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The Video: Better Than I Know Myself – Radio Show

February 6, 2012

Join us…

Wednesday, February 8, 2012,  10-11PM ET

Chatroom will be live, so come join us there! BYOB!

Log in or dial up our guest call-in number (917) 932-1825

courtesy Marilyn Curtis

You’ve read Juneau’s “The Video: Better Than I Know Myself“, Xena’s still watching it.  She got sidelined by looking up references, analogies, symbols etc., but her story will be posted before the radio show.  What is the fibre in the sweater? Alpaca?  Alpine Long Horned Sheep?  The hair of a thousand Glamberts spun by Corsican nuns and knitted by the fan who won the “Why I should knit Adam a sweater” essay contest? What kind of animal skin is on the floor? Does it matter?  Same director as FYE, so not surprising to see all the rich detail included in two simple rooms with only two characters. 

Back to the show!  We’ll hear a couple of versions of the song and battle out our theories.  We’re hoping Thea can join us as referee, but we want to hear your ideas too!

When we’ve run out of things to say about the video (Xena’s got four pages of notes) we’ll talk about Adam’s promo tour – seems a Tour de Triomphe! to us.  Does he have the UK wrapped around his, uh, oh, uhuh, ahem, little finger yet?

See you on Wednesday night – it’s a party!

Finally! “Equilibrium” by Xena

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  1. February 7, 2012 7:58 pm

    can’t wait to read

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