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Adam Lambert Daily Update – March 8, 2012

March 8, 2012

By Juneau and Xena Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook

Here’s the full Week in Review

The Starlight Trilogy – Table of Contents

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OUT100 Outtake



@TommyJoeRatliff: Ello, Atlanta 🙂

@Q100AtlantaAnd don’t forget, @adamlambert on LIVE with @TheBertShow tomorrow (Thursday) morning, 9:20am! RT to remind your friends to listen!

Our readers may remember the story of Jessi Kimsey, the young girl who was a Bert’s Big Adventure Child. Adam left her a voice message giving her encouragement during her illness.  Sadly, Jessi passed away a year ago February.

Adam will also perform at Q100 and Jezebel Magazine’s transformation party at the W Buckhead. “Adam Lambert will perform at this intimate event in the sparkling atmosphere of the W Buckhead and Market. The only way in to this exclusive celebration is to win tickets from Johnny O Monday through Wednesday  from 3 till 7pm this week!” (Sorry!)

@Djmikeb1: I’ll be opening for adam lambert tomorrow night at the w hotel in buckhead atl. I’ll be spinning 7-9, then he goes on!



An analysis of Adam’s singing by vocal technique instructor Karyn O’Connor “I got curious about what this overdrive actually means, I googled it and ended up on this very interesting site www.singwise.comby vocal technique instructor Karyn O’Connor…I was expecting short comments at the most but instead she gave this very extensive and totally awesome analysis.

Fuse – MEAT LOAF RATES ADAM LAMBERT ALONGSIDE WHITNEY AND ARETHA OK, so we saw this interview last week, but it’s fun to see the quote again, and to read the comments posted here.

VH1 – NewNowNext Awards Announce Adam Lambert And Neon Hitch To Perform, Kelly Osbourne To Host “The NewNowNext Awards have announced that Lambert will be performing live at their next ceremony on April 5th, and we’ve got our little hearts set on hearing some tracks from his forthcoming album, Trespassing.”

Hollywood News – Adam Lambert New Cool Photos – “Hollywood Cool Celeb of the Week” 

Gather – Adam Lambert Chooses His Dream Fashion Collaborator “RCA is currently conducting a “Do You Know Adam Better Than Yourself” Q&A series with fans on his official website. They asked him if he could collaborate with any designer to create one piece of clothing or accessory, which would it be? … Adam’s answer: “I think Gareth Pugh is an amazing designer. He’s one of my favorites. I think he would be a blast to collaborate with. He’s very out-of-the-box, very creative and kind of avant-garde. I bet we would have a good time.”

HuffPost – The Moment I knew I Was a Fan Go and submit your video about when you first knew Adam was going to change your life! “At HuffPost, we’re kicking off an exciting new project and we’d love you to participate! It’s called “The Moment I Knew,” and it’s a user-submitted video series where readers tell the stories of life-changing moments they have experienced…Here on HuffPost Entertainment, we’d like to hear about “The Moment I Knew I Was A Fan.” The idea is for you to recall the first time you felt connected to something in pop culture (film, TV, movies, music and more) in a way that mattered to you. Did you form a connection with a show because it made you happy? Or were you touched by a song because it summed up how you were feeling when you were at a low point? Tell us!”

Deutsche Presse-Agentur: Adam Lambert, die Zweite (VIDEO) – You can’t really hear what Adam is saying because of the German translation voiceover, but it’s great to see Adam get so much international attention!

Scan/Translation via ADAM LAMBERT FAN CLUB member Sarah Blum: German BRAVO Mag: He is a ''Winner'' Because his Song BTIKM is the Song for the german movie ''Türkisch für Anfänger''



FletchTopper: Thanks to adamlambert for hanging out at the Voice today!!

@FletchTopper@TweetaMe wrong Voice. This is a radio station located in the lobby of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston, est. by Ryan Seacrest

@_TailorMade18: Did an interview with @adamlambert !!!! Nicest guy ever!!! (Peyton Taylor)

@laurabbrooks@adamlambert great meeting you today at our hospital! The children love you, thanks so much for coming.Best of luck with new album

While Adam's away, Sauli seeks solace with his girlfraands



Adam Lambert on Mix 96-5: Podcasts!  Adam Lambert sang for listeners in the Mix Muve Music Lounge, and here are some of the moments!

Adam with DJ Blake Hayes from Mix 96.5 Houston

Houston Mix Chat2 BeginningFever (posted by @girlfantexas) – He misses his juicer. “Leather juice!”

And Adam talks temporary tattoos (podcast)

ET Canada – Adam Lambert on Album, Turning 30 (posted by @illuxxia)

Glambert has Class with Ozzy (by @nitenursestat) – “Ha ha ha, Thank you Adam Lambert” LOL!



@_ninni I’ve uploaded Adam’s ET Canada clip for download here (direct URL rip from –

@yaButterHere’s your chance to get up close and personal to Adam Lambertthis Friday in the Direct Auto Insurance Garage!!…

@HoustonMIX965: Free podcasts from Adam Lambert‘s interviews at Mix 96-5 yesterday!

@danigyrly@adamlambert temp tatts that@BlakeHayes at 96.5 mentioned…

OMG, these are from our store...!


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