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Adam Lambert Daily Update – January 20, 2012

January 20, 2012

By Juneau and Xena Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook

Here’s the full Week in Review



We hope this vid stays up long enough for you to enjoy…



Check out this exclusive still from Adam’s music video for “Better Than I Know Myself”.



Need photo credit.



Examiner – Adam Lambert settlement still in negotiation, despite reports to the contrary “Legal counsel for both Adam Lambert and Colwel Platinum Entertainment are still very much engaged in negotiations to settle a November lawsuit, despite early reports from celebrity gossip sites.”

Electroqueer – Album Review: EQ’s Thoughts on Adam Lambert’s New Album “Trespassing” “Based on the five songs I heard today I can say without a doubt that  Trespassing”will be the album of the year. One of my problems with his first album, “For Your Entertainment”, was that it tried to do too much with differnet genres and was a bit scattered.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the album, but there seemed to be too many different styles of music going on. “Trespassing” fuses together rock, dance-pop and a little dubstep and does it expertly.

While this album is extremely foward-thinking and sonically progressive, this isn’t all that makes it great. What makes this album so wonderful is that you can really feelAdam’s personality shining through in each song.  Few artists have the ability to do whatAdam does here: to create a piece of art that stems straight from the heart and soul while still sounding so unique, futuristic and amazing.

Reality Rocks – Adam Lambert Debuts New Single, Look, Band Lineup on ‘Leno’ “aside from looking damn good (the TV camera still really adores this guy), the man SOUNDED even better. He seemed to be gelling well with his new band (which will also feature Camila Grey from Uh Huh Her at future performances), and he handled the song’s many upper-octave stratospheric notes with his usual ease and panache. I ask, semi-rhetorically, is there ANY pop star today, other than possibly Adele, who sings as well live as Adam Lambert?”

Gather – Adam Lambert Explains Meaning of ‘OOFTA’ Tattoo “Adam Lambert has a new tattoo and many people have tried to decipher its meaning for a while. He teased fans last week when he tweeted “#OOFTA! :)” but did not respond when people asked him what he meant. Since then, the tattoo has been spotted on his hand and his boyfriend Sauli Koskinen has a matching tattoo on his hand. The meaning behind the tattoo has finally been revealed!”


Q102 MaxwellsHouse Interview with Adam



@caksfVisiting @google with @adamlambert hanging in the arcade filming an interview #googlemusic

(Editor’s note: We think this is at Google office in San Francisco.)



outside_edge_ We are hosting listening sessions today to play journalists songs from the new Adam Lambert album! Can’t wait for everyone to hear them!

Electroqueer Ok listening to @adamlambert‘s new album and “Cookoo” is amazingly dancetastic! Surprisingly dancefloor. Knocks FYI on its head! Bam!

Electroqueer “Cookoo” by @adamlambert is now my favourite song of 2012. Seriously. HAWT.

Electroqueer Listening to “Trespassing” now. Amazingly anthmatic. Pharell production is slick and serious. A guitar dance track conjures of Queen!!!

Electroqueer Shady is playing now. @sam_sparro and @nilerodgers on an@adamlambert track is no short of legendary. Now that’s what I call a collaboration

Electroqueer Oooohhhhh. Outlaws Of Love is blowing my mind. Really shows off the depth and diversity of @adamlambert‘s voice. LUSH DARK

Electroqueer Broken English playing now by @adamlambert and it really stands out for an album track. Moody, poignant, hard-hitting.

Electroqueer On this album @adamlambert has perfected the mix of pop, rock, dubstep, dance and melody to make a cohesive and mighty piece of pop art.

anthrogeekPF Somebody hijack EQ’s account and make him stop the torture. It’s inhumane.


lyndseyparker RT @NBCTheVoice Who are your top 5 fave voices? (<–Robert Smith, Freddie Mercury, Adam Lambert, Robin Zander, Richard Butler)

adamlambert @MaxwellsHouse 🙂 great catching up!!

adamlambert Here is a preview of the upcoming video “Better Than I Know Myself”

Electroqueer Album Review: EQ’s Thoughts on Adam Lambert’s New Album “Trespassing”  Retweeted by adamlambert



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  1. annehedonia permalink
    January 20, 2012 7:17 am

    Gasp-worthy pics of The Man. Guess I’d best dust off the old Champion juicer and head out for a 10-lb. bag of organic carrots. Make that a 25-lb. bag. Fabulous, excruciating reviews too. Waiting is hard.

  2. January 20, 2012 6:33 pm

    Adam looks so adorable sitting on the Arcade game

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