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Lovers of Starlight, part 2’s final episode (#28) of “The Starlight Trilogy” by Thea Washington

March 23, 2012

Orion Nebula

The characters in this story are fictional and not intended to depict the present or future of any individual.

The character “the Rock Star” is based on Adam Lambert.

Most of the videos in Part 2 reflect Lover’s favorite music (R&B, soul).

They were selected to enhance the story but are not required for your entertainment.

Table of Contents 




The label released the “Quiet Storm” oldies/blue-eyed soul CD. It was a smash hit. People of all ages, those who remembered the originals and those who were discovering the music for the first time, loved it. His playlist for the next tour was getting crowded. He didn’t mind. He had a great Band, wonderful Dancers and incredible visuals. He made up the playlist at some point before the light and sound checks. Mostly. There were often a few surprises before, during or after the concerts. Some of them were unplanned appearances by his Treasure in Angel’s dressing room or suite. Those were really good surprises.

Between the domestic and international legs of the tour, he decided to do a free concert at the amphitheater in the foothills near the Mountain House. He wanted to thank all the people in town who’d known Starlight and who had helped him during his two sad, distorted years there.

Some seats were reserved for the families, close friends from his early days in L.A. and other important people, like his Treasure, BFF and her husband the Limo Driver, the Exec (and his new partner, the Writer), the collaborators, the TV Producer, the Editor of “Rolling Stone,” the Therapist and her family and his label’s staff. He put the Cook, her sister, the Waitress and the Barkeep onto the VIP list, seating them and their spouses exactly where he’d seated Starlight the first time he’d seen her at the concert in Chicago.

The rest of the 9300 tickets were distributed through radio contests, his three favorite charities, local organizations, his Fan Club and the official website. He paid all of the amphitheater fees, expenses for the Band, dancers and crew, and parking for the entire audience out of his own pocket as a “Thank You” to everyone who’d supported him.

He sang “Starlight” as the last of three encores, blowing a kiss to the starlit sky as he left the stage. Everyone said it was the best concert he’d ever done.


Everyone had left, the stage dismantled, the foothills amphitheater restored to its previous, pristine state. The Band and Dancers were off to celebrate a night that had surpassed the Louisville concert fourteen years before. Angel and his Treasure drove up to the parking area at the top of the venue, where you could see the city’s lights in the distance. He wanted some time by himself to cool down from all the adrenaline. Lover waited in the car, remembering their years together, to give him some time alone.

Angel stood on the second row from the top and watched as the moon slowly rose behind a cloud in the night sky. He was waiting for it to crest. Suddenly he felt arms encircle him. He knew who it was and leaned back into her Eternal embrace. She waited with him.

When the moon crested, a single point of light emerged at the top of the cloud. As more moon appeared, its brim took the shape of a halo. He heard her whisper, “I am so proud of you, my Angel. You are the man you were born to be. You will be truly happy and I will always love you.” Her soft kiss graced his cheek.

When Lover came through the woods and down the path from the parking area, he saw a glow surrounding Angel. As he approached the glow moved away, floating on the air. It manifested as Starlight, timeless, beautiful, celestial. For the first time since her transition years before, he could see her. She smiled at him and nodded. He smiled and nodded back. Then she became the familiar spiral of glitter and vanished.

Lover watched and then walked over, standing by the top row of bench seats behind Angel, who was still watching the moonrise over the cloud. He felt his Treasure’s arms surround him, his body close.

“It’s beautiful up here, Babe. I can see why you love it.”

“Yeah, I do.” He paused. “The strangest thing just happened.”

“Oh yeah? What?”

“I could’ve sworn Starlight was hugging me, like you. She kissed my cheek. Sounds crazy, huh?”

“Not at all, Babe. She was.”

Angel turned to look at him. “How do you know?”

“I saw her.”

“You saw her? You actually saw her?”


“What did she look like?”

“So beautiful. Glowing, joyful. I could tell she’s in some heavenly place now.”

“Where did she go?”

“Well, for a minute she was floating over the path. She saw me and smiled that smile of hers, you know? And then she turned into this spiral of glitter and disappeared.”

“But why couldn’t I see her?”

“I don’t know, Babe. Maybe it’s because she still lives in your heart and in your soul. Given the choice, I’d take what you have.”

“Yeah. Me, too.”

His Treasure turned Angel around and cupped the angelface, brushing his hair from his eyes. Then he leaned down and kissed him. It was Lover’s kiss, the beautiful Lover’s kiss.

“Come on, let’s go home,” their Mountain Home. Angel nodded.


When they got in the car Angel, refreshed from his time alone and visit from Starlight, turned to his Treasure and said, “When we get home tonight there’s something I’d like us to do.”

He got the Look.

Angel smiled back. “I mean besides that.” He paused, the nervousness real. “If it’s OK with you, when we get home I’d like us to start planning our wedding. If that’s OK with you.”

His Treasure smiled over at Angel, the true love of his life, the man he’d loved for nearly eight years, together and apart. The love flashed through his heart, his spirit, his soul, all of him. He felt aglow.

The only possible answer was the one he now reserved for very special occasions.

“Whatever you want, Babe. Whatever you want.”

Angel felt the significance of what he was hearing. When he reached for his Treasure, Lover reached back.

And that’s how they got engayed.

They carefully made their way over the foothills and down through the valleys up to their Mountain Home. The familiar trail of glitter sparkled as it danced across the moon and into Forever.


They were safe now. Starlight, her Angel and his Treasure were all on their way Home.


“Love’s Divine”  –  Seal


The End, “Lovers of Starlight,”  Part II of

“The Starlight Trilogy”



Part 3, “Children of Starlight” begins this Wednesday, March 28th at your regular posting time! (I can’t wait, either :)–Thea) 

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  1. Thea permalink
    July 5, 2012 12:33 am

    OMG you’re reading the “Trilogy”! I had no idea people were still reading it since we’d originally begun posting it in February and finished up in April. I’m happy you’re enjoying it. Most of the chapters have videos following them–I was trying to wait for “Trespassing” to post Part 3 but it kept getting pushed back so I had to fill in with other folks’ music. You might have a point about more graphics, too. I’ll keep that in mind when I finish the sequel!

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