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Adam Lambert: Truth and Ice Cream

October 2, 2011

By Juneau

John Galliano

I have a confession. Falling for Adam hasn’t always been a smooth ride for me. The road has been strewn with potholes that periodically jolt me out of my infatuated daze. One of those jolts came around the time of the American Idols tour (if memory serves). In an interview, Adam confessed that he loved ice cream. His favorite flavor? “Vanilla.” *

WTF!!?? What self-respecting rockstar loves frigging vanilla? I let my sense of letdown sink deep into my subconscious, a secret disappointment that might go away if I ignored it. But it sat there, like a lost coin at the bottom of the well, and didn’t go away. So it was cathartic for me when Adam divulged to Heidi Klum that his favorite ice cream flavors were mint-chocolate chip and a coffee mocha concoction. Well why didn’t you say so sooner?!! That vanilla business…must have been American Idol speaking.

But that was then. Now Adam is committed to realness. No more being politically correct or gastronomically middle-of-the-road. His penchant for speaking his mind has revealed a genius for setting off explosions. (See for example “To PC or not PC.”) The latest was over l’affair Galliano. Johnny Weir had Tweeted about knowing your boyfriend is Jewish when he throws out his Galliano underwear. Adam responded:

“Galliano: BRILLIANT designer screwed up and said offensive things. When can we forgive him and move on? LOVE his clothes. And I’m a born Jew!” 

And later: “…jut cuz he’s (was) an asshole, that means I can’t wear his gorgeous clothes? @politcalcorrectnessqustions”

The fandom erupted. Many enthusiastically agreed with Adam. Others objected, politely for the most part. Just to be sure readers are all on the same page, here’s is the toxic rant that Galliano unleashed at the couple who attracted his ire one evening in a Parisian bistro: “”I love Hitler. [Under Hitler] people like you would be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers, would all be f*cking gassed.”

I don’t know that a statement like that can be swept under the rug as a “screw up”. When people vent under the influence, don’t they let slip their true sentiments? And if those sentiments are genuine, does one “forgive” and “move on”? This is not a new debate, of course. People have wrestled for decades over Wagner. Love the art, hate the artist?

Then again, maybe this was a case of a strung-out man reacting to a perceived threat (not to his physical being but to his social standing) by reaching for the worst thing he could think to say. Kind of like a bunch of high school bullies telling Jamey Rodemeyer’s sister that they’re glad her brother killed himself. I’m not excusing either behavior or saying the two situations are comparable, but am suggesting that the underlying psychodynamics may be similar.

But I digress. There are honest differences of opinion here, and I treasure our freedom to say what’s on our minds and carry on a civilized debate. I absolutely love that Adam is willing to speak his mind, and that fans feel equally free to respond with honesty. What bothers me is when fans hold back for fear of inviting an attack from other fans.

In the case of Monsieur Galliano, he was prosecuted under the laws of France, where such hate speech is illegal. Far better, I think, to permit all opinions to be expressed and to debate them in the open. So Adam, don’t ever change. Speak your mind.

We don’t want to live in a world where vanilla is the only flavor on the menu.

*Oy Gevalt!! Talk about an Emily Litella moment. I have now gone back to the tape and seen Adam’s original answer to the ice cream question, “French silk”. Not being familiar with the brand, I clearly associated it with French vanilla. My subconscious memory may have been reinforced by that interview in a Swedish gay magazine in which Adam said his sexual tastes are “vanilla”. Ice cream and sex – who can blame me for crossing my wires? Anyhoo…my face is red, I could take this post down, but I own my mistake, beg forgiveness…and move on.

Watch Gilda Radner as Emily Litella, “Violins on television”



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  1. Yvette permalink
    October 5, 2011 12:51 pm

    WOW..I hope Adam reads this..can we get this link to him. I was at first SHOCKED when I saw his response as sad actually! I can he stand for the rights for everyone to be EQUALLY RESPECTED in this world and then make “Lite” of the absolute evil hate comming from Galianno? It left me very sad. I am a forgiving person, but Galianno has not shown remorse and his hate is deep seated. No, we can’t hang him and Adam is so right..we have to “forgive” at some point.
    I do agree with many of you here….that Adam is 29 and may not really understand the horrific magnitude of Hitler!! When I was 29 I really didn’t understand it all. I remember my step dad’s adult daughter, visiting here from Germany. My step dad fought in the war against us and his brother died on the Bismark. Their home was siezed and he told us some stories, but not a lot. His daughter told the room full of my family that the holocaust was “JUST PROPAGANDA”!!! My mom got so upset..they had words and I really never understood why? I just didn’t know the depth yet and I was 29 years old.
    It took years later before the real impact of Hitler struck me deep and then I was blown away by his evil. That will always be with me and I will always feel that horror.
    It is just possible that Adam really doesn’t get the full impact of what Hitler did. He is learning and so am I.
    Adam must know that he has a platform now..and there is line there..being true to yourself..but not offending either. For me Adam radiates more Love, respect and kindness for others then most…so I have faith in him that if he reads our comments..he will begin to understand more why there is such a debate on this subject.
    Being Jewish has nothing to do with’s just being Human!
    Love you and Adam

  2. Alyx permalink
    March 28, 2012 9:21 pm

    What’s wrong with Vanilla?

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