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Adam Lambert and Nile Rodgers funk it up in the studio

October 22, 2011

By Juneau and Xena Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook

 We’ve this in our daily updates as Week in Review, but this deserves its own post! We’ll be updating it as more tidbits trickle in!!

annkpowers: Adam Lambert and @nilerodgers collabo makes perfect sense to me — both curious confident artistes. Can’t wait to hear!


Nile Rodgers My Daily Blog – I Love Playing Guitar – Nile posted a photo gallery of great musicians he has worked with. Adam finds himself in amazing company! Go take a look.



October 21 – adamlambert: Working with the Legend @nilerodgers in NYC today!!

nilerodgers: @adamlambert Hey Adam! Today was total madness- I could have played and hung with you ALL DAY! The record is gonna be great- Talk soon

NileRodgers: “A quick video clip of my first studio session with Adam Lambert, for his upcoming album” (audio from the song has been muted, but are we EXCITED or what…!!!!)

Check out this video posted by Jean Morrison (audio is altered so you can’t hear the music)

Adam Lambert's photo Working with the Legend @nilerodgers in NYC today!!
Adam Lambert on WhoSay

Studio Tweets
nilerodgers  Here’s a live stream of pics from my session today at @AvatarStudios w

Nile Rodgers and Adam at Avatar Studios

Nile and Adam at Avatar Studios

Nile jams, Adam listens

nilerodgers: @adamlambert Hey Adam! Today was total madness- I could have played and hung with you ALL DAY! The record is gonna be great- Talk soon

adamlambert: @nilerodgers the feeling is sooo mutual. 🙂 what an amazing day.

nilerodgers @adamlambert Yeah man I was just listening to the bit we did at the end-WOW! This is grooving SO DEEP!

Niles and Adam in the studio, October 21, 2011

nilerodgers: @adamlambert Hey Adam! Today was total madness- I could have played and hung with you ALL DAY! The record is gonna be great- Talk soon

I really wouldn’t say it if it weren’t true-Working w Adam Lambert was one of the most organically perfect jams I’ve had since Bowie

@MsSamaraMarie The dude (Adam Lambert) SANG the paint of the walls-Respect

@Merrie_LINY And he was humble and cool-He treated the fans so nice when we rolled out, not to mention he was “immersed in funk so deep”

@GeoValentine YOU KNOW I don’t throw out compliments lightly and don’t have a horse in this race-He’s the real deal and wants to b BETTER!

@GeoValentine I really respect artists with that type of focus and determination-Luther, Bowie, Prince, Freddie Mercury etc

@GeoValentine Thanks for coming to B&N last night-I’ll send out vids and pics next week-You’re gonna dig Adam’s new joints

mataunt: @nilerodgers have you finished your work with@adamlambert ?

@mataunt No. Not finished

RtPunkyGirl: @nilerodgers I hope the radio stations realize Adam is the real deal & that he gets great promotion & AMA & other Great opportunities!

@RtPunkyGirl You shouldn’t think about that-HE CAN FIGHT THE POWER WITH HIS MUSIC-I’ve had to do it ALL MY LIFE

@riley1877 This is the first time-He and I were laughing about that and how quickly it came together

@sam_sparro BTW Sam-You sound f-ing amazing on the track that I played on and Adam has much admiration for you-Thanks for the linkage

@fableanne Nope. Not a lot- I heard the song “Whataya Want From Me” but that’s about it

Nile Rodgers & Adam Lambert contemplating the groove on a new song in the studio

@barbls23 A little out of focus but you can see we were having FUN-Adam Lambert can SING! Oct. 21, 2011

Tweets from Jean Morisson

JeanMorisson I’m at Avatar Recording Studios (441 W 53rd St, New York)

JeanMorisson @adamlambert & @nilerodgers jam sounds sexy AND funky.. xo

JeanMorisson @theovandaele it’s sick in here!!!

JeanMorisson at @avatarstudios with @nilerodgers and @adamlambert… the vibe is incredible.. funk+glam+glitter.. awesomeness

JeanMorisson @adamlambert ur an amazing songwriter.. very impressed! much love and thx for sharing.. u & @nilerodgers killed it 2day!

JeanMorisson @lissaluvsmusic u guys dont even know whats coming.. holy shit is it awesome.. @adamlambert & @nilerodgers were def funkalicious

@JeanMorisson @tulisusi i was most impressed w@adamlambert‘s songwriting.. a true talent

@JeanMorisson Jean Morisson me & @adamlambert at a session w @nilerodgers at @avatarstudios in NYC

Adam and Nile outside the studio

Jean, Nile and Adam leaving Avatar Studios

Pics from Jean Morisson’s facebook album


Saturday (Oct. 22) Tweets from Nile

@lil_monstr True-We clicked right away

#GuitarPorn 1959/60 Fender Stratocaster “The Hitmaker” I played it on the session with Adam Lambert yesterday

@Shep_bass “The Hitmaker” sounds better than it looks because what you don’t see is what makes it sound so unique

@OblaLovesAdam The list of smashes that guitar has played on is way too long for twitter-Most of my biggest hits hence it’s nickname

Shep_bass: @nilerodgers the sound is in your hands! “The Hitmaker just helps you get it out there, that’s the way I look at my playing!!

@Shep_bass I COMPLETELY agree but when I pick it up next to any other guitar you can hear the difference INSTANTLY!

@XGlitterGlam_S We’re having a lot of fun and it feels right-That atmosphere in the studio transfers to the music in my experience

Saturday (Oct. 29)

nilerodgers: Me and Rich will attempt to finish the Adam Lambert guitar overdubs before the storm shuts us down today

nilerodgers 1 day 13 hours ago Twitter We started early today to finish playing on Adam's Song because the heavy snowfall might cause a power outtage

@nilerodgers Nile Rodgers @IHRTADAM The song I played on was as Sam described it FUNKY! The track is really hot and both Adam & Sam sound great

Monday Oct. 31

nilerodgers:  I’m nervous about today in the hospital-I wish I had a guitar-I won’t bore you w details-EVERYBODY DO SOME PARTYING FOR ME!

nilerodgers  @Netmeg99_ thx much-I love Glamberts-We are Glambily-Adam is a good person-He sings his ass off and has a big heart-I wish him GREATNESS



He’s just come out with a memoir, Le Freak. Go buy it!!

Nile Rodgers’ Blog – Happy Halloween Send him your best wishes… “Today I’m undergoing a series of tests down in Baltimore, Maryland at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Life can still be pretty scary. Happy Birthday Bernard and to all of you, Boo! Happy Halloween.”

NY Times – A Hit Maker’s Life and Lyrics “The venerable musician and record producer Nile Rodgers, wearing a bandanna tied around his dreadlocks, fade-out sunglasses and a charcoal-gray pinstripe jacket, arrived at Cafe Luxembourg right on schedule one morning last week….Chic valorized the notion of the breakdown — the process whereby instruments strip away from the track one by one, leaving pure rhythm, then pile back in — and like a breakdown in a song he makes his life transparent.”

Tavis Smiley – Musician-producer Nile Rodgers – interview (VIDEO) ”Nile Rodgers is one of the most influential producers in pop music history. His signature is on an amazing array of music, including songs with his band Chic and countless hits for a roster of A-list artists. He’s also worked on various soundtrack projects and is the only African American to own his own music distribution company. The multiple Grammy winner began his career as a session guitarist in his NYC hometown and, at 19, was playing in the legendary Apollo Theater house band. Rodgers’ new autobiography, Le Freak, includes behind-the-scenes tales of the songs everyone knows.”

Rolling Stone – Nile Rodgers “C’est Chic” (SLIDESHOW) –  “As a producer and session guitarist, he helped mold the young Madonna, remade David Bowie’s career with Let’s Dance, confided with Michael Jackson and recorded with Diana Ross, Duran Duran, Mick Jagger, Robert Plant and the B-52s, to name a (very) few. On top of all that, his work has appeared in ads for Nike and Budweiser and all over video games such as Halo. “I’ve had an amazing life,” says the guitarist, whose memoir, Le Freak, was released October 18th, 2011.”



What he got at Barney’s New York…new Rick Owens boots! Trés pratiques!


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  1. anja lee permalink
    October 22, 2011 1:48 pm

    mmmm mmmmh good to see adam and nile rockin it out!!! le freak was a fave song from the 70s and now Mr Lambert has touched down with one of its creators.

  2. October 22, 2011 8:11 pm

    Glad that NIle is aboard, and It’s good to see the guys enjoying working with one another. That’s what it’s all about. Great music, and as Adam has said, it’s not rocket science. He just loves what he’s doing. .

  3. October 23, 2011 12:44 am

    I’ve enjoyed watching all of this unfold with Nile and Adam. You can just feel the special energy and joy of the creative process through the tweets, posts and pics. I’m gonna so love this album.

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