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Adam Lambert Week – February 19-25, 2012

February 19, 2012

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The Starlight Trilogy

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“Music transcends language”


Via Adam Lambert Events

February 19: TV, Australia. MTV Unplugged repeat. [Source and TV Guide]
February 20: TV, US. Fuse TV part six of Fuse & Maxim’s Top 100 Sexy Beats. [Source]
February 20: Radio, South Africa. Xpress947 morning show ‘live from Los Angeles’ with Sam Cowen. Taped while Adam was in London earlier this month. [Source | Webpage]
February 20: TV, Norway. Interview on TV2 re-airs. [Source]
February 20: Better Than I Know Myself music video available on iTunes, New Zealand. {Source]
February 21: TV, US. Fuse TV Top Twenty Countdown 11p/10c. [Source]
February 22: TV, Finland. MTV3 45 minuuttia. [More Info]
February 22: Better Than I Know Myself single CD released in Japan. [Source]
February 23: TV, US. Fuse TV part nine of Fuse & Maxim’s Top 100 Sexy Beats. [Source]
February 25: Saturday Night Online Chat. [Source]



@MIX1029DFW: Monday on The Mix Up w/ @KhloeKardashianspecial guest @adamlambert ! Listen live @iHeartRadio



Do You Know Adam Better Than You Know Yourself?

Glamberts know that Adam can be a pretty unpredictable guy – changing styles, inspirations and more in a blink of an eye. But do you think you have Adam totally figured out? Now’s your chance to prove it! … Head on over to our voting page and see if you know Adam better than you know yourself. Be sure you come back later today to see if you answered correctly!

Would Adam rather trespass into Buckingham Palace or the White House? – Adam answers. Did you get it right?



@adamlambert @Jakeshears: Nothing like a studio visit from Nile Rodgers to wake the room up” can I come play?! 😉

@Jakeshears@adamlambert yes! Where are you??

@adamlambert@Jakeshears in LA… You??

@adamlambertHad best time hosting FUSE 100 sexy beats countdown but whoops my long shirt n’ boots made my legs look SO stumpy. #time2stopselfstyling??

@adamlambertAnd I wonder why everyone always says “OH you’re tall”. On camera I keep looking vertically lame. Making myself look all boxy n shit. Hahaha


Screencap Art by @GaleChester



@JustinHawkins: @adamlambert hey Adam! Looking forward to sharing a stage with you at the Sonisphere. Happy Day! 🙂

@adamlambert @JustinHawkins back atcha!!!! Gonna be a hell of a week! 🙂

@JustinHawkins @adamlambert yep, I can’t wait to hear you sing those songs. Pretty fucking exciting!

@JustinHawkinsIt takes immense courage to step up and front the world’s greatest band. @adamlambert will nail it, there’s nobody better suited to the task



Adam in Radioland – Translation of Poplick article. ” I would really like to come here more and figure out what it is. Maybe it’s because you give each other more space. You don’t interfere so much in each other’s lives”.”

Links to HD Poplick images via Terraaaaaaa & @es_v1: 



 @adamlambert Haters: y’all just adding fuel to my fire! U make me work harder. Thank you for the motivation.

Following Adam's tweet, fans trended #ProudToBeAGlambert

And look what’s on the Queen website! Click here for full-size image.

BBC – Roger Taylor interview

MUZU.TV – EMA Director’s Cut – Queen + Adam Lambert Medley

Gather – Adam Lambert Shows Thick Skin, Motivated by ‘Haters’ “The bottom line is that Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor think that Adam is worthy to front the band this summer. It is unfortunate that some people feel the need to verbally attack Adam Lambert about the choice. Luckily, Adam has the good sense to ignore these people and turn their hate into something good – motivation to prove them wrong!”

Media were all over the story  …too numerous to list here. A sampling:

MTV – Adam Lambert To Perform With Queen This Summer! “…the fact that dude gets to lend his pipes to the people who created a rock relic like “Bohemian Rhapsody” is a DREAM COME TRUE! With Adam’s upcoming summer event OF A LIFETIME and the March 20 release of his sophomore album, Trespassing, we pretty much plan on rocking guy-liner in his honor all year long.”

Huffington Post – Adam Lambert, Queen: ‘Idol’ Star To Sing With Storied Rock Band “”I in no way am trying to copy or mimic or replace Freddie or do what he did, that would be insulting to his memory and to the fans that hold him in such high regard,” Lambert said. “I just am paying tribute. I am excited to sing the songs that he wrote and to try to give them some sort of flair that he would appreciate.””

CBS News (via AP) – Idol’s Adam Lambert to sing with rock band Queen

The Washington Post (via AP) – Adam Lambert to sing with rock band Queen at Britain’s Sonisphere 2012 summer festival

LA Times – Adam Lambert: ‘I have been invited by Queen’ for Sonisphere show

Newsday – Idol’s Adam Lambert to sing with rock band Queen

JTA -Lambert and Queen teaming, Ratner seeks redemption, Gibson officer settles

GaleChester has compiled a comprehensive list on his Facebook page.

Vote in AdamQuoteDaily’s Poll for Top Six Queen Songs You Want Adam to Sing



Adam Lambert tweeted on Monday afternoon:

Setting the record straight in about an hour and a half. 🙂


As many suspected, I can finally confirm: I have been invited by Queen to sing one very special concert! Sonisphere at Knebworth July 7th!

Sorry to be coy about the details the past few weeks, but I made a promise to keep it under wraps as best I could. Gonna be a surreal night!

Pre-Sale of Sonisphere Tickets available through Fan Club “On what will undoubtedly rate as one of this summer’s most highly anticipated and emotionally charged concerts Queen’s Roger Taylor says: “I remember Knebworth as being the most incredible gig, with the most amazing audience and the sound on stage was utterly perfect. It was a fitting last stand before a live audience for Freddie. It will be a real challenge to complete the circle by returning with Adam.””


Fan club members can access presale tickets here.

Outside Edge Press Release



Adam Lambert @smeggingnuts@adamlambert have you though about revisiting the goatee?” hahaha. Have YOU? I dunno.

Adam Lambert  yeah i aint growin one… lol don’t you fret glamberts… 🙂



@Magasinet_BLIKK: The charming & talented @adamlambert is gracing the cover of @Magasinet_BLIKK in stores very soon in Norway.

Photo by @tuke18. Enhanced by @weelassie11.

From Japanese Magazine Gossips

MTV Ten on Top - Adam Lambert with host Lenay Dunn

Newly released photos from the Blonds Fashion Show (WilsonModels)

Mike Ruiz with Sauli and Adam



Over 3 million views!!

@Vudubird: ADAM LAMBERT Trended #1 on Yahoo! today,

Top40 South African charts this week!



Ultimate Guitar – It’s The End Of The Week As We Know It: Part 38 “All in all, the appearance [of Queen at Sonisphere] seems to be intended as a celebration of Freddie Mercury and Queen’s legacy. I wouldn’t be too harsh on the Lambert choice because he’s not intended to be a permanent replacement (at least not to our knowledge). I’d just take all this news as a way to look back on how sick a vocalist Mercury was and how many amazing Queen recordings are out there…And as amazing as Freddie Mercury was, you can’t forget how incredibly talented the other members of Queen were and how integral they all were to developing and executing their unmistakably unique, polished sound.”

NME – Queen’s Adam Lambert unafraid of bottling backlash at Sonisphere “He said: “The way I look at it is I’m not trying to imitate or outdo him or compete in any way, that’s not even in my mind at all, I think it’s really an honour to be asked to sing the music that he and the band wrote and get up there and put on a good show. If people are too busy trying to compare, they’re not going to enjoy the music.””

New Sauli blog “Deer and Oscars”.  Translation by @moominbert. “The Oscars are held this Sunday at the Kodak Theatre. All of Hollywood Boulevard has been closed for five days now in preparation for the festivities, which have caused quite a lot of traffic in the city. I’ll be watching the gala as well, but not from my couch at home. ;)”

Jesha84 – A Dream Three Years in the Making “I think I can speak for everyone who’s ever met Adam Lambert the way we all want to meet him when I say that when the moment comes, it’s so surreal, so out of this world, that for a long time afterwards, we doubt it ever happened. We work so hard to imprint every little thing in our minds and hearts, every blink of his eyes, every flash of his smile, because when we leave, when it’s over, that’s all we will have to hold onto. That’s how I felt this past Thursday. February 16, 2012, my dream three years in the making finally came true…”

Gather – Adam Lambert ‘Better Than I Know Myself’ is Title Song for German Movie “” Fans were initially tipped off when they saw a sticker on the single’s photo on Amazon Germany. Upon seeing the sticker, a German fan tweeted to Sony Music Germany asking if Better Than I Know Myself is the title song from the film. Sonyconfirmed it, replying, “This is how it looks! Film will be released on 15.03.””

Festival challenge to Queen’s May “”A lot of those songs are Freddie’s and we’ve got a great interpreter there, so I’m looking forward to it. It will be challenging, yes it would – my God, it will be challenging – but you’ve got to set yourself big hurdles to get over really. That’s what life is about,” he added.”

NY Times (AP story) – Idol’s Adam Lambert to Sing With Rock Band Queen “They are very sweet and just to be up there doing this music is such an honor. Freddie Mercury was a hero to me and his voice, his song writing and being gay, the whole package is amazing,” the American singer said.

Deane Ogden – ADAM LAMBERT, QUEEN, AND CREATIVITY Great blog post about the creative impulse. “If I may be so bold, I believe that the people who are bemoaning Adam Lambert’s alleged affiliation with Queen are overlooking something really big in their hasty rushes to judgement: Sometimes, the business of creating is not about the recipients of the creative work. Not even by a long shot. Sometimes it’s more about the satisfaction an artist gets from simply creating something for himself or herself. Sometimes, we just need to keep going, whether you like what we’re putting out or not. Sometimes, it just doesn’t matter at all if you like it. And sometimes, we don’t give a damn if it ever does.”

Contact Music – Adam Lambert – Adam Lambert A ‘Great Interpreter’ Of Freddie “Speaking at last night’s (21.02.12) BRIT Awards, [Brian May] told BANG Showbiz: ”I think all the vibes will be good. And I’m, sure that if Freddie was around, or if he is around then he’ll appreciate what we’re doing, because its interpreting those songs and those songs should live.”

OUT – Adam Lambert Will Perform With Queen “Not many artists today can compare to the legendary Freddie Mercury. His vocal range, aesthetic, and overall rock-star nature was unlike anything the world had ever seen. Since his death, he’s inspired countless artists such as Lady Gaga, Scissor Sisters—and now Adam Lambert.”

Think Progress – BREAKING: BUSH APPOINTEE FINDS DOMA UNCONSTITUTIONAL  “Judge Jeffery White of the District Court for the Northern District of California ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) violates the Constitution’s equal protection clause in a case brought by Karen Golinski. Golinski, represented by Lambda Legal, “was denied spousal health benefits by her employer, the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.””

The Fab Life – Head To Toe: Adam Lambert Doesn’t Compromise Style On A Busy Day  “The jacket is from Juun.J, and Adam loves its broad shoulders and fun zippers. Underneath, he’s wearing an old Gucci T-shirt he thinks he’s washed too much. Those comfy-looking jeans are Diesels. Adam’s a big fan of shoe designer Rick Owens — in addition to these high-tops, he owns a pair of wedge heels from him. To match the mustached skull ring on his left hand, Adam is wearing an Alexander McQueen bird skull necklace — because even on a casual day, a guy’s got to keep it rock and roll.”

Yahoo – He Will Rock You: Adam Lambert Finally Confirms Queen Performance at Sonisphere Festival “I personally appreciate the fact that while Adam easily nails every single Mercury-rising high note in the Queen catalog, he never tries to be a Freddie copycat; he’s always himself, which is actually the most respectful way he–or any guest Queen singer–could ever honor the memory of an icon as unique as Freddie (as evidenced by the amazing George MichaelAnnie Lennox and David Bowie tributes at the historical 1992 Freddie tribute at London’s Wembley Stadium).”

BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat – Adam Lambert to perform with Queen “I’m honoured to be able to pay my respects to Freddie’s memory. He’s a personal hero of mine and I am deeply grateful for the chance to sing such powerful music for fans of this legendary band.” Queen’s final concert with Mercury was in Knebworth in 1986. Other acts added to the Sonisphere line-up include The Darkness, Incubus, Refused, Ghost, Flogging Molly and musical comedian Tim Minchin.

Sonisphere – QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT = SATURDAY NIGHT PARTYTIME “QUEEN’s Brian May and Roger Taylor have confirmed the band will headline the second day of SONISPHERE appearing on the APOLLO stage on Saturday July 7.  KNEBWORTH was the setting for QUEEN’s final concert with Freddie Mercury in August 1986. May and Taylor also confirmed that for this very special event they will be joined by US singer-songwriter ADAM LAMBERT.”

NME – Queen’s Brian May: ‘Freddie Mercury would approve of Adam Lambert’ “Speaking about the band’s plan for the set and how he felt it would be received by the group’s fans, May said: “Judging by my incoming mail, this decision will make a lot of people very happy. It’s a worthy challenge for us, and I’m sure Adam would meet with Freddie’s approval! And what better place to revisit, and walk those emotional paths than Knebworth? It will be a rush.””

USA Today – Adam Lambert to front Queen at UK’s Sonisphere

The Hollywood Reporter – Adam Lambert to Perform with Queen at UK’s Sonisphere Festival

Rolling Stone – Adam Lambert Confirms He Will Sing With Queen

Idolator – Adam Lambert Discusses ‘Trespassing’, Queen & More: The Idolator Interview “It’s been some time since we had a nice long chat with Adam, and we had a lot to catch up on. During our exclusive interview with the singer, we touched on his creative process while crafting Trespassing, his favorite songs, and as for all those rumors about him touring with Queen… well, just see for yourself. Hop below for our one-on-one with the glorious glam guy.”

EQ Interview With Sam Sparro – “Let’s Be Fearless…” (VIDEO) “We caught up with Sam Sparro a few weeks ago to talk about “Return To Paradise”, his thoughts on the controversial PIPA and SOPA acts, working with Adam Lambert and the legendary Nile Rodgers and how 2012 is an important year to let go and take risks.”

Sauli’s Blog – New York and A New Friend 2-20-12. Translation by @miachihu & @tiiqqu. “n New York it is customary to always go and see the latest Broadway Show. So, me and my boyfriend went to see the musical Priscilla (Priscilla, Queen of the Desert), which was absolutely fantastic!! We both were laughing with tears in our eyes during the entire show…”

@wandinka87 · Details Adam Lambert in BRAVO mag which comes out in Czech republic

@wandinka87 · Details Adam Lambert "sign card" in BRAVO mag which comes out in Czech republic 🙂

Front Stage – Adam Lambert And Nile Rodgers: Studio Alchemy “No news here, but another music-loving blogger goes nuts for Adam: “The collaboration of Nile Rodgers and Adam Lambert just makes perfect sense, not only on paper, but in reality. With Adam Lambert’s style and performance of flawless vocals, and desire for a more personal album, with songs to match, the combination of both working on songs and recording together, will make it a reality.””

Will Adam Lambert’s Album Feature a Mystery Duet? “Adam Lambert shared today that his new album might feature a special duet, but he was very secretive about it. This morning in an interview with New Jersey’s 94.3 The Point, Adam was asked by a fan if he could do a duet with anyone for his album, who it would be? He replied, “well, there might be one on there, but that’s still under wraps.””

Q – Q&a Adam Lambert – How to get from American Idol to working with Pharrell, Nile Rodgers & Queen This was our favorite from last week; worth re-posting! “American Idol contestants are not normally the fodder for our weekly Q&a slot. Runners-upeven less so. However when we were invited to hear Adam Lambert‘s second albumTresspassing, released in March, we were surprised to see that along with expected pop collaborators like Dr Luke, the singer had recorded with Pharrell Williams, cult indie type Sam Sparrow (he of Black And Gold fame) and Nile Rodgers while rumours of further work withQueen‘s Roger May and Roger Taylor continue. Not just that, with the record’s subject matter openly embracing Lambert‘s sexuality, the singer has used his mainstream launch-pad to challenge the preconceptions of American‘s right. All in all, a bloke worth sitting down and having a chat with then, which is exactly what we did…” and THIS about Pharrell Williams: “He checked out a lot of what I did and he said to me…it’s wild, I feel you’re our generations Freddie!”



DELTA: Don´t Ever Leave Terminal Again!! Sauli dishes about his Delta flight debacle. A translation is in the works. In the mean time, enjoy Google Translate’s hash job!



Translation of Me Naiset article by @moominbert



Adam with Kitty Jutbring for P3Star (Sweden)

P3 Star (Sweden) – Kitty Jutbring interviews Adam (he answers a question fans have been dying to know the answer to)

Metal Hammer Podcast – UK DJs dish about Queen and Adam Lambert

Adam’s Favorite Sexy Beat – Nine Inch Nails – Closer. Not for vegans, prudes or the squeamish, this is an amazing beyond-the-edge video that pushes the envelope on the sacredness of profanity.

NPR – Freddie Mercury: Rock ‘N’ Rolls’ Humble Showman – aired August 30, 2010. Very much worth listening to again!

“Better Than I Know Myself” LIVE on the 94.3 The Point Sound Stage

“Whataya Want From Me” LIVE on the 94.3 The Point Sound Stage

94.3 The Point Sound Stage – Interview. The secret of the “ravioli necklace” revealed.

Fuse – Sexy back to hot in hurr

Fuse – Adam’s Sexy Beat

Fuse TV – Adam Lambert Speaks: What’s Makes His Boyfriend So Sexy? (VIDEO)

Fuse Top 100 Sexy Beats

Showbiz411 – Is American Idol’s Adam Lambert the new Freddie Mercury?

@adamlambertJP: new vid of adam for Japanese ringtone release of BTIKMS – #adamlambertjp

Mount Carmel High School Airbands 2000 – Raid – A great oldie. Adam is one of the main characters in the War section (He pops out from under the bed at 1:51)

Head To Toe: Adam Lambert | Interview| – Adam answers questions about his personal style.

Adam Lambert 45 minuuttia – Finland

Fox News 5 – Adam Lambert Performing with Queen

MTV Ten on Top Bonus Clip (from Gale Whittington) 

MTV Ten on Top – Recorded February 18, 2012

Sirius Radio Adam Lambert Hosts HitBound 2-18-12



@MadGlambert: Adam Lambert Is Perfectly Perfect .

Adam Lambert - Photo at airport yesterday - Via Lidia Sanchez Oatman




MIX1029DFW: We heard a rumor, an upcoming guest on#TheMixUpWithKhloe is @adamlambert ? Details next week

@MichaelOrland: @lovingadam @adamlambert love Adam not just cuz he’s so talented. But also full of gratitude.

TheUKGlamberts: @adamlambert Didn’t realise Ricky Minor was Whitneys Musical Director. You were in good company on Idol

BTIKM is #1 on Music Daily Chart (Hungary) – Top 25 Singles , for the 6th time!! \o/ @adamlambert

@ClaudeKelly: beyond the obvious sadness of losing a legend, the MESSAGE here is that our purpose in life is to INSPIRE…with love. #grateful


ExceptionalDest: Adam Lambert is sitting behind me in Cafe Orleans right now. [Editor’s note: This tweet launched rumors that Adam and Sauli were at Disneyland on Monday.]

@laura_ansa to livestream ADAM LAMBERT Finnish Documentary 45 Minuuttia Wed 8.05pm Finland time 1:05pm ET!…

@LIBlondMom: @WholeFoods Queen with @adamlambert headlining at Sonisphere the huge British rock festival July 7. Adam is a huge fan og yours BTW:-)

@WholeFoods: @LIBlondMom I know and we’re a huge fan of his!! Sounds like an awesome concert!! cc:@adamlambert

@DeadLDNRecords: @adamlambert You have to wear this at Sonisphere? Do you think Elton John has custody of it? Congrats!…

Nile Rodgers Tweets Monday evening

@nilerodgers Me playing “Shady” with Adam Lambert

@TommyJoeRatliff@nilerodgers I LOVE what you did in that song! ; )

@nilerodgers@TommyJoeRatliff Hey TJ, what’s up man?

@nilerodgers@TommyJoeRatliff Thanks. It was so much fun just jamming out on it. I hope you are well

TommyJoe Ratliff@nilerodgers thanks, man! I’m great 🙂 can’t wait to jam on that one!

@nilerodgers@TommyJoeRatliff Dude, I can’t wait to see and hear you guys playing it

@adamlambert@nilerodgers can’t wait for you to hear it mixed. Almost done! 🙂

@nilerodgers@adamlambert Hey Man great to hear from you. I can’t wait to hear the song. I hope you are in good spirits

@nilerodgers@adamlambert I’m heading to Oz in a few days. I’m going to try and hook up w/ @sam_sparro while I’m there and the dudes from INXS

@nilerodgers@LylaLambert I won’t do anything until Adam says to. Remember, we all work for the artist. I haven’t even listened since I finished

@PattiHum@TommyJoeRatliff @nilerodgers @AdamLambert Are you guys having this conversation on Twitter just to drive us crazy?! #Shady

@nilerodgers@PattiHum We all met on twitter. It’s natural

Tuesday Tweets

 @adamlambert Strange Clouds by BOB is NUTS! Shit!

@adamlambert B.O.B. … 🙂

@BrunoMars I’m gonna sing tonight with a british accent! Don’t you dare try to stop me smee! Don’t you dare try to stop me smee! Smee try to stop me!!

@adamlambert @BrunoMars Hook. 🙂

@elliegf: Adam Lambert with BTIKM was again #1 on Bulgaria Radio Fresh Top 7@7 with the smashing 35%!!! 😀

@shoshannastone Tomorrow loose women and the lottery with joey and Howe and will be connecting Adam to an early morning interview!
 @SuperStar1021@adamlambert why do you only like men? I would dump my boyfriend for you, I really would
Retweeted by Adam Lambert
@MarinaLeah@adamlambert 2 of your mini #Glamberts they even sing the words along with you 🙂
Retweeted by Adam Lambert

Wednesday Tweets

 @Popprince#Brits Queen on Adam Lambert; ‘His voice is exceptional..he’s a wonderful singer. Freddie would approve of this boy and it’s sonething new.’

@LenayDunn@adamlambert watching the secret circle….

@adamlambert@LenayDunn lots of “mouth-acting” happening. Lol

@DutchGlamberts Stunned. @adamlambert‘s BTIKM is beeing used as a background song on Dutch tv for the commercial of the series Nikita! Surprise! (:
BTIKM is title track for new German film “Türkisch für Anfänger”
 @Maggy_97 @Sony_Music_DE Adam Lamberts “Better Than I Know Myself” als Titelsong vom Film “Türkisch für Anfänger”? Amazon sagt das. Stimmt es?
@Sony_Music_DE @Maggy_97 So schaut es aus! Filmstart ist am 15.03.

Thursday Tweets

@MIX100Denver: Listen starting tomorrow for chance to win passes to Adam Lambert in the MIX Lounge!

@adam_events: Reached the half way mark! My Charity Water! ADAM LAMBERT’s 30th Birthday! $100,000 CAMPAIGN GOAL $50,810 RAISED SO FAR 2,540 PEOPLE SERVED

Slovak glamberts need your help to get Adam´s BTIKM to the top! Click the link and then vote! Thank you so much ♥ BETTER THAN I KNOW MYSELF

ADAM LAMBERT’s BTIKM voted #1 music video yesterday on Musique Plus Palmarès in Quebec! Better Than I Know Myself

Friday Tweets

kms15423ADAM LAMBERT: I’m Not Trying To Imitate Or Outdo FREDDIE MERCURY… << Caution! Comment section infested with Idiots

@illuxxia: Sauli’s going to follow The Oscars, “but not from the couch at home ;D” …hmmm

Request Adam Lambert  Adam’s BTIKM US HAC radio: largest spin total, audience yet! #30 (#31 last wk), 548 spins (+ 37 spins), 2.313 MILLION audience reached!

@vanglam@AdamBertDaily Adam in the most important argentinian Newspaper, Feb 23

And fans just havin’ fun on Friday night…

@peacefrogdesign: My other band is Queen #gaypopstarproblems

@Pebbles430: Does my hat match my turquoise shorts? #gaypopstarproblems

@insomniac19An entire country has adopted me. #gaypopstarproblems

@mindchnger: Female concertgoers throw their panties at me onstage but WHERE MY BOYS AT?! #gaypopstarproblems

@insomniac19Tongue diving never caught on. #gaypopstarproblems

@mindchngerI STILL get confused with Adam Levine #gaypopstarproblems

@citygirl36 I’m bigger than the Muffin Man#gaypopstarproblems

@Cynthilu Having a name for my mustache! #gaypopstarproblems

@AdamsWench: It’s a huge Ball. Of Bras. And Panties the Woman throw on stage We keep it under the stage#gaypopstarproblems

@autocorrects#gaypopstarproblems when their GPS system would tell him to “Go straight”

@ByroncookeRT @KarmaLovesGumbo #gaypopstarproblems Having to fend off@Byroncooke once or twice a year.

@peacefrogdesignMy stans refuse to believe I’m not part unicorn #gaypopstarproblems

@Artistsupporter LOL #gaypopstarproblems trends worldwide.

[Editor: Go search #gaypopstarproblems – the fans got more and more creative!]



VH1 TOP 20 COUNTDOWN Vote for Adam’s “Better Than I Know Myself”. You can vote up to 20 times a day

Keep giving Adam’s videos hits on his VEVO channel!

Request Adam on your local radio station – Adam Official thread lists request links for radio stations in major markets around the country.



Share these with friends and acquaintances who haven’t yet seen the Light and Love!

Top 10 Things to Know about Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert Worldwide Charts

Adam Lambert Gold and Platinum Sales

Podcast – Top 10 Adam songs picked by fans



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Episodes of “All On the Line with Joe Zee Season 2” are available on iTunes 

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Adam at the Do Something Awards rocks Nicolina Royale’s garland necklace. Check out her store – Great gift ideas.

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Check out Janet Kofoed’s Etsy store. She has a whole line of Glam Nation-inspired jewelry, poetic, nature-inspired and beautifully executed.

Picture in – great color pencil drawings of Adam Lambert by @jolson12miggles

Lock and Handcuffs T-shirt from Lambosessed We love her original “One Nation Under Glam” designs! Lambosessed explains her design approach: “I aim for easily wearable designs instantly recognisable by fans as having a connection with Adam while retaining a subtlety that doesn’t require them to bear his name.”

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