on floor when they did NCOE. Adam sang it do tenderly, then belted out end. No mic. No need. Pappa Bert proud

During Trespassing Adam used his feet for drums. He was so into it. Best ever. So glad to see him happy. His home town. About 100 here

@CaligirlRenee yes, got pic w Vic & we both got a sec to talk. Gave him my book I wrote which featured him in the follow Dream chapter

@CaligirlRenee we both got hugs. He is like a teddy bear hugging all his fans. His love goes out & we give it back

We all had to silence phones or be removed – because intimate setting w no mic. DJ asked questions first. I was in daze so hard to remember

Theatre setting. Adam on stage where he’s comfortable. Sorry, can’t remember questions, just his amazing energy. Lots of jokes.

Oh yeah, what would you do if U won 680 mil. He said he would give it to others, then laughed & said “me too”. Help friends & family

The security guard in the lobby had never heard of @adamlambertbut after the show we saw him & he couldn’t believe how great he was.New fan

When he sang BTIKM he sang it so tenderly U could hear a pin drop. Near the end it was almost as if his eyes welled up w tears, many of us 2

Tonight was one of the best nights of my life. Met & got pic/hug w@adamlambert, intimate venue, Adam beautiful & happy. Happy heart TU univ

Adam had everyone’s full attention, we were in the palm of his hands & he delivered. Thank you @adamlambert for sharing your gift tonight

Star Lounge 94.1 FM

Adam with @lissaboo2 at Star 94.1

Tommy Joe with @lissaboo2 at Star 94.1

Adam Lambert at San Diego Star 94.1 Lounge – Photo Gallery

Adam Lambert at the Star Lounge – Meet and Greet photos

Intro and BTIKM – finally locked down track list

More interview and WWFM 


Live performance on Sacramento HOT 103.5 FM Friday night

BTIKM – “I’m all over Twitter, all the time”

@RayStylesRadio: Hanging out w/ @adamlambert



The Independent – Knebworth House rocked to its foundations “Knebworth, the stately home which has rocked to Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Oasis, faces a “huge hole” in its finances after the cancellation of a festival to have been headlined by Queen…Steep ticket prices and a glut of competing events, most notably the Olympics, have been blamed for a downturn in the industry.”



Portland Z100 Videos Just posted

The Voice of Finland – Karoliina Kallio covers IIHY

Glamberts want to go to Springle Ball



Las Vegas 94.1- After 12 nights in a row at # 1, Adam Lambert’s BTIKM has made it into Mix Most Requested Hall Of Fame!


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