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Adam Lambert Daily Update – November 28, 2011

November 28, 2011

By Juneau and Xena Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook

Here’s the full Week in Review


adamlambert: Love my new hat.

Adam Lambert's photo Love my new hat.
Adam Lambert on WhoSay



adamlambert: Twitter party!!

adamlambert: @NoAngelPF had a great thanksgiving w my extended family on my moms side!! Great food and wine!

DearJonasBrosx3: If there is any celeb,dead or alive, you could have dinner with,who would it be?

A: Freddie. Def Freddie.

GlitterLiz: You are pleased at the new album?

A: pleased?! I’m thrilled!!

ShockUhDeliCA: Pumpkin Pie or Sweet Potato?

A: apple pie.

danzr4ever: what’s your new style direction for album 2?

A: you’ll have to just wait and see

Glammy_nka: What´s your fav song from Velvet Goldmine? Mine is “Baby´s on fire” Do u like this song?

A: that’s a great scene!

scorptwitr: did you go Black Friday shopping? 😉

A: nope too much of a shit show…

RT by @adamlambert: Barbara_DJaxn: RT If you love your Chile Fans ❤

RT by @adamlambert: elisa_w : RT if you love your Nebraska Fans! 😀

RT by @adamlambert: TRONCHE_DE_BN #Rt if you love ur french fans

adamlambert: “@xglitterandglam: @adamlambert Any books you’re reading right now that you love?” no ! I need to get something new on my iPad

xxcutmeoff: so did you abandon actual physical books completely?

A: I have a few but the kindle app on my iPad is SOOO great

adamlamber: As soon as I have more news on the single, believe me… You’ll all be the first to know!!

@fueni78: what do you think about the” breaking dawn” hype? did you see the movies?

A: yeah I was a little bored. *gasp* he only took his shirt off one time? Lol

Audsidol: Are you still recording or are the tracks basically at the mixing stage?

A: still actually recording a bit this week!

adamlambert: Saw Hugo in 3d… Great film. beautifully art directed, great cast.

ninagarcia: What about some Murakami?

A: @ninagarcia huh?

A: @ninagarcia reading material?

ninagarcia: You were asking for some books for your iPad? I think you might like Murakami 🙂

A: @ninagarcia ok I will research! 🙂 thanks darling! How was your thanksgiving ?

adamlambert: @FWPACdancer5 nice pic!! 🙂

PastaBaby: Adam, my sweet, you said you are changing your fashion perspective? Will there still be leather?

A: @PastaBaby but of course!!

GlaMb3rt16: What’s your opinion on Demi Lovato? 🙂

A: great singer! Pretty girl!

ElifVabay: Do you miss True Blood?

A: yes I need a fix.

sutanamrull: TWITTER PARTY?!

A: yes Mary

jambajim: Last album/single you bought! Annnnd go!

A: Rihanna!

sutanamrull: i’m losing my mind about your new magic!!! #beyondexciting epic realness!

A: why thank you!!

8starz8: do you buy your music off of iTunes or do you buy the actual physical CD? just curious 🙂

A: yeah I buy digital on itunes. Easiest.

sutanamrull: @adamlambert just tweeted me!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! I LOVE HIM!!! no, seriously, I LOVE HIM!!! you are sickening!

A: @sutanamrull hahaha O M G

liveyoung82: Any new additions to the backing band or the troupe of dancers?

A: 82 of course there will be changes… New album, new line up. Naturally. 🙂

adamlambert: Ok thanks guys!! Till next time…



Couldn’t help giggling when Nina Garcia tweeted a literary recommendation to Adam. If she can persuade Adam to read Murakami, she’s our heroine! We’ve all had that urge to give Adam some schoolin’. We love how Nina is happy to tweet about her obsession!

Silliegirl  @ninagarcia He called you “darling” ……does it get any better?????

ninagarcia: @Silliegirl Best Sunday ever 🙂

leh_mayara13: @ninagarcia Do u like Adam Lambert?

@ninagarcia: @leh_mayara13 I’m obsessed with him



Take 40 – Melbourne, 10/03 – Adam Lambert Interview



adamlambert: @TommyJoeRatliff me too!!! Gonna start rehearsing new music soon!!! Yay

RT by adamlambert: homotography Video: Gareth Pugh for M.A.C by Ruth

evanrachelwood: Brunch is code for,”I’m hungover, don’t come before 11.”

adamlambert: @evanrachelwood preach

amylizwrites: @adamlambert: do u remember leftover turkey pie w/ crispy dressing topping a few years ago? Happy Turkey Day from me & your dad

@adamlambert: @amylizwrites yes them was some good eats. happy T day back!



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