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The Starlight Trilogy by Thea – Part 1, “Echoes of Starlight” – CODA

February 21, 2012

 This is a fictional story. The character of “the Rock Star” is only based on Adam Lambert and is in no way intended to be an accurate depiction of his life.

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Orion Nebula

The Rookie Reporter sat there in awe and reverence while the Rock Star went to get a photo of he and Starlight on one of their junkets. He was thinking about how, even though they hadn’t been married, or even IN love, these two people had somehow “wed.” It made complete sense when you knew the whole story whereas before it had seemed ridiculous.

“Here it is,” said the Rock Star as he returned to the sunroom. It wasn’t so sunny now. The interview had taken much more time than the Rookie had planned. And they still hadn’t talked about the music and possible comeback.

“I scanned a copy for you,” he said. The Reporter wasn’t surprised. There was no way in hell that man would ever let go of the  original. “Thanks, he said in return. “I really appreciate this.”

“I know we didn’t get to the music,” the Rock Star said apologetically. “Maybe you can come back and we’ll talk about it then?”

The Reporter was happy to get out the calendar and set up the next interview. The editor at “Rolling Stone” probably wouldn’t be so happy but wait ‘til he saw the first part of the article. No one in the press had ever known the whole story of the Rock Star and his mysterious Starlight; there was still speculation about what the real deal had been with her. The Reporter was bringing them one of the biggest scoops they’d ever had.

The recorder and his laptop went in the backpack. The Rock Star showed him to the door. “Thanks for letting me get all this out,” he said. “There was so much I didn’t realize how long it was gonna take to tell you our whole story. And I still left a lot out.” He paused, the small version of that smile playing around his lips. “Well, maybe one day you can help me write a book or something.”

The Rookie would be only too happy to help him do that, thinking about the potential financial and career rewards. The Reporter wanted to spend more time with him. Who knew how far this could take him at “Rolling Stone”? And beyond?

The Rock Star was standing at the open door while the Rookie Reporter loaded everything into the car. As it started and turned toward the road down the mountain, he smiled the full, beautiful old smile, calling, “See ya soon” and waving goodbye. He was looking forward to spending time with the young man, although there’d seemed something a little off about him. Maybe it was just that it’d been so long since Angel had really let himself remember all that he’d had–and all that he’d lost.

But before he let himself get all tied up trying to figure out what it was about that Reporter that sent up those gut feelings he was having, first he had a long overdue call to make to a very special and patient man in L.A. He needed to tell him that, finally, he was ready to live and love again and that, after two long years, if he’d just let him explain, he was coming home.


The Rock Star closed the door and walked back to the sunroom. The sunset was especially beautiful that night— a few clouds, but lots of orange, pink, gold, even some purple and silver. The sun was painting the sky as it disappeared behind the mountains. He sensed her there with him.

“I will always love you,” love you, love you …

“You are not alone,” not alone, not alone …

 “Your true love is waiting,” is waiting, is waiting …

Starlight’s echoes faded away.  For the first time in two years, he began to wonder if, by letting her go, he could keep her.    

He looked up and for a while just watched the angelic sunset. In its place, the stars and their beautiful lights began to fill the darkening sky. Starlight had taught him that love, like beauty, endures even as it changes its appearance or form. She’d taught him that, even if you’re not in love, it’s just as important to love. Otherwise your heart would close forever and no love would ever get in. Real Love will wait and, even then, must be invited to (re)enter your heart. There’s no other way in but by invitation.

He remembered reading “The Starlight Stories” that first time and how, for some reason he hadn’t understood then, he’d been compelled to find Starlight. He remembered when they’d first realized that the reason he’d had to find her was because he’d sensed a sacred thing, that each of them had recognized their own soul, and their own need, in the other. Starlight had written the “Stories” to reflect his and, unwittingly, had revealed her own. Her clues had led him to her city but, because she had poured her soul into “The Starlight Stories,” he unknowingly had already found her.

He remembered how Starlight had always protected him. Now she was protecting him from himself, from thinking that, by holding on to his grief, he could hold on to her. But he had to let go of the grief first. She was gone and would never return in the form she’d had. To protect him, though, if he could release the grief, and her, somehow she would stay.

As if confirmaton of this lesson he again reached out to the Universe, just as he had that night of despair so long ago.  He could feel Starlight’s love opening up space in his heart to happily share it with the more intimate love she knew was waiting for him in L.A. Her soul was opening space in his for the future memories that would live forever alongside theirs. He’d have plenty of room for both, just as Starlight had said there would be.

Now she was his angel. He completely trusted that. She had taught him how. He was ready to tear down all the walls he’d built around himself that had kept his grief alive but Life and love away.

He realized that what he was feeling was “peace.” He could keep Starlight’s love, keep their memories and keep the warmth of her Forever embrace, those things that were really her. Watching the starlight above blanketing the sky, he finally released his grief and gently let his Starlight go.

 “Halo” Tribute


The End of Part 1, “Echoes of Starlight” of The Starlight Trilogy


5 Comments leave one →
  1. annehedonia permalink
    February 23, 2012 4:58 pm

    This whole story was really lovely, but the last part of the Coda – after the Rookie Reporter departs is spiritual, transcendent.

    I would hope that Adam might read what you’ve written one day. I think he would be fortunate to have a Starlight in his life, just as the Rock Star did (although I will say he seems to be doing quite well lately, thanks…).

    I’ve been doing some reading on the subject of Beauty, to try and have a better understanding of some things. Here’s something for both you and Adam by St. Bernard of Clairvaux:

    “When the brightness of beauty has replenished to overflowing the recesses of the heart, it is necessary that it should emerge into the open, just like the light hidden under a bushel: a light shining in the dark is not trying to conceal itself. The body is an image of the mind, which, like an effulgent light scattering forth its rays, is diffused through its limbs and its senses, shining through in action, discourse, appearance, movement – even in laughter, if it is completely sincere and tinged with gravity.”

    • annehedonia permalink
      February 23, 2012 5:57 pm

      One more (and then I promise to be quiet!)

      It visits with inconstant glance
      Each human heart and countenance;
      Like hues and harmonies of evening –
      Like clouds in starlight widely spread –
      Like memory of music fled –
      Like aught that for its grace may be
      Dear, and yet dearer for its mystery.

      Spirit of Beauty that dost consecrate
      With thine own hues all thou dost shine upon
      Of human thought or form – where art thou gone?

      ~Percey Bysshe Shelley
      “Hymn to Intellectual Beauty”

    • gracian51 permalink
      February 23, 2012 6:07 pm

      The quote about Beauty is itself so beautiful. I’ve already spent some time reflecting on it and will definitely do more. It’s so rich with meaning. Thank you for sending it with me.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed “Echoes.” Yes, the Coda was my way of not only summarizing the experience shared by Starlight and the Rock Star, but to do it in my own words and beliefs. All of your comments are sincerely appreciated. They certainly help me be more confident about my writing.

      Stay tuned–Sunday’s the day we start “Lovers of Starlight,” Part 2. I’m hoping you enjoy it as much!

  2. gracian51 permalink
    February 23, 2012 6:25 pm

    You don’t have to be quiet. I love your sound. So would the Rock Star; he, too, loves words and I’m sure he would have been visibly thinking of these that night. Thank you for sending both. Delicious food for thought!

    • annehedonia permalink
      February 23, 2012 7:35 pm

      Thank you, author Thea~ you are a kind and giving spirit!

      Part deux!

      (The closest I’ve come to an original poem lately. Teehee.)

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