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Adam Lambert Daily Update – March 23, 2012

March 22, 2012

By Juneau and Xena Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook

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@adamlambert: I gave up my 29th & 30th bdays for @charitywater providing over 19k people w/ clean water! You can too: #WorldWaterDay

Click to watch Adam’s video from MTV Act

Donate to charity:water to win autographed FAULT

Our Hans Haveron pendant giveaway has ended. Winner to be announced soon!



@ShockUhDeliCA: Yayyyyyy!!! @adamlambert will perform at Mystage at MyFM104.3 in the City of Angelic Demons!!! At last! Los Angeles 4/2!!

Star 101.3 (San Francisco) SEE ADAM LAMBERT LIVE IN AN INTIMATE SETTING AT THE TOMMY T’S SHOWROOM ON THE EVENING OF MARCH 28TH!! The winner will get two passes to the show PLUS Adam’s new CD Trespassing featuring the new hit single “Better Than I Know Myself” from RCA Records.

Direct Management Group – It took a while, but Adam is finally on DMG’s website.



Adam Lambert – Q&A – 93.9 Lite fm – Coca-Cola Live 3-16-2012, Chicago.
Question about his “instrument” elicits hilarity. Doesn’t know what his range is. Will be doing full concert with Queen; no set list yet. Can’t wait to do “Another One Bites the Dust?” The album is trying to be deep. “I see a lot on Twitter. What I hate is when people pick fights and take sides that don’t exist.” Doesn’t read or write music. “I do everything by ear. I feel it and hear it in my head.”



Rollling Stone – ‘The Hunger Games’: If Rockers Ruled Panem “Adam Lambert as Caesar Flickerman. The over-the-top persona and attention-getting looks of American Idol Season Eight runner-up Lambert make him our first choice for the Games’ interviewer, known as much for his personable Q&As with the tributes as he is for his trademark fashionable attire.”

After Elton – Adam Lambert Gives Us a Sneak Peek at “Trespassing” “Later, Adam played “Shady” for us – a track about going out and getting a little somethin’ somethin’ that he co-wrote with out pop performer Sam Sparro. It’s a dancy, upbeat track about nasty things – a contrast to some of the more stripped-down and somber songs on the album that are earnest discussions of love, communication (“Broken English”), and even navigating gay romance (“Outlaws of Love”). ”

Metrosource – A Very Lambert Listen Don’t know how we missed this before. Nice in-person report on Adam’s stop at NYC’s Elmo in Chelsea, where he previewed tracks from “Trespassing” to “a select group of gay tastemakers.” “Even in a crowd dressed to impress, all eyes were on Lambert as he mingled about the room — in part because of sheer height but also because Lambert possesses a personal radiance that borders on dazzling…After playing about five songs, Lambert asked for the crowd’s favorite and the general consensus was that “Trespassing” was the biggest hit (though I’m pretty sure I saw Lambert smile when I called out “Outlaws of Love” as my pick). “Thank you for your time. Thank you for your support. This album is for us; it’s for our community,” said Lambert…”

Adam Lambert: I buy my own toilet paper! Translation of article in Glitter Sweden (posted by @Dilerius) “I was a nerd, but I wasn’t shy I was both seen and heard. Kinda like now, haha! In school it’s the cool kids you adapt to in order to be liked. I never knew how to do that, I still don’t! Haha!”

Article in Finnish Youth Magazine Demi on March 22nd, 2012 Text by Ida Valpas, pictures: Sony Music Finland. Translation by Miachihu (@miachihu) and Zinnia (@tiiqqu), posted on March 22nd, 2012. “Soon after the American Idol Adam started touring and at the same time he recorded quickly his first album For Your Entertainment. The first album got a praising reception, but Adam confesses that it wasn’t quite of his own style….”On that first, theatrical album I tried to be the rock star I had wanted to be when I was a kid. The new album was born when I asked myself: “What do I want to say with my music?” Adam explains in an interview by Yahoo Music.”

@illuxxia: "Listen to Adam" Demi magazine Finland 4/2012 (view full)

Gay Times Mag (May 12, 2012 Issue 405): Queen for a day. American Idol? “So when we caught up with him after news broke, the first question was obvious – does he feel like his sexuality qualifies him any better to play Freddie?  “I don’t know, I don’t think I’m playing Freddie, I think I’m me, and the tricky thing that people need to realize is that I’m doing it my way. But I think the coincidence that we’re both gay men – the best thing about it is that I can identify maybe with some of his writing. Especially when I listen to the lyrics of The Show Must Go On, from what I’ve been told, Freddie wrote that about dealing with his secrets and dealing with his illness and facing the world.” This UK magazine is available for purchase.

Adam in German Bravo Mag – on Tattoos – looks like they used an image of our temp tattoos!

@Franzideni: EVERYBODY can be,who he wants to be!MCR,ATL,WATIC,30STM,Miley Cyrus,Adam Lambert,Marina And The Diamonds,PRIMEVAL! FOLLOW @MonsterCannibal Music Forever. DO IT



@groundctrl: Hey @adamlambert Glam members! Membership goods are starting to ship today! Thanks for your extreme patience! Enjoy 🙂



@shoshannastone: FYI, Adam’s ‘never close our eyes’ doesn’t feature Bruno Mars.

@Sewardlicious: I asked him to please bring back Broken Open. He said it was difficult to do live, BUT it WILL be back “I WROTE that one!”

@RespectTheGB: Are You Addicted to Twitter – no, I’m addicted to Adam Lambertwho happens to be on Twitter

@zambiaglambert: WORLDWIDE fans PLEASE HELP: Danish MTV has put BTIKM video up, give it a view Pls RT?


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  1. buffy522 permalink
    March 23, 2012 10:24 am

    Adam Lambert in any film would be great. Glad that Rolling Stone keeps him in their mag no matter how!

  2. Angel permalink
    March 24, 2012 3:59 am

    Please anyone who can tell me the best way to send something to ADAM?
    It is quite urgent that the message gets to ADAM himself. It is about the release date of Trespassing which is May 15, which is a very bad timing astrologically speaking. I know ADAM is into astrology.
    It is NOT a good date. It should be earlier from April 15 to 1st week of May.
    I already emailed the Direct Management Group, the one managing him as I saw it on today’s update. But if there’s any other way, to let ADAM know ASAP, I would appreciate it. This message needs to reach ADAM as soon as possible.
    I am not an astrologer just someone interested and I want to send ADAM this book I got which is not available for sale anywhere which is a great help for him the whole 2012. RIGHT TIMING is EVERYTHING! It spells S-U-C-C-E-S-S !!!

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